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Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

2.5 from 47 reviews

Wears well and smooth riding

Found a local store easily that had a good range to choose from. Tyres wear very well and ride very smoothly even on rough roads. They are great in the wet too

Product Quality
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Bridgestone 50,000km Tyre Wear Warranty

Purchased 4 Turanza Serenity Plus Tyres, which after 39,000 kms had fully scrubbed out. My mechanic during a service rang me and said ti\o immediately buy new tyres today, these are extremely dangerous. The tryres had a 50,000 km wear warranty from Bridgestone. I had taken the car back to bridgestone for every regular service check on the tyres as specified in the booklet they gave me when purchasing the 4 new tyres.
When I went back to see them I was told I needed to have a wheel alignment every 10,000 kms to be eligible. I explained I had followed the bridestone booklet and brought the car back to them for the booklet service at every specified service in the booklet. I am not an expert on cars at all and especially not tyres. This is why I purchased them and took it back as specified by them. They had not mentioned a wheel alignment to me at any stage. This would be on their records. Could not beleive it when they told me it was my fault for not demanding a wheel alignment every 10,000 kms when they had said to me everything was fine and never mentioned it once.
Guess what no 50,000 km warranty on these Bridestone Turanza Serenity Plus Tyres when they only got 39,000 before my mechanic had to tell me they were dangerous.
Make your own opinion but mine is that the warranty just doesn't exist or so was my experience.

Near enough should not be good enough.

Have been using Bridgestone on Benalla for nearly 10 years now, and you can perhaps forgive one stuff up, but when the standard of service repeatedly falls below what it should be and what you expect it's time to find another tyre service. Had a variety of owners and their managers over the years and we've had all our cars done there but not any more. Years ago ordered 5 new tyres for daughters ute and when I got there I was told their other parent store in Shepparton, being Solar City Tyres, had sold one . So we now only had 4 tyres and to come back when they got the other one in. OK in theory but they don't realise it's over 100kms each way to get this done. About 12 months ago had 2 new tyres on the front of my ute and wanted the old spare removed from the rim and one that I took off the front remounted on that rim. The guy there just said what's the difference just put the rim that the old spare was on to the front and put the old front tyre as the spare. The difference was that the rim for the spare had substantial cosmetic stone chipping on it and I wanted the cleaner rim on the vehicle. Anyhow they didn't do what I wanted even though I was aware of an additional fee for changing a tyre onto a different rim. Then again, yesterday I went down to get a new set of tyres on the wife's car and the service has got worse. Firstly when I rang the previous Wednesday and gave him the registration number he said tyres for the Lancer. I corrected him and told him for the Hyundai and that we hadn't had the Lancer for 7 years. Look at your computer screen properly. So I go down there yesterday morning to be there when they open. On Bridgestone Australia website it says the store opens at 8 am on Saturday, so I go down to find that it doesn't open until 9. Came back just before 9 and no one fronted until 9.30. So went in and another bloke that was there went in at the same time. No asking who was first, the staff member just addressed this other bloke and did his vehicle first and asked me to come back in about an hour and a half. Not right when I was there first. Anyhow they changed the tyres and on the valve stems there is a little chrome cover which should go back on. They had trouble inflating one tyre and forcibly removed this chrome cover and I don't know if they stuffed it tor just forgot to put it back on. Anyhow now have 3 wheels with chrome covers and one with a black valve. When paying he gave me a receipt for the tyres and not the usual book which comes with them when you get a set fitted so you've got a record of maintenance on them. Not major things but just little things that make the service standards not up to scratch. Fed up with the near enough is good enough attitude so won't be going back there any more.

auto specialist

professional service and a good prices for tires and servicing and repairs, and free loan car is a plus if you book in advance, and not far from bunnings for a wander if you are waiting.


Bad Customer Services and Con you to go for their branch!!

