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Bridgestone Turanza ER300

Bridgestone Turanza ER300

3.9 from 58 reviews

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Don't know much about tyres - they seem pretty good though!

Bought these for a great price through Tyroola and had them fitted by a local place. From what I can tell, the tyres hold the road well.

Note - these are installed on a Toyota Corolla with 2 baby seats so I don't really test the limits of anything vehicle related! They seem fine in the wet, don't squeal when cornering... Overall happy with the tyres.

Purchased in May 2017 at Tyroola for $400.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 15,000 km
Car ModelToyota Corolla E150
Tyre Pressure Used32 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Road noise a spoiler

My 2016 Jazz came standard with these tyres . Good grip in wet and dry but noisy(hum) on smooth and rough road surfaces now at 22000km. Critical to check tyre pressures for optimum ride and handling.

Purchased in November 2016.

Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 22,000 km
Car ModelHonda Jazz GF
Tyre Pressure Used33 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Great wear / Dry traction - Average road noise chatter and wet traction

These tyres went on a Golf Mk7 with R17 alloys which originally had Continental ContiSportContact 5. After Running these in for 2 months observations are that compared to the OEM tyres the dry traction is on par if not better / Wet is poor (Especially cornering ) and road chatter and noise is loud in the cabin.

Purchased in July 2018 at Tempe Tyres.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 1,231 km
Car ModelVolkswagen Golf 7
Tyre Pressure Used30 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Very long lasting

They came on my brand new corolla, 40,000 k later Toyota tell me 80 percent is still on them. Longest lasting tyres I’ve ever had, no surprised considering they are Bridgestone

Purchased in April 2018 at Toyota Dealers.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 43,000 km
Car ModelToyota Corolla ZRE172R
Tyre Pressure Used34 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Great tyres

We changed four tyres 6 months and no complaints so far. It is for my small car yarris, good grip on road during dry and wet season. And bridgestone company also provide half price on alignment on 6 monthly or 10,000 km. And they have the offer of Buy 3 get one free so when compare to the local tyre prices it is not a bad deal.

CarToyota Yarris

Smooth and comfortable

Once I have changed my previous one with these new ones I can feel much more smooth driving with them. Good performance on fuel and nice and professional look. No more slip when I turn so, Have more control on the car on the road bends even when I push the gas pedal quickly.

CarToyota Camry

Great Tyres and excellent service

I have had these Tyres for two years now and every three months I can take my car back to Bridgestone at greenhills Nsw and they will rotate Tyres to give them the best lifespan. Very happy with my Tyres and I was given all the right details, eg what my tyre pressure should be and if I should be getting a balance done too

CarMazda 6

Great run. No worries still 0.5mm when replaced with Bridgestone serenity plus at 59000km

Performed well in the wet and dry on Suzuki SX4. Standard equipment 205 60 14. Got noisey as they hit 0.5mm off marker ribs on tyre. Ok on loose stone in 4x4. Braking was excellent dodged two Roos!
Recommended replacement by Bridgestone is the serenity plus.
Got the 3 plus 1 extra for $10 deal.
Just over $500 fitted and balanced.

CarSuzuki sx4

Long lasting tyres

These tyres were purchased on a 4 for 3 deal in 195/65/15.
They lasted around 63k kms. They were rotated every 10k kms.
Tyre pressures were kept at 34psi.
They were not noisy and the grip in the wet was good. I would purchase again but only when the deal is available.

Car2012 Mazda 3

Decent for the price -

Bought these for the work ute. The traction and stability in the dry is really good. In the wet it seems they're just average. Fuel economy is about the same as the last set (Pirellis) but the wet traction through turns feels a bit less stable otherwise they'd have scored higher. They're wearing OK at about 3000 km, which was a concern as I've had other Bridgestones that wore fast. They're quiet at highway speeds,

Would probably buy again.

