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Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus EL64

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus EL64

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I love these tyres!!

My 2010 Mazda 3 has been using the Serenity Plus tyres (195/65/R15) since 2015. And now after nearly 4 years, and around 75,000 km later, I'm finally replacing them with another set of Serenity Plus.
I briefly considered upgrading to the Michelin Primacy 4 but the cost of the Michelin was higher at $165 each. The Serenity Plus is only $135 each (back in 2015, it was $130 each), and also with Bridgestone promotion of Buy 3 Get 1 Free.
I could have definitely used my current tyres for another 10,000 km. Possibly another 20,000 km? Still plenty of thread left.
Grip in the dry and the wet are good. I'm a gentle driver, not an aggressive one.
Tyre noise is low. Although after 70,000 km, I notice that the noise has been increasing quite a bit.
Also I'm not one of those people that check their tyres fastidiously. I normally pump up my tyres every 2 or 3 months. One time I forgot to do it for nearly 6 months haha.
And the tyres are still in such good condition.

Purchased in June 2015 at Bridgestone Select for $406.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 75,000 km
Car ModelMazda 3 BL (2009-2013)
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Great tyres, very long lasting.

The tyres are always maintained at 36 psi at all times (I know Toyota recommends 32psi) My car is a 2010 Toyota Corolla. The tyres are very quiet and very smooth and I drive on the freeway a lot. No square tyre effect, no wear and tear on sides. They perform so well on freeways, on dry surface, on wet roads. It feels so stable at higher speeds. The tyres were purchased at the price of three for all four tyres. I have them balanced and wheel alignment every six months. I would purchase these again.

Purchased in April 2014 at Bridgestone Tyres for $417.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelToyota Corolla E150 (2007-2012)
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

A good all round tyre for Toyota ute

So far these tyres have performed very well in wet, muddy conditions as well as normal highway use. Little noise, great traction & a good price. Excellent with heavy loads in the Ute.

Purchased in September 2018 for $460.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Dry Weather Handling

Very pleased

My wife's car, a Toyota Corolla, needed four new tyres and my priorities were safety and durability. The Bridgestone franchise was very helpful and fitted the Serenity Plus tyres while I waited. However, first of all, I had carefully read a number of assessments of potentially suitable tyres on the various websites & my choice, after a reasonable driving time, has proved to be correct.

CarToyta Corrola

Didn’t realise tyres could be this quiet

I didn’t think my old tyres were that bad, but the difference after getting these put on is amazing! They’re not only super quiet (phone calls much easier to hear!), but I feel a lot more comfortable on the road, and the car is riding really nicely. definitely well worth it.

CarVolvo V50

Cheap but not nasty

Bought a set of these for my Camry, they have been absolutely great tires, they stick to the road and don't slide around. I have been very impressed with them coming from a set of Firestone tires as to how much traction i get on the road. I would recommend these as the price to performance ratio is high

CarToyota Camry

Never regretted buying it.

First impression is its smoothness and comfortable ride of my car. Very quiet even on high speed driving. Tried to test its grip on the roundabout during rain - it held reasonably. Expect more mileage with its square shoulder and deep tread. Sidewall design looks sporty. Never regretted choosing these tyres. Buy 4 pay for 3 offer was an added bonus.

Car2000 Honda HRV

4 newly fitted tyres.

I had 4 new tyres installed yesterday. Bought on special 4 tyres for the price of 3 at Bridgestone, Nundah, Qld store.
Aaron, the store manager and the rest of the staff were excellent to deal with.
I had requested couple of quotes emailed to me and I went into the store. Aaron convinced me on these tyres.
It's early, hence my 3 stars, but my first impression was not as quiet & smooth as the previous Michelins when they were new.
I will keep you posted as they get some mileage on them.

Car2012 Toyota Aurion AT-X GSV50R
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A follow up as promised. 5 Stars - for now. The tyre shop initially pumped air at 40psi which I think is very high, makes the ride rough and noisy. I followed Toyota's recommendation and lowered the pressure to 35psi. What a difference, TYRE SHOPS PLEASE TAKE NOTE. I went on a 600kms road trip last week and the tyres were very good, quiet and smooth. I also had to drive in heavy rain and happy to report no problem at all. The tyres handled the wet roads very well, no slipping or sliding. I even pressed them a bit in the rain and still they felt surefooted. They just have over a 1000kms on them but so far so good. I would be confident to rate them a 5 stars so far.

The Smooth Performer

The tyres give a quiet comfortable ride. Have always found Bridgestone tyres to be very durable. They were fitted to our Mazda 3. 2005 Sport Hatchback. Would recommend them to any prospective buyer. They look stylish and suit the car well with accurate speedo reading. Purchased four tyres so were able to get them at a reasonable price.

