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Bridgestone Dueler M/T D674

Bridgestone Dueler M/T D674

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14 reviews
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  • Noise Level
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  • Wet Weather Handling
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Barry B.

Barry B.North Queensland, QLD

Worst offroad tyre ever!!!


I bought a set two weeks ago for my 80 series weekend off road 4x4. On road manners are excellent for a mud tyre. Off road traction was good. However durability let these tyres down in a big way!!. On complete side wall tear and a puncture in another. Will not buy bridgestones!

Purchased in August 2020 for A$286.00.

Build Quality
Noise Level
Value for Money
Tyre Mileage 300 km
Car ModelToyota Landcruiser 80
Tyre Pressure Used18 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyWeekly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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  • 3 reviews

3 impact splits in one weekend


Triton 2015 ran these for about 25thou.
Great grip, ok on the road never slipped for me and i country drive a lot and hit the mountains very regularly.
Last trip was around stirling up some very tocky step tracks.
Next day found splits around 3 tyres in side walls. All splits the same with not cut outs or chips in rubbers from the rocks.
Dealer arranged Bridgestone inspection but tbey said bad luck must have been a rock.
Not likely.
This leaves me one 60% tyre and the spare is new.
Tough choice from here
1st june 2018 update
Had 2 good ones so purchased 3 to make a full set again.
Just tortured them ober 3 days in serious high country tracks. Mud snow gravel rocks and rivers. Crushed it.

CarTriton mn 2015
The King

The KingSouth Australia, 5000

  • 11 reviews

Lugs come off on rough terrain


Well known fact these tyres were stopped from sale in or around 2016 due to the lugs coming off on scaly roads. Not sure how Bridgestone market this as a 4wd tyre? BF Goodrich is a far superior tyre. I don't think bridgestone bothered to rectify the problem, just kept it hush hush. It's all about the sales.

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tommySydney, NSW

  • 12 reviews

good in the bush but not on road


they are a strong Tyre but they are approx 70% for bush and only 30% on road, i have been on a lot of tracks that would have punctured other tyres for sure but these hold well but on the road slow down as they can easily take you off the road in wet conditions as they are like driving on ice. Its not bad if you drive slow but once you get past 80 klms it is very scary at times as they dont have much traction on the road

Cartoyota landcruiser

MorgsHobart, TAS

  • 2 reviews

Very good for the money

Car2016 dual cab Triton
Ron Perrett

Ron Perrett

  • 4 reviews

Great for a mud terrain but don't expect highway terrain grip on wet bitumen.

Car2007 Hilux

Driving on ice


I have been running the mt for around 10'000kms and they are by far the worst tyre I have ever driven on in the wet.loosing traction on all 4 tyres doing 100km in the wet on a open road is not much fun.have had way to many close calls.they preform well in the bush but as soon as you hit the road in the wet its like driving on ice.i will be removing these tyres this week and they were not cheap



Must have tyers


I have these tyers for a short ti me and have had a better response with them than the tyers i had that came with the vehicle .i whas not happy with them .i looked around and went to all the tyre fitters and settled for them..a good tyre.mate good to have them,



  • 2 reviews
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Terrible tyre uneven wear on them even with Bridgestone doing the wheel alignment. They squil aroun


Terrible tyre uneven wear on them even with Bridgestone doing the wheel alignment. They screech around round abouts at slower than normal speads and tight corners. uterly useless to live with. Only positive is for a Mt tyre there good on sand. I had 245 75 r16. Noise is not to bad so a Mt.

CarR50 pathfinder
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Snr Extopalopakettle

Snr ExtopalopakettlePerth

  • 3 reviews

Good for the price. Pros and cons. They do the job pretty well.

Car2015 Isuzu Dmax Dual Cab
Not happy

Not happy

  • 2 reviews



Dueler M/T D674 tyres are a poor quality below average product. First impact fracture detected within 7 months (12,100kms), remaining 3 tyres failed in the following 6 months, all with impact fractures before 23,200kms. These tyres are sold as an off-road tyre to meet the "hardcore demands" of off-road driving (off-road means sticks, rocks, pot holes, creek beds, gravel roads, bush tracks, no roads). They incorporate revolutionary 3D technology to offer "superior durability" (above average quality capable of lasting/ resisting wear). Don't think they even got "off-road". Never had impact fractures before these tyres, go exactly the same places, and not had one since. Suspect Bridgestone got a faulty batch of these tyres.

Car2010 Holden Colorado



265/75/16 22000kms they might make 30000 very dangerous on wet bitumen will not buy again 50/50 road paddock use only run 20
psi as at the recommended 32psi it does nothing but spin and step out side ways got caught after it was serviced and they pumped up tires thank God for stability control

Car2015 mn triton


  • 3 reviews

Very Decent Muddy!


Im really Happy with the Dueler Mt it is the first Muddy that I have had which is quiet on the Blacktop! I am also getting better fuel economy and the tyres are wearing really good so far 40,000km and still got heaps of tread! It is also a brilliant tyre in the Mud and on the rocks and not to bad in the snow, highly recommend them and so far can not fault them!

Car2003 hilux 4wd dual cab

BigMitch87North Queensland, QLD

  • 7 reviews
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Early days but will return when they wear a little more


I have done approx 1000km on these tyres and first impressions are good. Initially a bit loud but the guy at the Bridgestone Select dealer told me they will get quiet after a few thousand. Bought them for my Mazda Bravo in 265/75r16 size. Will return once they have worn more so I can give a more accurate review.

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I have just brought 4 MT's for my Ute. My property is in the highlands and often covered in cloud/very damp. Very good tyre with limited sideways slippage. Noticed that the tread on the 2 right hand tyres faced one direction which is opposite to the 2 left hand tyres. White writing facing out on all 4. Is that normal.

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As for the first 2 on this page, what planet do these bake beans come from? We want feed back from ridgy didge buyers not zombies as are the first 2. I travel 100 ks each day in mountain areas on rocky roads and these tyres hold up well, don't let the zombies put you of fellow 4x4 uses. Regards jack

3 answers

Jack not sure who you are referring too but i have so far got 50,000kms from these tyres still got tread left ! I use the tyres for work and go up the High Country atleast once a month and the tyres are brilliant. good tyre for the cheap price


Roger that, I have used these tyres in recon army rv vehicles,ses and fire forestry etc., also use these tyres. I get sick of civies who most probably live in the concrete jungle ramble on about tyre pressure as in unit 2 on this page, give me a break.

Not happy
Not happy

Jack. The last sentence says it all... suspect Bridgestone got a faulty batch of these tyres.

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