Car2016 commodore utility

Excellent - durable original equipment tire

Got the 16 inch as OEM on my 2014/15 Honda Jazz. Very good wet handling and trade off on grip/mileage. They lasted 30,000 klm over 4 years and didn't get noisy until about 20,000 on the clock.This compares favorably with all of my previous small city car tires: Pirellis were quieter, softer but less durable; Yokohamas fine but overpriced; MAXis cheap and noisy. The Turanza is a great deal replacement tire if you can get it on sale. Would have bought them as replacements but the small 16 inches were considerably more expensive than Yokos, Toyos, and wound up purchasing highly rated, but inexpensive Hankook. Will report on these when they're on the road for a while.

CarHonda Jazz 2015

reliable passenger vehicle tire

I bought my vehicle on March 2014 with this brand tires fitted. Replaced on November 2017 and 55,000km on clock.
Based on my experience on 60% highway drive and 40% city drive, Bridgestone Turanza ER300 is quiet, works well and reliable. Highly recommended Bridgestone Turanza ER300. Ideally for family cars

Car2013 Camry Atara

Best performer any conditions!

My ve series 2 commodore had a set of these on when I bought the car but they were well worn. I replaced them with another Tyre brand and the difference in handling and performance was so great that I’ve replaced those tyres with a set of Bridgestone ‘s within weeks. There is a reason why Holden puts these on the commodores! Their performance is outstanding in any driving conditions. I will never put any other tyres in my car..as for how they will wear..time will tell.

Car2012 Holden Commodore ve series 2 sedan

23K, should be 40K

Took Toyota Aurion Presara to Tyre Power for a wheel alignment. Manager contacted me and said they can't do a wheel alignment as the four tyres need replacing. Firstly, at 2 years from new and 23K, that's not good. I expected 40K. Disappointed too with Tyre Power, the tyres still have 1.5mm tread although edges are a 'bit how do you do'. Not everyone has a spare $800 this time of year.

Car2015 Toyota Aurion Presara

Smooth drive and no noise

Never had Turanza Tyres before, drive so smooth and no noise. Seem to have good control in the wet too. Only complaint is that they are losing colour already. Brown around the outside, I am sure this shouldn't be happening. Apart from that the grip isn't showing wear yet. I have only done 10,000kms on them but so far so good.


Very good reliable tyres

These are the best tyres I have had for my sedan.

The look great but they also provide a very smooth ride.

I get more than 12 months of wear out of them, more than I was getting for tyres a little less in value.

I would definitely recommend and repurchase these tyres

CarHyandai Elantra SX. Sedan

Great Price and Great Service

Extremely happy. Bought these for my son's Falcon. Great value tyre and has an incredible amount of grip in the wet. I can't detect any road noise and the handling is fantastic. My local Bridgestone Select in Albany Creek recommended them. I'm very happy they did. I feel very comfortable knowing my son is driving around with these tyres on his car.

Car1993 Ford EB Falcon

Good value

I've got a buy 3 get 4'th free offer, it's not something like very perfect, bit based on the price and the period I need the tyre, it was an excellent deal for me. The replacement also was included in the price and didn't took that much long. Generally happy with it.

CarVW. Tiguan

Big wet weather improvers; great all-round performers

I'm not sure about the ER300 bizo (going by the tread pattern, I have what looks like the 'Serenity Plus' model, with the two big grooves to one side of the tyres and one big groove on the other) but I definitely have a set of 215/60R16 Bridgestone Turanza 'Eco' tyres on my VX II S Commie. I bought the car second-hand and soon discovered the tyres that were on it (Hankooks, I think?) were short on grip. When I moved to an area with lots of roundabouts I was alarmed to find the car readily breaking traction on all four corners and slipping sideways in those roundabouts whenever it rained, even at quite modest speeds. On recommendation from my mechanic, the Bridgestones went on the car and they made a huge difference. I could drive 'normally' and confidently through those roundabouts in the rain and in fact, the tyres have never slipped on me even though I'm generally a quick (though not a properly 'fast') driver. I've since moved to the country and the tyres feel good on the small, bumpy highways and tight, curvy sections of hilly road, despite they're not being "low profile" sports tyres.

