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Bunnings millpark

I love to shop at bunnings. Everything is on the door steps with good people. But millpark one, shocking. There are people i met who just refuses to help you or avoid to help you. And if they do, they make fun of you saying things like - crazy people or they just gave headache.

I have met good people there who are always helpful and lovely to meet.


They have everything ever needed, I have bought from here over and over, something’s are snap buys, but I have never had any issues about returning if need be as well

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationBurleigh Waters

Bunnings is

went in to get some wood they helped me find what I was looking for . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . .

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store Locationtoowoomba

Used me like i was trash

Promised me a world of opportunitys, gaining forklift skills, learning new things but used me for my 6 month probationary period just checking cars for stolen goods the whole time and dumped me like trash. I begged literally for my bosses to please teach me things so i could be a better team member for customers. They said yes then all of a sudden sacked me. [Name Removed] the timber expert is the biggest piece of **** ive ever met in my whole entire life. He is [Name Removed] long lost unfunny, condescending, miserable, awful brother. I thought [Name Removed] the builders expert was a really good dude someone i could of been life long friends with but he completely let me down made me feel like i was doing ok. Its probably due to the big wigs like Andrew the GI guy who doesnt care about helping people he just lives to make everyone anxious and depressed so he can please the big wigs in corporate. I even purchased $100 of clothes a month ago with my bosses knowing and they didnt tell me anything then i get told when im sacked to go home and chop it up with scissors and that my future with bunnings has come to an end. I would of stayed and comitted to this job for life. I was going out of my way to befriend everyone and get to know people on a deeper level but they didnt give a crap about me. This job offers well and security but dont count on lasting more then a year. They will make you feel like they want to help you but you're absolutely nothing to them.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHastings

Store Manager with nasty customer services

The lady named Lea_ _ e claimed to be a store manager at Campbelltown NSW is extremely rude to customer.

I requested refund for the item on store shelf was placed with wrong barcode. She does not know her number and tried to short changed. Refused to listen for how the store made the error.

When asked for her supervisor’s name , she would not provide and continue to be rude. Although I got my refund back, it does prove everyone knows Campbelltown store has a bad name for customer service.

With such a “store manager” with nasty customer services, don’t know product, don’t know math in place, no wonder customers shop toward Gregory Hills and Hoxton Park. I spent more than $7k a year in shop. This is the kind of treatment I get.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationCampbelltown Bunnings NSW

Randwick ... something’s not right

Website indicates product is in stock. Staff comfirm they have 58 in stock. Staff recall seeing the product, but actually don’t know where it’s located so they assume they’ve run out (even though their system indicates otherwise). I was the second person that morning to ask for the product. A word of advice to Bunnings... if it’s in stock, display it. If it’s not in stock, update your system so customers don’t continue to get the run around!

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationRandwick

Compare the shelf prices with the cashier prices when you buy something

Has happened numerous times with me that the price at the cashier is way higher than the price on the shelf when I buy products at my local Bunnings. Today I bought a pool chemical product and the shelf price was $8. I went to the self-serve cashier and when I scanned the item, the was $36. That is not all, the barcode on the actual item, refers to a different product in the same brand. Called staff member to sort it on the register. I had to go back to the shelf and take a photo to show the staff member. Normally I buy loads of items at once at Bunnings and I don't always check each price. Recently I bought a 320mm cupboard handle and on the shelf it was $8.49. I even checked the shelf bar code item number with the item number on product and at the cashier is was $19.49. Think Bunnings has some work to do!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBrendale QLD

Terrible customer service and cheap and nasty product

Doing some renovations and have had a need to visit a hardware store several times over past months. Have found Bunnings customer service to range from very ordinary to downright rude. Prices are cheap but you are getting what you pay for , low quality third world junk.

It’s Bunnings...?

It’s the one stop ‘weekend warrior’ handyman store. They stock some really useful and helpful items and have a good range of gear; they also stock some absolute trash that should be left in China along with the free trade agreement and Kevin Rudd.

