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Fees are well up there!

Just collected my Super statements from my Apprentice days. $2000 of deposits, there was $700+ of fee deductions, of which nearly$500 were from CBUS. Goodluck earning a decent living in retirement.

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worst superfund ever....you will die before you get anything ( member for many years )

do not get involved with them they are a scam they take you for all you are worth.....we get together contact 60 min and current affair and get them shut down

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Hardship and tpd claim

I was with them for 20years and granted it took a few months to get into see the specialist but as soon as all the necessary reports and paperwork wss recieved i hsd the hardship payment in my bank 3 days later and 2 weeks for a decision from the insurance provider and they said 10 to 15 days until i get the tpd payout. I could not be hsppier with their service

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Appalling customer service

Unable to process salary sacrifice into my super as I’m over 65 years old. I’m still working full time. Have tried phoning Cbus but they don’t have enough staff to answer the phone. Sent 5 emails and get the standard reply “we will contact you” but no one ever has. This mob should not be in business. Shocking customer service.

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Excellent Customer Service

I've been with Cbus for 18 months. I was having some issues on my insurance cover and was going to transfer to another big superannuation fund, only found that their service is even worse!!! (at least your calls will be answered with Cbus!!! )
Anyway, I determined to stay with Cbus, and fortunately my issues were solved later. I am so glad that I stayed.
I don't know about other superannuation funds, but comparing with the big superannuation fund that I mentioned earlier, Cbus has excellent customer service.

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I have been a member for over 6 months.

I have had previous issues with CBus relating to critical policy changes on investment strategies that were hidden in 40 page product information booklets and not divulged by advisors.

Recently CBus modified their app and advised clients of the upgrade.

Superannuation accounts are accessible via the app.
Super Stream accounts still have to accessed via the Cbus website.

The CBus website does not allow access to SuperSteam data due to a technical issue.
Call the CBus help line and you will wait for over 7 minutes without response.

Send an email and you will receive a generic response acknowledging your email but nothing else.

This is a multi million dollar company.

My view ..... this company changes policies and operating systems with little regard to the customer.

If you want frustration here it is.

If you want an efficient modern Superannuation fund look elsewhere.

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Super payout

Love dealing with Cbus, they have a front counter and will answer Q"s or even fill out your application. Excellent service, so glad I left Host plus for Cbus, they paid out my hardship 4 days after filing, Wow.

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Billions of dollars in unclaimed super pfffft

Cbus takes out 3 fees per month. Admin fee $6 TDP premium $5.40 DTH premium $5.35 these fees randomly go up and down. Cbus probably own the very company insurances are paid to.
Takes 5 days to proccess a financial hardship claim and 10 days for other claims, there is no way there is even a days work involved all the work is done by yourself on your application they simply need to read it review it approve it and PAY IT! 10 minutes work tops.They dont want you to take money from them as they use your money to gamble basically the more money they retain the more money they can invest. The adverage man dies by age 67and i assure you that no super fund has made any attempt to challenge our ignorant, corrupt , unreasonable government to lower the age of releasing super funds from age 60. I assure you they would support goverment attempts to make the age even higher as they will retain millions more in unclaimed super funds in peoples accounts that have passed away. The best thing for people to do is become self employed and not pay any super choosing to invest their money for themselves giving themselves access to their own money when they choose rather than waiting until they are 60 years old and a ticking time bomb to meet their grave. To hell with super funds.

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Great service

CBUS helped me become a member - went through the whole application process and guided me over the phone while I filled it out on-line. My superannuation is now being brought over from another fund into CBUS - I was helped with every aspect and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Customer Service

Worst company ever.

My partner is retired and has been taking some of his super out when needed. Not once has this been an easy task. He filled out the paperwork and sent it nearly 5 weeks ago, got one email to say that he hadn't written when he stopped working, I did that and sent the email. We waited and he rang them, oh we didn't get the email, okay it will be in next week, never went in. Again another phone call and I also sent another email for him stating that he wanted the money asap, nothing. He just rang them again now and told them he is getting a Solicitor and that they are nothing more than liars and thieves. It was bad enough when they got everything computerised years ago hundreds of workers lost 10 years of their super because of a "glitch" in the system and even though the ATO had everything, Cbus refused to give it back, so nothing has changed. I honestly don't think one of them know what the hell they are doing. My partner was in the building industry for over 47 years and he would never recommend Cbus to anyone.

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Scam!!!! Trap

The worst Super fund, they cheat and trap the Australian. My employer contributed 493.87 $ and when I checked after 3 months It was 84$, they paid premiums on my behalf without my permission. Scam, with Aussies, Be aware........

