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Chicco Polly never again!!

Honestly I thought spending top dollar would mean top quality.. I couldn’t be more wrong.. I bought the chicco Polly for $320 plus postage I have used it for about 6 months with my daughter who is now 15 months old .. the chair is soo difficult to clean plus the cover is by far the worst design, you can wipe one side which is fine although you can not wash the cover at all and the other side of the cover is completely mouldy and stained !! It runs a huge health risk for my daughter! Food and liquid gets under the cover due to poor design, as I said you can’t wash it due to the material .. I contacted chicco asking to send me 2 replacement covers.. they responded with a No as it’s wear and tear and that I have to buy a cover for $95!!! How can it be wear and tear when they designed it so it CANT be cleaned!!!! So I spend $320 plus postage for the high chair and now they expect me to spend $95 every 6 months for a new cover?!!! I could not be more unhappy and have learnt to NEVER spend top dollar as it does not mean quality! Plus their curstomer service is awful. Very unhappy

Purchased in February 2018 at Baby Bunting Physical store.

I hate this thing

Should have done my research! Lots and lots of reviews out there outlining how hard this thing is to clean!!! Nightmare!! I hate it soo much the food gets stuck everywhere! The stupid tray doesn't go in close enough so all dropped food goes straight down the sides.
I'm so glad I brought this secondhand I would be mega sad if I paid full price. Do yourself a favour and get a full plastic seat that you can add your own padding to.

I Hate Cleaning This Comfortable Chair

Great padding and comfort for baby, love the tray insert but too many areas food get stuck it, the padding stitching is deep so food gets stuck in there, food gets stuck on side of chair, good gets under padding - did I mention there are two layers of padding. I take the damn chair outside to hose it down cause I spend so much time getting food out of it.

Do yourself a favor and buy an easy to clean chair.

Love my Polly!

Bought from Amazon and imported to New Zealand, I absolutely love this high chair. The current rage in NZ are the mocka wooden high chairs but I find my polly is so adaptable, I've used it for 2 years now. My daughter used it from solid till sitting at the table with us. She would still be using it had her brother not come along. He now has his solids next to us at the table, I can click a button and he then can recline for a top up of his bottle. Because of the angel he holds his own bottle (5 months old).
Cleaning can be difficult, but I have a steam mop with detachable nozzle which keeps the chair spotless and chemical free. :)
Highly recommend! :)

Expensive and not designed well

Chair padding cracks easily, tray is bulky and food and water can enter the tray. You have to unscrew the top and bottom of the tray to give it a good clean. Crutch plate (which is attached to the tray) doesn't let you put the tray down flat, very annoying as have to remove everything off the tray. Wheels cratch wooden floors easily.
Frame is highly adjustable
Padding cracks over time so unhygienic, tray not designed well

Wonderful high chair that is great from little baby to toddler

We have had a Chicco Polly High Chair for 4 years now and loved it. It still looks and works perfectly and has been used every day. It has been a great and very colorful addition to our dining room and we have had lots of compliments about how great it looks. It is very easy to use and our two children have both been very comfortable and happy using it. The double layered seat cover is great too as it makes the chair very easy to transition from baby to toddler. I would recommend it to anyone.
Great looking with many features. Tray is very easy to remove with just one hand.
Can be fiddly to clean but the straps are removable as is everything else, so when you give it an all over clean it is easy to do.

Great highchair

I have used this with my bub since 3 months due to the wonderful 3 position incline, as he loves to be up at our level when we're preparing dinner or sitting at the table, especially as I was not keen on placing the bumbo on the table. Good also in case your little one falls asleep at dinner time!

Height adjustability is also a godsend with this chair- doesnt matter if we're standing up, at the dinner table, on the lounge, of even on the floor, it suits all purposes.

Parent tray to keep items/food out of the destruction zone and the child tray has two tops on it -easy to clean the main course off one while bubs eats finger food for dessert of the other :-)

Good quality 5point harness and when tray is locked in also, theres no way to escape.
Just a hint, if you got a light coloured harness with the chair, another $30. Spent on a navy replacement will save your sanity!

I do wonder about crotch room for the not so little boys however, there seems to be three adjustment points to how close the tray is, but I wonder if then the older child would need to be awkwardly postured to eat from the tray?

Love the bright colourful range, cushiony padding (no joke, my bubba did sleep in it - it also helped with staying inclined after a feed for his reflux!), and wipe clean fabric..

Height adjustablecand angle adjustable (up-down) adds the baby's comfort.

Handy mesh bag at back to keep the bits and pieces in.

Honestly, i love it!

