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Either the language barrier is too much of a struggle for Buyee, or they simply just dont care.

If you have issues with your items and need assistance, the customer support will not help or simply ignore you. I currently have an issue thats a few weeks old which i am still chasing once a week!
Its a shame, because otherwise a fairly good service.

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Fast response, expensive...

Very fast shipping and easy to use. But shipping and service fee is huge tho...the package service is very convince. Overall it is very easy website. I quite enjoy they bid things for you as well.

Product Quality
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Good for Yahoo auction Japan

Good service. Easy to buy on Yahoo Japan auction, very similar to eBay. Great for used Japanese items not exported.

It does pay to read the terms and charges. Includes Australian GST. Very quick freight with EMS. I used the Buyee minimum bundle. Freight chages were ok for the weight and speed.

Please do not use - you will regret it

Went on the website as it promised to be easy to order from Amazon Japan but the experience was anything but.

1. Domestic Shipping Charges
Be prepared to pay any amount for shipping to their Warehouse even though the Amazon listing will state that the shipping is free. I sent them multiple emails about this and they stated that they don't know which seller they are buying since they package has to have a tracking number the seller may charge postage for this. In my case I was charged 2000 yen on a 700 yen manga. This works out to be approx 285% of the purchase price.This seemed a bit much since the shipping from the most expensive seller on Amazon was 600 yen.

When asked for an invoice from Amazon they said that they could not provide one from privacy reasons. Keep in mind that they are buying the item on your behalf and charging a service fee(500 yen).

2. Delivery time to Warehouse
All items where ordered at the same time, with all arriving at the warehouse within 2-3 days but the last one did not arrive. After 7 days I sent them a few emails and they said they would look into in. The item did arrive after 14 days but it had the domestic delivery charge mentioned above.

3. Customer support
Overall it did not seem that they cared. Whilst contacting customer support I asked them what can be done to avoid unexpected shipping charges? They said that nothing can be done as they don't know which seller they will buy from. After a bit of back and forth the last email told me to look for a similar item on yahoo Auctions...

Overall with this experience I would not recommend this site to anyone and would recommend that you use a different service I know that I will.

Just horrific customer service and unreasonable fees.

Here is what you will pay: auction fee, optional item inspection fee (they never do), auction service fee, domestic delivery fee to Buyee from sellers, consolidation fee (if you have multiple item shipped at the same time), shipping charge with additional insurance from Buyee to you (insurance for themselves). One time, I won close to $80 USD worth of goods and shipping was closed to $90 not including aforementioned fees. If all goes well then despite the high fees, you will get items you ordered or won. However, if anything goes wrong like missing package or shipping issues then your nightmare starts. It has just horrific customer service that pretty much tell you to check your country's custom service to track down your package if the package goes missing. So far, I was lucky up until this week; missing package... Yes, my luck ran out and a nightmare started.

Don’t trust Japanese Auction sites even with PayPal. Twice bitten

I’m very disappointed that PayPal would allow its customers to be ripped off in this way, I’m more that certain that this form of scam is common by buyee and buyjapon. These company are given credibility by the fact that PayPal support these scammer. PayPal has to be aware that a plastic frame weighs far less that a 2kg bag of sugar.
The fact that this company can charge my PayPal account without my approval and you have fail me without any explanation

I will be reporting this to Australia’s ACCC and to Australia choice magazines as well as social media to try to help protect others from this type of predatory behaviour .

I purchased an item on a Japanese Auction site supported by PayPal for 2500yen with a quote for delivery to total 4220yen allowing 300g for exaggeration of the untrustworthy Japanese but who would expect that it would be over 10 times that. They wanted an additional 6480yen or I could discard item and pay them another 1200yen for the privilege.

After winning item they then inform me that a plastic frame weighs 2249g of which I have the same item for which I wanted a replacement that only weighs 185g. They agree to confirm the weight and replied after 2 days that it did in fact weigh 2240g

I raise the issue with PayPal only to have the dispute ignored my complaints twice. I’ve since paided the blackmail amount and I now on a campaign to make as many consumers as possible aware of this behaviour of PayPal and Buyee in the scam. This scam got me once before when buying from another Japanese Auction site BuyJapon last year but I took it as lesson learned but Buyee where supported by PayPal and I’ve always found PayPal a safe way to shop online but clearly not.

