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Breville the Smart Oven Pro BOV845

Breville the Smart Oven Pro BOV845

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4.4 from 80 reviews

Excellent quality product for the price, cooks great!

Very impressed with this oven so far after two weeks, cooks amazing for a little thing & fits in our small kitchen space perfectly, recommend highly to anybody in the market looking for something like this. Works far better than our Euromaid 54cm oven which ended up blowing & having multiple issues ...

Purchased in April 2019 at Harvey Norman.

Great little oven

I purchased my Breville smart oven Pro BOV800 on 9 February 2011 and it has not given me a moments trouble until now 1 April 2019. It has been used just about every single day sometimes two or three times a day... It still goes but the convection fan has become very noisy and sounds loose so its time to get a new one or would be good if I can find someone to fix it... its been a great little oven.

Purchased in February 2011 for $300.00.


Our 900mm wall oven packed it in and we weren't keen on paying a minimum $1100 to replace. We researched bench top ovens extensively and this one was highly rated time and time again.
About the size of a medium size microwave. Heats up real fast, clear digital display, easy to clean, looks very smart. Light and easy to move I'm guessing this unit will save heaps of electricity due to the small area to heat up. We haven't cooked a roast in it yet but judging how well it bakes and grills it should be a breeze. We have only had it a few weeks but Wow - best appliance we have bought in a long time. We are in no hurry to replace our larger oven.
You won't be disappointed.

Purchased in February 2019 at Harvey Norman for $279.00.

Fantastic oven. Fan has short life.

Most useful appliance in kitchen. Used almost everyday to cook everything. Love it. But, the fan lasted 2 years only, so can't use as fan force oven now. Very disappointing as this oven is not cheap. I notice this is a common issue, so not sure if I would replace.

Purchased in January 2017 for $300.00.

Brilliant, haven't used regular oven in a year now

Just a magical little unit, and don't use anything else now. Mum bought herself one on my recommendation and absolutely loves it too. Mum had an issue with it cutting out when it reached its temperature and when she contacted Breville, they just swapped it straight over with no fuss.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Wow, I'm Impressed!

This is a very fancy oven - fancier than any regular oven I've used. I've only had it for a week and it is excellent so far - will update after a months use and I've baked a cake in it. I was worried about the power usage, as we have limited power here (it says 2400w) but most settings use far less than that - I think it's only the grill function that used the max power.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

So much better than a full size oven

It uses less power, heats up quicker, cooks far more uniformly and is super easy to use

I had a Sunbeam before this which only lasted just outside the warranty period of 1 year. This one has been going strong for 2 years of daily use - but the fan died yesterday, just outside the 2 year warranty
JB HiFi wen't much help, as it was outside the 2 years, so I was forced to buy another one at $299 from Good Guys

I still believe it's better value than the competitors and ultimately cheaper than a wall unit of the same quality, but I was hoping to get a little longer out of it

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Not impressed

We bought our first oven and it lasted about 4 months. We turned it off one night and when we turned it on again it wouldn't work at all. We returned it to the store and they replaced it with a new one, next one lasted 2weeks after guarantee, fan stopped working, still using it without fan.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

great smart oven

Would recommend this oven to anyone, does just what a normal oven does and easy to clean.
You can cook almost everything in it, and cooks to perfection. It is in pride of place on my counter to show everyone.
This is my 2nd one had problems with toaster with the 1st one and Breville replaced it with a new oven straight away.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Solid performer

Super-fast preheat time, appears to bake very evenly - so far have cooked chicken twice and both times it came up trumps. Good range of trays included with it.Big fan of the LED timer and temperature control via knob, an even bigger fan of the internal light now included.
Quite loud beeps that can't be turned down in volume (it's the same with the Breville microwave), a small gripe and has nothing to do with it's cooking abilities

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Breville BOV800 Smart Oven

Recommend this oven. Have had mine since 2010 & still going well. Wouldn’t be without it! The suggested settings are spot on with very little need for any adjustment, have had no problems at any time. Have recently bought one for my daughter, this time bought the BOV845 which she is loving!

Date PurchasedOct 2010

So handy & useful

I love this oven, it certainly beats turning on the big oven, it heats so quickly, it cooks so much quicker, it is easy to clean, much cheaper to run. This oven is one of the best things I have ever purchased. I bought at Harvey Normans, Swan Hill, great service

Date PurchasedJun 2018

After nearly 2 years this is still the BEST oven I have bought.