Expensive investment

Great for little ones with hip dysplasia

I love this highchair. Its cushioned seat is comfy for bub and easily removed to be washed. It functions really well but it was also the only highchair that our son could fit in as he has hip dysplasia and had a brace and then plaster. We couldnt put the table top on while he was in the brace/plaster but at least he fit in it
Comfy, easily cleaned and height adjustable.
Wheels are not the best.

Great Colours!!

I bought this high chair for my daughter as I fell in love with the colours. At $299.00 from Baby Bunting I do regret buying it as I don't use any of its features. The parent tray was annoying so we never used it, we only use it in upright position and have never used the full recline. Our daughter is not one to fall asleep in her high chair as I have heard of other babies doing. The high chair has lots of crevices to clean and it can be a little annoying. I am always scared of scrubbing it in case I damage it! Folds well and it does look great. I regret the purchase over all as we could have done with an Ikea chair for about $25 that would have done the job!
Love the colours
Expensive, hard to clean

Comfortable and safe but hard to clean

I bought this high chair because I saw some online reviews and videos demonstrating the features of the chairs. I liked the idea that you could use if from a young age (recline mechanism means that you can use if from less than 6 months), that you could put the tray in the dishwasher, the tray can be pushed right up to the child to minimise mess, it could be folded away and that there are a number of different heights you can use for the highchair.

The reality is:
I didn't use the recline mechanism as my son had very good head control when he started solids at 4 months.
I don't use the different heights
The tray is very large and difficult to get in the dishwasher
Pushing the tray into the child makes him uncomfortable
Seems reasonably comfortable. The five point harness is effective in keeping the child in the highchair safely. It can be moved around the house easily, The chair is foldable. The chair can be pushed right into the table when the tray is removed.
The highchair is quite expensive. The padding is very difficult to clean as it has quite a lot of nooks and crannies - you can't just hose it down like other cheaper chairs. The tray is very large and difficult to put in the dishwasher, you can't really have much more on the dishwasher shelf. I didn't find a need for many of the features that the highchair has (e.g. recline, different heights).

A really well thought out product that's really well made too!

We read reviews of this high chair here before buying one second hand on eBay. It is a seriously good high chair and I wouldn't fail to recommend it to anyone. The removable tray has a cover which makes it easy to clean, the seat has a really nice padding which is also really easy to clean. The colours are gorgeous and we bought replacement straps easily from Chicco Aust. Our main reason for buying this chair was that we didn't want our daughter in a Bumbo on the table as it didn't feel stable enough and we were nervous about having her in a bouncer on the table while we ate dinner as well once she got a bit older, so we bought this chair so she could sit up and watch us while we ate dinner which made dinner time easier. The seat also nearly full reclines so we could have used it from about 3 months onwards. The other really good thing with it is that our 9 month old isn't standing up on her own yet and the tray design is such that it has a piece in the middle below which means for now we don't have to strap her in and she can just sit there (less hassle but still safe). Lastly, the harness is a proper 5-point one so she was always secure which was really good. It also has wheels that roll easily (all 4 and all of them lock) which means my husband wheels her around in the morning and she watches him get ready for work (time for Mum to eat breakfast!)
Really easy to clean, lovely padded material, lots of flexibility, very stable, easy to buy replacement parts (e.g. straps)
Price - yes, it is more costly than some but if you can find a good quality second hand one from eBay or on sale, go for it

Love it!

We loved this high chair - folds up nicely, tray stores on the rear legs when not in use and has two liners. It also has a great harness system that my daughter was never able to "escape" from and the seat itself reclines to different positions which was great for bottle feeds. The height adjustment settings meant we could sit her at the table with us at meal times too. After sales service from Chicco Polly was also excellent. One of the liners split and was replaced via our place of puchase with verification. Good colours available too.
see description
A bit tricky to clean all the nooks and crannies at times.

Wish I had have bought one of these first!

The BEST high chair on the market! It has two lots of padding in it so it suits a littler baby and a toddler! I love that it can go up to the table at many differnt heights and the tray arms fold away to be able to put it right in close to the table.
The footrest has lots of different options too that are really good, the height of the foot rest can be ulterd and so can the angle! It is everything thyou will ever need in a highchair! I am so glad that I found it!
has two liners, completely adjustable, can take the straps off to be cleaned completely.
Hard to clean in all the little nooks and crannys, food hides under the liner and can be easily missed.