‘Boom, boom.....tsscch’

Command Wall Hanging Products

I purchased lots of different types of those products to avoid nails in the walls of my new house. Unfortunately, they caused more damage than doing any good. I had three antique wall plates falling down and smashing to pieces. They also damaged the skirting board. A picture frame came down, the frame broken and the glass cutting a wedge out of my timber stairs. My hairdryer came crashing into the vanity. My door keys on a hook at the door came down. I used them on tiles, timer and plasterboard. All Command products are not made for Australian climate. I reported to the company, but they are in the US and replied: Response from Command · Social Care:
Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave your review. Your experience is not what we would expect, and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you and gather further details. Please connect with our team at 1-800-934-7355 Mo-Fri 8am-5pm CT. Thanks again, and we look forward to your call.

Generally favourable experience, but, there are one or two glaring problems.

Attended Bunnings, Preston yesterday to buy a large volume of garden supplies. Positives: range of products, prices, friendly staff, trolleys. The negatives: why only one person at the garden check-out when it's so busy? And the biggest problem: pots don't have bar codes on them! So, I rock up to the check-out with my pots only to have the staff member unable to determine the price of the pots, or look them up on her computer. Her colleague was equally stumped. So, I had to return to the shelf where the pots were located and took a photo of the item price and its bar code. This should not be my responsibility. So, Bunnings, howzabout rectifying these problems to improve the overall buying experience.

If you are loyal we will flog you

Minchinbury bunning , after a 200 dollar ryobi trimmer 2 weeks old try to return it because it is not working, I've been treated like a criminal, the first thing the lady, on the desk say to me after you done your job you wanna return it, vilify me. Try to explain something better especially the one it works she just yelling at me doesn’t won’t to listen at all, treat me like a thief. Telling me her husband accc boss tell me to get stuffed

Not a very good product!

Bought the (Jumbuck Delta 2 Burner Flat BBQ With Folding Legs) from Bunnings.
The product is described as being able to Fold away..This is NOT true!
The legs actually fold into each other..they will not fold away flat.
Someone in the engineering department was having a bad day when designing this BBQ.
Also the hot plate buckles & pops upwards at a certain temperature. You get what you pay for i guess.
It should have been a good product right?..After all it was made in China!

Thank You mudgee bunnings

Staff always go out of their way to help the customers but today they went one step more. Thank You for those ice drinks on such a hot day.

Not helpful

I have been at bunning Jandakot in southern Central a couple times,no one is able to help,asking me to wait for someone will come and help.Im waiting for 25 minutes now ,that’s not professional.
But I have been to bunning Armadale ,always helpful.

Bico Key Safe

I went into Bunnings Alexandria last week and saw these new carabiners for your keys called Bico Key Safe. Thought i would give it ago and i am loving it already ! The design prevents your keys ever coming off and it also doubles as a bottle opener. Went back and got a couple more for family and friends as a lot of them are tradies and they find it very useful to put on their work belts. Definitely recommend !

A bit hit and miss - Seven Hills Store NSW.

I regularly shop at Bunnings stores after a recent move our closest now are both Seven Hills & Blacktown stores. Both are about the same distance away from us. As Power card holders with a business, we spend a far bit over a year but have had very few good experiences. I'd like to say that the special orders team at Seven Hills store do a smashing job, particularly [name removed] who I've had great service from. The delays are in pick up (which once the product is paid for and in stock should be fast but invariably isn't) so that's a real let down. They knew we were picking up and said to go to special Orders desk but two of our workers had to stand around for ages and this is not the first time. The fact I'm at times picking up very heavy items although I'm yet to be asked (by anyone at all) could you use a hand to get that into your car ? When I've observed big burly men being helped out with things and I've heard it suggested once to someone at checkout that it's possible, I asked one day (I'd still be waiting if I hadn't made a decision to struggle down with it myself). When I have something heavy is in fact when I'm most likely to be stopped at the door for a check of my docket so they can give me a stamp (even though that person has watched me come through the check-out), leaves me wondering….why is it so???? The lighting section's one I would single out for improvement if I were the store manager. There are always customers milling around there but it's hard to find a staff member to help out. It's hardly rocket science but to get anyone who knows things about say the solar lights they sell is as about as likely as winning a major prize in lotto when you don't have a ticket. Stock levels seems to be another issue at Seven Hills they're often out of what we want, where at the Blacktown store that's not so much a concern. Is the poor stock levels issue because one store is smaller than the other or has a builder base rather than a residential base client? I prefer to go to Seven Hills, however I generally agree with my husband that Blacktown's more likely to have what we want in stock and even when we look online and see that an items in stock it's not necessarily so, we've found out. Wish Masters had been properly managed and carried better stock so they'd given Bunnings more of a run for their money!

