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Catsan Crystals

Catsan Crystals

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Good choice for litter and good for odours

My kitty drinks a lot of water, so she goes to the bathroom A LOT! I found the Catsan Crystals work best for us. I find it covers the odours very well and does not need changing as often as some other ones we have tried. I also find with these crystals it does not get stuck on her paws as we much as the others. Some other ones we tried including the clamping ones I found there was so much litter being dragged out after she is done with her business.

great for odour control

My cat has a kidney problems and I have to give him fluids every couple of days, as a result he goes to the bathroom a LOT. I have tried every possible cat litter out there and I find this one to be the best one, as the smell is not as bad as every other one and it does absorb fluids better.

A good choice of kitty litter

I use this brand as well & find it smothers the odor very well. I have to agree with you that there is no way this bag can last more than 7 days without it becoming a health hazard for our baby pussy cat let alone an adult cat.

Please change it weekly

So my cat hates the feeling of any other litter under his paws other than crystal, out of all the crystal litters available this is the best.

"So why not 5/5 stars if it's the best?"

Well, and this makes me laugh every time I see it listed on any packet, this particular brand claims it lasts up to 8 weeks however only using one full bag for one small male cat requires me to replace it every week (7 days is pushing it.) I once tried to stretch it to two weeks but he got a urinary tract infection. So it does the job, you can not smell his litter box smells at all BUT there is no way it lasts for more than a week.

Happy all-round with these crystals

I initially purchased these for my kitten as I have a real disliking for that clay litter - It reminded me of when mum used to use it for her cats when I was younger. The clay littler smelled awful. I also purchased these initially due to aesthetics - They look much nicer than clay or paper pellets.

These are considerably more expensive than clay.

Aethetics, very absorbent, minimal dust, minimal smell (from crystal product and 'cat product'). I also found scooping easier as well.

Less per bag than clay (for instance) and more expensive than alternatives.

In the end (after around a year), it didn't matter for me, as my cat just started using the toilet without being trained! The little sod just never learned to flush, though!

Good Cat Litter To Use

We have always used Cat Litter Crystals for our kitties. We've found the odour control good, only having to change it every four or five days. Our cats love it. There is one variation, that is terrific. The one for sensitive paws which is very hard to get. HIghly recommended

Causes asthma attacks in humans - not great for cats either!

I have used this litter a few times, but have now switched back to paper pellets. It actually caused my first onset of asthma - creates a cloud of fine dust particles which I'm sure are not healthy for your lungs. I don't think this product is healthy for cats either for the same reason. It's environmentally unfriendly, rough on paws (and feet!) and does in no way resemble the soft soil or sand that cats naturally prefer to dig into.

Danger's of Crystal Cat Litter - Don't Ever Use It!

As Peter from Sydney has said, the toxins that are contained in this sort of litter to make us humans more comfortable with the smell of their tray is DEADLY to the beloved cat we now have as part of our family.
If you are blessed with the company of an animal THEN LOOK AFTER IT even if it means changing it's tray every day!
Damn I have (yes ok a large house) but 6 desexed indoor cats that I've rescued and I change their tray sometimes multiple times a day, as their health is more valid than me taking and easy way out.
Crystal and CLUMPING litter are the biggest 'silent' killers in cats as it cause gastric blocks that aren't usually identifiable till way too late.
If you don't believe the damage it can do see sites by registered breeders like [weblink removed]

Harmful Dust Hazard

I was recommended this type of crystal product by a Pet Shop worker, for it's odour controlling properties, when I purchased the kitten. Initially I went with the recycled paper product although I found in to be a quite smelly and labour intensive job cleaning it everyday. So I purchased some Catsan Crystals although I was hesitant because I couldn't find any listed contents or warnings (except related to catching intestinal worms from cleaning the litter tray) on its packet. My curious cat watched closely as I poured the Catsan Crystals into his litter tray only to be overcome by a thick white cloud of rising dust which induced a terrible coughing fit in the cat. I then researched the makeup of the crystals on the internet and discovered that they were made from silica. Silica dust is extremely hazardous. Why is there no warning on the packet? Silicosis is an incurable lung disease acquired from breathing in silica dust see video; search - WorkSafeBC Videos - Silica Exposure
I immediately threw the Catsan kitty litter contents in the wheely bin and hosed out the litter tray. I then took what was left in the Catsan packet back to the shop and demanded a full refund - which they readily obliged (being Coles).
I prefer the smell of using recycled paper cat litter than the risk to me and my cat of using silica dust laden Catsan Crystals.