Love it, love it, love it. I did a lot of research before buying this chair and both my daughter and I love it and find it easy to use.
Lightweight and easy to move around. Height settings are great as it allows my daughter to sit up at bench level to watch me work in the kitchen. Nice big tray to keep food and drinks at a safe distance and also big enough for plenty of toys and blocks to slap around while she is watching me work.
Not to sure what the parent tray is really for...seems to be a bit of a gimmick. I use the useless bib holder / mesh bag to store the parent tray in...seems to be custom built for it. The other con is that my daughter loves to kick out the tray when I adjust the tray table to get her out of the chair. If I am not careful the tray will go flying! The only thing that I would change would be having a fixed hob (like F&P) onto the seat of the chair to stop her kicking out the tray. Other than that, the chair is definitely worth the money.

Very satisfied with this one!

I did lots and lots of research, read lots of reviews and debated over what high chair to purchase. I am very fussy and can honestly say that I am very happy with this chair. It is so easy to use, all adjustments are highlighted in orange. It is quite comfortable, the tray has several adjustments so you can get they tray nice and close to baby. It has four wheels which make moving it around so easy. It is height adjustable and you can recline the chair so I was able to put my 4 month old in it.
Easy to use, folds compactly, great size tray, very functional
It is one of the more expensive high chairs but if you shop around you can save $$$


I researched my choice and believe I picked the best high chair for my needs. It looks in tip top shape with my very first seem tear in the top padding just about a month ago. It has done my three children, full time for five years and all I would do is replace that top padding to pass on a great chair. Everything needs cleaning with kids. A regular quarterly going over with a cloth. Straps through the washing machine and pullout and wipe down the padding. It is clean and hygenic all the time with just a little effort. It owes me nothing, so has been money well spent. Would recommend 100%
I love my chicco polly! Even now after five years and three kids the same polly has done them all. The 'take off' tray is such a great feature. It makes it so much easies to wipe the kids down if you can wisk the food away first. The reclining positions were wonderful, especially with a new baby, being able to strap them in and lie them back for a bottle off the ground away from toddlers. It certainly has standed the test of time.
I agree, with the previous review, that I hardly used the parent tray and too, kept it in the very handy mesh bag with all my bibs. I also agree that the tray can be kicked out when you are trying to adjust them, when they get that little bit older.

Better than the others I have had to date...

This is now our 4th highchair and has been the best so far to date. It is sturdy but yet easy to move when the brakes are off. It appears very comfortable for the child. It is easy to get your child in and out of the chair. The tray is easy to get on and off and is light and easy to clean. The cover for the chair can easily be removed and cleaned, and the straps are easy to adjust. The colours available are nice and should go with most home decor. We have not found much use for the extra cup holder but it is good to know the option is there. I must say that this chair is safe enough on tiles compared to other brands we have had. It will still move a little but nowhere near as much as other brands (such as Love n Care).


When looking for a high-chair a lot of "checklists" said to look for one that reclines - which was one reason why we bought the Polly. However we have never used this function and bub hated being reclined in it anyway. The adjustable height is great and the high chair is very stable and I have never worried about bubs safety in it. Overall, if I was buying again I'd look for something more streamlined and easier to clean - so long as it had a five point harness and a stable base.
Removable top tray. Easier (not easy, but easier) to keep clean than some other high chairs I have tried. 5-point harness saftey (great for when toddler decides all of a sudden they've had enough and want to climb out right NOW). Adjustable height. Wide, stable base. Casters to wheel high-chair. Foot rest. Store bibs in the back pocket.
We have limited space and I purchased this product because it folds up quite slim - however I didn't realise just how much constant use the high-chair would get (all those snacks etc) so we never fold it. We'd have been better off getting a chair that took up less room when in use, rather than folded. Light coloured straps hard to clean and fiddly to remove for more thorough cleaning. Food easily trapped in the slit that goes the whole way around the tray. Top tray easily removable by toddler (some other chairs we have used had the top tray fold over the bottom tray a lot more and were harder to remove). Parent tray nice idea but I found it to be useless and got in the way. The distance from the seat to the top of the tray is quite high and would be better if a bit lower so tray more easily accessed by baby.


Although this chair looks good in terms of functionality, I would NOT recommend buying it from a maintenance and durability perspective.
The tray is easy to use, and chair height is easily adjustable, which is a great feature when it comes time for your little one to join you at the table. My daughter is 2 and a half and she is still happy to sit in her chair. (She uses the 'footrest' as a step and can now get into it herself- I'm not sure this is what it was designed for!) I use the mesh bag to store bibs/ cloths- very handy.
VERY difficult to keep clean, even when the chair is new and intact- lots of 'nooks' for food to get into. After about 18 months, the seams started to deteriorate, and we now have a very mucky crevice of exposed foam.


Great high chair, glad I took the time to look around and also found this on sale, well worth the bargin.
Very easy to use and versatile. The multi-height is great and moving the table in and out is easy.
Double layer padding (for age appropriate use) can get a bit dirty.

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Chicco Polly
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