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Worst customer service ever

Train your people Cbus! Your call centre employees have no idea what they are doing or saying! It's extremely hard to sort anything with them over the phone! Dealing with Cbus is a waste of time, money, and energy!

CBUS - what a joke

Total rip off is all I can say. After only being a month in the fund, at time of rollover all of my monies $577.00 was taken in fees and insurance leaving me a 2% balance bring $12.70. Where is the fairness in this.

Income protection insurance.

Been with Cbus for 7years but join the income protection over a year ago. Was off work in August this year for 2.5 months.
Cbus send the forms out and return to them within a month after collecting all the documents from the doctors and physio. Have been waiting for 3weeks without any news. Call them up to see what happens, the didn’t receive it as they’ve move address!! Huh where’s the documents!! Luckily I made copy’s but not all of it. Back n forth for another month and now TAL wants my documents?!?!
Over again.
Just received email today stating that I’ve had those injures before ( but only for a max of 2days off never claim for, just take pain relief)
They ask for more documents, I refuse as want to know what chances do I have after the day it’s wear n tear

TPD claim

The worst company I have had the misfortune of dealing with. I have been fighting them for 8 years to get my Total and Permanent Disability claim settled. Don’t give them your hard earned money. If you do need to make a claim, get a Very good and expensive solicitor, you will need it.


In a matter that required interaction with the call centre to rectify i found the staff to be unhelpful.
A simple matter required many calls to rectify because the first response is always to defend their position instead of just trying to find out what went wrong. This to me is a sign of shifting responsibility and is a concern because if a lowly call centre officer act's in this manner does the rest of the organization, considering my experience i will assume so. Overall a very poor experience and i will be rollingover to a better performing fund . I have been a member almost since inception and have never had to interact with CBUS before now that i have i no longer have any faith in this organization scary to think my money has been here so long .

Great Industry Fund

I have been with Cbus 20+ years.
Performance has been very good with great products to choose from.
6 monthly reports or access via on line or app. Actually, all the industry funds are the go.
Cheers Rob.

Biased,Emotional and Unprofessional.

On several instances on my claim, a Cbus representative would side with a party instead of following a procedure of neutrality. They also employ shady tactics, lies and deceit to avoid paying a claim which include sending incorrect paperwork to create confusion amongst parties to embezzle funds.
AVOID this fund!

Just disgraceful

I have recently discovered that i had an account with C-Bus, all the fees have gobbled up my account funds. This is after i asked to have the fees for death and T P D removed; as i had no idea that these even existed without my prior knowledge. I am astounded that these are charged and C US does not even have to advise any client, after all it is about us as we pay these people to look out for us not rob us slowly. I have recently asked for a copy of my past accountants the case manger refuses to give me my details, even though it is a lawful request.

Damned C-bus And Super

CBus Super

Wanted to cancel the insurance on the Super for my 17 yo son

Completed the forms and had to mail it three times. They kept sending letter saying the date was unclear/ dated after 30 days when received and so would sign and date again and mail again. After sending an email they then stated they could not assist via email. Started the process for a simple cancellation of insurance 6 months ago.

Hate to think if anyone had to make a claim.

It is easier to go through the process of transferring funds than to try again.

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Questions & Answers

How long does it take to recieve your early super withdrawl due to financial hardship into your account ?
2 answers
This took about 3 weeks in my situation. A friend got his in two weeks. I hope this helps.Can not answer this question, best to ask CBUS.

How long to receive financial hardship payment?
3 answers
My financial hardships claim took 4 days from CBUS receiving my paperwork to the payment being deposited into my account. CBUS was a lifesaver!Jason how long did it take for them to get the application after you sent it?Hiw long til i recive payment from paperwork being deliverd to funds being sent

After lodging the application, how long will it take to get funds for a financial hardship claim?
3 answers
Hi If your hardship claim is for TPD as mine is it's been 12 month still no finalisation. They have tried every angle to dispute my claim even though I had medical specialist evidence to prove it. Keep fighting them and TAL who is the insurer. I saw a lawyer and he said most people drop out as they make it so hard. I won't give up and if they reject it next step is going to Superannuation complaints tribunal. There they have to abide by decision including damages. My amount is not huge but principal makes me follow it through to the end. I have paid the insurances for over 15 years and I am entitled to the funds of there policy. Good luck keep fighting don't give in to the tricks they will try on you.Mine took only 4 days.My financial hardships claim took 4 days from CBUS receiving my paperwork until the payment being deposited into my account.

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