My fleet car tyres were abnormal so I suspect there was a leak in one of the rear left tyre. I rang up the Wanneroo branch and was asked to take make the brand, size,type of tyre so they will ensure they have the tyre in stock before I visit. During the day visit, the technicians are no idea on Audi car. they couldnt find the locking nut and drop the key in the deep compartment. I went out and help and advise the technicians and I was shouted by admin "Go back inside the room" and not even use "Please"..After they took the screw out of the tyre and just let me know the tyre cannot be re-used. I asked for evidence. The admin just said "the tyre cannot be re-used and you need a new tyre and they dont have stock for you. I was speechless at that moment. Also, i make the second trip to change the tyre and ask for how much you gonna charge the fleet car as this is what I was paying. So I need to know. She didnt respond me and just said it will be settled by the fleet company. What a big disappointment!
Then, I submit a complain via FB meseenger, there was an initial response then it remains silent and went no update. I put the comments at your FB page and you tried to block my comments to go public. Bridgestone customer services is the WORST EVER tyre company!!

Worst service ever!!!!! And no compensation offered - never again!!!!

We ordered 6 new Duravis tyres for our Motorhome from Bridgestone Garbutt and were booked in for fitting On the coming Friday, we had to travel three hours for the appointment and was assured all would be OK. Upon arrival we were told that someone had used one of our tyres and that they were short for the job and we were asked to return next week???? Three hours back home and then return again next week?? We decided to stay in a Townsville caravan park until the tyres arrived again! and asked for a chop out with the cost! - Not our problem - was the reply from store manager (owner) This is disgraceful!!!! The Worst Customer Service possible - unknowingly, we went to another Bridgestone Select further south (apparently owned by the same company - if we were told prior to ordering the six tyres, we would have went elsewhere) anyhow, we were treated well by the team at Fairfield and the tyres were fitted. Shame on you GARBUTT!!! We will never recommend Bridgstone Tyre Service!!!

New Tyre Quotes

In need of four new tyres (type: 215/65R16), I decided to get quotes from three of the main tyre suppliers in Alice Springs, where I live.
Bridgestone, on the Stuart Highway, quoted $149 each, or for another of the same size $229 each. Ouch! The most expensive of all.
Then came Tyrepower (Whittaker Street), in Alice Springs: $138 each, fitted and balanced.
The cheapest of all was Tyreright, in Elder Street. Their price: $95 each, fitted.

Bridgestone tyres Awful customer service

Took my vehicle in to have 4 new tyres fitted. Returned to pick up my car only to have the manger come up to me very importantly to show me a photo of a large scratch on one of my rims that he claims was there previously. This was definitely not the case as I know my car intimately and there were no scratches on any of my rims before my tyres were fitted. When I tried to discuss this with him he very quickly shut me down by saying " it was there before " quite forcefully. when I got home I also found a large gouge on my leather steering wheel and the car in an overall grubby condition, dirt and grease on the steering wheel and lots of grubby hand marks on all over the wheels. I feel my vehicle was not treated with any respect or care what so ever.
I sent a complaint email to Bridgestone Australia and about a week later got a call from the store manager who I had dealt with on the day. A pointless call really, he was sorry that I felt that he had done anything but as far as any sort of resolution it was a waste of time.
3 more phone calls to Bridgestone Australia leaving messages and email addresses for someone to contact me and after more than two weeks no one has called me to discuss the situation.
It is my opinion that Bridgestone do not care at all about customer satisfaction as evidenced by the fact that no one has bothered to call me to talk about what has happened. I am extremely upset by the way my car has been treated and utterly regret my decision to use Bridgestone to fit my new tyres.

Excellent service in two states

We purchased Bridgestone Duellers for our Jeep Cherokee and they have been excellent. We purchased them in West Lakes SA and we have had them rotated and checked in both West Lakes as well as at Noosaville QLD. Customer service could not have been better in both places.

Pretty good

Had a nail in my tyre. Called Kewdale site at 9am, got a booking for 12.30pm same day.
Took it in, and they did it while I had lunch.
Done in 30mins, only cost $25.
Very happy.

