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Breville The Baker's Oven BBM100

Breville The Baker's Oven BBM100

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Love it!

I am very happy with my machine, its easy to use & turned out a beautiful loaf of bread. I normally make my bread by hand but cannot do that anymore due to RSI. This little machine handled my recipe fantastic & the smell through my house was devine! My tips are to put a small amount of oil in the pan & around blade to stop it sticking, use a good strong bread flour & bread improver but most important is measure everything.

Purchased in April 2019 at Harvey Norman Physical Store for $112.00.

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Breville The Baker's Oven BBM100

Bough a seconds at the Tingalpa outlet in November 2018, the first use smelled to burned PVC cable covering, the bread was OK. The second one and the others started to come out each time smaller and raw. Brought it to the store to be checked out, 2-3 days later they did nothing, I went there again and the machine was at a table, I claimed and after talked for a while to the person in charge telling him that we used the same recepy for decades, did everythging as usual, the bread was raw and did not cook well. After a while we were given another seconds. First bake....great, as the second third and so on till the 10th or 12th when the bread started to come out smaller and smaller and raw, the last time the same as the previous one machine. Never buy anything else there.

Great Basic Machine.

I have had four of these machines. ( left one behind when I divorced ). I still have three, one at home, one in my caravan and one at my shack. I've never had any issue with them wandering or moving on the bench, if this is a problem for you put a rubber drawer liner mat under it. I use digital scales to add ingredients, and the water ( 1 ml weighs 1 gram). ACCURATE MEASURING IS ESSENTIAL , even a few grams up or down makes a difference. Zero the scales between each ingredient. My bread doesn't hit the lid, except when I am baking in the caravan as I don't have digital scales in the van, and cant get the measures quite as exact. Makes brilliant pizza dough. I use Laucke's premixes, and I make my own sourdough, from a starter. I use dried yeast and FRESH dried yeast is essential, once opened the yeast will begin to deteriorate. If you've had dried yeast opened for 6 months or more replace it. All my machines are at least 5 years old, still working perfectly.

Purchased in January 2014.

Unequalled value

I have used my Baker's Oven for 8 years and have worn it out making everything - bread buns, pizza base, you name it, I came on line looking for a replacement.
I haven't had any failures using it and can only surmise that people who are rubbishing this great machine don't know what they are doing.
If the dough rises too high, try using less yeast; don't rely on the standard recipe to get it right, the liquid to dry ingredients ratio has to be right. If the dough is too wet it will stick to the side in one spot and not move. If it is too dry it will just plop onto the paddle and spin in the middle of the pan.It should roll around in the pan and come away clean from the sides. I always watch and add water or flour until I get it going correctly. Just chucking everything in the pan and expecting it to turn out right is not the way to do it.

Date PurchasedMar 2010

Excellent indeed

Bought yesterday and baked our first loaf overnight. It was a French loaf using a pre mixed recipe and totally surprised at the result
The texture was great and yes there was a problem that the bread rose and had a wet patch as it hit the underside of the lid. SO.... we re read the manual....IMPORTANT. After reading the so called bad results on here if only people would re read the problems page and work out that YOU are the one putting in the ingredients they would see that the machine does as it is told and the only variations are done by yourselves. We all have the same machine and they ALL work the same.... if it has a wet top....cut it off....simple. get a set of scales and measure exactly, there are not that many rules to make it right.....Well done Breville.... a GREAT MACHINE

Date PurchasedDec 2018

I am gf and need to make own bread. I would like Breville to get back to me

Easy to use yes, small and cheap but results are dreadful for gf bread. 10 months on i am frustrated and would not recommend this product for gf bread. Frequently collapsed bread on cooling after looking great initially. The gf recipes in book provided are really heavy and stodgy. No use of bread mixes covered in the research. PITY. Small paddle Seems to be an inefficient method of mixing. Dough ends up one end of pan. Design of breadmaker needs a lot of work to get my vote.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Love it!

We’ve had this machine for one week and we’ve baked 4 glorious loaves. We’ve used the Laucke bread mix and added pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds when the machine beeps. Yum! It’s really simple to use and easy to clean. Love, love, love (oh and it was the cheapest machine we could find).

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Noisy, moves and overflows

Tried three times to make basic 1kg loaf - machines moves around doing literally 360 degree spin back and forth on the bench, terribly noisy, overflows/sticks to the lid. I’m not trying a smaller size loaf - I bought it to do the 1kg so if it can’t do what I bought it to do I’m taking it straight back for a refund! So disappointed :(

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Love it.

I have had a Breville bread maker before and we trashed it as the settings menu wore off after 3 years lol. Ok I bought this unit at a local Betta Electrical Store and it was far better than the previous unit I owned. Absolutely love it and for a simple bread maker I highly recommend it. I used to use a mixer with a dough hook, this unit is fantastic. Mine is a 1kg unit and I cannot fault it. I used it for dough mixing and even the Sour Dough mix I purchases from woollies turned out well.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great, basic unit

I mostly use this to make pizza dough but have made plenty of bread as well. It's quite basic but does the job well. I never have to worry if the weather is too cold to rise properly. I use the recipe for pizza dough, from the book and it's great.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Not a Baker's Delight

There’s nothing more impressive and sure to generate accolades and admiration from your guests than serving them home-made bread. Sadly, this is something you're unlikely to experience with this bread maker. After spending a fortune on different bread mixes without success, I consulted Breville for advice and was told the answer lay in the volume of water I used. However, despite using the exact same ingredients, the volume of water that works well when baking one loaf, fails to do so with the next. In the end I’ve had to resort to start baking with the machine and then transferring the loaf to the oven. To top that off the handle on the baking tin has broken off. Save yourself the trouble and frustration and give this product a wide berth.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Awesome litle unit

This is brilliant. It makes great bread and pizza dough. It is easy to use and has been very consistent in the short time we've had it. They are great value as you would expect from a Breville product. The kids love it and have made some very creative tastes. Great recipe booklet. Well worth it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great little helper

We received this for Xmas as husband has been wanting one to bake his own bread. I have to admit the instructions was clear to follow and almost fool proof, consistent performance on the result, perfect loaf from first time. But we have only tried white loaf so far and I was going to try the whole meal next. 1kg white loaf raise too high and stick on glass, though can be resolved by adding a piece of baking paper on top to stop the sticking. So far so happy.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

MMM Bread.

