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Capital Finance Motor Vehicle Loans

Capital Finance Motor Vehicle Loans

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Very rude people

Very rude people. Spoke on the phone to one of the managers called "DREW" he was very rude and unprofessional.
I was only asking to escalate the request to generate a payout letter, he was not helpful and hung up the phone on me twice.

Customer Service
Loan TypeFixed Rate

They were good

I had a 5 year car loan via direct debit. Could not really fault them. The only 1 problem with this company is that they don't send you regular updates on what's been paid and what's outstanding. So basically once you sign the contract and if your payments are on time you never ever hear from them until you finish the loan.

Loan TypeFixed Rate

very bad company. don't deal with them.

very very bad company. they just stealing my money. and took my car without letting me know. they are really so rude. don't deal with them. their customer service is so rude especially girl her name [name removed].

Application Process

They were Great

I had a car loan with them, initially they were a bit all over the place asking for the same document i had already sent in multiple times but after that they were great and at a competitive interest rate. We have now paid our loan off in full and would use them in future if need be. Seeing a lot of the previous reviews it sounds like they are not very lenient if you get behind in your payments. I always paid my repayments on time so i never had a issue what so ever. I asked for a few payout letters throughout the loan to see what was owing and they would always send me one straight away through email. If you think u would fall behind in repayments then id recommend not getting a loan through them. But for me they were great overall.

Hardship not our fault

On the 28/11/18 my loan was paid out in full, on Friday 30/11/18 Capital Finance took a regular payment from my bank account of $325.53. I made telephone contact with Capital Finance to inquire if this payment was due or if it would be refunded to my account. I was advised this payment would be refunded to me. Feeling assured this would occur I felt relief as as a Type 1 Insline Dependant Diabetic this money would’ve been used for food (main expenditure) and to cover Insurance (car and funeral) as of 7.45pm Om Monday 11/12/18 I am still waiting on my refund and have had to rely on co workers to supply me lunch food, the only meal I’ve eaten since 04/12/18. I was a customer of Capital Finance for over four and half years and up until now I was very pleased with them however now I don’t even rate them!

Worst ever !!

Never ever finance your lease with this mob. They are rude, unprofessional and have email address which doesn't work. I receive the call each day mentioning that they haven't received payment and when i send them email they refuse to respond in writing and tell me that it is going into SPAM and there is nothing they can do about it.

I am just waiting for my finance to be over. good thing is that i have only 13 months lease with them.

Capital and chevron finance

Worst thing you can do is accept a loan from them !! Customer service is a joke and waiting times to get through are ridiculous
If you go through Cheron finance you will get these scammers every time
Loan sharks of the year award !!

Very poor

Had all my car loans with Capital over a number of years/cars,looking to pay the current out early, they want to charge $567.85 early release, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! This on top of the crooked gap insurance that was attached to my lease when I clearly stated not needed, took over 6 months and countless calls/emails to get it refunded, I will never use them again!!

If I could give zero stars I would

Paid off my car over 5 years... never missed a payment. Inadvertently I did not realize that my lease had come to an end and just kept paying. Absolutely gutted when the bailiff turned up to take my car without notice because I had not refinanced the ballon. Absolute Dogs!

Are You Kidding Me?

Was looking to pay my loan off 2 months early so could trade old car in for a new one and finance the new car with them and they said if I paid it off before the last Month it was going to cost $165 early exit fee plus the $250 new loan establishment fee. So just putting off new car purchase by a few weeks and taking my business elsewhere.

Paid loan off early - get hit with fees!

Paid my loan off 1 year in advance.
Not only did they not notify me that i had fully paid & overpaid them.
Once they finally refund me they hit me with a early payment fee of $350
Absolutely disgusting. Will make sure i tell everyone not to use capital finance

Loan Finished and Paid waiting to get summary of account

After being a loyal customer of capital finance and paying off my car loan, I have not yet being able to received the closing of the account documents and email. Have been promised over 4 times in the past week that I would get them within 2-4hrs but not yet have they been delivered. Feeling very disappointed as have not had any issues with them since now.