LG $1000 oven was not a patch on this one. We have now deleted our 'normal' oven and just use this one. Most reviews are just after the purchase. I have been using this one for almost 2 years now and it has never let me down. I cook a lot and can not fault this oven. Sometimes I wish I could fit my larger pans inside, but I have now adapted. The main thing I have noticed is that it is much quicker than other ovens, probably as there is not so much space to heat. I have used all functions and can thoroughly recommend this product. If it died tomorrow I would go out and buy another. Well done Breville.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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So this morning the oven fan, which has been getting louder each day, finally stoppped altogether and the heating elements are going off and on so I guess it is time to buy another one. As I said in the above post, I shall be going out to buy another one.

Love this oven!

Got this oven from my friends for my birthday! Best gift ever!
This compact oven is so easy to use and has so many pre set cooking functions , we mainly use this oven now and dont use our conventional oven anymore.
The only negative point is that the light in the oven stopped working after a few months of usage!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Loving this little oven.

Excellent small oven. Way big enough for 3 adults. It’s a generous size and fits most of my main oven dishes. Quick to heat up and extremely easy to navigate your way around the settings. Very easy to keep clean as well. Haven’t used the main oven since we got it. A+ review

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great little versatile cooker

We had the previous model the BOV800 now we have the Pro version BOV845 which replaced it. It now comes with internal light and Slow Cooker setting.
Same price as the previous model. Excellent value and economy.
All digital readout...no brainer so easy to use. I cannot recommend this product enough.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great Product & Super Handy!

I needed a smaller oven for small cook ups or to cook food quickly without turning on my 900mm oven. I got the Breville Smart Oven on special and it has been my best kitchen appliance purchase. It’s easy to use and has many pre set cooking functions. It’s well built and it’s not flimsy like other similar ovens. I’ve now got rid of my toaster and I use the Breville just as often as my conventional oven.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

convection fan very noisy and slows down

Our beautiful breville smart oven purchased on 17/1/2017 has decided to blow the convection fan. I thought it came with a 12 month replacement warranty. Out of warranty by 3 months. Checked by receipt .WOW..... has a² year replacement warranty and I took Hervey Norman 36 months warranty
. Back to Hervey Norman tomorrow will keep you informed!

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hervey Norman happily vreplaced the oven with the latest model. The whole procedure took about 20 minutes. Great service and I have a new oven. Can't live without our Breville smart oven!

Breville Smart Oven

Have had this oven for more than 14yrs & hasn't missed a beat. Would recommend to anyone as a second oven. Doesn't take long to heat up to required temperature (not like conventional ovens which take some time) so very cost effective. Have re-heated, bake cakes etc, used for slow cooking it is fantastic.

Date PurchasedJun 2004


Wife wanted an oven which is easy to use and works well. Used it multiple times and still going strong. Easy to clean and can't fault it. Got a good deal when we bought it at The Good Guys.
She's very happy and even I know how to operate it.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Questions & Answers

A couple of reviews are saying this oven is electrically efficient, can anyone confirm this? It says it's 2400W... I'm assuming that's at full power?
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What I can't understand is how it is value for money when half the reviews reported faults under warranty (good on Breville for offering 2 years) or outside warranty. I am thinking while energy use is reduced for baking single trays of chips, pies, pizzas or single serve meals (house of teens)... Disposable appliances are having a negative impact on our environment too. My first oven lasted 20 years, and the next is already 4 years old. It may have been 5 times price of this appliance but it is warranty is longer and it lasts longer. I want to know how much energy is actually saved compared to fan forced wall oven and does the saving cover the replacement of this good often, and pose less environmental impact through manufacturing them and disposing of the broken ones, than extra power use of standard oven. ????? Does Breville recycle the bodies with new parts and offer reconditioned working machines?
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You are correct if this oven doesn’t last a long period of time. Wall ovens aren’t accepted for recycling in my council area either. When considering my purchase I took into account the smaller amount of materials used in it’s construction versus a wall oven and it’s lower energy consumption. (Heating a far smaller area versus a larger area in a wall oven) My last wall oven only lasted 8 years. If I get 5 years out of this I will be happy. If not I will evaluate my next replacement. Wall ovens with irons were once considered the most power hungry items in a kitchen.

My bov845 displayed error code "e05",do anyone know what does it means and any solution? Thanks
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the Smart Oven Pro BOV845
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