This is my first bread maker and I am enjoying it. I received it as a gift and have made many loaves of bread with it and find it super simple to use. I don't use it to bake the bread as I find it has a funny texture, I prepare the dough in the bread maker, then cook the bread in the oven for a nice, crunchy finish.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Morning Bread Aroma

This bread machine is great and easy to use. The recipe booklet has a great guide to features and recipes. Great for making all kinds of bread and I've even made dough for pizzas and rolls then cooked in oven. Only thing is the loaves could be a bit bigger.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Great once you figure it out.

My first basic white loaf was perfect but the next three 50/59 wholemeal loaves had a lot of the same issues that people are experiencing here - sunken centre, overflowing over the pan or rising so much it touches the lid even though I followed the recipe perfectly. I then tried the same recipe on the basic setting (which is 40 minutes less than the wholemeal setting). The loaf is perfect! If you are having failures with the other settings try the same recipe but on the basic setting. It just might work.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Good while its lasts.

I have had 2 of these over the last four years and both baked great bread. The machine has good features but it does have some limitations:
- the paddle should be called a crater maker, it sticks and rips a hole in the bottom when you take the loaf out the pan.
- You can't make a big loaf -it will hit the top and make a mess.
-Be gentle on the tin- it needs seasoning to stop it wearing out and sticking.
-The machine has a limited life of just 2 years at 3 loaves per week. Both of my failed with the same symptoms, randomly stopping through the cycle and either resetting or beeping in error.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Happy with result

Bought this second hand as a second machine. I already have the top of the range sunbeam custom bake for over 1 year and never 100% happy with the crust. So, I baked my first loaf today in this Breville machine. Followed the white bread recipe for 1 kg. I am really happy with the result. Nice crust, better than the bread from my sunbeam. I used ordinary plain flour and the bread rose well, fluffy and soft. I know the yeast I used was still active and flour was fresh, as I made lovely soft bacon and cheese rolls on the weekend (with a food processor and in normal oven).

So, if you haven't got a good result, maybe check the flour and/or yeast. Also follow the recommendations in the recipe book, in the order it's listed (liquid, fat, dry/flour and yeast). I will try the pre-mix Laucke wholemeal another day. I haven't had success with this pre-mix in my sunbeam, always dissapointed by the result. Will see how this machine compare.

A few things I don't like are minor things: paddle got stuck at the base of bread and it doesn't tell my what stage it is at (knead, rise or bake- like my sunbeam does) and no automatic fruit/nuts dispenser. But, it's all reflected in the price

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Ancient model better

We've had 2 of these. The first lasted a couple of years while the second not as long. The sprocket thing in the base broke. We contacted Breville but they couldn't replace the part so we reverted to using an ancient but large Breville Breadmaster Big Loaf, which is many years of age! Never misses a beat and makes better shaped loaves which are longer rather than higher and the dough doesn't hit the lid which happens regularly with the other model. Shame they don't make the big ones any more, but they lasted too long for businesses to make money out of them.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Love it.

What an incredible buy. Got it at the Factory Outlet in Collingwood for just $55 as a factory second ... was cautious about my expectations due to what I'd read ... but we are over the moon with it.

We have made dough for scrolls, pizza base dough and bread both white crusty and savoury ... every one utterly fantastic.

The only slight negative is that the larger loaf does touch the glass so the crust does not form on top and it does move around on the bench on the dough setting ... otherwise could not do better for the money. We mostly use the Laucke crusty bread pre bread mix ... taste is sublime.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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Questions & Answers

The machine mixed the bread but doesn’t actually cook it. The time allowed when I programme to basic loaf does not seem correct either - not enough time to knead, rise and bake... am I doing something wrong or is the oven part of the machine buffered?
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That doesn't sound right. The basic programme is 3hrs start to finish. I would be contacting Breville, maybe there's a way to reset the machine timer. Or take it back to where you bought it & ask for another.

Can you take the paddles out when it’s on the gluten free cycle? If so, at what time in the clock? I have the BBM 100. Thanks
2 answers
I'm sorry Bella I cant help you with this....however…. I cant see how it wouldn't work. You need to have a look at your instruction book, remove the paddle after the second kneading and rising, ( which I think is 1.50 for a non gluten free loaf) reform the loaf, pop it back in the tin. Worst case scenario is that your loaf wont work out, and you have lost one batch, best case is that you will learn something that suits you. Alternatively leave the paddle in and put up with a huge hole in the dough. Up to you.Thanks Jacqui but unfortunately the book isn’t any help re gf cycle times (or removing paddle options) and gf cycle is different from other bread cycles, plus gf very runny texture. But I have perfected a gf seed loaf after 5 failures :)

your review box is very clever as you can't complain about your now crap products
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The Baker's Oven BBM100
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Max Loaf Size1Kg
Release dateDec 2009

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