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Chanel N°5

Chanel N°5

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59 reviews
    Yvonne J

    Yvonne JSydney, NSW

    • 8 reviews



    This was given to me as a gift, a large bottle and a small. I think it smells like what old grandma use to wear and it is so overwhelming like mothball ed de toilette. Steer clear of it if you're young and trendy.

    Purchased at Gift.

    hyejin j.

    hyejin j.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

    • 2 reviews



    This is one of few perfumes make me feel nauseous, do not understand why so many people are raving about. I can smell and feel sick instantly if someone using this perfume walk past.
    truly awful perfume

    Purchased in March 2018 at David Jones for A$200.00.


    Missholly1234Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

    • 23 reviews

    Absolutely beautiful !


    I love Chanel No.5....
    I have worn this perfume for many years ..
    I have other perfumes ..
    But Chanel No 5 is my signature perfume...
    Recently l purchased the Chanel No 5 body cream.
    Combining the two is absolutely beautiful ..

    Purchased in May 2019 for A$240.00.

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    Beautiful fragrance


    This scent is sophisticated ... it’s not a loud fragrance. Definitely a classic to be enjoyed when you want to feel special. I love the bottle ... very simple but elegant.



    • 4 reviews



    I was given one for Christmas.
    For a expensive perfume the fragrance is not lasting very long.
    Wondering if the testers in shops are of better quality?
    I remember them lasting.
    Some of my Eau de toilette last longer.....


    MelSouth East Queensland, QLD

    • 17 reviews

    Timelessly Smelly


    I have no idea what is every raving about, but it trully smells awful. I cannot even use it to spray the toilet as my sons are complaining about the smell. Lucky I bought small bottle. However Gabrielle Chanel Parfume is to die for!!!



    • 8 reviews

    Timelessly Chic


    Beautiful fragrance that lingers. I have used this off and on ever since I used to use my mothers when I was a teenager.
    These days I think it is most becoming on older women.

    Smells like old lady perfume


    I get it, it’s a classic !!!
    Respectfully, why do so many women wear it?
    It smells equally bad on all of you!!!!!

    And it leaves a heavy scent behind, it should be banned.
    Not to mention the awful allergies it creates.



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    I can't use it after a while


    There is no doubt that it is a very good fragrance. But it is very sad that you pay so much money for the perfume and that you can not use it because the spray does not work well at half use. If they want I can send the bottle back for evaluation.

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    Chanel No5 is dead!


    I'm in mourning for my lost scent! For over 20 years I have worn No5, and never once did someone say they didn't like the scent. My children and nephews always used to say how they loved the smell of me. My clothes and my bedding always had the fresh finishing touches of it. I thought I had an "off" bottle, however 3 more later, and some research, I found out that it had to be changed due to some moss and stupid new rules!! I cannot find anything that comes anywhere near that iconic aroma. Coco would have fought to the end to get the scent back, she was a strong, confident woman, and funny enough, I felt that way when I wore it. It sounds silly, but I really am lost without my Chanel No5 armour!



    I guess I am in the minority here. In all honesty, I had never smelled this perfume before. I wish I had. I have heard about it throughout my entire life and saw it as a mark of prestige and class. I'm certain that it was many decades ago. My husband bought it for me as a gift. It is a very heavy cloying scent, to me. It smells...well...old. It smells like mustiness and mold and literally makes me sick to my stomach. Perhaps it is like cilantro...you either love it or you hate it. I don't know what to do with this large full bottle of it now.

    Just awful!


    I still cannot get the foul stench out of my sweater. If you want to smell like an 80 year old then this is for you. Otherwise it will turn your stomach upside down. Waste of my money.

    Timeless sophistication


    I have searched high and low, for top to low end perfumes, seeking a change from Chanel No 5. I have found nothing that remotely compares. Frustratingly every other perfume leaves a sweet sickly or talcy finish. No 5 always pulls through with a dark musky mysterious scent that i find myself lusting over. It either suits you or it doesn't and based on that you either love it or hate it. Initially i found this scent offensive. Upon receiving the satin spray (a more delicate sandal based version, now discontinued) as a gift, my love for No 5 emerged. Whilst a more matured scent, no rules can be broken. Wear morning, day, night, any season.

    of the four, Eau D' Parfume is for me


    there are now 4 variations on Chanel 5 each presents a different note above the others. ask your Chanel Perfumeier to help you pick The One for you or for whomever you're giving it to. Eau D Parfume works best on me. It smells feminine, modern and even a bit Edgy. I can wear it day or night winter or summer, the notes come across a bit differently season to season but are always flattering.


    leafrustNorthern Region, NSW

    • 14 reviews

    Still a classic


    I first tried this on the ferry on my way from England to Paris in 2000 and thought have awful and cheap perfumey it smelt. However, when I smelled my wrist an hour later I couldn't believe the lovely scent that was lingering there. For me it is not a daytime perfume but is wonderful for night ware and is my usual scent for after the shower in the evenings for when I go out. Don't be put off by the smell of this in the bottle, put it on and see what happens to it when applied to your skin.

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    • 5 reviews
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    Ultimate Perfume


    Have used Chanel No 5 for 40 years - beautiful, refreshing and long lasting! Have the purse packs also. A wonderful perfume 24 hours a day! Use the Eau de parfum first thing in morning then refresh with Eau de toilette during the day. People always comment on my perfume

    Not the same anymore


    I don't remember how long I have been using channel, last Christmas 2014 I bought the perfume as as I finish my bottle already. I notice the smell does not last long anymore. I went overseas and bought the creme in duty free same does not last long even when used at the same time. I already notice it in my previous bottle that the smell does not stay as before. Very disappointing considering the price.

    Bleedin Holiday

    Bleedin Holidaykikia

    • 26 reviews

    No for me


    I tried this perfume on at david jones thinking I would love it but it didn't love me I received a big headache and felt queasy .first was a very heavy sweet smell then it smelt like lavatory cleaner. i do realise that this is a reaction to my skin its a shame back to the drawing board. lucky I didn't buy it first it is too expensive for perfume

    Pam stone

    Pam stoneNelson. victoria

    60 years of Chanel No 5


    Last January it was 60 years since i started using No 5 It was a 16th birthday present from my first boyfriend! Using it ever since. My daughter lives overseas & when homesick, or misses her Mum smells some Chanel No 5 - she has always said as a little girl she loved how "my mummy smells" Thank you Chanelxx
    Fresh clean & special

    Just the right finishing touch


    I have been using Chanel 5 since I was 18 - and that is many years. It always makes me feel good. It is subtle yet so distinctive. The compliments keep coming. I'd feel desolate without a bottle on my dressing table. I use eau-de-Toilette and the beauty of it is that it does not kill anyone else around me. Just a pervading warm flowery smell for me and those right near me.
    subtle yet distinctive and so pleasing
    absolutely nothing

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    WhAt is the difference between No. 5 EAU and Chanel5 EAU PREMIERE

    2 answers

    Im nog an expert ..but l feel Chanel 5 is stronger..
    Premier a lot lighter and for me not as strong..
    Depends on your age ..l'm older and have always loved the long lasting perfume Chanel 5 parfum .
    Sorry can't be of mire help
    Good luck ..


    Further to my recent reply..
    Best to ask trained Chanel staff in either Myer or David Jones
    Only 2 outlets l purchase from..
    Good Luck

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