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Extremely Poor Customer Service

I have a Refrigerated Cooling and Ducted Heating system that was installed in Feb/March 2017. The unit is still under warranty and need a repair.
I called Brivis on 7th May 2019 and was provided a Case Number ( # 5006F00002E7A6M) and I was advised within 48 Hours someone should get back to me. Since then I haved called them 3 times and was advised due to large number of complaints we were not unable to get a techinician.
Today is 17th May 2019, I called them again and I was advised due to system issue the job was lost and now I am back in the queue.

Have spend approx 18K on the unit and now this is the service. I have 2 small kids and we are living without heating.

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Store LocationCarlisle Homes

If I could give less than this I would

I bought a Brivis Touch wifi controller for the what I thought was expensive price of $450 but as the system did not come with any thermostat I decided one that would be "smart" would be the best option. Upon installation the Brivis Touch did not recognise the heater so we then had to purchase another part. Then to attach to wifi I have to buy another $360 part and pay for that to be installed as well.
No information provided prepurchase from Brivis and they were not even slightly helpful over the phone it took 4 call for me to find out I had to purchase the other part and they wouldn't tell me the price over the phone I had to look it up.
If I could get rid of the system I would but now I am stuck with it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

So angry...

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Thanks for the review Melissa, we are sorry to hear of the issues you have faced with the installation of your Brivis Touch controller and would like to investigate further for you. If you can contact us at enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this post we will look into the matter further.

Lasted one winter

We built a new home and didn't get a say in who supplied the heater. It's lasted one winter and the fan has already broken. We were told to get the installer to look at it, but brivis didn't believe them and made us wait another 2 weeks for another contractor to look at it. Submitted a complaint about the fact we have now been without heating 4 weeks, no response from brivis. They clearly don't care about service or honouring their warranty

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Thanks for the review leah, we are sorry to hear of the issues you have faced with your heater. In order to confirm warranty, our authorised technician does need to diagnose the issue with the unit. We would like to investigate your complaint further if you can email our team on enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this review and we will be in contact.

If you are thinking brivis don't do it

Brivis provided a faulty heating unit that did not work from day 1. Their communication is appallingly bad. After continual calls being ignored they sent a technician who removed and completely disassembled the fan unit and got the unit working. Not a minor adjustment but a major fault. I don't want to be stuck with a lemon after paying full price for a new unit. After numerous calls brivis are not prepared to negotiate and will only give us a free service in 3 years.

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Customer Service
Store LocationBrivis Melbourne
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Thanks for the review Teresa, we are sorry to hear of the issues you have faced with your unit. We would like to investigate this matter further for you if you can send an email with your details and mentioning this review to enquiry@rinnai.com.au


I have been waiting for over a week just to get a phone call to get an appointment to get my ducted heater looked at. It is only 2 years old, it was a replacement machine installed by the previous owner of my home. It is still under warranty. As per a conversation with the booking office, I was told not to use it, because of the message on the controller screen. I got a confirmation email to say the job was booked. What sort of staff do they employ when they can't even spell the company name. I didn't expect instant service, but a call would be good to get it teed up.

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Hi Wabs, we're sorry to hear about this and have sent a private message to discuss the matter further. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Terrible Customer Service

I confirmed an appointment to book a service call. I took a day off. Nobody came. I called them and they said they will call me back and never did. USELESS!

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Hi Jocelyn, we're sorry to hear about this and have sent a private message to discuss the matter further. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Terrible customer service

Heating unit has completely died after only 5 years, not repairable. Not happy will most likely not buy Brivis again. Customer service staff do not want to listen to customer.

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Hi Unhappy customer, we're sorry to hear about this and have sent a private message to discuss the matter further. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Do not buy a Brivis evaporation cooler

Ours was installed in late 2013 and it’s already broken down 3 times after 5 years.
Very unreliable, as every summer we know it’s going to stop working. Today is 34c and we had to leave the house because it’s not working. If I could turn back time and buy a different brand I would.

