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Citymove Removals NSW, Marrickville

Citymove Removals NSW, Marrickville

4.1 from 29 reviews

They where very polite and professional

They arrived on time and communicated with a phone call when they left there premises to let you know they are on there way and on arrival. I would recommend them to family and friends with no hesitation.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville


We needed to storage 9 pallets on a 20 feet container. the distance was not to long since we are located in Marrickville. Everything went well but there was a 3 hours delay.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Friendly service. Easy to work with.

The move involved shifting items within a commercial office space. The two guys from Citymove acting as 'Hired Muscle' were friendly and helpful. Happy to do whatever was asked of them and were both careful and efficient. They arrived on time. We'd be happy to use Citymove anytime. Highly recommended.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Friendly, expert service

Moved two rooms and a lot of boxes to my new house with these guys. They are super friendly, professional and go above and beyond a moving service. I don’t normally write reviews but these guys are exceptional. Highly recommended!

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

1st class service, 1st class team

We moved into our new office and the guys turned up on time and didn’t stop. They were careful and delicate with all of our items and always asking questions about where to our items etc.

The best moving company we have used yet.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

3.5 hours late and 3 x the quoted price

3.5 hours late and 3 x the quoted price

Booked a 1pm arrival on a Friday afternoon as we live on a clearway (which was advised). All of this was no problem with the booking agent. Until the day of arrival and I had to chase the chase where the removalists were, only to be told we were booked in a 'guide time' of 1pm - 5pm. This was not explained on booking. Once they eventually arrived at 4.30pm there was no parking anywhere nearby, we missed our booked move in slot at our new building (located one block away - which took them 35 minutes to drive to) and were charged an additional $250 'out of ours' fee by the building manager. They then took 4 hours to move 31 items of furniture from our 2 bedroom apartment (no boxes included in the move, we had already moved them). This number includes small items like bedside tables and 5 dining chairs. This came to a fantastic total of $800 when we were quoted $350. They also dragged our $3,000 mattress through a car park and shredded the cover and 2 sides of the mattress.

So a total move cost of $1,050 to move a few items across the street, and destroyed a $3,000 mattress.

Worst mistake I've ever made when moving house. I should have followed my instincts when I saw only positive reviews here - afterwards I found out they have been fined twice before for posting fake positive reviews. I felt sorry for the guys moving, who had obviously been booked on way too many jobs that day and didn't get to finish till 8.30pm on a Friday night. 0/100 - AVOID.

Also contacted the company twice before posting this review to give them a chance to compensate and explain - to no reply after waiting 2 weeks. But I can guarantee they will call you to book in within 1 minute of placing an online quote request.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Fast & Trustworthy - B2B moves - Highly Professional

Our fit out & property services company use Citymove at least once per month to relocate our clients from one office to another. Our clients are always happy with their moving experience. Citymove call center staff are incredibly professional - Ariana is just fantastic! Citymove always go above and beyond - clean, reliable, knowledgeable and they can pack and store goods also. It is the moving company we can trust with our clients and customers.
Marta - RPS Project Services www.rpsproject.com.au

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Fantastic service

I recently moved apartments within NSW (I simply moved a couple of suburbs away)

I had a bad pre-move experience with Six Brothers Removalists. I made a booking then ordered removal boxes from them. The day before they were supposed to be delivered, they phoned to say they can't deliver them and if I could stay at home on another day. Then they didn't show up at the agreed second delivery time either. I then cancelled the booking as I didn't trust them. Thankfully they refunded my money within a few hours. After looking at the reviews on this site for six brothers, I should never have booked them in the first place.

I then trawled this site to see which removalist had the best reviews and citymove seemed to have great feedback. I decided to go ahead and book (this was on a Thursday and I was moving on that very same Saturday, i.e a few days later).

From the minute I called, the lady on the phone was very professional and it seems that their systems and processes were rock solid. I asked the lady if it was possible to deliver boxes so close to the moving date. She said she would check with the courier but told me there shouldn't be a problem and would call me back. I then put the phone down after having made the booking. She called back very quickly and told me the boxes could be delivered when I had requested (which they did).

