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Cadbury Twirl Bar

Cadbury Twirl Bar

2.8 from 16 reviews

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Shelly t.

Shelly t.Richmond-Tweed, NSW

Sneaky Size change


I am so disappointed in Cadbury! Reducing the size of another favourite, Twirl from 43g to 39g same price!! Not happy! Won’t be buying Cadbury anything again!! so sneaky of you!

Purchased in August 2019 at Caltex Woolworths for $2.00.

Lisa S.

Lisa S.

  • 4 reviews

Yum I love this chocolate bar!


I love Cadbury Twirls because they are simple yet fulfill your chocolate craving! The delicate flakes inside the chocolate sticks are yummy - plus you get two of the sticks so you can save one for later if you want to!

Purchased for $2.00.


CourtneyPerth, WA

  • 6 reviews

Like a flake in a blanket


As a chocoholic myself, being able to enjoy a crumbly chocolate that is light and sweet without the mess is amazing. It's just like the classic flake chocolate with a blanket coat to keep all the goodness in your mouth, rather than on your lap.

Purchased in July 2019 at IGA for $1.00.



  • 2 reviews

So sweet


So sweet it’s revolting. You have to have a drink beside you to wash away the grossness! NZ have already turned away from Cadbury in droves because they have ruined the recipe. Cadbury used to be a glass and a half of full cream milk and was a luxury. Now people avoids it. Long live Whittaker’s.

Purchased in May 2019 at Raw Pleasure for $3.00.


JimGold coast

Love this bar


One of my favorite cadbury products, plus many more, great smooth texture, excellent quality, keep up the great cadbury name, the best in my books,(*****) stars

It now tastes of sugar


I ate a one finger of a twirl today and the other yesterday, usually I savour eating a twirl. it's a real treat but yesterday both times it was so sugary! I also had a Cadbury yellow snack that I ate over a few days as I just didn't like it, again much sweeter than before. I am convinced the recipe has changed.

Customer J

Customer JSpringfield Lakes, 4300 Brisbane Queensland

  • 2 reviews

Triple pack...pffttt you got o be kidding me


I purchased a triple pack of twirl orange 58g only to find there was only 2 in the package. Come on Cadbury where is your QA??? I can only assume that your state of the art robotic manufacturing line failed. Not impressed



Ripped off


I got same chocolate bar and when u got home the triple twirl had only 2 in it very disappointed with Cadbury . So if your buying Cadbury products check

unhappy customer

unhappy customerMelbourne

  • 2 reviews

recipe is changed. cheap, sweet and nasty! junk..


Twirl used to be creamy flakey melt in the mouth perfection. Ever since the corporate takeover, Cadbury chocolates taste nothing like they used to. It's obvious the recipe has changed. No Cadbury chocolate has the creamy taste it once used to. It now tastes like sugar pumped, cheap, cost cutting junk. I hope Cadbury reads these reviews and reverts to the old recipes because my god... Now you wonder why your at a loss in sales. Charging the same expensive price for cheap junk.

Never again


Bought a pack if 3 twirls last night ... Extremely weather/ heat affected to the point of one bar just totally crumbling ... Not the first time this has happened ...

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JanLGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 5 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Still shrinking


Friend gave me a Cadbury Twirl as Cadbury products are no longer purchased for our home due to product shrinkage. Well, they haven't learnt. The Twirl packet was the 'old' physical size (45grams?) My gifted one today weighed in at 39grams. The gap between the two chocolate bars and wrapper was still very evident. What a joke.
Cadbury, you make mighty good chocolate, and Twirl was a family favourite but not special enough for this consumer to bother with your visual trickery. Put it in a wrapper that shows the actual size. Better still make the product the size to fit the wrapper.
Cadbury still banished in my household. Oh, I gave the Twirl to the friends small children, it was their size anyway.


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews

Yummy chocolate treat!


This is a great chocolate bar thats like a Flake and its so soft and flakey and full of smooth milk chocolate. It is from Cadbury and I guess that should be enough for me to try it. It breaks easily and is very crumbly, so I usually get it allover my shirt when I eat it. Its a great chocolate to have with a strong cuppa and you can just sit back and relax with this yummy chocolate. Its full of chocolate and still I dont feel sick after eating it.
Its a good chocolate for someone who wants something a bit soft and not too hard to eat.
Since its chocolate, I cannot eat too much of it.



  • 50 reviews



This is worth a shot if you enjoyed the Flake bar from Cadbury, but I don't think you'll end up hooked. It's not the nicest chocolate out there, and it's also quite small and will finish quickly not leaving you sated.
Decent taste. It's based on the Flake bar which is actually a bit nicer, but this one is definitely worth a shot. Cadbury made, so it's a pretty decent price too.
Very small size, definitely needs to be larger in the future if they intend to keep customers buying this. It doesn't compare to other Cadbury products.



  • 16 reviews



very yummy chocolate bar one that once you try you will choose it over and over again. with it being a nise smooth chocolate all the way unlike timeout with the waifer in the middle, it tastes really great after its been in the fridge making it crumble as you bit into it. all i can say about the twirl is if you havent had one you are missing out on a amazing chocolate and you need to go and try one...
a wonderful tasting chocolate bar, in two halves so dont have to have it all at once
its not big enough.



  • 67 reviews



This is another classic from Cadbury, combining the lovely 'Flake' bar with a milk chocolate coating over it, which makes it much less messy to eat! The twin pack makes it ideal for sharing between two people.
All the deliciousness of the Cadbury Flake bar, but with a milk chocolate coating.



  • 33 reviews



Cadbury Twirl is based around the winning recipe of the Flake Chocolate Bar, only in a smaller log serve, and coated in more dairy milk chocolate, making it far less crumbly to snack on, than the flake bar. It comes in twin size serves inside its wrapping, which I find the perfect snack size for sharing between two children, rather than attempting to break up a single chocolate to share. It is the perfect blend of the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar and Flake. Keeping a sure-winning recipe simple has made for the perfect chocolate bar! Twirl is recommended to any avid Cadbury Chocolate Fan looking for the full cadbury taste, minus a filling or centre.
It's like Cadbury's Flake, - only less crumbly.
None, in my opinion.

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