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Pascall Clinkers

Pascall Clinkers

4.0 from 27 reviews

Not enough variety of colours and flavours

I think these taste great but I often find that the packet is mostly full of green clinkers. Now when we pay for 3 flavours we want 3 flavours, not 1 pink and the rest green.

What happened to orange clinkers?!

Cadbury needs to adjust the recipe, bring back the orange flavour and please invest in more pink for your packets. Thanks!

Pascall yes, Cadbury NO!!!!

Really miss my Pascall Clinkers, so sad they are gone....Cadbury have ruined them, the crispy centres not as tasty now bland, the Cadbury chocolate is boring if i want it i'll buy a block, stick to what you know Mr C.

What's with the pink clinker famine?

I love clinkers... was a mega fan... still teying to be.....but seriously... WHY so few pink in the pack? Everyone knows they are the best. Am sure they don't cost more to make... what gives????

They’ve changed!

Had Cadbury labeled clinkers the other day didn’t notice the company had changed from Pascals until I looked at pack again because both hubby and I thought the chocolate tastes all wrong! It’s too thick and not even smooth. Lollie in middle still good but I ended up scraping the chocolate off. Thank you Cadbury for your assistance in maintaining my waist line as I won’t be bothering with these any more.

I enjoy searching for tastes to remain the same over years

I enjoy clinkers and taste them often to check if the taste and size and value remain the same over time.

pascall clinkers is my favourite.

It tasty and crunchy and nice color flavors that I like to choose and guess what color inside before eat to find out is fun. It a shame it gone.

Clinkers are not the same

Bought some Clinkers yesterday. Now made by Cadbury and a completely different lolly from the Pascall ones. The chocolate is delicious but inside too hard and they all taste the same whether they are pink or green etc. Cadbury if you are taking over companies find out the original recipes and use them.

Delicious chocky Treats!

They are fantastic, crunchy and delicious. I would love to see the introduction of new types such as orange clinkers, mint clinkers and and mocha (chocolate/orange mix) clinkers. I love to spin them around my mouth until the chocolate melts off! Yum!

Its the texture

I love Clinkers. I think it's the texture, a lovely crisp meringue texture that makes them soooo addictive. I never could have just one or two, I have to finish them all

I love them but I can't find them anymore

Clinkers are definitely my favourite type of lolly. I looked in every store near me but I can't find them anywhere. Please bring back the clinkers

They've gotten very "tough" and hard, not like the old ones! :(

I lived in Australia in the 80s and got addicted to Clinkers. Now that I am back in Canada, my sister-in-law sends them every year for my birthday and I noticed they are now made by Cadbury and they are not the same inside anymore, which is quite sad... they used to be lighter and crispier inside. Bring back the old Clinkers, Cadbury - and send them to Canada! :)

Bring back the old clinkers

Hi just thought I'd buy a packet of clinkers, it's been awhile . I now know why You can't compare the old pascals to the Cadbury ones. The Cadbury ones actually taste stale I had to check the due date still had 5 months to go. Please Cadbury find out the old recipe because I won't be buying another packet until they taste just like the old pascals. By the other reviews everyone is feeling the same way. Thanks for listening.

Clinkers different now.

They are not the same. Clinkers used to be crisp and meringue like. Now they are quite hard. They should not have started messing with them. The original is always the best.

Can't go wrong!

A delicious, light, crunchy treat that the whole family will enjoy, the only problem is they don't sell a five kilogram bag!

Clinkers are the best!

I also am having a hard time finding clinkers in supermarkets! That is crazy, they are my favourite along with my family also.
I noticed that Cadbury now have their version on the shelves. They aren't as good at Pascall clinkers. I managed to find a packet in a random store yesterday and am eating them now!
I also am worried about why the supply of Pascall Clinkers has all but gone.
Pascall we want our clinkers back and in large supply they always go, what are you thinking??

Since my last review I called Cadbury and found out that they bought Pascall and have repackaged clinkers into the Cadbury brand. They claim they are exactly the same as the Pascall version only that there are no artificial flavours. I ate them side by side and there was a slight difference in the taste. Cadbury noted that down from my call. That said I can't see that they are going to change it back and being the Clinker Lover that I am, I buy Cadbury now since I have no choice. I still like them and have adjusted out of pure necessity. I am biased being an Aussie and all, but Aussie lollies rock!Just found some Pascall clinkers in Target at Carlingford Court last week, I was very excited, as were my kids :) Not sure if that was old stock that finally made it's way out or what, either or it wasn't a turn off ;) Yummo!!!

Pink ones

Why are there hardly any pink clinkers in the pack? The pink ones are by far the best favour in the pack.

Where are all the Clinkers gone!??

I love Clinkers, well past tense since i can no longer find them in any NSW super market or petrol station. They still sell the yucky Pascall Pinapple chocolates but no clinkers!! WHERE ARE THEY GONE :(
So sad, please dont tell me they are discontinued. Please tell me theres some around!
They taste yum and i love the flavours
Cant buy them any where any more!!

Do they still make orange clinkers???Still selling Pascall Pineapple Chocolates but not clinkers??? ...That's pure madness!!

missing clinkers

Just got back after living overseas for three years. First thing I did was head to woolies to get my favorite lollie ever, clinkers! None, to Coles none, to Kmart, none, big w none What the hell is going on. Please do not tell me that my three years away put clinkers sales so low they have been pulled.OMG if I had of known I was going to do this I would never have left!


unable to purchase clinkers in supermarkets any longer, as they are an old time favourite, can you tell us where to purchase them from please, it seems the supermarkets are in charge of what is being sold and not the customer. We have our lolly jar at work and they are the favourites and as nurses in a busy emergency dept we need our sugar fixes

I cant buy them either and I have complained to Woolies & Coles altho at Woolies they are selling Clickers which are usually loccted next to Pascall Pineapple choc lolliesIGA still stock them here in QLD, I had to hunt them down as they are our favourite treat.

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cannot find any in the shops, both cadbury and pascall. have they stopped making this?
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Bought some at Woolies yesterday (Sep 17th, 2016). Now wish that I hadn't. Nothing at all like the original Pascalls. Hard, tasteless, bland.I bought some recently at Woolworths. Not the quality that I remember when they were Pascall branded.Cheers James I will take your word and not buy them. Opted for Crunchies instead.

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