Beth O'Sullivan

Stay away this scam! rip-off! totally thief company!

This is the worst company I've ever been encountered with! a totally scam! thief! that keep ripping off customer's money over and over again without any reason! do you have any idea they cost me $209 shipping a necklace from Japan to Australia? it's not a furniture! not for this, I spent a total of $2262 for this necklace and they don't provide you a specific break down invoice through email like any decent company will do. They only reply you one time per day at 7pm-8pm (Australian time zone) no matter how many emails to sent to them! useless customer service basically customers have no ability to do anything. tons of hidden charges and "service fee"( they did nothing, the page just like google translate you have to bid the item by yourself! ) totally scam! They are not like ebay that protect customers!


I ordered two old school Sony TVs via Buyee.

Domestic shipping seemed to be quite reasonable - 1688 yen/$20 for 13kg worth of TV. This was charged together with the international shipping fee when I paid for shipping. I should mention, their 30 day free holding period was very convenient. It allowed me to get some money together to pay for the shipping.

International Shipping was expensive - 19000 yen/$230 for 13kg via EMS. I consolidated shipping (a 500 yen/$6 fee) and it ended up being a smidge less than if I was to ship the two items separately.

The protective packaging option was 1500 yen/$18, and wow. The stuff came in a massive box filled with bubble wrap. Zero chance of breaking during transit.

Overall, they did a great job. You read reviews online about these guys and it's as if these guys are scamming people left, right and centre with fees. But they're all very upfront if you take care to read about the fees. I ended up paying bang on what they quoted me with the price calculator.

Buyee - the worse ever

Had the worse experience ever, so I would advise to avoid at all cost.

There are alternatives available (just search for Buyee Review or Buyee Alternative), so do try to compare first if you must use a forwarding service. Please note that Buyee is the same company as Tenso, and they charge you for every little thing, most of which will not be fulfilled and/or not performed. Their objective is to extract the maximum amount of money from you with very little or no service at all. They also force you to pay in your local currency using their ridiculous exchange rate, unless you have a Japanese credit card or a Japanese Paypal account. Most non-Japanese needing this service would not have either in the first place.

A brief snapshot of my horrible ordeal below:

1) Item was purchased via buyee and the item arrived in their warehouse, shipment was arranged within the 90 day period as per Buyee's policy

2) According to the Buyee policy and an email Buyee sent out on the 30th Aug 2016 regarding their storage period:

"※Package Consolidation, Protective Packing Service, and other warehouse work are not counted towards the storage period during the procedure."

3) When the item arrived in their warehouse, the customer was advised seamail option is available.

In fact, the customer requested Package Protection & Repackage service and Buyee supposedly performed this work and issued an invoice for billing (dated 29th August 2016 at 11.18am) and listed seamail as an AVAILABLE option for payment. The customer paid promptly within 45 min of receiving this invoice at 11.53am on 29th Aug 2016.

Reminder: There was no mention the package is oversized in the invoice, although the warehouse has supposedly "already added protection and repackaged"

4) One day after the invoice was paid, at 3.35pm on 30th Aug 2016, the customer receives an email rejecting the shipment option with 3 possible reasons but no specifics or explanation as to why this is only discovered after shipment payment was requested AND protective repackage was supposedly completed. Not to mention, the customer has also already made the payment at this point.

5) The most puzzling questions:
•At what point did Buyee actually inspect the package and what protective service did Buyee actually perform? Clearly they DID NOT know the package was oversized until AFTER payment was made for protection / repackaging service and shipping

•Why was the oversize reason only provided 1 day after the customer paid the invoice, when Buyee has clearly stated protection / repackage was performed AND seamail was available?

•Note / Reminder - the purchased item is well under the postage dimension limits and can easily accommodate sufficient space for protection, so why would there be any oversize problem? When problem was finally discovered, they threatened the customer with potential damage risks if "further repackage" is required to fit within the seamail shipping option

•If Buyee is aware of an existing shipping problems, why did they send a separate & conflicting email to the customer advising the package has already been disposed of, but then later changing that statement to "it may not be disposed yet but would be soon" and "there can be no guarantees"? What does that actually mean and why would they do that when the customer has followed the policy and did nothing wrong?

- Has the customer broken the policy? If so what exactly was broken / what did the customer do wrong?

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