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Where is the old calorie King site!

I haven't been into calorie King site for a while. Much to my disappointment they have changed the site - it is dreadful. I used to have all my own recipes loaded but they have not been copied over. I have spent ages trying to work out how to use the new site. Very disappointed.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Additional Physical Activities Weightlifting

New website really lacking

The old website was great. It would generate a menu plan for you for the calories you needed to consume. That does not exist on the new one. I really hate it now. Wont be using it. They got rid of all my database. They only put a notice on the website and did not email me. I have been ill for 6 months and unable to spend time doing a diet so now better decided to get back into it only to find it is all gone. I had spent hours putting in my own food and meals into the database.


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My go to booklet for guaranteed weight loss

I have been using this guide/food diary for years on and off. With great results. Whenever I want to lose 2 or 3 kilos to get back to my comfortable weight I will get the latest food diary and commit to using it for 2 to 3 weeks or until I am back to where I want to be. It also reminds me to eat sensibly when I am no longer recording my calories. Thank you for such an easy and straight forward system!

Stands the test of time

I didn't join the online 'club' and I am not the slightest bit interested in becoming a neurotic calorie counter, but I have for many years kept the calorie king calorie counter booklet. I buy the new and updated publication each year and have done so for the last 5 years or more.
The sample menu in the front of the booklet offers a base template that anyone can use to prepare delicious satisfying meals for breaky, lunch and dinner, without resorting to becoming a boring screwed up calorie / carb / fat accountant.
Its the cheapest, most sensible. eating template ever created for the average person wishing to plan healthy meals and set up good eating habits for life whether single or caring for a family.
It puts other 'diet' rules and dogma to shame. It also has some very sound advice for diabetes.
Read the sample menu in the front of this book and your dieting woes will be left behind you forever.

CalorieKing, excellent referance source

This is a great little book, packed with information which is readily accessible, and easy to apply. I am a medical practitioner, and use it regularly as a reference source for patients. Congratulations CalorieKIng you've done a great job.

Brilliant. use it for my PT Clients

I actually purchased this to see what amount of protein and carbs and cslories my PT clients were eating. Absolutely brilliant. It's a great personal training tool and teaches people how to cook and not be dependent on prepackaged food. Also has cwlcium, saturated fats etc

This App has changed my life

Calorie King has taught me how to take control of my weight, I have always been overweight , recently I had become very close to being the heaviest weight that I'd ever been , a friend put me on to CK I feel the kilos dropping off and have still been able to enjoy a sweet or glass of wine the difference is that I can see and manage the amount of calories using the daily diary as well as knowing within seconds of looking up a food item the portion size that fits my plan, I feel for the first time I can stick to my weight reduction as a long term life style choice not a quick fix diet
Highly recommended .

Do your own meal analysis with this great app

After weighing each ingredient before cooking a meal, then weighing the total cooked meal, you can accurately interpret the portion you're eating. You can save the meal to be reused again. Excellent also for homemade sweets and other meals you really need to keep track off, but may have left or guessed the cal content.

I've used this product now for 5 years off and on and it's well worth the asking price. Sometimes I just fire it up to do a simple or complex meal analysis, why guess when you can know.

As an athlete, the breakdown of calories consumed vs calories burnt is essential for good recovery and for being confident of not overeating.

From making your own muesli to mixing your own fruit & nut it's nearly perfect.

Can't find the food - then just add it.
Found the food, but not happy with the accuracy of the breakdown - then just add it.
Can't find the exercise or the right calorie consumption rate for your exercise - then just add it.

This app was well designed and has stood the test of time.
easy to use, good features
No android app. No cloud storage for multiple device access. Eg when your away from home/your desktop app and data.

Why isn't there an android app for calorie king?

My 11yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes & we are using this App all the time on our iPad to check the carb ratings of foods - only problem is I have an android mobile phone & can't get the App from the google store so we can't access calorie king when we are out! Please make this App available for android users.
Easy to use, lots of information
I can't get this App for my android phone!

Nutritional Info needs to be accurate for this site to be effective

I was looking at an Oporto meals in Calorie King to see if they had anything reasonably healthy, I came across Oporto Rappa - Oprego and apparently it was only 300 Calories going off their site. Later to my dismay i found on Oportos site its actually double over 600+ calories. I understand there can be errors and i followed Calories Kings site instructions and report this to them. They did not bother to update, its been quite some time since i reported this. It made me wonder and question what else could be wrong, if someone else reported an error are they actually fixing these? It should be fixed in timely fashion so that others dont make the same mistake in their daily calorie total because that is infact the main feature of their site. If im doing the research for them and myself, well then i dont need their site?

Positives - I do like their weight in/check ins, the idea of meal planner is great (just needs to be accurate)
I like how you can track exercise and water consumption and how the exercise comes off your daily intake.
I do like their weight in/check ins, the idea of meal planner is great, track exercise and water consumption
Nutritional Info needs to be accurate for this site to be effective

Love this app

Brilliant. Love it. Easy to use. Great reporting. Forces me to look at what I'm eating and how much. I'm addicted to using this app. Can't wait to see my and result in a month or so of using it. Hopefully that graph just keeps on dipping down. Thanks calorie king.
Reliable, full of info

Seriously why would you pay to loose weight when there is Calorie King

Best Calorie Counter and weight loss motivator around. I love working out the night before what I am going to eat for the next day and see that I can actually eat more than I thought. I don't have much weight to lose just holiday weight :) but I have lost 3 kilos in one week already by just being diligent with my calorie counting.
Easy to use, functionality, style

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Just starting CK.I like the way every food choice you make is calculated and adjusted for you. No more headaches trying to work the maths of it all.