This company is completely heartless. My partner and father of my 6 week old baby is in a coma and they won't allow me to pay any of his bill until I get power of attorney, and have rang me everyday for the past two weeks even though I have told them 10 times the hearing for power of attorney is on Wednesday and that my partner is in a coma! Now I am getting calls from debt collectors from this company. The hearing is in two days. And they won't stop!

times are tough but where is the support

I have been a customer of Capital for over 10 years now and always paid out my loans on time. Now that I need some assistance they try and make you accept terms that are too hard to keep, but don't give you any alternative. I have loaned over $1m from them and they have certainly made there money back and some, just wish they could be more accepting of circumstances that are out of my control. Also on hold for 45minutes which is an indication on how hard and tough times are at the moment.

Disgusting company disgusting customer service

Purchased a car through a local company, sold car and paid out all of the loan in November 2917. Today received a demand from an ‘asset management’ company saying the account was in arrears, contacted them immediately and was told by Bill (no surname provided) that the reason we had received the letter was we hadn’t paid the money. We sent screenshots of the evidence, contacted our bank who confirmed the money had been transferred etc. was advised they never received the money and they would have to trace it. Bill stated in a recorded conversation that he did not want to speak with a ‘condescending’ then he stopped as he obviously remembered it was being recorded. He told me that he did request any monies from me, I reminded him that we had received a demand for money. There is no direct contact provided to sort this mess out, customer service are rude and Bill out the phone down on one occasion. Avoid at all costs. We have lodged a dispute with the ombudsman.

They don't listen

We have had our payments changed from weekly to monthly despite not asking them to. Then they tried to debit again, and charged a dishonour fee on both transactions despite neither of them being authorised. Have 2 defaults issued in the space of a month despite having an arrangement in place. Mind you, the 2 months of arrears were from when we THOUGHT we had hardship approved because they held our direct debits for 2 months after we advised my partner had lost his job.

I dont know if their staff write incomplete notes, or they are not trained enough. Really disappointed in how they have handled our situation.

Ps. Still waiting on a loan statement that has been requested twice now .. top stuff.

Account Fraud

This organisation has done the same thing to us, after the payout for our loan was closed out and they had received the money, they then decided a week later to take a repayment out of our account. Basically they have stolen money from us.

We will need to take this further and the rest of reviews on their customer service are spot on, the pretty much isn't any.

Appalling Service!

Just got off the phone to these Gumbys!
No Idea!
Final payment was due on a 5 year lease. I hadn't missed a payment.
No email to advise residual was due. They just called me when payment was 8 days overdue and advised me of additional charges. Then they couldn't email me payout invoice. I will have to wait 24 hours.
Take your business else where!

Account fraud

Capital finance continued to take funds form my bank account after the account was settled. They failed to resolve the matter upon request and continued to steal money.

This is fraudulent behaviour at best. Perhaps they should've been dragged into the Royal Commission hearing too.

Worst finance ever-!!

Absolutely terrible customer service.
Trying to apply for hardship spent over 35 mins on hold 4 times!!
Once finally thru & what i hoped would be sorted then & there..didn't happen.
Steer clear pack of idiots.
After 4 years of on time payments no loyalty shown..

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Questions & Answers

Hi we’re can my statements for my car loan from?
1 answer
Not sure. I never received statements. Only after completing loan then I received final statement

when is my last repayment Application no 91440006721453B47D468.5.0
1 answer
you need to contact capital finance direct they dont monitor this site

My name is Trevor Dean Hardy, 17 Salway Street Elizabeth park South Australia. My contract number is 701085. Apparently my loan account has been finalized, witch I rang this morning and was told, I was also told that I would be receiving a refund into my bank account. I'm inquiring as to how much is the refund going to be an when, as I can certainly do with it?
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