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Cadbury Caramello Koala

Cadbury Caramello Koala

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Bought pack last night 4 where white and tasted horrible I threw out the (non-white) ones it’s winter so?


I bought a pack from an iga and I ate a few and they really tasted horrible I noticed they where white some weren’t but it’s still unacceptable for a major confectionery company

Purchased in July 2019 at Iga frankston.



  • 4 reviews

Love the Caramello Koala


Please keep making these I really enjoy them YUM buy them nearly every week they are delirious, I remember them as a child and still enjoy the flavour

Caramello Koalas.


Caramello Koalas taste really good! they have the nice thin layer of chocolate and inside it has really yummy caramel.

Product Perfection

Product PerfectionMelbourne

  • 24 reviews

A great sweet treat!


Caramello Koala will always be an Icon, I love the taste and simply its caramel taste. My only issue is I feel they have gotten smaller throughout the years and the amount of caramel has been reduced. Overall i still think these are a great treat, Personally I like to buy the multibag pack so you get a few to enjoy. But it's definitely one of my fave Cadbury products.

De Quincey

De QuinceyMelbourne

  • 20 reviews

Recipe change?


I used to inhale these chocolates happily! They were my favourite thing to buy. But recently the taste is all wrong. The caramel just tastes...dull. It's such a shame to see this happen to one of my favourite chocolates.



  • 28 reviews

Recipe Changed?


It use to be so good. I loved them so much that I was almost addicted to them! Not sure what they have done. Whatever it is - it is awful. Occasionally eat them now and they always taste "off" (stale) and then I am left with a weird aftertaste. Size also gone down and price gone up. I would not mind if they were still good. But sadly they are not.

Had a severe allergic reaction to a caramello koala and Cadbury won't tell me what flavour is used


I am unhappy that I can't find out all the ingredients in it after having a very bad allergic reaction to it. After many phone calls with Cadbury I was told that whatever is listed as "flavour" is a trade secret and cannot be divulged.

Sue E

Sue EMelbourne

Not the same as it used to be


Since they have shrunk 25% the ratio of chocolate to caramel has changed and as a result they do not taste the same. I am not buying them anymore and it has nothing to do with them being smaller for the price, it is because it is now an inferior product that I do not enjoy. Cadbury, stop doing this to your loyal customers. Reinstate the Caramello Koala back to its original size.

Price and size !!!


What has happened to the koalas?? They've shrunk in size by 25% and gone up in price !! This is a rip off! They were only a bite size before but hardly that now . It was my favourite treat and I have turned a number of people on to them but I feel we are being ripped off now !



  • 33 reviews



Cadbury Caramello Koala falls into the same family group as Freddo Frog. Packaged and marketed mainly towards children, it is a delicious, well priced chocolate snack/reward for children, who love the colourful character on both the packaging and advertising. Yet despite the youthful appeal, Caramello Koala is a long-time favourite of adults also. The quality of Cadbury Milk Chocolate over the thick tasty caramel is a sure winner.
In my opinion, the best caramel chocolate on the market, in its price bracket.
The caramel can be very sticky and messy, particularly in the hands of children. Doesn't carry well as is easily squashed, so take care in packing it.


Evil_SantaQueensland, 4341

  • 57 reviews



These snack sized caramel filled chocolate koalas are great for every child or adult wanting a sweet and delicious treat. These cheap fantastic caramel filled koalas are so yumm! The bright packet and carefully designed Caramello Koalas are so delectable, luscious and pleasant. Great for parties, decorating cakes or just as a reward for your child or even yourself. I love the scrumptious taste of these snack sized caramel filled koalas. The distinctive and appealing package adds to the suspense when opening this mouthwatering snack sized treat. Great lusciously filled chocolate treay.
Great Koala shaped Chocolate filled with delicious Caramel.



  • 374 reviews



these caramello koalas are fabulous, they are a perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth and also they are a lovely light treat. They come in treat bags which is great for kids treats. They are full of sugar
these are one of my favourite little treats. I love the size of these, great for portion control. It has just enough to satify your sweet tooth. The choclate is very creamy and smooth, the caramello is lovely and light. they are sold in large packs of 15 or so which is great for kids treats
contains alot of sugar and fat.



  • 101 reviews



I'm not a huge fan of caramel but in combination with the chocolate, these do make a delightful snack from time to time.
These milk chocolates are filled with a smooth, velvety caramel.
As they have a caramel filling, they can get messy to eat so I would not recommend these for children.


lisha_galSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 121 reviews



Fantastic taste. Full of caramel which oozes in your mouth when you bight into the koala. This koala treat come in a great size. Cadbury dairy milk it the best chocolate you can buy, a great combination.
Great taste you cant go wrong with cadbury branded chocolate
Nothing its taste lovely



  • 133 reviews

Caramello Koala a day keeps the frowns away!


I love the taste of Caramello Koala's. The outside is made of Cadbury's finest dairy milk chocolate with a caramel flavoured, gooey filling inside. The small size is great for a little snack, or if you don't want to go overboard with the calories.
Reminds me of the after school treats we use to have.
High in sugar, no nutritional value

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reviewing chocolate koalas? REALLY???



  • 169 reviews



I love this chocolate. The caramello part makes this chocolate great. I wish they would make this into a big block of it it tastes so good. Its a low cost chocolate and has been around for many years (so I doubt they would discontinue it any time soon) and I like how Cadbury use the Caramello Koala in its chocolate fundraisers. This is something thats good for every now and then. Please keep up the good work!
This is a favorite of mine and brings me back to my childhood!
When you take too big of a bite and the caramello goes all over your fingers/hands and it ends up sticky


simm_meevic, 3020

  • 256 reviews



a great all time family aussie favourite that has a caramel centre that oozes out when you bite into it.
an enjoyable australian treat that comes in a larger size as well as small sizing, soft centred caramel that oozes out of the thin chocolate shell when you bite into it. made in the shape of a great aussie icon the koala, i send these overseas to my friends as something aussie to enjoy. you can buy them singular or in a cadbury variety pack.
if you have warm hands the outer chocolate melts quickly and for younger children ti can become a messy treat


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



This is a nice and tasty chocolate for once in a while treats. Its a good size to have, although it is too sweet sometimes. It is nice with a cup of tea or to put in your bag for when you are wanting something quick to eat. It does melt and then I dont bother opening it because its too messy. Its a cute chocolate and a great fund raising chocolate to indulge in.
This is a nice chocolate which you can have as an occasional treat. It is a good size to have once in a while. The chocolate is tasty and doesnt taste too sugary.
The caramel makes it a bit sweet sometimes, so this is not the first choice for me.



  • 50 reviews



Another staple of the Cadbury line, I've always enjoyed this product and would recommend it as a fun treat, especially for kids. Though I think kids would probably be better off eating fruit, if you can get them to do so!
Delicious. Great treat for the whole family, especially kids. Good price and can be bought all year round for any supermarket as it is so well known.
Full of sugar. Not the most nutritious snack out there, especially when kids would definitely be better off eating a piece of fruit such as an apple or banana. Though in moderation, this should be an appropriate treat once in a while.



  • 33 reviews



This was my childhood favourite chocolate but as my taste buds have matured, I find it a bit too sickly sweet to eat very often now. Okay for occassional treats.
If you are after a quick, extreme sugar fix, nothing does it quite like a Caramello Koala. Its a relatively small chocolate so good for small snacks, and has a great centre of gooey caramel surrounded in rich cadbury dairy milk chocolate. It comes in both a small and king size version.
Caramello Koala is quite expensive for a small chocolate and can be far too rich in flavour and sweetness for most tastes.

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