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Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen

Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen

2.7 from 15 reviews

Will never use their products again.

Having viewed this site am concerned with the comments contained, & would like to share my experience in using this product.

Having always been an avid outdoor person, I have never encountered anything like this previously. I do not burn, nor have sensitive skin, nor had any reaction to sunscreen.

16mths. ago, I used this product for the 1st. time & am thoroughly disgusted.

My arms &, back where this was applied, developed a severe unsightly rash & was itchy. This unsightly mess has drawn many from others.

Prognosis is not good, & it will be a lengthy recovery.

How are these products regulated & monitored by the relevant authorities?

This product deserves a MINUS 5 rating.

The specialist stated there have been several complaints about Cancer Council sunscreen.

Purchased in December 2017 at Priceline.

Causes Irritation Yes

How can this really be approved from Cancer Council

Be warned if you have fair skin, want to swim or exercise as this products melts of and once in water comes of with ease. I have never been so burnt only when using these products and will never use again. Cancer council you should be ashamed of this.

kids roll on 50+ cancer council for sensitive skin.

I took this suncream to Bali.My daughter applied it. That night she was covered in a red rash that was so ichy I had to give her antihistamine and apply ice.

Never buy this product

I have excema and sensitive skin. I used this product and may have well have used water. I did absolutely nothing, I was really very sunburnt. Was on holidays, used it again recently at the beach and same thing. So very sunburn. Do not use this sunscreen. You think you are buying a good product with the Cancer Council name. I don't know how it can be listed as sunscreen.


Brought the 30+ because of the Cancer Council logo and used liberally while at the beach for just over an hour. My partner and I are both extremely sunburnt. Neither of us has ever been burnt like this before. Very disappointed and concerned about skin cancer risk given the state of our skin!

Beware of rashes

I applied this sunscreen once in the morning before going out for a run and then reapplied later in the day before a swim at the beach.
I started to feel itchy early in the evening and by 7pm I had a full blown rash all over my arms and neck.
I do have sensitive skin and react with some products - but have never reacted to sunscreen.


Became very sunburnt after applying according to instructions. Tried applying more often, same result. This was very disappointing.

Extremely sunburnt. Do not recommend

I used this product while walking outside for approximately 2.5hrs. I also reapplied 3 times, as I was sweating. I however was still very sunburnt. Reviews for the 'Ultra' version of the cancer council sunscreen seem to be poor, but the 'everyday' are good, but my experience of this has unfortunately more in line with the former. A bad batch perhaps?


I've found a sunscreen can use on my face!

Most sunscreens make my eyes water and I have tried everything from basic to high end fancy cosmetic sunscreens. Now I use the Everyday cream (in a tube) on my face over moisturiser - I found the thinner Everyday formula (in the larger spray bottle) unfortunately irritates my eyes.
So I now just use the tube version on face and neck, and the spray everywhere else as needed. Tube smells more like sunscreen than the spray. Both have nice consistency and work well under makeup or alone! In fact I love the spray for the sheen it gives my arms and legs, even better than the best moisturiser. It's great to use these two daily and avoid any more of the sun damage that so many of us have!

excellent product

this product is amazing it glides on my skin with ease i love it and it doesnt break me out which is amazing. i have used many sunscreens from clinique to dermalogica to bobbi brown i have even tired some like neutrogena i have used all the cheaper ones and alot of the higher end sunscreens and this is very comparable to the higher end ones but way better then the cheaper ones great for an everyday sunscreen :)
its very cheap and you get heaps of product last for ages.
the packaging isnt the best for my liking.


This stuff is also very good. I like how it is endorsed by the cancer council. Feels like it will offer better protection. There are so many types of sunscreen out there that you are not sure which ones are effective sometimes. It is not cheap, however, you can buy it in a huge bottle and it will last a very long time. Our family had our first 1L bottle for a few years before we threw it out.
Part of proceeds go to a good cause, smells ok and applies well.
Not very cheap but it is still very affordable


A good product that comes in a wide variety of ranges, from spray bottles to roll on version. Easy to apply and feels quite think. Good quality. Expensive though.
A good range of sunscreen products and it is great that the product is made by a very trusted brand, the Cancer Council. I like the roll on version of the sunscreen as it is very easy to apply and great for getting on younger children. You can also buy a one litre pump bottle which will last for quite a while.
This sunscreen can be a bit expensive compared with other products on the market.


I like the fact that these are made by the Cancer Council as it gives you more peace of mind that the product will do what it says it will. The sunscreen comes in a large variety of sizes and is great for everyday use. The sunscreens are quite expensive but most sunscreens are quite pricey these days. The tubes will last a while though if you buy them in bigger sizes which I think are more affordable.
Made by a trusted brand and come in a large variety of sizes and types. Great for everday use.
Tend to be a bit expensive.


Good quality sunscreen with clear instructions about how much should be applied, when to apply (15 minutes before exposure) and when to reapply (every 2 hours or when wiped off)
Trustworthy brand, average price, sales help fund cancer research, patient support and education, seems to be effective in preventing sun burn
As with all sunscreens, quite expensive in the smaller containers


I did not purchase this sunscreen as someone else brought it into the house. I have no problems recommending it though as a very convenient sunscreen that is not greasy.

I would recommend only using it at times when there is a low UV rating or if you are going out for a short period into the sun and want something that isn't messy.

As the sunscreen doesn't have anything to reflect UV rays I would suggest that you get a higher protection sunscreen for prolonged periods of use.
A good sunscreen that is absorbed very easily and is not greasy.
It only contains UV absorbing materials and no reflectors.

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Everyday Sunscreen
Release dateOct 2007
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