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Awesome Massage Chair with so many options

Purchased massage chair from cardiotech.com.au over 12 months ago. I was hesitant buying online without trying it out first but all my fears were gone once I used it - amazing massage and so many options. Delivery guy didn't just dump it - he set it up and then ran through how to use it. One year down the track and the novelty hasn't worn off - it still get's daily use from all the family. My wife is a nurse and uses it after every night shift without fail before bed time. No hesitation in recommending the chair and Cardiotech's service.

Zero resale value

When you try to sell it second hand, the company try their best to discourage potential buyers. It's a very big investment to have no resale value, eg if you get injured and can no longer run. Pm me if you want screenshots of Cardiotech communicating with potential buyers, I can't figure out how to attach it to the review.

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Hi Jess, Thanks for your review and sorry you feel this way but this review is incorrect in terms of value. We pride ourselves on being an Australian owned and operated company that always offer industry leading warranty for new products and have been doing so for over a decade and continually changing our customers lives. It is our absolute responsibility to inform customers that ask us about 2nd hand machines, that there is no warranty applicable which states it on the tax invoice and online. However, people do sell these for value all the time online which can quite easily be seen via simple searches online. We also continue to offer parts and servicing throughout the country despite customers purchasing machines 2nd/3rd/4th or 5th hand. We look forward to continuing to assist with providing a service throughout Australia. We believe that any future customer will look at reason when reviewing this. We would not do anything differently and continue to offer and assist future customers with their health and fitness. Thanks, CardioTech

Customer service

Bought a new treadmill. Has problems . So organised to go to showroom on saturday and no one was there

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HI Mark, sorry for the delayed response on here as we had everything resolved and rectified within a few days after you came to the office and the door was locked as the staff member was with a customer inside. On the weekends, they are not always unlocked as they can be in different locations throughout the office warehouse for security. As per your conversation with the same staff that same afternoon, they were in the office with their car out the front as confirmed and we thank you for having us come around to your place to assist you. Thanks for the order again and best of luck with your health and fitness

Lost Safety Key

I have lost the safety key for my Cardiotech breakfree treadmill, can I get a replacement one?
It wont work without it.

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Hi David, Thanks for contacting us today and best of luck with your health and fitness once the part arrives to you in NZ :)


Got both of my machines fixed by cardiotech on the 8th day which was out of warranty. Labour Charge to come home and fix was $125. Replacement upper wire was $45 and power switch $10.

Do not deal with the company customer service is non existant

I emailed this company in order to rent a Treadmill and was told to send all my details to a PO box in Brisbane which I immediately did. After waiting three weeks heard nothing so contacted a very rude sales person [Name Removed] who could not be bothered with my inquiry or finding out if my information had been received kept telling me did I have a tracking number yah right a tracking number for a letter don't think so then tells he would not know that he has not posted a letter in ten years great help mate.

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Hi everyone, we would like to let you know an update as we had arranged an application for Katrina a day and a half after this review as we had no prior mention that documents had been posted and nothing received. The staff member was trying to be helpful and all emails we have in correspondence before and after this review state us asking for information via email specifically. This way, it is so much faster and less hassle but we do also recommend anyone to use express post if sending personal documents so it is tracked. We unfortunately have no say over Australia Post if anything is lost or takes longer than normal as no documents were received by us and this is checked all the time. We look forward to helping our others in the future and thank Katrina for her order and wish her the best of luck

They take care of you when something goes wrong

I had a problem with my treadmill and spoke to phone support and had a bad experience. I called the sales team and within 2 hours Brandon the CEO contacted me and within 24 hours of that call my machines are totally fixed and working. Thanks for renewing my faith

Treadmill x9pro2

The treadmill keeps turning off when I am running or walking just cuts off so dangerous.
Also for some reason my partner couldn’t reply on her chair review ages ago last year Sept
And full fact check the outcome it was faulty to the lovely person that replied and was acting like it was our fault.
Never had so much drama with a company.
The customer service lady that sold to me was lovely. [name removed] from helensvale
The people that fix the products are amazing.
Prompt and honest fast and effective.
The product is diff not up to standard or what you thought you were buying ...
And because my partner and I can’t get a refund.
Thankfully I brought the product with platinum warranty (covered for life but it’s quality is rubbish
Wouldn’t recommend to any of our family or Friends.

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Hi, we note that you have not made any contact to CardioTech regarding your potential service issue via phone calls, email, website enquiries or website chats. These machines are mechanical items and are not guaranteed from error or issue which is why we pride ourselves on our big warranties and after sales service. We are open 7 days a week to assist you with getting any potential minor issue rectified as more often than not, most treadmill errors and issues can be fixed over the phone. CardioTech Support

Excellent Product

Excellent store! Very good prices. I will definitely recommend if you require new or second home exercise equipment and suggest you go to CardioTech first!

Rudeness Plus!

I was sold a machine that was contraindicated to my health condition - [name removed] was rude and condescending. Never ever will I deal with this company again. I even went back to where I was duped and gave my same list of conditions and was again attempted to be sold the same machine. Preying on the vulnerable.