This is the right way to lose weight for me

This site gives you an opportunity to document what you are eating, drinking and activity levels. Weigh in's are for your personal review. No humiliation here, just encouragement. I use it to document whatever I'm planning to eat/have eaten every morning and night. I can try out different recipes and develop custom foods so I don't get bored!
User friendly, encouraging in relation to the gaols you set - its very self driven, which is what I like.

Hmm, its ok, but could be better

I'm rather impartial to this, but having to have tried the demo version of the Calorie King PC application which apparently must use the Australian version and not the American one. It was relatively straight forward to install. However the learning curve in actually using it... well it was much longer than expected to get use to.

To be frank, the program looks at your own individual proportionality based upon calories, protein, fats and other consumable levels where it is controlled by the application. Making you as the user to choose healthy products for each of your allocated meals.

I used this for about 3 to 6 months; I didn't lose much weight from it even though I had incorporated a full exercise regiment with bike riding and some extra track cardio in addition to hiring a personal trainer at the time that introduced me to this application and website.
Full database listing of food listings; ability to control your food intake according to your diet
Difficult learning curve; Australian version has no mobility for smart phones


I lost 20 kgs in one year when nothing else worked and now I use to maintain my weight. My doctor has looked at my food diary and analysis and has fine tuned it for me but basically has said he will now recommend this site to his patients. I could never lose weight no matter how hard I tried. CK taught me to eat well and to know what's in the food I eat.

The weight felt like it was falling off...and despite the fact that at the time I was losing it was in effect a diet, it actually is a program to help you to learn to eat the right foods to stay healthy and in shape. The menu plans could be bit better they are really boring. But I think this is to teach you to pick your own foods. But if you live alone they are so hand as menu planners and shopping that I wish they would change them and make them more interesting.

I wish they made and app for android and the menu plans can be a bit boring as they repeat over and over.

Good Tracking & Website

Love the website information and the set up for your personal goals. I downloaded the iPhone App for it thinking that you would be able to use it in the same way as the website. Unfortunately while the iPhone app has a wealth of information in it, and love that it has all you could need calorie wise there is no way yo actually track in app what your consuming and total it. It would be amazing and 5 stars if the app had this capability!!!!!

The iPhone App doesnt mirror the website.

My Life has changed for the BETTER

This book and website has been amazing, it has changed my life, it is easy to use and understand and so much detail. I have lost 5kgs within 1 month by watching what i eat and keep track. The book I brought from QBD bookstore I just keep in my handbag and when I am out with friends or family and we are going to get take away I can look up the information and easy as.
Easy, sample terms, inexpensive and reliable


5 Stars! I would recommend this to friends and they have noticed my weight loss in only 3 months. This is the only system that I have ever lost weight with and I feel that it is something I can continue for the rest of my life. It's about lifestyle change, CalorieKing.com.au gives you everything you need to succeed, all you need to do it follow it.
Calorie King has been the only thing that I have ever lost weight with. I feel like I am in control and it is a system that is easy to follow. It's calories in vs calories out. They equip you with knowledge to make better decisions with your eating and exercise. As long as you fill in the food and exercise diary everyday and don't go over your calorie intake for the day, I believe you will have success.
The food database needs a serious overhaul. There are many popular foods that are missing that really should be listed. I would also like to see a tool that allows you to make custom meals by entering all the ingredients and then allowing you to tell it how many serves you want out of what you have, from this it would then calculate calories per serve and be selectable from your favourite foods.

A great help with your diet, but not a diet in itself.

Use Calorie King software to monitor your intake of essential nutrients and calories, but not as a diet in itself.

I follow the Dukan Diet but use Calorie King software to ensure that my intake of protein, fats and carbohydrates is within reasonable limits.

It flags what I have done wrong if I am not losing weight (often too much sodium) and constantly reminds me to walk and drink water.

To learn to eat properly there is no substitute for Dukan, but Calorie King is the best tool you can buy to ensure that your diet is healthy as well as effective.
Detailed analysis of food intake, complete record keeping and a good support website. Inexpensive too!
Defaults to FAR too many carbohydrates and not enough protein. But well worth 4 stars or more.

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I used to have your App on my android samsung phone now it has disappeared on my new phone when all my apps were downloaded. I was as much as called a liar today by the medical profession. Is an app returning for android please? Cheers Chris
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Do you have this app for android phones yet?
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I refuse to count food on anything. I only follow the menu in front of the calorie counter book. I believe counting food is an unhealthy obsession that only leads to neurotic behaviour around food.

My BMI is 30+ and I need to lose 50 lbs. Calorie King says that I need to consumer 2300 calories a day to lose weight. Sounds like a lot of calories to lose weight. Great if this is correct, but could it be a mistake?
4 answers
Bit high. Are you male or female. That seems like a man's caloric intake. What about hight and age?I am female and 5ft 11' and 63 years old.It seems like a mistake. I wouldn't get all caught up in the details of mathematical calculations, just stick with the sample menu in the front of the calorie king booklet. Gives plenty of variety for menu planning and plenty of wiggle room. It's also something you can follow permanently.


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