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Bridgestone Dueler A/T 604V

Bridgestone Dueler A/T 604V

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Long Lasting.

Good long lasting tyre. Never had issues with it on or off road. Love how smooth they are and hardly any noise on he bitumen. Highly recommend for the weekend adventurer or a hardy towing tyre for any vehicle.

Purchased in October 2018 for $220.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 35,000 km
Car ModelHolden Colorado
Tyre Pressure Used42 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyWeekly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

I have run these tyres on all of my vehicles (6 4x4s) over the past 20 years,

as a business owner with a fleet of 6, 4x4s all towing trailers all over NZ, I have nothing but praise for these tyres, we usually get around 70 to 80,000km from a set and often there is still enough tread to put them on our trailers, our work takes us into remote areas maintaining Hydro electric towers and the duelers just never let us down, last year I was talked into a set of Maxxis 980 ATs, they came off after 2000km, the noise was terrible on seal and they tramlined bad on uneven seal, all of our vehicles do around 100,000ks a year so we soon find out what tyres are any good. 10/10.

Car3 Toyota Landcruisers VX ltds and 3 Nissan Safaries

great set of tyres so far

just clicked over 5,000 Km's with my tyres and loving them so far, quiet on the road with plenty of traction when in the rough or wet, the stance is mildly aggressive but very mild in nature, rolling resistance is low so fuel economy stays up which is always a good thing, I've heard folks getting 80,000 K's plus from these so I'm looking forward to a long relationship with my tyres

Car2015 BT50

Great off road. A little disappointed on road

Tyres are very good on sand even when towing a boat up the beach we’re tough on dirt roads. However using them day to day in the city they wore down quite quickly. They found it hard to pull up in the rain especially if I was towing my mowing trailer behind. In saying that for the first 20000 klm’s I could not fault them. I would differently buy A/T again for my 4x4 maybe have a second pair of H/T while on bitumen

Car2011 hilux duel cab

top tyres

looking at another set of these ripper of a tyre i have got 80 thousand out of them and they were on my landcruiser when i bought it so who knows how many ks they have on them they just passed a rego inspection but are just on the wear bar so i will gladly replace them with more desert dueler not even going to look at another brand im super impressed with them

Car80 series landcruiser

Very quiet but aggressive looking great tyre

40 thousand k update August 2017******* See bottom of review

*******20 thousand k update March 2017******* See bottom of review

Just fitted these new Bridgestone Desert Dueler A/T 604V tyres today 10/8/16 311, 500k's speedo reading $774 fitted balanced and disposal old couragia muddies (ktas tuggeranong ACT), 4 new 31x10.5x15's, so first impressions are, they are very smooth to drive, very very quiet on road, they look pretty aggressive, this is after coming off federal couragia muddies of which I only got 33,000k's out of em, they were pretty well trashed, and i treated them well, Ok won't buy them again.
The Bridgestone Desert Dueler A/T 604V tyres handle bumps and potholes very smoothly and offroad have good grip and feel responsive, they feel very surefooted.
So only 200 k's so far, 199 back streets and highway, 1k off road scrub and dirt. Am hoping to hit the snow soon so will update review then with some interesting info.
I will also do an update at 10,000 k's and so on and give more feedback, etc. for those interested........

********10 thousand k's Update *********
so have 10 thou k's and hardly any tread gone barely noticeable. I am driving dirt roads with heaps of sharp rocks, no damage and tyres are handling great on and off road, pretty darned happy with them so far, will give another update at 20 thou k's.

*******20 thousand k update*******
Tyres have about 85% tread remaining which seems amazing.Tyres driving very well,still very smooth on and off road,feel very safe.
took in for a rotation and balance at 10 thou k's and told not required as all tyres wearing evenly(these tyres are amazing).
***********Now at 20 thousand K's I had them rotated and balanced 15/03/2017 just to be safe, tyre place says tyres originally new came with 12mm of tread depth, they have ***only lost 2mm*** of that depth after 8 months of hard driving and 20 thou K'S, man thats amazing!!!!!!!!!
so far these tyres have done alot of off road,creek crossings,hard braking for skippy's,rocky dirt roads,sharp rocks,daily, etc..........no damage at all, just performing great,very impressed......i will update review at 40 thousand k's.
***40 thou up the date*** tyres still going strong, tread depth looks almost the same as 30 thou update, had the tyres in the snow last week, man these things just plowed through it, deep stuff, they just plowed through, very happy

Carmitsubishi Delica l400 spacegear 2.8 turbo diesel 4wd

long lasting good road/offroad tyres

I had these tyres on my toyota hilux ute 4x4 for over 100,000 kilometres. I was so impressed I bought a new set 6years ish ago and sold my truck with them with plenty of tread still left. They are a mean loking tyre, and handle well in all offroad conditions. Onroad they bite well into the tar and also perform well in wet conditions. Onroad they are noisy, but I turn up the music a notch and they are not noticeable. I have just bought a new Landrover Discovery and was looking to put a set on it. Unfortunately the desert duellers don't come in 285 x 75's. It is a great shame, and that is my only fault with these tyres, is that I believe they do not make any larger than 205 x 75's.
great tyres allround
lack of larger sizes

Great all round tires

I have a 91 Nissan patrol ute diesel and i have been running these Bridgestone desert duelers on my ute for around 6000km. They have not missed one beat i do 50 50 on and off road and they have handeld great in the mud and sand but i do have to say there ok on the rocks but they are an honest tyre.