Hi Miss Crt, we do not have any records showing any contact or complaint regarding any matter like this stating medical issues or our staff not explaining contraindications. As all our staff are trained to advise, there were signs in the kiosk and we have in our brochures and user manual. Please contact us urgently on support@cardiotech.com.au with your name and invoice number or copy of your receipt and we can look into this straight away and assist further.Ive given up with you. When I asked for surname he refused I said I need your surname and he said its Cardiotech and actually hung up. This was after months of chasing being told I needed a letter from my rheumatologist etc etc. your duty of care was lacking in the sales and the sale was the only focus. I’m done dealing with you.

Rude and ignorant

I decided to not go through with order and asked them nicely to cancel application to certegy but when I emailed I got a response asking why when I told them I have brought one of a friend i was told that they can offer me one at a discount price and that I should purchase only from them! I felt they were way to pushy and something just didn't seem right! Still waiting for them to cancel application with certegy, although certegy are aware of situation and they are looking further into it! Will not be recommending this company to anyone!!!

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To future clients: We would do exactly the same thing each time with any future customer and believe this is of the highest level of helpfulness and willingness to assist. This is a false review in an attempt by this person in the sole purpose to speed up a 3rd party finance company, to cancel their contract. This contract was submitted to be cancelled via email the day she requested and also cancelled on our end. They are not aware at all of how this process works with Certegy and extremely unfair and wrong to advise others that we are rude and ignorant when nothing could be farther from the truth. We are happy to provide all emails to anyone wanting to see our customer service and what happened - the customer service staff was helpful and not ignorant in the slightest. They have a misinformed view on how this process is executed with cancellations. Here is a brief run through of her emails with our support team on a Friday afternoon. 1) Person requested to cancel a pending agreement. 2) The staff member replied saying they can assist with this but also asked if there was any reason behind them not wishing to proceed. 3) Person responded that they were purchasing 2nd hand from a friend. 4) The staff member replied to advise there is no warranty with 2nd hand equipment and mentioned we could try and help with a further discount if they would be happy with that instead as they no longer wanted the expenses of the finance company. 5) Person replied that they were not interested and requested it to be cancelled through Certegy. 6) Person also replied back to their own email 6 minutes later advising once again. 7) The staff member replied that they were only trying to assist as they were looking at an outright purchase and that they would pass through the cancellation to Certegy. 8) Person replied to thank us for the offer but won't be needing one as they already purchased already. 9) Person replied 3 minutes later saying they contacted Certegy and asking how long to send the request. 10) The staff member replied saying the request had been passed through and is being actioned and asked if they wanted to supply the brand you bought for marketing research which they happily did. The entire premise of this false review is in the hope to speed up a process via a 3rd party company as they are completely unaware of standard time frames with this other company which is no way attributed to CardioTech. We would do exactly the same thing each time with any future customer and believe this is of the highest level of helpfulness and willingness to assist.

Service response is poor.

Trying to get tech to ring me for the past week. Fuse holder keeps snapping off. The plastic holder is not suitable due to the vibrating nature of the machine. Really like the machine but for the price it has to be reliable.

Hi, if you can please email us at support@cardiotech.com.au with your name, phone number and details so we can assist and check our service logs for you or we are available at extended hours every single day of the year via phone and our website chat from 8AM - 10PM even including calls on Christmas Day - 1300 135 596A quick update- as soon as Tom contacted us again we had resolved this the very next day in his house. Unfortunately a human error with the phone number being called and texted was a digit off which we have records for as we always attempt to get in touch to rectify asap and we apologise for the mix-up.

Changed my life

Using the CV12 vibrating machine every day I now look forward to my exercise regime daily because I can see the results and feel the difference throughout my body and with my increased energy levels. Thank you .

Squeaky treadmill

My x9 is very noisy and squeaks when I walk and run on it. Very annoying! Called service a few times and still waiting on a technician to look at it.

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Hi, sorry to hear of that and so we can investigate, please email through your name and phone number to support@cardiotech.com.au so we can check the log for you and be in touch in the next half an hour.

Customer service is rubbish!!

Well where do I start with cardio tech.
I purchased a massage chair and a treadmill!
Was so excited and happy till delivery day within an hour of the chair being delivered it was faulty.
Took them 3 times to come fix.
Ended up with a new chair because head tech couldn't fix without pulling it right into pieces in a workshop which they don't even stock BUT he confirmed the chair was diff FAULTY.

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Hi Lauryn, unfortunately this is not correct at all (as the chair was not deemed a major fault and only minor (despite us not being able to verify this in your house). Originally you cancelled the service as the issue you advised was not there. We then came to fix the first time and you forgot so we had to postpone to another time where the driver and person at the home were not able to verify the concern. Upon a 2nd attempt, it was also not able to be confirmed once more and we decided to replace the chair in goodwill to assist you as the technician was not able to find any issue with the machine originally. As we have shown all along in our dealings with you our willingness to cooperate within Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trade laws.

Love my life back machine!

