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Very good event

I found my Mr. Right through at adelaide event. We have been together 13 moths and we are getting marry next May. So excited... I believe you can find your special person at there.

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Hi Chao, Thank you for sharing your amazing news! Congratulations to both of you :)

Not good value. Wouldn't recommend.

Good. 10 min dates is the perfect duration, not too short and not too long. Venues are spacious. Mobile interface is good, allows for them to have and move more people, but requires Phone and Internet which can be a negative.
Good. A lot of people in attendance at the event, so even if your dates didn't go well, you could converse with other hopefuls.
Bad. Number of dates, 6 is too low for the night, and some girls had to have 'friendly dates' with other females due to lack of numbers. People I spoke to afterwards, agreed it wasn't enough value for money. They need to bump it up to 10 dates, especially given the low probability of speed dating matches.
Bad. Post dates, you are left in the dark, and don't know the outcome, this could have been managed better with a Yes / No or Maybe. They need to really improve this aspect. I messaged two lovely ladies on their site afterwards, and surprise surprise - plausible deniability, no response. With other organisers, you can exchange contacts when you match. This also reduces the shilling and plants, of which I suspect cityswoon of doing. ie. Planting fake singles into events.

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Hello Hank, Thank you for the feedback, good and bad. We don't run traditional speed dating, so there are less 'dates' but we encourage you to meet the other participants and contact them too. 6 dates is unusual. Mostly there's 7-8. Most people find that the open format is more organic and relaxed for most of our participants. But, I'm sorry you didn't get a response to the messages you sent. Fake singles!? No way. Everyone is validated by mobile number, buys a tickets (no free tickets). We run about 30 events across Australia each month with a large database of singles. Everyone is there to meet people and highly motivated to do so. Hopefully you give it another try?

Not worth it at all

Went to a Canberra event recently for $89 and ended by with only 4 dates with Women. The numbers were extremely lopsided. I don't know the exact numbers; but it was something like 6 Women to 12 Men. Cityswoon match you guys calling them "Wing Men". On the night, I got matched to other guys 3 times.

I am not paying such a high amount to meet other guys. I would have much more preferred the night was cancelled (even at a late stage) than show up for this farce of an event.

Hi Raj, As you know from your attendance at a previous event, this experience is not normal as we usually have around 28-40 guests - way more than any other dating events company - instead of 7/11 at this one. Also, as we explained to all the guests, including your self, the was a very high number of very late cancellations at this event and it was too late to cancel. Of course, we would never run an event with those numbers, but most people were already there or about to arrive. We believe all the participants, including yourself, were well compensated the next day. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens at events, but it happens very rarely with us.I received no compensation at all, so I'm not sure what you mean by well compensated the next day. This was my first time at Canberra. The previous instance was in Sydney and that went well. Talking to other people at the Canberra event, they said it was a regular occurrence in Canberra.Hi Raj, we've been successfully operating in Canberra since 2016 with several events per month and very low rates. We offered you a future event at cost in compensation. We rarely have this type of issue occur. Perhaps you didn't get the email? If not, please get in touch.

Zero talent and average hosts!

Ok so where do I start?
Overpriced! Simple.
What I found at Cityswoon is it's nasty and too much for what you get! There are a couple of other speed dating organisers that charge half the price with double the quality.
If you're after reasonable looks or more in a partner with some sanity venture elsewhere.
It is exploring vulnerabilities in single people and advertises falsely in their pictures, if you think they look like that then you'll be more disappointed!
My advice is try others and you may just be pleasantly surprised.
Stupid concept of using technology that's not necessary to find our date, ridiculous!
At the end of the day money is invested to find a possible partner not using our phones.
Technology has ruined relationships so why use one during a date???!!!
Cityswoon has it half right but are missing essentials.
After attending a few events with them and trying others I recommend you do the same, try others.
I have some stories I can share but what I say is this...
If you believe in your product, give a money back guarantee, so Cityswoon that is what I think should be offered but they won't because they know they dish out garbage.
Good luck and hope you find love