Astonishing tires!

I bought a 1989 Suzuki Sidekick from my step-grandfather (a hoarder) that had sat for 20 years and had 4,200 miles on it. These were the originally equipped tires to the best of my knowledge. Even after 23 years of dryrot, neglect, and slight cracking in the treads, these are still awesome tires! I've run over everything imaginable on and off road (glass, nails, barbed wire tossed into creekbeds, even hit a foot high shelf in a creek I was driving through) and NEVER had a flat. They bite great in the snow and allow for great cornering on dry roads even for the vehicle that I have. In my opinion the best tire out there for daily highway use with mild-moderate off road and snow. Now, with 24,000 miles, the 23 years of rot and cracking is becoming more evident and it might soon be time to replace, but I can't find these anywhere :( Thinking of upgrading to General Grabber AT2s but will get another set of these if I can find one!
never had a flat, quiet and grippy on the interstate, good in snow and mild off road, wears evenly
stopping distance noticeably increases (and is excessive) on wet roads


The first time that i drove on this tire, was in 1987 on the wildest roads of Costa Rica. I also used other brands, such as goodyear, michelin,cooper,kumo and more,none of them worked like this one. I own a security company, in wich we drive around the country every day and safty is our goal. This tire provide us all the confidence we need to go any where as need, and never fails. This tire must be crownded and have it as an example for all other brands arround the world. Thank you Bridgestone for this out of world of creation. Dersert Dueler 604V. Thank you again.
The most faithfull tire ever created for all purpose.
Hard to find.


I have a pair of 31X10.50R15 LT 604Vs mounted on 15inch wheels, 8inch rims on a 75-series Landcruiser. So far these tyres have clocked up 82,000km and I expect them to last 100,000km.
These tyres are a good match for the vehicle's steering geometry. I would buy them again without hesitation.
The other pair of tyres on the vehicle are 694LTs which, when fitted on the front, make the steering imprecise (yes, the steering alignment was checked). These tyres are probably better suited to later model vehicles.
I drive on a mix of highway (80%) and dirt roads (including snow), with minimal city driving. I pull a 2-tonne trailer about 10% of the time.
The handling on dirt roads is superb.
On the black top there is no understeer like some other brands (I've driven my neighbour's vehicles). The tyre's radial bias is well suited to the 75-series Landcruiser's steering geometry.
Nothing, though an observation: the sidewalls tend to run warm on the highway.

Update Jan 2013: my Landcruiser registration was up for renewal and I was in Sydney, so I bought new 604Vs at Bridgestone Silverwater for $220 each, fitted and balanced. I got 94,000km out of the old tyres and although they would have lasted a few thousand more km, it was an opportunity to avoid paying a premium of at least $50 per tyre to buy them in the country.Update Feb 2014: Costco in Canberra is selling these tyres fitted and balanced for a few cents under $200 each. Buying a set of 4 gets you a $70 discount which is covers the Costco membership fee.

An excellent all round all terrain tyre for W.A.

Bought mine in Perth in mid 2007 and done around 70000km on them so far, and I reckon i will get another 15000 km out of them. They are not the best tyre in any given category, but for the price back then they are excellent value. They are great in dry weather, and in the sand. In mud they are average, and in wet weather they can be a little slippery, but are fairly predictable so I don't find it an issue. My only issue with them now, is that they are around the $270 mark, and some good Muddies are $300 with twice the sidewall strength and better compound. If they were still around $200 I would not hesitate, but for the price, I would rather spend another $40 a tyre and get an awesome AT or MT.
Reliable and versatile... were cheap.

Questions & Answers

Do they still make desert curlers 10R15 with white lettering?
No answers

i am looking at older ones and need to know a size. 10 r 15 lt 604 vw is it a 31 inch tire ?
3 answers
Hi Loren, Its 31x10,5x15. Great looking tyre but weak shoulder for outback if thats what you asking. RegardsThe Bridgestone website or a Bridgestone dealer can provide accurate information. Regards.31x10xr15 are available

Hi there do these come in 32x11.5r15 or 33x12.5r15 or what are the biggest ones that I can get close to these if not?
1 answer
The Bridgestone website has current information on the available tyre sizes.


Dueler A/T 604V
Release dateSep 2007
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