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Catlux Softwood Clumping

Catlux Softwood Clumping

3.5 from 57 reviews

My 18 cats definitely love Catlux

Nothing beats this litter for smell control. I've got six trays which are scooped daily, and I can get up to two weeks from it. Tracking is easy to clean.

Purchased in January 2009 at Big W for $20.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

Good for lazy people but tracking is bad.

It clumps, but as many have mentioned it takes a day or so to clump. It is soft and easy for the kitties to maneuver around. Tracking is bad. We also noticed when we vaccum the tracked litter it leaves a bad smell in the vaccum, smells like burning wood (im sure some would like the smell, we dont)
I found I could be a little lazier, with this litter when comparing to breeders choice. Kitties didn't mind.

After using 4 x 30L bags ive decided to go back to breeders choice. Its a decent product, but when comparing price and the tracking it leaves behind (we have a very large tracking mat also) we found breeders choice faviurqble to our needs.

Great natural product

Seems to work better than the rest, tried so many but we stick to this, have 2 cats and as with all boxes have mats to collect any trails works well.

Tracking is terrible, but has good odour control and clumping

I tried this litter for about 3 weeks before giving this review: This litter was so close to being good... but the tracking is just too much for me to take. It sticks to my cats feet and fur, and it is not only all over the laundry (where the litter trays are) but all through the house/pet beds/desks/anywhere the cats go. I vacuum the laundry daily due to the tracking, but it doesn't seem to help avoiding the spread everywhere. On the plus side, as the litter is only small, it is not super noticable or painful to step on (such as you get with larger wood or paper litters). But the tracking is just too much for me unfortunately.
The odour control is very good. No residual pee smell at all.
Also it is lightweight so it is easy to pick up a bag. As its sold at supermarkets, it is also convenient to get. Price point is average (middle of the range) compared to others.
The clumping component (bentonite?) does leave a bit of a dried muddy residue in the bottom of the litter, not unlike some clay litters. But nothing that sticks badly or excessively, and will come off with your regular litter tray clean.
I've seen several reviews here stating this litter doesn't clump, however in my experience it clumps very well - BUT only while the pee is still wet/moist. Once it starts drying significantly (i.e. over 24 hours) then yes it does fall apart easily. So this litter is best if you are the type of person who cleans their cat's litter once or twice a day.
Unfortunately still hunting for my holy grail litter...

Least favourite litter so far

I gave this a try for 3 weeks after watching their online video comparison.

It was easy to get while doing my groceries, affordable and the light weight nature of this product appealed to me (I have a huge litter tray & clay based products get heavy)

It smelled nice when i initially filled the litter tray (like wood) & did an ok job of absorbing, however it tracked like no other litter has - all through my laundry & hallway carpet with just one use of the tray... and I also found that removal of the ‘clumps’ wasn’t easy.

They weren’t proper clumps.

They break apart & mix in with the clean litter as you’re trying to remove, stick to the tray & the actual scoop etc.

We’ve changed now & I won’t be using this again.

Amazing for those smells and absorbent!

Love this product new fav...
cost is above average but we don't like old style or cat litter crystals.
Can be hard to find in bigger bags in stores so far; a little dusty but not a big concern for our family, won't go back to paper that's for sure.

I needed a flushable litter, this is ok

I moved to a townhouse and have 3 cats. I needed a litter that was flushable, unscented and is non toxic/safe for the cats as well as environment. This was the only flushable litter available at the supermarkets so I use it often because it’s not expensive and always available. It doesn’t really clump so well, the urine just wets the litter and that’s it. It sits at the bottom and stinks so bad, a real strong ammonia that stings my eyes if I don’t clean it up quickly. Odour control isn’t the best but it’s certainly not the worst. The tracking is really bad but my cats are kickers and flickers so I expect tracking. I have put down mats and use a storage box with high walls but this litter seems to track worse than others. One small bag lasts around a week for me only because I have 3 cats and I can’t stand the urine smell. I have to clean out the entire litter box once a week. This litter is ok but I prefer Wonderwheat Extreme as that stuff is amazing however sadly they have recently discontinued it due to closing down their business, which is the worst news. Catlux can be improved but for now, it will do.

Doesn't clump!

This product does not "clump" and is incredibly messy. It does seem to manage to control the urine and faeces odour, to an extent, but then there is an overriding smell of dusty wood. I'm also worried that the fine spikey bits of product will stick to my cat's paws and fur and she will swallow it when she cleans herself, with dire consequences. I don't like the product and will be looking for something else.

