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Cadbury Flake

Cadbury Flake

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Tell ya what you gotta have a listen here

Ok so first off I’d like to just say HELL YEA CHOCOLATE! But I just took a poo and I’m sick at the moment and it literally looks like a sunken pile of crushed up flake and I’m scared. But it got me thinking god damn flakes are GOOD, going to go get one later I reckon. Onya cobber


I have never understood exactly why anyone would choose to buy a Flake chocolate bar, unless perhaps as part of a cake decoration. They are so so boring, and so very flaky! Chocolate crumbs are always a potential problem, but Flakes are pretty much a packet of crumbs waiting to scatter all over the bed, the carpet, your lap, or anywhere else that you happen to have them. I have never been impressed by the Flake chocolate bar, and never will be.

Cadbury Flake is dead

Purchased a pack of 12 minis today. So disappointed. They're sweeter, not as chocolatey and they don't Flake like they used to. Terrible. Another product that Cadbury have buggered just like Red Tulip chocolate Easter Eggs.

Bad, new cheap rubbish design

Terrible new design of cheap wrapping and cheap chocolate, which is NOT Cadbury’s original dairy milk chocolate. It doesn’t even claim to be real dairy milk chocolate.. we have let this company cheapen their products while charging more and lowering the standard to the point where we can’t blame them because we buy the rubbish! It’s the same with cream eggs, which are not Cadbury dairy milk now either. This company is now only for people who don’t care about the taste enough to notice while wolfing it down.. I also see the good reviews here are by people trying to rate the old version (which was nice).. without even trying the new version, which is hard and bland/ sugary, just like the creme egg.. bye Cadbury’s I will never purchase this ott money making scheme gone too far chocolate.


Love cadbury chocolate, all types.Coles always has got good special. Mixed in with custard or yoghurt is heaven.yum yum yummy 4 ur tummy

My love for flake died! :-(

Taking that first bite of flake was like heaven in your mouth! well that was until they changed the packaging of the 12 in a pack. It's sealed both ends maybe even different formula, it's hard and tastes different, now it feels like taking a bite of dried turd! So disappointed

How to ruin perfection???!!!

Since a child in the 70's Flakes have been my all time fave. The soft, crumbly, melt in your mouth goodness.

My daughter and I bought a packet of mini's last night. They were not the same old recipe... they are hard, don't crumble and tasted ordinary. Such a shame the big company are chasing the buck at the expense of good chocolate and appreciators of good chocolate. No longer a fan of Cadbury's... going to change brands. Farewell dear Flakes of old... thank you old Cadbury's for your 'glass and a half'. It was much appreciated.

Twist and Shout

i just don't understand the new mini packaging - wheres the roll and twist? Like come on... if ain't broke don't fix it mate.
Really sad about this, feeling low, can't even have a flake to pick me up.

New mini fake

We have been loyal cadbury support for years are so disappointed with the new mini flake. They taste wrong and the wrapper are crap.

Dry and crumbly (fun size)

They don't taste like they're made from chocolate anymore. They're soapy and dry. Definitely changed the recipe for the worse

What happened to them?

Flakes used to be nice but now they are gross. I haven't tried the normal sized ones all that recently, but the fun size ones are disgusting. Not flaky and taste awful! Very disappointing.

New Cadbury flake mini.

Terrible. Not flaky and not same flavour. Cadbury go back to original recipe and method of wrapping. Been buying these for years. Why change something that's not broken.

Not flaky at all!! Hard as a rock!!

I've just bought a pack of mini flakes and they are terrible. Haven't bought these for some time and won't be buying them again. They used to be light and flaky but these were as hard as a rock. I bought them to decorate a cake (I wanted to crumble them over the cake) but I had to literally bash them in a bag with a mallet to break them up. I went back to the Woolworth store I bought them from and felt the other packets on the shelf and they felt exactly the same. So for this reason and the fact that they are Halal certified (why they need to be is beyond me) I won't be buying them again.

Dry and sugary

Chocolate texture not smooth, more dry as if missing cocoa butter. Quality of Cadbury Flake completely gone, would never buy it again. Contacted Cadbury was told it may be dry because of heat effect, but safe to consume, your choice to consume or throw it way. Where is the good old Cadbury Flake. Cadbury does not stand for quality anymore, so much for the statement "Cadbury means quality" on the packet.

They stuffed it literally

If you break one open look at it cross sectional and notice that the product is made differently more as a bar whereas previously texture and taste were connected now the flake texture is only skin deep and texture has been created by recipe producing a loss of the previous taste where previously it was layered right through with the greatest taste. No more Cadbury for me and all the folks that I know.

messy to eat with red tear strip

Maybe make red strip go round the end instead of down the side. Keeps crumbs inside ready to empty onto hand


ONe of my favourite chocolate bars, albeit a little expensive for the amount of chocolate that's in it!

Much nicer flavour than the bars of Cadbury chocolate, it doesn't seem to have that bitterness or aftertaste that the bar chocolate does.

Beautifully crumbly, although a little messy to eat.


I tend to use this for cooking purposes as its great for cake toppings etc. I only buy it when its on sale because paying $2.00 per bar for a chocolate bar under 50G is a little steep. Do try it and you won't be dissapointed.
Its a good chocolate bar with plenty of taste
It goes way too quickly. Not enough in the packet


In all, it is a nice treat for when you want to spoil yourself. It comes in great bars and I always end up eating the whole thing in one go!
This is really a great chocolate bar. The flake is nice to eat and crumbles easily, meaning that you can have it on top of ice cream or dunk in some hot chocolate. It melts in your mouth so easily, it is such a nice treat!
As a consequence of the flakiness of the Flake, you have to be careful when you eat it because it will easily spill everywhere. The flake is a bit too sugary for my liking as well.


I really like the Flake chocolate bar. It is one of those classics that has been around for a long time and you remember it from your childhood. It takes really good but the only problem I ever have is that the flakes can go everywhere and it ends up being messy and you lose some of the chocolate.
Very nice tasting and something a bit different to other chocolate bars out there.
One of my main issues with the Flake chocolate bar is that it flakes too much and you often end up losing some of it while eating. Other than that, just yummy.

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