This is the first machine I have bought from this company and I am in love with it! I use it everyday because it's easy & it suits my busy lifestyle.
The customer service I received before & after I purchased the machine has been fantastic - James from Browns Plains has been so helpful for all enquiries. He even gave some great feedback & advice as to how I could use the machine to get better results - Thanks James!

Outstanding Treadmill!

I've owned my treadmill over a year and it's worth every cent I paid. I love it. I use it at least five times a week and it hasn't missed a beat.
Thumbs up from me! :)

Repair required, under warranty

12 months after purchasing my treadmill, I went to use it after a few months of it sitting unused after having a baby and there was no power to the console.
Called the store that I bought it from and my details were passed onto the tech.
After talking to the tech department, I found everything to be really straight forward, there was no stuffing around with silly questions, an immediate booking was made and the technician came out 2 days later with the part required and changed it over in less than 15 minutes.
Glad I got the extended warranty, as the technician said, treadmills most often than not need replacement parts as is the nature of the equipment and the use. Something I wasn't aware of.
I would highly recommend Cardiotech to anyone. This being my second purchase with them.
I've always found the customer service to be outstanding.

Stopped Working

My CardioTech treadmill worked yesterday but not today....... What is the warranty on these things? This treadmill would be under 6 months I think!!! I am worried as I am very remote!

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Hi Jill, Thanks for your contact and we received your enquiry via our website this morning regarding servicing and can assure you that we have local techs in your area and will have our service manager in touch with you early Monday to resolve this ASAP for you as you are covered by the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the country on treadmills. At CardioTech we pride ourselves in having the best after sales service in the industry –If any of our valuable customers is having difficulties please email urgently to David Gray, our founder and CEO - his email is david@cardiotech.com.au Our competitors can keep your machine for weeks while waiting for a part from China etc – we always have parts and we are light years ahead of our competitors when it comes to service. We look forward to being in touch with you soon to have this sorted. Kind regards, CardioTech Support

A total dud - immediately after warranty runs out

So my treadmill has been lying idle since April 2015. The technician I called out to adjust the belt (which was slipping sideways) attempted to fix what I was told was a very simple issue. Not only did the belt continue to slip, I was now getting E1 errors. The treadmill worked for a minute and then switched itself off, flashing an 'E1'. This had never happened before this technician arrived - and I was using it daily. I was in absolute disbelief - I called him back and all he could say was 'get them to send out a new motor'. I never paid his bill ($100) and he never chased it up. I have followed up to CardioTech with numerous contact attempts via their website - which are answered by someone who says they will 'pass your message onto service' but no one has answered me.
If you live in a regional area, CardioTech send electricians - the same guys who wire up houses - and expect them to service this product - they are not specialists trained to fix these issues. The guy who attended to mine completely wrecked it and was clearly didn't want to know when I asked again for his help - he totally fobbed me off. Their customer service is useless. Once they get you in and signed up with their payment company, they don't want to know.
Avoid this product.

Hi Kathy, our service team have left multiple messages for you today. We have only had 1 contact attempt since the above mentioned error via our website chat service and nothing since April and we apologise for the single message left with the online chat not getting through to the service department back in April. This has never been a case of not wanting to assist you as show by our willingness in the first place and once again today to rectify your issue. We pride ourselves on having outstanding customer service and our ability to assist through out the whole country, even in remote areas. Your potentially simple issue falls in line the procedure of having our tech back out at no extra cost due to the nature of the issue being within a few days after the original call out. The tech has been dealing with the CardioTech machines for several years and is a qualified electrician and has great experience with this particular error which is the most common error for any treadmill. They also were following standard procedure for a new issue, which is to contact us to then arrange it from there which we are very happy to do. We will have the tech out shortly once the parts arrive as it sounds like a minor adjustment that can happen with any treadmill. Look forward to discussing to confirm on Monday for youAs I said, I have tried multiple times via the chat window that appears on the website. No system is foolproof. If you have a foolproof system that is quite astonishing. Your tech support called me today and I am happy to say they confirmed the parts are on their way. I thank them for this quick and professional response.An update. It is April and the machine still doesn't work. The electrician refused to fix it because I refused to pay his original bill. It took him THREE months to tell me that after I left numerous messages. An apology from him or a compromise would have worked for me but he refused any form of contact and was extremely rude. He is the only service representative in this area so I am stuck with an electrical board and motor (the parts) and no one to install them. I have asked several electricians in my area and they don't return my calls or are too busy to help. The CardioTech service man in Brisbane who takes the phone calls sent the parts as promised so no worries there - however - BEWARE buying this equipment if you live anywhere but an urban area. Your machine breaks down and no one can fix it.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have the x9. I need a replacement power chord. Are you able to help please?
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What the difference between the x5 and x9 treadmill?
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Hi Bec, we currently have our X9Pro2, X9AC Club Series and BreakFree treadmills available so please contact us on 1300 135 596 or www.cardiotech.com.au which is our website for any further information

I have just purchased a second hand Cardiotech X5+. Where can I find a manual for it?
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Hi Diane, sorry we stopped receiving notifications of questions due to a product review but if not sorted already, please contact us on 1300 135 596 via phone and our website chat or support@cardiotech.com.au with your details so we can assist