Dusty and non clumping litter

I foster kittens. I have been using this litter for three months and for the entire time, one kitten has had respiratory problems. Multiple visits to the vet weekly.
Today, I unfortunately, inhaled the dust from the litter as I poured it into the cleaned litter tray.
Immediately, I experienced severe burning in my throat, sneezing, wheezing and felt awful.
My symptoms were just as my kitten has, so can only assume the litter has probably been the cause of his severe breathing and sneezing difficulties.
He's having a return visit to the Vet in two days, so will be interested to see if his breathing improves now I have changed to a different, paper based pellets, brand of litter.

Excellent product - couldn't be happier!!

I have used Catlux for past 13 years (initially with one cat, now two). Never ,had a problem with it clumping and no cat wee smells, providing it is cleaned out daily!!

Does not clump!

The fact this has clumping in its name is so misleading, the wee just falls back in with the rest when you try to scoop it out. It's also very messy and does not flush that well. Would not buy again!! Massive waste of money

Happy cat Happy human.

This litter has good natural odour control even when pusscat doesn't cover his wee. The litter takes a long time to dry and doesn't clump in one chunk until it does dry. It is still easy enough to scoop when damp just takes a bit more care. I love being able to put on the compost. I prefer this to crystals as it is soft on paws, smells great & doesn't get kicked out of the box as much.

Pretty good.

It does what it's supposed to do!
The cat litter seems to control the smells pretty well. I agree that it doesn't clump well with the pee but if you have a scoop with minimal holes it works good. I like the fact that it's flushable although I personally don't flush much except the faeces. It's biodegradable too so by using a biodegradable rubbish bag with the wee bits I feel better about the environmental impact this product has. It's also not too expensive for a 30L bag.
The only bad thing is its light and my kitten tracks it around the house... at least it gives me an incentive to vacuum more. Overall I like this product and will continue to use it.


I bought this for the price, however this thing is so bad! Does not clump together properly so you cannot entirely clean out pee. Also, the litter is so stringy that it drops all over the house!! And attaches to the cat's fur! Would not recommend, sorry.

It's meant to clump, but is just a soggy mess

It's meant to clump, but it just ends up being a soggy mess, won't be buying this product again, will stick to the snappy tom clumping litter.

There has to be better than this available

Dusty. Cat leaves trails on floor. Poor clumping...useless really! Cannot recommend it. There has to be better than this product available.


Terrible clumping, no scent control. 2nd worst litter I'’ve ever used. Wouldn'’t even recommend mixing it with other litters, because it just makes them less effective.

DANGER: will cause plumbing disaster

Do not believe the marketing of this litter. The wet litter creates a blockage in the pipe system that will cost hundreds of dollars to fix. As the plumber has informed me, do not flush anything other than waste and toilet paper or pay the price.

Good but messy.

I have recently moved house and decided my cats would become inside cats at the age of 9.5 years due to the traffic. I have 2 cats, a brother and sister from different litters. I thought I would have a lot of trouble getting them to use the tray, but I didn't. I got the flushable litter so I could just flush everything down the toilet. (My trays are in the toilet - it is a big room). I don't have a problem with odour, but I do find that after you flush it away, if you look in the bowl, there is a residue in the bottom. I have tried flushing this away a few times but it doesn't seem to go. It is a bit messy, but I just keep a dustpan and brush there and sweep it back up.


Thought I'd give it a go as it sounded ideal. What a mess. Have to vacuum everyday as it tracks through the entire house. Only cat litter that has ever done this. Returned unused bags to place of purchase. Prefer clay or paper pellets.

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Questions & Answers

Can I recycle this product in my garden instead of flushing it away?
1 answer
Never tried it but the packaging says you can use it as garden mulch so I guess it will work.

When you say flushable, do you mean you can dispose of it in a normal toilet? What about a septic toilet? Also is it available in Brisbane QLD? If so best from where? Price & size of bags please.
2 answers
Hi Heather, it is flushable in normal toilet, but not suitable in septic toilet. However, you even can use it as garden mulch! It should be available in QLD. There are adress I found in their website; Thuringowa Shop 3 & 4, 1 Herveys Range Road Thuringowa QLD 4817. ph. (07) 4723 2277. Townsville 201-205 Dalrymple Road Garbutt QLD 4814 Ph: (07) 4779 0043. I bought it in pet barn 30L (only availabe in petbarn) for around $25 and it could last me really long time (up to 4 months with good quality dry cat food). Let me know how you go. Good luck :DI buy it online from Pet Circle. Thought this might help anyone wondering now.