CarMazda 3 Sport Hatchback

Good durable tries

Purchased these tires in 2017, in the beginning they were great but as I started racking up the mileage so went the performance. The noise level increase soon after as well. They're great for dry weather driving and cornering, but in 2018 we got some very undisireable weather. The tires were no good in the snow which eventually turned to ice. After I finally made it home, I knew I was finished with this brand!! The Michelin's were much better and quieter! So needless to say I will NOT be returning to this brand! Oh and there were times when I would find myself turning up the radio to hear over the road noise!

CarToyota Kluger 2018

my last set were long lasting, current set are doing well

These tyres came with my Honda city and my original set lasted seven years (80,000km). This included long distance drives and extremes of heat (to north Queensland and back multiple times) so I was happy with that. The current tyres were replaced by Honda as well, and have been doing fine for the past year.

CarHonda city

Good Value for Money

Good value for money and recommended for the car I drive.
Long lasting, they grip well and they are quiet. These are the reasons I bought them. These tyres are also good in the wet and dry.
Performance wise they are excellent and I am confident driving with these tyres on my vehicle.

CarLexus ES300

Unbelievably quiet

Quietest tyres I’ve ever had. No aqua planing when driving through water puddles on the road either. The unique tread pattern indicates there’s something special about these tyres. Nothing negative whatsoever. Ask for the buy 3 get the 4th for $10 deal. Even if it’s not on I have found they honour it.

Car2015 Mazda Sedan

Fantastic quiet tyre

Great tyre - without doubt the most comfortable and quiet tyre I have had on the car - Lexus GS. Would recommend these to anyone. The bridgestone four for three deal made these an absolute bargain and their guarantee of 50000 kilometres of wear made the choice even better. Just make sure you find a competent bridgestone installer.

CarLexus GS300

Amazing tyre life

Traded ford recently tyres had done 73000km with at least another 10 left.Bought them on advice from Bridgstone quietest, best riding tyres i had on the ford in150000k. Hope they will be eventually be available when my new car needs 215/45R17.As they got older they did seem to get a little noisier but performance was still excellent.

Car2012 Ford Mondeo Ecoboost

Very happy

I bought these three months ago for a Toyota Corolla. They’re quieter than the Yokohama’s it came with and of course much better ride and steering than the worn out old ones. Pretty happy so far with in wet and dry conditions. They are also reasonably durable on gravel, though we haven’t driven much on that type of surface. Ours were $450 with balance and alignment in a 4 for the price of 3 offer.

CarToyota Corolla 2013

Perfect for wet or dry conditions

I bought these from Bridgestone select outlet in Glen Waverley.
Lucky enough to get a buy 3 get 1 free deal. Paid $375 for 4 tires replaced with alignment and balancing.

I got them for my Toyota Camry, 2005 model.
The best part of the tires is the control and grip on the roads. even during the rainy seasons with wet roads, the tires worked very effectively and never let the car to skid.

Cartoyota camry

Perfect for Small Cars!

Bought a piece of brand new 2017 date (175/65/R14) in Feb 2018 for my wife's Sirion as I received the other piece for free (2016 date tyre), courtesy of a friend who has sold off her car. Been through the wet as well as completely dry seasons and handles really good in the wet for its size. The groove pattern is amazing for this size of tyre. The compound feels soft so the pair probably need changing pretty soon if driven hard but you can immediately feel the difference in terms of NVH compared to the GT tyre we had on the front axle of the car before.

It was moderately priced at $129 per piece plus some fees for installation of the other tyre to match the front pair.

Brilliant tyres

I had these on my car before and needed to change them. I have stuck to the same tyre due to how great they feel on long drives but also city driving. They are just as great in wet weather as they are in dry. I feel safe in wet weather especially because of how well they grip the road. I do a lot of driving and I have never worried about my tyres or my safety on the road. I'll definitely stick to the Turanza as long as it's available

Car2014 Toyota Corolla

Excellent tyres

Got four tyres for the price of three during Bridgestone’s April promotion. As as I drove out of the shop the difference in grip was very noticeable. Gone was the understeer of the previous Toyo tyres and they’re also much quieter. I was impressed with Bridgestone’s service and follow up care. It has yet to rain since I purchased them so I can’t comment on their handling in the wet, but from the general feel of them, it should be great.

Edit: Since it has now rained in Perth, I can report that the handling in the wet is also very good.

CarToyota Aurion

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How do they perform on a Toyota Tarago?
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What is the treadwear rating on the side of these tyres?
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Tread ware is 600

I see a lot of people stating that these tyres are quiet, are they truly a lot quieter than other tyres that you've used or is it because they're sold as quiet tyres so people think they're quiet, genuinely interested to know because i'm tossing up between the Serenity plus, yokohama es32 and Michelin primacy 3st, need the quietest tyre I can get to lower tyre roar in the 70 to 110kph zones.
1 answer
Well, to answer my own question, no they are not a lot quieter than other tyres, they are only slightly quieter than the old tyres that came off, and I would have expected that from any new tyres.

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