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Appalling customer service

I have got a 17 kw Brivis ice series aircon unit which has stopped blowing cool air just after 2 months from installation. When the issue was logged with Brivis under warranty, the earlier date they could send a technician is almost a month away. Apparantly they don't have enough technicians to service the area so I am not sure why they are selling products when they can't service them in a reasonable time frame. A month wait in summer is just ridiculous. Stay away from Brivis products.

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Great service

After reading all these comments, I was worried that I would encounter the same difficulties with customer service. Our evaporative cooler stopped working (3 years old), tripping a safety switch in the house. Called Brivis and explained the issue and was told of their 5 year warranty. They arranged for a sub contractor to come out within a week (thankfully it wasn't hot!). He arrived when he said he would, explained the issue, fixed it and it was all under warranty. Very happy with their service!

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Hi Emma, we’re so glad you’ve had a great experience! Thank you so much for your positive feedback and we'll be sure to pass it onto our team. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Stay away - Very bad product and service

I had a ducted Brivis installed in a new property 5 years ago. System have issue with the fan after two years then start having gas leak fixed the gas leak then it is leaking from somewhere else then had another issue with the wall controller stopped working all this exactly after the warranty expired. Very bad customer service waiting for a week for them to call me to setup an appointment for a service. It is now three weeks since I called the customer service and got a work order (WO0266002), I mad many calls to follow up, but no body bother to call again from Rinnai or their subcontractors. I think they don't even deserve the $285 that I was planning to pay for the service call unless they confirm to me that they have a replacement for the external unit. I already started getting quotes to replace it with a new trusted system from a company that respect its customers.

Product Quality

Terrible product and service is worse

Got Brivis ducted heating with add on cooling in my new home. Always having problem with the temperature control. Tried to contact Brivis but they refuse to acknowledge the problem and their attitude is arrogant. The suggestion from Brivis is, quoting, "buy yourself a fan". Can't believe this. Do yourself a favor and buy something else.

Not working at all

We have it from last one year refrigerated cooling doesn’t work at all, even worse than cooler funny thing is their technician do know how to fix it.


The unit keeps on breaking even still under warranty, installer takes more then a week to turn up each time Brivis refuses to take any responsibility for its dealers.

Terrible terrible thermostat controller

The thermostat controller on my Bricis unit is really difficult to use. All I want is to turn the heater on. It’s not clear how to do so even after studying the manual in detail. When it is on, there is no feedback on the controller to say whether it is on or not. When you want to switch it off, there is no easy way to tell either. There are two controllers in the house, but it’s impossible to know if the first controller and the second controllers are in synch. Non of it is documented. Most of the time I just end up so frustrated I put on extra clothes instead. What’s the use of paying so much for a heating unit if you end up shivering in the cold anyway? I’d never buy a Brivis again.

Terrible Refrigerated cooling unit

Just after our Warranty period finished the unit stopped working. The cooling specialist diagnosed a leak on Service Port which led to a gas leak. We hardly used cooling as we live in Melbourne. It cost us $500 just to diagnose the fault. Sill waiting for a quote to replace the Service port and the gas. Will update the outcome later.


Brand new Refrigerated Central Cooling unit. We paid $20,000 extra to have refrigerated cooling into our new home. 3 months later, yes only 3 weeks, it breaks down.

IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. So now they are saying it will take them 3 weeks, yes 3 weeks, to come and fix it. In the middle of summer. So whilst our home heats up to over 50. If you have a choice go with a company that actually provides a service. Absolutely disgusting level of service. Go and choose another company, although not much competition. They do no care at all once you have paid your money.

Obviously the units terrible, breaking down in 3 months, and then they provide little service when you need it. They should be ashamed.

Terrible customer service experience - would never buy again.