Worst service ever

[details removed]
Worst service ever. Waste of time. My first experience of very bad service in Australia in last 10 years! Third time I had very bad experience with this company today. Booked a time for every 10K free tire rotation and minor puncture repair. When I came I have been told they have to book me on tomorrow for minor fix. Had to wait for about an hour and eventually manager refused to do free tire rotation saying that he had checked tires (which are 24000km) and it is just waste of time for him to rotate them... but they found a staff to do minor repair:) That was funny! That was third time I gave them opportunity to do their job well. The previous 2 were about wheel alignment which I also had to redo in another service. Very low qualification or bad maintenance of alignment equipment, not smart enough.
I do not recommend this service as you will never know where they pile up even in a simple operation. You will always have to wait for something or car return will be delayed. Better spend several minutes driving and couple dollars more to get better service and save much more time and money.


Had four tyre valves replaced at Bridgestone Tennant creek as had two flat tyres due to deterioration of valves which had only been on for two years when the new tyres were purchased. Charged $120 without even balancing the tyres, whole process taken twenty minutes.
Rang head office at Bridgestone SA. And spoke with the area representative for Northern Territory regarding the cost, that it was too excessive for four tyre valves replacement, he became so aggressive, rude and abusive, and informed me in a rage that they have no control on what their franchises charge.
This person was so enraged it became frightening.

Absolutely no service at all

Went to Bridgestone Mt Isa this morning. Waited with my Tyre for over 10 minutes while rude staff totally ignored me and then disappeared. I gave up and went to Tyrepower down the road where I received excellent friendly service.

Poor Communication

I booked in to get my tyres and brakes done, figured it shouldn’t be more than say 3 - 4 hours. After waiting around home for 6 hours and keeping an eye on the time as I had to catch the bus back to the centre. I finally called and asked what was going on, I was told there was a delay in parts and it should be ready by 5pm. Ok I thought... things happen aslong as it’s done... I get a phone call at 445, oh sorry the parts are the wrong ones... 15 minutes before I’m meant to pick my car up.

I get it, things happen, but if someone had just called me at 1 or 2 pm and said “hey something has gone wrong, do you still want this done today or would it be ok to book it in the next day?” It would be ok. Instead I’m left waiting till nearly 4pm wondering what is going on then to be told at the end it wasn’t completed.

As a shift worker it’s not always easy to get these things done, and now I still need to get it done another day.

Quick service

New tyres on a four wheel drive - went on fairly quick, ok service - sometimes hard to get on the phone.

Great Service

Recently took my Suzuki in for a Logbook service and the guys were amazing. There online booking service was super easy to use and they had my car ready when they said they would!
Will definitely be coming back when my tyres are due to be changed

Exceptional Service!

Discovered a rear flat tyre on my Mondeo on the Labour Day Public Holiday....bad timing as I had to travel the next day (13/03/18) to the La Trobe Valley (two hour drive) from Cowes for two days of business.

Drove to Cowes Bridgestone on my "space saver" tyre at 07:45am on the Tuesday morning and explained my predicament to the owner, Trevor.

Well, Trevor went all out to get me back on the road quickly and safely for sure. Was back on the road in about twelve minutes flat! Trevor was a lifesaver and could not do enough to assist me.

Full credit to Bridgestone, Cowes and kudos to Trevor for his outstanding, exceptional service.

Will be highly recommended from myself, that's for sure!


Congrats to the Sumner Park team!

These guys are so pleasant and helpful. I have bought tyres for both of are cars there. Their prices are always competitive and their service is excellent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else forctures

Excellent Service

Mandurah Select Tyres gave me prompt and excellent service -- Fixed Puncture straight away and order new tyres which arrived the next day.
Discounted the tyres and offered a follow-up service.

Bridgestone Cleveland service is very bad

I have replaced my Toyota Camry car tyres three months ago, I have requested an alignment with the service. After tyre replacement and alignment the car was heavily toing to the left. I went back to Bridgestone Cleveland twice to have it fixed. Unfortunately they did not fix it even after the third alignment attempt. The team was arguing that this is normal for Toyota Camry! knowing that before the tyre change and alignment it was going absolutely straight. Three month later, I have the car serviced at Toyota dealer in Cleveland and told them the story, they said that this could be fixed, so I did another alignment (extra cost applied) and it is now back to normal and driving straight. When I get back to Bridgestone Cleveland they were still arguing that they did not do anything wrong!!! Even after showing them the alignment report from Toyota saying that their car alignment was way out of the Toyota specifications!! They have a very bad customer interface!

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