These are designated 'Eco' tyres, which is to say they have a silicone-infused rubber compound that is said to markedly improve rolling resistance while retaining excellent road grip (you can read about 'Eco' tyres here: https://www.tyresales.com.au/help/tyre-buying-guide?gclid=CLqRgsTfstQCFdgjvQodCDYPQw). I don't know if my Commie's fuel economy improved all that noticeably, what with petrol prices oscillating so violently lately, but at times I am astounded at how far I can go on a tank-full of juice. By the way, I always inflate my tyres to 40 psi and let 'em slowly ease back to 35 over a couple of months before pumping 'em up again. The grip is definitely there and the tyres seem to be quite long wearing – after approximately 50,000 kms there's still plenty of wear left in them.

The only caveat with these tyres – and it's probably peculiar to VT/VX Commies running 16" factory alloy wheels – is that the front wheels seem to be rubbing a little on the body at full lock. I suspect the tyre shop guys might've known it would be a tight fit due to some hesitancy with their recommendation ... but they insisted that the Turanzas were the best solution and the one they'd go for if it were their own car. Since I bought these tyres during a Bridgestone "Get the 4th tyre free" promotion, I think at $450 (+ wheel balancing) these tyres strike that happy combination of quality and value for money, so I have to give these tyres full marks; the slight sizing issue on my Commie notwithstanding.

[edit 2018] So the Commie briefly broke traction on the most dangerous section of road I regularly travel: a black spot that in the last two years has claimed at least two European exotics that I know of. Powering hard uphill to overtake a slower driver in the rain on that steep, tightly bending, slippery and too-short overtaking lane, I felt the car's backside suddenly lighten and step out a little. Some dashboard lights briefly fired and I felt a little engine power come off momentarily: I later realised it was the Commie's Traction Control system working to help the tyres bite into the road again, which they did in very short order. The car's rear-end tucked back in and I just kept going like normal: it all happened so quickly I didn't even have time to react, though my heart skipped a beat I can assure you! Phew! GOOD TYRES! [/edit]

CarHolden Commodore VX II S

Crash Saver

I can honestly say these tyres saved me from an accident. I had recently purchased 4 new tyres for my car when I was heading to the city in the wet. The car in front of me locked up and hit the car in front od them. I stopped on a dime and the car behind me hit me. Out of 5 cars involved I was the only one not at fault and I owe that to these great wet weather performers.

CarToyota Camry

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Questions & Answers

Will this tyre fit a ford focus
No answers

What sized tyre is suitable for my Daughters 2003 Mazda 323 Astina, & what price should I pay. ? Thanks, Ian Gunther , Maroochydore.
1 answer
Hi Ian. Ours are are 15 inch and we got the buy 3 get 1 for $10 deal this month at our local Bridgestone dealer. The website will give you tyre choices once you put in car: year etc. if was $511 including fitting balance and wheel alignment for the set. Good luck.

How much psi for honda accord ex with turanza tires?
5 answers
Hi Donna, I always run on 32 PSI. I have found with these tyres that I rarely need to top them up with air and when I do check them, they normally require about one or two PSI. Hope this helps.Thank you Kevin W. I was told 42psi by a mechanic at Pep Boys. I'm not sure where you live but that's a pretty well known place here. I thought it was high so I started searching. I didn't think anyone would take the time to answer. I really appreciate it.Hi Donna, After buying my 2012 Ford Focus in early 2014, one of the first things I did was to replace the crap tyres that were on the car with Dunlop Turanza's. I've found that 40psi seems to be the ideal pressure for these tyres in both wet & dry conditions. Anything below 36psi & my cars ABS works overtime even under 'moderate' braking conditions. I've also found that they wear less at 40psi. In my opnion, they are a great 'all round' tyre & excellent value for money. p.s. If you get them rotated every 5000km's, they will last a lot longer. I've done 27000km's & the Turanza's still have loads of tread left... Hope this answers your question.


Turanza ER300
Release dateOct 2008
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