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Michael H.

Michael H.Perth, WA

Used to be great


Very disappointing revamp, nowhere near as good as this site used to be. Also what happened to my old data? I hope the old site rises from the ashes soon

Customer Service
Value for Money


HelenmnSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Not a scratch on the old website


The old website was useful and after struggling with this one I'm very dissapointed. It's lost so much of its functionality so I won't be using it again. I wish someone would re-publish the old site - I don't care if data has been lost, I just need the features we used to have!

Customer Service
Value for Money
Start DateAugust 2019
Additional Physical Activities Sport
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Denise D.

Denise D.Sydney Surrounds, NSW

New website really sub-standard


I used the wonderfully helpful Calorie King website for more than a decade, and bought the official Calorie Counter books over the years. This new website is so obviously inadequate I see no good reason to use it. It's not only difficult to navigate, but it lacks the extensive database that backed the old site. It doesn't hold a candle to the original website. I sincerely hope the old website can be resurrected, even if it has a different name. Maybe some other entity, or agency (e.g. CSIRO) could duplicate the old website and publish it online as open source for general population use. Obesity is such a global problem, and the old website was so very helpful and user-friendly. I am so disappointed.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting

CazPerth, WA

Where's my data? Serious privacy concerns here.

Customer Service
Value for Money
Start DateJanuary 2003


TTTSouth East Queensland, QLD

The new upgrade is totally disappointing


So disappointed since the upgrade. This was my go-to website and now I cannot for the life of me navigate it properly. The old site was user friendly. This new version is so difficult and time consuming. Will be going to My Fitness Pal instead.

Additional Physical Activities Weightlifting

Joanna D.

Joanna D.South-Eastern Region, NSW

Bring back the old website!


I agree with some of the other reviews. I had hundreds of my own food and recipes saved. I saw they were changing and that none of my data would be saved so I did screenshot of some of my favourite recipes. I've tried to use the new website but find it much more difficult to negotiate. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to save a recipe. The food database seems to be the same, with a huge number of foods available. I don't understand why they've changed it. If the app is better it'd be great if they could include android users. For first time users it is a fabulous tool but for those of us that used the old one it is nowhere near a good. I think they've probably lost a lot of loyal members.

Customer Service
Value for Money
Start DateMay 2019

Very disappointed


The new Calorie King website is very hard to use and did not transfer my membership so all my details are lost. Very disappointed with this product and much preferred the old Australian website

Where is the old calorie King site!


I haven't been into calorie King site for a while. Much to my disappointment they have changed the site - it is dreadful. I used to have all my own recipes loaded but they have not been copied over. I have spent ages trying to work out how to use the new site. Very disappointed.

Customer Service
Value for Money
Additional Physical Activities Weightlifting


  • 7 reviews

New website really lacking


The old website was great. It would generate a menu plan for you for the calories you needed to consume. That does not exist on the new one. I really hate it now. Wont be using it. They got rid of all my database. They only put a notice on the website and did not email me. I have been ill for 6 months and unable to spend time doing a diet so now better decided to get back into it only to find it is all gone. I had spent hours putting in my own food and meals into the database.





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My go to booklet for guaranteed weight loss


I have been using this guide/food diary for years on and off. With great results. Whenever I want to lose 2 or 3 kilos to get back to my comfortable weight I will get the latest food diary and commit to using it for 2 to 3 weeks or until I am back to where I want to be. It also reminds me to eat sensibly when I am no longer recording my calories. Thank you for such an easy and straight forward system!



  • 12 reviews

Stands the test of time


CalorieKing, excellent referance source


This is a great little book, packed with information which is readily accessible, and easy to apply. I am a medical practitioner, and use it regularly as a reference source for patients. Congratulations CalorieKIng you've done a great job.

Gabriella Raimondi

Gabriella RaimondiAU

  • 6 reviews

Brilliant. use it for my PT Clients


I actually purchased this to see what amount of protein and carbs and cslories my PT clients were eating. Absolutely brilliant. It's a great personal training tool and teaches people how to cook and not be dependent on prepackaged food. Also has cwlcium, saturated fats etc



This App has changed my life


Calorie King has taught me how to take control of my weight, I have always been overweight , recently I had become very close to being the heaviest weight that I'd ever been , a friend put me on to CK I feel the kilos dropping off and have still been able to enjoy a sweet or glass of wine the difference is that I can see and manage the amount of calories using the daily diary as well as knowing within seconds of looking up a food item the portion size that fits my plan, I feel for the first time I can stick to my weight reduction as a long term life style choice not a quick fix diet
Highly recommended .

Do your own meal analysis with this great app




Why isn't there an android app for calorie king?


My 11yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes & we are using this App all the time on our iPad to check the carb ratings of foods - only problem is I have an android mobile phone & can't get the App from the google store so we can't access calorie king when we are out! Please make this App available for android users.
Easy to use, lots of information
I can't get this App for my android phone!


ava285Sydney, NSW

  • 23 reviews

Nutritional Info needs to be accurate for this site to be effective



MNorthPerth, WA

  • 4 reviews

Love this app


Brilliant. Love it. Easy to use. Great reporting. Forces me to look at what I'm eating and how much. I'm addicted to using this app. Can't wait to see my and result in a month or so of using it. Hopefully that graph just keeps on dipping down. Thanks calorie king.
Reliable, full of info


naomimSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 5 reviews

Seriously why would you pay to loose weight when there is Calorie King


Best Calorie Counter and weight loss motivator around. I love working out the night before what I am going to eat for the next day and see that I can actually eat more than I thought. I don't have much weight to lose just holiday weight :) but I have lost 3 kilos in one week already by just being diligent with my calorie counting.
Easy to use, functionality, style

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Lee M
Lee M

Just starting CK.I like the way every food choice you make is calculated and adjusted for you. No more headaches trying to work the maths of it all.

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Chilli's mum

Chilli's mumasked

I used to have your App on my android samsung phone now it has disappeared on my new phone when all my apps were downloaded. I was as much as called a liar today by the medical profession. Is an app returning for android please?
Cheers Chris

No answers



Do you have this app for android phones yet?

1 answer

I refuse to count food on anything. I only follow the menu in front of the calorie counter book. I believe counting food is an unhealthy obsession that only leads to neurotic behaviour around food.



My BMI is 30+ and I need to lose 50 lbs. Calorie King says that I need to consumer 2300 calories a day to lose weight. Sounds like a lot of calories to lose weight. Great if this is correct, but could it be a mistake?

4 answers

Bit high. Are you male or female. That seems like a man's caloric intake. What about hight and age?


I am female and 5ft 11' and 63 years old.


It seems like a mistake. I wouldn't get all caught up in the details of mathematical calculations, just stick with the sample menu in the front of the calorie king booklet. Gives plenty of variety for menu planning and plenty of wiggle room. It's also something you can follow permanently.

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