It's great for odours but clean up is gross

Look the best crystals on the market yes but being the best crystal on the market is like being the smartest Kardashian
Simple as this it doesn't stink but the piss just sits at the bottom come clean up no thanks and it gets everywhere and it doesn't tickle when you step on it
Catsan clumping clay is the best easy clean up no smell

0 mess, amazing

I've never had a kitten or a cat before and my friend told me to never use crystals when i got little hamish... so i used paper litter then the natural flushable cumping litter omg what a mess and the small was horrible. Little hamish 12 weeks old using the crystals without a problem, no more mess and no more horrible smell. Love love love


I have two cats and always had trouble with smelly litters until I tried the crystals its fantastic. I put the crystals in one box and the old litter in another just to see which one they used. They loved the crystals as much as I do. I would love to buy it in 10 or 20 kg bags

A breath of fresh air

2 adult cats and they love it, so do i. It also works great at killing slugs and snails...old farmhouse, long story. I wont use anything else. Scoop the poop each day and run the scooper through the crystals which turns them and soaks up the urine.

Can be dangerous

I tried switching to this product but some chemical in it was extremely attractive to my 1 year old cat who started to eat it and rub his nose in it. The crystals got stuck in his nostrils and mouth and he almost choked on these and had froth coming out of his mouth. Thankfully the crystals got stuck before they could pass down his throat so I could grab him and get everything out in time. I don't think he would have even made it to the vet in time otherwise. If you introduce this product to your cat ensure you don't leave it unattended until you are sure your cat isn't interested in eating or sniffing it.


I was hesitant to get a kitten as I had a real issue with the smell of a household with a cat resident. I am sorry folks, unless you are using this product, no matter how diligent of a scooper you are, your home is wiffy! I have tried it all, even the super expensive stuff, nothing compares.

Great odour control!

Was using rufus & coco corn based litter.. It was ok with odour control, clumping & flushable but it was just way too costly because it didn't last long 1pk/1 week for 1 cat ..

After trying Catsan crystals I am very amazed by the longevity of this litter! It actually lasts 3-4 weeks for 1 cat! I scoop out kitty poop daily and It works super well with odour control! The litter is also very easy to clean out it won't clump or stick to the bottom of the litter tray since it's crystal form, and it won't leave stains or ammonia marks in the bottom of the litter tray either.

The only down side is that the crystals do track, and if accidentally stepped on it will really hurt! (Like stepping on a glass chip) so it is a necessity to sweep up the floor or vacuum in the litter area a few times a day or wear slippers to prevent getting pricked!
Great odour control, last a long time, easy to clean out!
Tracking! It hurts when stepped on, the shape of the crystals have sharp edges


Good litter that lasts a week in a 1 cat household. The crystals are easy to sweep or vacum up when kitty trails them everwhere - unlike the squishable litter I was using before that was hard to get out of carpet. Haven't noticed any smells unless waste was left uncovered. Stepping on the crystals is like stepping on lego though.
lasts a week, inexpensive, easy to clean off tiles and carpets, no odour
stepping on crystals sucks

Best cat litter I have ever used!

I really love this cat litter. I a 4kg bag of litter in a extra large hooded litter tray for 3 cats. I scoop the poop out every couple of days and the litter gets changed once a week on bin day. No one else ever notices any smell in my place. All my cats live indoors and you can't smell anything at all. Only my extremely sensitive nose smells the littler on the 7th day. But no one else in my house does even my intolerant hubby doesnt smell it.
odorless, clean, affordable

Not pleasant

I would not use this as it has a very unpleasant sweetish odour, and I worry about what chemicals might be in it.It also seemed a bit rough to me and my cat would not use it,so a waste of money,never again.I prefer to use litters that are soft to the feel and are made of natural substances.

Smells bad, chemicals

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I have just switched back after trying other products, and in comparison this product is amazing, and the cats love it. The horrible smell that was pervading my house with traditional products has vanished. I don't smell any odour at all. Nothing its great!

change of formula....

Was with out doubt the best on the market! sadly when then introduced the "lavender" only recently the content had changed eg the formula of the color crystals... they also changed the original as well.... both have no smell now & work poorly at reducing odor & at the price being the dearest on the shelf its a rip off!!! what a joke will not buy again as its just useless.... plus I have tried several bags from different shops (rather expensive) to see if it was just bad from one store... same results the formula of the color crystals in the bag has changed hence the product now sucks! more than likely a cost cutting money saving change by Catsan yet still the same over priced tag at the shop....
was the best
now over priced & doesnt work

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I find I am very lucky to get two weeks out of your product. What is wrong?

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