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Cadbury Old Gold 70% Cocoa

Cadbury Old Gold 70% Cocoa

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FredGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 25 reviews

Doesn't seem as good and now smaller packaging


I bought a Whittakers imported 250 gram block recently and it reminded me what a chocolate block used to look like. Now they have reduced the size of Cadburys from 200 gram to 190 grams and as others have noted it is possible the taste has been change in recent times too. Not good.

Purchased in April 2019.


DougBroken Hill

  • 13 reviews

Chalky soap


I thought my sense of taste had changed but reading the reviews here, it is not me, it is Mondolez (aka Cadbury). This chocolate has a soapy taste with an odd texture that I have only ever encountered once before - an East German Big W import disguised by the use of a British sounding name, so bad I binned it.
I agree with the comments about the chalky texture, that describes it well.
I did read somewhere that Cadbury substituted Palm Oil (Hydrogenated - and cheaper) instead of Coco butter. But under Australian law a manufacturer does not have to reveal an ingredient if it is under 5% unless it is an allergen.

Purchased in April 2019.

What's happened to Old Gold?


Cadbury's Old Gold chocolate has changed since I purchased my last block only 3 weeks ago! It's always been my favourite as it's not sweet at all. Finished the last of my old block last night and just had 2 squares of the new one I bought! Yuk! Immediately it tasted way too sweet and gritty- completely different flavour and texture. After eating it for years I know the difference. I can bet the sugar content is double and wished I'd kept the wrapper which I threw away only last night. This has 12.9 gms sugar in 4 squares and I'm certain it was somewhere around 6 gms in the one I've been having.
Anyway, won't be buying it ever again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.



  • 28 reviews

What happened?


I used to LOVE the Old Gold Rum n Raisin. Bought a block on special recently and it is horrible! The texture and taste is all WRONG. A weird chalky like texture, not creamy, rich or decadent at all. They must be using some sort of preservative or reduced the cocoa content or something. Not a good chocolate anymore.

Purchased in February 2019 for $2.50.

What has happened to Australian Cadbury?


I used to eat Old Gold by the block full, now I can barely stomach a couple of pieces. I don't know if it's a preservative or something else, but it starts too sweet (considering its dark chocolate) and ends with a horrid lingering chalkyness and frankly weird indescribable aftertaste.

After having a piece here and there over a few weeks, I've just chucked half a block out.

Inedible Had to throw it way


The first I have ever thrown away chocolate. The old gold 70% coco chocolate has a fowl synthetic chemical taste.



Old gold with almonds is the best-good if you are trying to eat healthily and watch your weight and need something sweet

Cadbury Old Gold Chocolate will never eat it again


Purchased Cadbury Old Gold from Coles at runaway shopping centre our favourite chocolate but this one was disgusting made us feel sick we through it out and will never ever buy Cadbury old gold again

Recipe change? This used to be amazing...


This was always our favourite chocolate - but it appears the recipe has changed. So disappointed. It's now bland and oily tasting with very few raisins.

Very Disappointed.


Rum and raisin Old Gold, was one of our favourites. Had not bought any chocolate for a while, and decided to buy one 2 weeks ago,. We thought at first it was a mistake, and the wrong chocolate, had been put into the packet, so giving the benefit of the doubt I bought 2 more,. It appears it was no mistake, the recipe has been changed much to it's detriment. Sorry to say will not be buying this again. Does not taste like Dark Chocolate, and raisins,,,,, well, still searching . I have just eaten 4 squares, with not one raisin,.


RaffiLos Angeles

Excellent 70% dark chocolate that melts in your mouth with smooth flavor.


Exceptional smooth and great taste, very close to Lindt 70%, and very rich in coca base, love it all the way.

Completely inedible


This is completely disgusting. It's bitter flavored and left me grimacing and wretching for hours afterwards. I might still vomit, I don't know. Threw the rest out. This taste bears almost zero resemblance to chocolate or even food.



  • 7 reviews

Cadbury's Old Gold Jamaica Rum 'n' Raisin


Terrible. It's no longer dark chocolate.
I used to love these chocolates and purchased 6 to share.
Was like a laxative to some of my family and friends.
Will never ever buy them again. Yuck...
Batch 14/06/18 N2 21:21 Australia

Really odd taste


I need to clarify that I bought this in Singapore (packaging says 'made in Australia' however).

Very excited when I purchased this. When I first bit into this it had a weird texture and a synthetic-y, chemical-ly aftertaste. Never touched it again. Thought it was stored improperly but I see many people feel the same way. Will stick to Dairy Milk and Royce in future, but I do wonder where the strange aftertaste came from..?

Threw the whole block into the bin


It has a weird chemical/mould taste that other people have mentioned. Kind of like the way you'd imagine a mothball to taste if you put it in your mouth. Simply awful.

Not what is used to be


Haven't bought this chocolate for a few years. It used to be delicious. It is supposed to be a dark chocolate with rum and raisin flavour, but it is none of these. Really disappointed, won't be buying it again.

Old gold chocolate


I bought a packet of old gold original chocolate treat size. It lacked any flavor and left a foul taste in your mouth. I will not be purchasing anymore.

Cin 85

Cin 85Noosa Heads

Horrible mouldy taste


My boyfriend and I used to be big buyers of this chocolate...but lately the taste is changed. Just bought one today and taste I tasted again the horrible mouldy taste. I don't know if it is salubrious for us. I'm wondering if, in Australia, there is any laboratory that run food quality test. We will never buy it again.

Anna C

Anna CSydney

  • 6 reviews
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What a shame!


This used to be my favourite chocolate. I hadn't bought it for a while as I was trying to be good, thought I would treat myself but the taste has changed and has a horrible after taste. One peice was enough for me, in the bin it went. My chocoholic husband didn't even want anymore!! I won't be getting it again. It is a very sad day!!


LuPearcedale, Victoria

  • 2 reviews

I've thrown out chocolate for the first time!


I'm never purchasing this product again it was an old favourite, but the taste and texture has declined over the past few years. I had some last week it had a chemical after taste that was awful ! So bad that I had to have a drink to get rid of the taste. I have never in my life thrown chocolate away but this block went in the rubbish bin. Good bye my friend old gold may you rest in peace.

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is it suitable for baking?

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Cadbury changed their product last year, to its detriment. It doesn't taste as nice as it used to. I don't buy it any more.

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