On the day of the move, a big truck with two guys showed up and they just handled everything flawlessly. The quality of the vehicle and the uniformed staff gave me a lot of confidence. Aside from moving all of my things very carefully, they bubble wrapped the fridge and washing machine and were extra careful with those. The two removalists were very helpful and friendly.

After around 5-6 hours, I paid the final bill using their iPhone app and it was all done flawlessly.

The communication over the phone and email from this company was first class. You feel as though you have a personal account manager for your move from start to end and that you're the only one moving house that day.

I would definitely use this company again. Excellent customer service and once you book them you have nothing to worry about. Even if you're able to find companies that may be a little cheaper, after my experience with Six brothers, saving a few hundred dollars isn't worth it.

Highly recommended!

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Charged for a service that didn't happen

Movers charged me $120 for bubble wrap which never happened. Wouldn't let me look at the breakdown before payment. Never mentioned the bubble wrap. Asked me to sign after payment? They used shrink wrap and blankets which would have been $30, not $120.00. Invoice said they used 40 meters of wrap.I'm sure I would have seen something that large enter our house. I was also helping to move.

Been a week, and still not resolved. Was happy with the move until this. Used their services, thinking this sort of thing wouldn't happen. They did take photos of our house but not of the truck which would have shown the lack of bubble wrap used. Included photos of other movers instead. Very disappointed. Not something you want to go through when you're moving into your new home.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Day before my move they say no driver so sending 4 tonne truck instead of 20 tonne!

I booked my move a month ago and a 10 tonne truck was required. Today a day before my move they call me and say there is no driver and will have to give me a 4 tonne and will not charge me 1 way. There is more cost increment in having 2 trips than just one way mileage- the twice loading and unloading and lesser men to do all the work. The operations guy was not helpful at all when I asked to speak to the manager. The driver is not available but the 10 tonne truck is so they can get a replacement to fulfill customer need for a 10 tonne truck. They charge by the hour so having two trips turns out more expensive. It's last minute's notice and there is no focus on customer service at all and they tell you the day before the move and will not give any options favourable to customer. The operations guy seemed determined in saying there is no other option without even escalating yet to manager who will call me back in 2 hours. Lets see if the manager is more reasonable. Dont be fooled if you can get a more reliable mover go with a different one instead of citymove!

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Beware - Citymove take photos of your house after they move you in

Beware - The removalists take photos of your house on their personal mobile phones after they move you in. Apparently this is their procedure so that they can attach a photograph to your invoice. There is no good reason for doing this, especially given the security concerns this causes. Hopefully these photos don't end up on a "good places to break into" website. Beware!!! Especially ladies living on their own.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville
Hi PR1, I am so sorry you felt this way. The movers are expected to take access photos to verify compliance with WHS standard for hazardous workplaces. They also have to photograph their loads for us to audit their packing and loading techniques to ensure we keep to best practices. Any photos taken are emailed to clients with their invoice and are only used for internal quality assurance purposes. After your complaint, hwoever we have changed our introduction process for the drivers to better educate customers on our process so they dont feel as you have felt. For this I am sorryCitymove. Domestic premises are not hazardous workplaces, by any reasonable standards. I have moved many times domestically and internationally and no other removal company has taken photographs of my home. Citymove is out of line with its competitors in this practice. Furthermore, the employee that took the photographs was instructed by his manager to delete the photographs. After assuring both his manager and myself that he had, it turned out that he lied as he sent me the photos by email a couple of days later. Buyers beware - these are the dishonest men that are taking photographs of your home.

Perfect service, 100% recommend!

