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Cadbury Black Forest

Cadbury Black Forest

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what happened to the amount of cherry jellies??


This one’s been a favourite flavour for years, but the past few blocks I’ve purchased have hardly any cherry pieces in it - I’m talking one cherry piece per 8 squares! - you used to be able to break the squares and see visible chunks exposed throughout - it’s just mostly solid chocolate now!

The Rocky Road block has become the same too - and I don’t think I found ANY cherry pieces in 2/3 of a block eaten....

Not the same. Sad fan.

Purchased in June 2019 at IGA for $4.99.


LivPerth, WA

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Purest Substance on Earth


True beauty and taste. Feels like angels are playing harps in your mouth.
The chewy boys are fanfairytastic and the crunch of the cookie is to die for
Unfortunately I've put on about 7 kilos since these have entered my life...
Totally worth it though!

Purchased in March 2019 at IGA for $3.00.



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My favorite block!


You are on a winner here Cadbury! I get these for Christmas and birthdays because I have made it clear this is my favorite. You are changing alot of your classics trying to reinvent yourself. Keep your mits off this one.



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Fantastic - By far my fav block


My favorite Cadbury block hands down
I don't often like many things sweet, however I can eat a whole block in one sitting if I don't stop my self haha
I personally like.. no I LOVE the chewy cherry jellies and the little biscuit pieces, that aside even the chocolate it self tastes (IMHO) better than other blocks

Only con: Not enough cherries



Best Cadbury Bar ever. This bar has a couple various textures and packed full of taste.
Second to this is definitely Rocky Road.

need this in uk


My girlfriend and I tried this bar in Thailand, and it was one of the best Cadbury bars ever, we were hoping it would be on sale in the UK when we got back,but no such luck.
The fruit jellies are just right in consistency and taste. Would recommend you try it and hope Cadbury keep it.

Maggie Stacie

Maggie StacieAustralia, Queensland

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Love it


I love cadbury black forest. its taste is very nice. Also like my wife and baby. i will recommend to all my friends also.


AnitaGold Coast, Queensland

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There is Nothing Like this block of chocolate!!!


B.E.A.utiful! So addictive, if you love chocolate and lollies together, this is the chocolate bar for you!!! Its Chewy, Crunchy and Smooth all at the same time. It leaves a lovely aftertaste in my mouth. Hope they keep making it for many years to come!!!

My favourite


Given that chocolate is generally to personal taste, this is just my opinion. This is my favourite Cadbury block. Crunchy and chewy and chocolatey. All good things. If you like Cadbury chocolate, red jellies and cookies you should try this (if you can find it). Great with a glass of milk.
A good combination of falvour and texture
It seems to have disappeared from the shelves :(

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Carole Cusack
Carole Cusack

Black Forest is my favourite too, but has not been on sale in Australia for months. I was in New Zealand last week and it is still on sale there. Bring it back, please.

Best sh!t ever


This is the most delicious thing that has ever touched the human tongue and I just want to say thank you to where ever this dream came from which I am led to believe is a black forest somewhere in the dark, far distance. Anyway, I highly recommend this chocolate to anyway yet to find the meaning of life.
Chocolate, Jelly bits, everything
Absoulutely nothing



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The flavours in this chocolate block are nice, but like I said in the Cons section, the texture of the "cherry" bits puts me off a bit. It's not really a high class or fancy block of chocolate, if you want something a bit special make sure you try a different flavour.
It has a good flavour and is quite reasonably priced. It's a handy thing to have in the cupboard if you need a quick pick me up.
The little chewy bits. I was expecting something a little closer to actual cherries so I was a bit disappointed when I bit in and got little sweet tough bits stuck in my teeth.


craftymummaQLD, 4055

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This is such a nice chocolate and one of my all time favourites. The chewy bits and the chocolate biscuit pieces are a match made in Heaven, well done to Cadbury's for this one! I'd recommend this to anyone.
When you bite into this chocolate, you get the gorgeous little chewy surprises which are unique to Cadbury's Black Forest. It is so yummy! An excellently priced product that gives maximum satisfaction.
There is nothing to dislike, other than the fact that it's highly fattening and really bad for you! You will also crave it after eating it, so that is a con if you don't have a big stash.



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They have taken my three favourite trats and combined them! Chocolate, cookies & red jellies! Hmmm divine! They now come in bigger pieces!
fantastic combination of flavours.
Bigger pieces means the block disappears quicker....


sassy65356ACT, 2601

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This is definitely not the most fancy Cadbury chocolate bars out there, but it is still a nice treat. It is also very high in sugar, so this product is not for those who are watching their waistlines. Nonetheless, I always try to buy this if it is on special because I love the cherry chunks, though this is not for everyone.
I like this product. I love the jelly chunks, which have the same texture as jelly beans. The chocolate, as with other Cadbury's products, is wonderful to eat. It also sells at a reasonable price and good if you want to have a nice treat.
The chocolate, however, is a bit too sweet for my liking and it tends to effect my sensitive teeth.



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I guess for the price this is the kind of quality you can expect, personally I'd like to pay a bit extra and get some lovely luscious Lindt.
It is cheap and when you feel desperate for a chocolate fix (who's addicted here?), then this one will do. Seems to have very little to remind us of the decadent black forest cake some of we oldies remember from the seventies.
It is far too sweet for my taste. It is difficult to find from the label if this product contains gluten. Quality and taste are a bit ordinary



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I love it,one of my favourites but sometimes the lolly bits are stale :( but that is not cadbury's fault. Who could not love the little bits of biscuit? not good if you are on a diet or lactose intolerant.
it is really really yummy and addictive
not good for your waist line


NinaJayQLD, 4556

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This is my favourite cadburys block chocolate. If they added some nuts in it (like almond or cashew), it would be my ultimate chocolate (in that price range!). So so so good.
A unique chocolate which is both delicious and reasonably priced. There are crunchy biscuit pieces and these tiny, chewy little raspberry flavoured bits that take you by surprise. The chocolate is good old reliable cadburys and they aren't shy on the fillers.
Ummm, it eventually runs out? No seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with this chocolate.

Ok, if I MUST choose, the jellies do get stuck in your teeth



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This is my all time favourite cadbury block flavour. It has lost of little chewy jelly lolly cherries (although they are more raspberry flavoured if you ask me) with yummy crunchy choc biscuit. And not to mention covered in that dairy milk chocolate. I can eat a whole block of this to myself. The only thing I dont like is the bigger cadbury squares. I preferred the small squares so that I could slowly melt it in my mouth and enjoy the little indulgent pieces
Delicious! What more can I say :) Great price
1 block is never enough for me

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