We purchased a Brivis heater back in October and in mid December purchased the Brivis Ice add on cooler.
When installed, the motherboard of the cooling unit was faulty so our installer contacted Brivis and booked in a technician to come out on Christmas Eve for a replacement. When the technician came out, he confirmed that the issue was with the motherboard and that it needed to be replaced. I said that's what we thought, so it would be great to get it all dealt with. The technician then informed me that he didn't have the part and that he would need to order it in. He said the office was closed until 7 January, so we will need to contact after that date to book in an appointment. I was very disappointed that they had been informed of the necessary part prior to the technician appointment, but they still came unprepared. Ended up having 25 people at our house for Christmas day with no cooling!

Skip to January 7th - we called the office to book in another appointment and were told that the technician had not put notes from the first appointment, so no part had been ordered. We were obviously very frustrated, but the customer service girls said they would follow it up and get back in touch with us ASAP to let us know it had been ordered. My partner ended up calling again days later and was told that they were still waiting on the part. He requested a call back within 24 hours for an update.

3 days later - I called Brivis and spoke to quite a rude lady who informed me that she had tried to call my partner days ago, but he hadn't answered (not at all true). She finally agreed to book in an appointment a week later. I said that was fine as my partner is off that afternoon, so to please book us in for after 1pm. The lady said that the technician completes their own run sheet, but that she would put notes to outline the availability. I said it must be the afternoon as we both work and are not available. She said it should be fine as it is currently the technician's only job for the day.
The night before the appointment, the technician calls to confirm the appointment time of 8am. I said we cannot do morning, we specifically said it must be afternoon. He said nobody in the office had put notes or advised him of this, so he had booked out the afternoon with other jobs. He tried to tell me that he would call the office the next morning and get them to organise something and call us, but since our dealings with the office had been terrible at best, I said not to bother. Instead I had to get my mother in law to change her plans and be at my house to let the technician in.
The units are both running fine now, but we hope to never have to deal with Brivis customer service again. It has been a terrible experience and no matter how great the units may be, it cannot make up for rude and ineffective customer service.

rude and disrespectful.

Worse service imaginable. Incompetent and rude stuff and inadequate system simply trying to get my unit serviced, have been treated with a lack of respect.

Very effective and cost saving

I got the brivis contour evaporative cooling installed at my place. Its really effective and results are amazing. touch controller is easy to use

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Questions & Answers

Hi my Brivis duct heating fan not working any one know how much it cost to fix it
4 answers
5kTry finding an authorised Brivis service agent, in your area. It will be much cheaper than Brivis.If it is still within warranty period then brivis but their customer service is very poor. You may need to be pushy and contact Consumer Affairs Vic if brivis don't help If not within warranty then use a licensed repairer and avoid Brivis

HI i have a brivis unit it keep tripping the power when its turn on at the power point any idear why ??? Hi module fault ???
2 answers
I had an old unit. My guy told us Brivis lasts only 15 years after that there will be cracks in the unit. Ours had carbon monoxide emitting because the heat exchanger had a crack. I suggest you have your unit checked immediately as this is extremely lethal. Could be just dust messing up the system too but better know for sure.Thank you for the question Mark D. We recommend contacting our 1st Care customer service on 1300 555 545 option 2 for further assistance. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

We bought our Brivis Contour Series 6 evaporative aircon 14 months ago and it has already broken down. We heard a pop noise and it lost all power. Just been told that it will be a week before a technician can even look at it. I asked if they could possibly attend earlier, and they said no due to having a skeleton staff over the summer holidays. The irony of this is killing me. I mean, your busiest time of the year as a aircon company would be summer, and that’s when your staff go on holidays? Seriously, wouldn't you organise your staff to go on holidays in spring or Autumn or some off peak season? We paid over 5 thousand dollars for this unit, and it has not seen two summers yet before breaking down, and we now have to wait a week during the hottest time of the year before we get a tech visit. I bet once they get here they will inform us that they will need to order a part and them more waiting. I bet our warranty doesn't cover this also. Lets see.
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