My move was from a tiny studio to storage, from the beginning to the end, the team was efficient, friendly, punctual and had a sense of humour, I am very impressed and would use them again in a heartbeat. I was utterly delighted, not one complaint whatsoever.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Quick, Reliable and Stress Free

Although not a large size in furniture moving. Weather was horrible, however the most reliable service yet. Came on time, and even reached the destination of new home quicker than I thought.
Daniel + Leo = They definitely should be recommended :) A very dependable service even from a 1-2 Day Request. Will use again for sure.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Careful, friendly and efficient

1 bedroom house with lots of large plants. Daniel and his helper were excellent.
Very careful with our wood floors and newly painted walls.
Short distance move that was timely.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Professional Services

Very pleased with the team at citymove. Fantastic service. Thanks to Daniel & Leonardo very professional and hard workers.
This was the second time we have used Citymove and both time we have been very satisfied with Citymove.
Would highly recommend to family and friends to use citymove services.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Highly recommend

Fellipe and Gilmar were friendly, reliable, and efficient in moving everything from our 1 from house into storage. Would highly recommend them!

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Big job. Well done.

We cannot express enough gratitude to Ivan and Thiago! We moved to a 1 bedroom apartment from a 3 bedroom share house, but have A LOT of stuff, even we under estimated how much we had...This included a monstrous 150kg fishtank, a balcony garden that resembled the set of Jurassic park with at least 6 large plants (2 in heavy terra cotta/stone plantars)! add to this all the standard apartment furniture including a 550ltr fridge, heavy queen bed frame with inbuilt drawers, a large L shaped leather couch, heavy mahogany tv cabinet, front load washing machine, these were not easy items to move. All this packed the 4T truck to the brim which the guys filled like a game of Tetris, but unbelievably secure. Due to the amount of stuff not everything could fit, but was happy to deal with that myself, there was not an inch of space left.
Throw in a 5 level, 35 stair obstacle with only a 2.5 by 1.5 space at each level to move in and you can just imagine how difficult this was... While I'll say that I feel the boys were under prepared for the job, this wasn't their fault (citymove you could at least supply some moving straps to save their backs - about $20 at bunnings). Thiago battled the stair case single handedly with the washing machine as no trolleys could fit, valiant effort. I have no idea how they got the cabinet, fish tank and fridge through that stair case, but they did and did it well. Even after 3 and a half hours of grueling torture, the boys started running at the end to get the final boxes in before the storm hit!
Only one issue with payment and that was your app can't take AMEX, it won't let you put in a 4 digit CVN thing or whatever it is, had to call head office to process the payment. While it did get sorted in end, it just meant Ivan and Thiago had to hang around for an unneeded 20 mins, which I'm sure they didn't need after all their efforts, fix your app citymove.
All in all, blown away, can't thank Ivan and Thiago enough.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Great Service!!

Viny and Fernando did an awesome job of our 2 bedroom terrace house move. They were on time, worked quickly and professionally, and were really nice guys to top it off. I don't normally write reviews, but they impressed me so much I thought I'd go to the effort on this occasion.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Efficient and great!

Moved a 2 bed apartment with ease and speed, handled furniture carefully. Removalists were punctual and respectful of beloved items, and we appreciate the care and attention given even though the move was only about five kilometres! -- all in all, would recommend. Worth the money to spend for professionalism and great customer service.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville

Stay Away

Booked my 2 bedroom move with these clowns, they gave me "earliest and best slot" 7:30AM. These guys appeared after 1:30 hours. In the meantime, I made numerous calls to their numbers, not a single person called me back and told me any reasons for the delay, etc.

I had to step in by looking at their speed, still took 4 hours to complete the move, charged me $530 and gave $30 discount.

This was my second move with them so thought they will treat me good but now will never repeat the mistake and just leaving this review so people can also learn by my mistake.

Office LocationNSW, Marrickville
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Hi Mukesh, Sincere apologies we arrived late on your move the other week. Unfortunately delays can happen due to unforseen even events on the day, and the best we can do is get the guys there as fast as we can and honour our on-time guarantee in which we refund $1/min for each minute up to $30 minutes, which does have a limit of $30. I do apologise that you had some difficulty getting through to the office that morning. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you, as I do understand that how frustrating this must have been. We have had some issues with out phone lines lately which we are looking at resolving, however we do also expect all of our drivers, to text the morning customers the night before in order to provide an open line of communication once the office has closed. Please contact our customer solutions team on CS_Started@citymove.com.au if you would like to discuss this further.

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