Faulty item

They refused to refund for their faulty item
Horrible customer service, unprofessional staff, they shouldn’t sell faulty items and they need to take responsibility for their actions


I am quite a frequent visitor to Bunnings Kingsgrove and i am over having to line up for 15 to 20 mins because there is only 1 checkout open. The store has Self Serve checkouts but are never open. Over the last 2 months that i have been going there not once have they been open. I was there on the 23/1/19 around 5pm and none of the checkouts were open at the front of store. Disgraceful
I feel sorry for the staff because i hear other customers complaining to them about the exact same thing.

Bunnings, you may have a monopoly on this type of service but for christs sake start looking after the customer properly.

Its the same trying to find staff on the floor. Their numbers are dwindling. Lift your game.

Bunnings, the devil we can't seem to live without

We all know a fortnightly trip to Bunnings is a necessity as a homeowner. It depends on which Bunnings store you go to as to the stock levels and staff service. Being in Canberra, the Majura park Bunnings is great, its new and clean and has a good range of stock, the staff are friendly and helpful.
However if you go to Bunnings in Tuggeranong it is a absolute dump. They don't have half of the items they advertise on the website. I wanted some 35mm timber which they had advertised on the website. I was told they didn't have any and couldn't order any in because they had to get a whole pallet and wouldn't be able to sell it. When I ask why is it on the website then, they just shrug. The staff at Bunnings Tuggeranong remind me of Heath Franklins Chopper stand-up of Bunnings.

Bunnings are great for returns but are terrible when you ask them to honour their price match guarantee. This is because Bunnings has such a monopoly on the market now that pretty well most of the items Bunnings stock are exclusive to Bunnings, you generally wont find exactly the same brand and same everything being sold somewhere else. Try getting Bunnings to match a price and see how much investigation they want to do before they will match it. I've stood at a counter for 15 minutes while the joker serving me wanted to call Total Tools to make sure they had the welding rods I was buying from Bunnings at $5 less than what Bunnings were selling them for were in stock and indeed the exact same thing.

I hate Bunnings but it is a necessary evil.

I just wish Masters had succeeded

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Questions & Answers

Does Bunnings do layby?
2 answers
See the many existing answersscroll through & you will get the answer the same question is asked here at least 3 times a week

We bought a welder 4 weeks ago and cant find the receipt for it anymore. We need it to give to the boss. Any idea how I could get another receipt since it gives us 24 months of warranty as well. On our bank statement we can show that we bought it at bunnings when and how late?
3 answers
Bunnings don’t reply in this Review site. The only logical way to get an official answer is by contacting them directly ;)I don’t see anything otherwise I wouldn’t asked it here and I only see about returning it without receipt and I don’t want to return it I need a new receipt;)for a quicker & more accurate response don't you think it would a good idea to either contact Bunnings or ask at a store. Bunnings don't monitor this site

Why are dogs allowed in your store...I saw a dog urinate on some shadecloth and no one cared or did anything. Also never muzzled or carried. I don't want to be harrased by someone else's dog or trip while I am shopping or carrying products. Such a bad idea...it isn't safe so how is it legal?
2 answers
As you know Bunnings don’t respond here. Your complaint is valid and logically should have been raised with them at the time or via their website. As this won’t be followed up your concern should have been placed in the Review section.Have you complained to bunnings? why didnt you say something on the day

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