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Cadbury Favourites Boxed

Cadbury Favourites Boxed

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My Easter favourites bunny tin


I have just opened my sealed with tape Easter rabbit tin of favourites.
I selected two Picnic pieces, very disappointing. The nuts are stale and not crisp. It seems that these tins are filled with inferior products. I often buy the share packes and never encountered stale picnic bars before.
You have stolen my Easter.
Unsure of price of item as received as a gift.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $15.00.

Total letdown


Purchased the Favourite pack not noticing it was the Party box. A complete waste of money and totally disappointed in the variety. I am regretting the fact that I bought two boxes and wouldn't even give them away as an Easter gift. It looks like they will be binned and I will not buy them again.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.



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Why fix what’s not broken


Disappointed that these have changed to smallCadbury milk chocolate and old gold and one dream pieces of chocolates with one picnic one Moro. Not one of my favourites which you only ever got one of and had to swap with other family to get a couple and that is Turkish delight so disappointed. Why do big companies have to fix what’s not broken. If you want to fix them take out old gold and replace with a few more Turkish delights. Bought these as we had a box of roses in October and they were disgusting.

Dont buy them


Purchased a box of CF which I haven't done for sometime and was disappointed to find that the box was full of "Old Gold" and Dairy Milk. Box only had 1 Turkish Delight and 1 Caramello. Very disappointing and won't be purchasing in future.

Jon M

Jon MSydney

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The Party Box is Misleading and Dissapointing


Come on Cadbury, Favourites are Favourites. None of our favourites where in the so called "Party box". It was just full of rubbish and sickening mini chocolate bars which we have now thrown out. Bought them thinking it was the usual but the packaging was very misleading. Never again.



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Made me ill - twice now, like a bad hangover


After the disappointment of the 'party' box not containing the chocolates we were expecting (no cherry ripes, crunchies etc, just freddos and awful strawberry and pineapple things), I got really ill after eating about four of them. I had a glass of wine too, so I figured it was the wine. But, three days later in the middle of the afternoon I shared two chocolates from the box with my toddler and started feeling the same way shortly afterward. I've eaten Cadbury since I was her age, but I don't think we will again. Very disappointing and concerning.


MindimooSydney, NSW

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Cadbury Favourites vs Cadbury Favourites Party Edition




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old favorites gone


Disappointing. Our family are not buying them now. If we want frogs we will buy separately. Dairy milk - just buy a block

I could eat this all the time but you still need to improve


i love Cadbury Favorites but i am a bit ashamed because there are hardly any flakes and bubbly's (mint) and all the rest of the flavors in the box are available in huge amounts. there are only about two flakes and two bubbly's and i think that's a terrible amount. I'm a bit unimpressed as the whole family enjoys flakes and bubbly's.



not good


I used to love them but now they don't have enough variety, why do they have dairy milk? if I wanted to eat dairy milk, I would just buy a block...also Freddo's you can buy them separately, they have gone down in my opinion, with not enough variety....my family all agree with this as well.



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What happened to the Moro bar!!


Bought a box of favourites and it seems that Freddo has replaced the Moro bar AND the Areo mint bubbly bar! What the hell Cadbury you now have dairy milk, flake, and Freddo all boring old milk chocolate. What happened to variety!

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All good now Moro bar is back


MoireSydney, NSW

  • 13 reviews

Long time buyer and eater


I have been buying Cadbury's Favourites for a long long time and always look out for them when they are on "Special" - Wow! they were 1/2 price at Coles just recently. On opening the boxed "Favourites" into the usual chocolate bowl sitting on the dinning room table I looked for my favourite "Turkish delight" and was shocked to find there were non in the pack - on closer examination there was only 1 "Cherry Ripe".
I did write to the manufacturers - but only a day or so ago and they would not have had time to acknowledge my letter before writing this review.


Cadburys have now had time to reply - I gave them email address, phone number, mobile and not a word from them - is this how they treat their customers, who soon will be past customers! Come on Cadburys, at least say you are sorry.


How rude - no reply at all from Cadburys after all this time - that's the last I will buy from them - and we were big spenders in the chocolate and lolly department. You are doing us a favour Cadburys by your attitude to your (ex) customers.

Boris Yasminsky

Boris YasminskyNear You

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My wife usually buys this product and last night, she couldn't taste any chocolate at all.
After reading the back of the pack, its now 26% cocoa solids and her previous packs were 36% cocoa solids bought in Dec16 when on special. She remarked that even Woolworths own brand is 33% and some Aldi chocolate is 39%.
I'm not much of a chocolate person, but I'm guessing this is the end of the line for Cadbury.

Chocolate is my life


Less Caramel- there's way too many! And get rid of cherry ripes and picnics- no one in my house eats them! I think more marvellous creations. You should put top dec in them!!!

One flake ? Grandma can't sleep now


Granny requirers sleep
In less than 2o words so do we all
So here we are ?
We have no favourites - all in this together

Get rid of cherry ripe and Turkish delight!!!


Everyone i know never eats them and their a waste of space in the box!! please change them to something else like perky nana or something... otherwise rest of them are good

Henry T

Henry TMelbourne

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Taste is disappointing


Although I have enjoyed having a selection of favourites to snack on in the past,this year I have found the taste of flake and the milk chocolate to be different and lacking in that chocolatey flavour. I wonder if others have felt the same way?

John Semens

John SemensTownsville

  • 10 reviews

A thumbs down from John Semens.


John Semens loves chocolate. John Semens also loves variety. Needless to say, one would suspect that Cadbury Favourites Boxed would be a perfect fit for John Semens, but you could never be more wrong. Imagine, relaxing at home about to watch Brokeback Mountain for the 3rd time when you open up your box of Cadbury's supposed "Favourites". To John Semens' horror not only was there a misrepresentation of variety, but a variety which could only be described as 'Satan's Favourites'. Nothing but Boost and Crunchies, with a singular Moro bar as if to add insult to injury. John Semens can't recommend this in good conscious and suggests you look for alternatives.



My wife bought a box of CF for a treat tonight and I could not believe how each chocolate has been reduced in size since I last sampled them. Probably like many other companies, reduce product to save and reward shareholders. I doubt if any of you hungry people have ever increased size to reward consumers.

Size reduction for your product.


yavisQLD, 4030

  • 143 reviews

Includes everyones favourites


Cadbury's Favourites are a full box of treat sized Cadbury chocolates. It includes dairy milk, picnic, turkish delight, caramello, moro, dream, timeout, boost, flake and cherry ripe. There is definitely a good chance everyone will like at least one chocolate in the box. Unfortunately the selections are placed at random so sometimes you get more of one type than another. To me it would be perfect if it didn't contain turkish delight. Makes it a great gift to give and a great box to share with family and friends. Good size small treats. Available in two different sizes. Available from all good supermarkets. Reasonably priced. Often on special.
So many choices to pick from. Reasonable price.

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