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Cadbury Snack

Cadbury Snack

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Katrina Lange

Katrina LangeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 4 reviews

It is not perfect and I can live without it


No coconut ice anymore why do you bother with that horrid caramel that nobody likes its always left as with in a box of roses and what have you done to that box of chocolates they are pretty nasty as well, I always asked for them as a present but not anymore.

Purchased in November 2019 at Foodland.



  • 3 reviews

Something for everyone!


Love that you can try different flavours and only have to buy one block. I’m always indecisive so this is the perfect choice. The only reason I don’t like it is im not a fan of Turkish delight

Purchased in February 2017 at Coles for $3.00.

Euw. NO centres.


If I wanted plain chocolate I would have bought the dairy milk.
Instead of the lush flavours of snack I got a gobful of disappointment.
Won’t be buying that again.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolies.

This is disappointing


I just bought a block of Cadbury snack chocolate from the local store, and when I go to take a bite out of the strawberry, pineapple and coconut ice all I bit into was hard chocolate, it seems like instead of filling the squares with the flavourings they just cheaply filled it with hard chocolate. Very disappointing Cadbury.



40 yrs I bought the original snack block, you changed the flavors as well as the texture. I suspect to make more money. You have ruined a fantastic product.

I always love a Snack


Snack is just great for sharing, whatever flavour you don't eat someone else will love the others. My favourite flavours on Snack block is Pineapple and Turkish delight. Maybe Cadburys could make a pineapple and Turkish delight block. Yum!!

Goodbye Childhood friend


I was after comfort food, a nice warm hug from an old familiar friend. I haven't had snack in over 20 years, so when i saw it, i bought it hoping for happy memories.

I now feel like crying. Where do i even begin?

There are now 5 flavours, not 6. Coconut ice is GONE. The turkish delight isn't set like a jelly, it now "flows". Ugh ghastly. There isn't enough fondant in the remaining 3 squares to ameliorate the cheap, nasty chocolate.

Thank you for destroying my childhood memories eating snack '-(

A Childhood Favourite!


I still love this, even as an adult! The Caramel one is still my favourite, and I now also like Strawberry and Coconut Ice, as well as Turkish Delight (don't care much for Pineapple and Orange). Overall, a great snack!



  • 11 reviews

Tess looks ungrounded


My friend Tess and I just smashed the back out of a block. Now we both feel edgy. Think we might lay off the fondant for a while. We ate it so fast we didn't even register the coconut ice flavour. Dastardly.



  • 3 reviews

Please have the pineapple block available as i love this flavour!


Today i bought a whole block of the pineapple snack! I was surprised to see it being sold in the IGA. I normally get the snack bar and rummage through to get to the pineapple flavour. I like the orange, mint and turkish delight flavoured ones too. I don't care too much for caramel. I've been known to leave about 5 of the caramel bits on the side and end up either eating them or throwing them out.



  • 7 reviews

Where Is The Coconut Ice?!


Just ate a Snack chocolate bar and afterwards I felt like something was missing...... I felt...... empty.
Then I relised.... THERE WAS NO COCONUT ICE FLAVOR! For that, you get 3 stars instead of 5. Couldn't you have taken caramel instead?

Also please stop shrinking the bar size and providing less filling, you are killing me!!

I love snack


The best type of snack chocolate is the coconut ice, and the worst is Turkish delight. But I'm not complaining.


wayne1966avoca beach

Poor quality control


I love Snack soft centres. But the quality control is so poor that every second bar has half solidified. It isn't soft!
Yuk :(

Jelly filled Chocolate!


I could say snack is super sweetned jelly filled Chocolate. More over the sugar content in chocolate shells is very high. Artificial flavours in this chocolate makes more worst.

Too many caramel pieces


There are more caramel bits than the other flavours. If I wanted that many caramel bits I would have bought a Caramello bar. Stop the conspiracy, decrease the caramel bits and increase the strawberry, orange, pineapple bits NOW!!!!!



Worst flavour snack, coconut ice.


Did you always have that flavour?It is horrible, no one eats it in our house.Taste like a perfume or toilet spray ew,I dont remember that flavour years ago.Pineapple is the best flavour, but can't find that anywhere. Is the pineapple block only made sometimes? Or sold in different states.But cadbury is the best chocolate in Australia.
Snack is my favorite. Except for that coconut eww
Coconut flav.

jo p

jo pSouth East Queensland, QLD

this is tragic


I know the snack block has changed several times over the last 35 years or so Howver it always remained my favourite until now The fondant is now a cheap tasting watered down sugary liquid The chocolate is not as creamy. I wont be buying it anymore Sad another favouite product has,been destroyed. In fact this is the first review i have ever written. That is how big of a tragedy it is. It is now a cheap nasty tasting product.

A cheap watered down sugary product


Leighanne53NSW, 2032

  • 35 reviews

Sickly Sweet :-(


OK so I have an extremely sweet tooth, and Cadbury's would always be my first choice in chocolate. However this is just awful. The fillings are too sweet and you wouldn't be able to guess the taste of the fondants if you hadn't read the packet! Steer clear of this bar and opt for the plain or nutty Cadbury blocks.

Sickly sweet. Flavours not great.

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I agree -it used to be my favourite too, but not any more, none of their products taste nice, they are far too sweet and cheap tasting. I don't buy anything of Cadbury now and won't in future.

Joe s

Joe sAU

  • 2 reviews

Lacks depth, literally!

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Nasty sweet stuff you would never know it's supposed to be chocolate and it is TOO THICK.

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Where has the SNACK bar gone for the last few months in any supermarket or 7/11 etc?(small or large- you can't obtain a mid-size one these days). It truly cannot be found, not in my experience- not in Sydney anyway. Is it out of production for a short time or longer? Hopefully not too expensive to produce. Does anyone know the reason. As some people have stated here it is my favourite block. It cannot be replaced with the newish bar that has jelly bits in it. Please bring back the Snack, bring back the Snack!

1 answer
Joe s
Joe s


No problems here in Perth. Snack is available in the large size and 55gr bars.

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