Hi, As Australia's number one dating events company we offer a huge range of events, priced from $49 to $89. The price depends on the inclusions, like free flowing drinks, great food and properly trained, experienced and friendly hosts. We are the only fully professional outfit in the country and the quality of our events is the best without a doubt. From huge charity events with +300 people all dating at once, to a more intimate event at a handpicked, awesome bar, you won't find our equal in service. We know it's great value because of our popularity. In fact, our new tech concept is so popular, it's now taking New York by storm. We acknowledge we can't please everyone, but we always deliver on our advertised services and remain very focused on making dating fun and successful. RegardsI have spoken with multiple people who attended Cityswoon events and 90 % have been disappointed ! Only few come back and only because you have limited competition so people have few options. Please don't mention New York as you have absolutely zero skill comparison or a more reasonable range of singles who don't use fake pics to sell their product! What Im saying is this, Cityswoon take advantage of vulnerable singles providing less than average dates and are mislead by pics and on the multiple times I attended did not see anything like that. Your hosts are boring and I hope more people do try as they will continually be disappointed with what is in front of them. If any others have tried and are unhappy please comment. If any female would like to start up our own speed dating events to compete with the same nights Cityswoon are having their events please leave a message! If that takes place I will better Cityswoon , half the price, better venue and quality singles. Cityswoon dominates a market with ZERO competition and that's why they con you for your dollars. Brett.Hi Brett, We don't cater for men who want to meet women 15-20 years younger than themselves as you complained to me personally, several times, that we don't do. You are clearly better off with the competition. We work extremely hard to produce the best events possible, every time we stage an event. We have with very few cancellations - unlike our competition who cancel up to 3 out of 4 events, or worse. Our **cancellation rate is less than 1%** and no one ever loses their money. This is not easy or cheap to do. We are a family business and we do it for the challenge of making dating better. We know we are doing this well and that keeps us going despite the few noisy naysayers such as yourself. Producing singles events is a highly demanding and specialised skill. We are, I strongly believe, the clear leaders, because of our dedication to this and the huge word of mouth recommendations we get from people in relationships and who've had a great time at our events. Proof is in the results. Regards, Brett

Well organised and a fun night

I was really nervous about my first time speed dating but the nerves soon passed on entering. Chris greeted me with a warm welcome and all nerves faded. All the guys were friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was nice to have the opportunity to engage in conversation with compete strangers in a relaxed environment.

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Hi MrPJB, thanks so much for taking the time to review us - we're really glad you enjoyed the night! Happy Dating!

Too expensive, poor quality of men, no variety of drinks on tap.

My first ever Cityswoon date night. The guys were already drunk by 8 pm. I couldn't figure out whether it was the alcohol talking or dating jitters. Phew!. A great way to mingle but poor quality of men and they didn't offer ciders. I had to pay for it. The online matching is even worse. I have responded to so many questions without any replies. Frustrating to say the least. I am a single Perth lady ready to mingle.

November 11th 2018 Update: Poor matching criteria!

What criteria do you use when doing the speed date matching? I attended my second cityswoon recently and i was disappointed with the quality of the men available. Nothing in common with all the guys i was matched with. Majority of them have grown up kids - i don't but looking forward to having some in the near future. Do something about the men to women ratio. Secondly, do your matching based on common values and interests available on profiles.

Great Relaxed Way to Date

After being to many other speed dating nights I found City Swoon the best way to meet new people. The relaxed atmosphere and venues are on point. The Staff running the event and the app used make it very easy to find your next date. I would recommend this over any other speed dating company due to the fact you get more time with each date and dont feel rush in a straight line.

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Hi John, thanks for sharing your thoughts on our events, we appreciate it and will pass on your thoughts to our hosts and venues. We do try and make the events as 'natural' as we can. Happy dating!

Met the One

Met a beautiful girl in a crowed bar as a result on the City Swoon event, we hit it off and there has been no looking back. Shot down to Melbourne for the ballet and proposed during the intermission.

We were in the right place at the right time both mind body and soul.

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Hi Turtle, thank you for sharing that awesome news! ***Congratulations***

Great fun and well structured

After trying both speed dating and online dating previously, this was a great experience. I was matched with like minded people in a fun and relaxed environment. I met my partner through city swoon and have been with her for 8 months. We are both still amazed that we found each other and are so thankful. Thanks City Swoon

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Hi Brett, Wow! That's fantastic news. We are so happy for both of you! We love hearing about this. Thanks for sharing.

Fun night

This date night event was awesome, the staff are amazing. One in particular staff member is Chris from Sydney!

He is the admin guy and he was so amazing over emails! You will not regret going or if you email Chris, he was so accommodating and went beyond his way for me.

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Hi Anne, thank you for the review! We really appreciate it.


I have been to quite a lot of speed dating over the years . So to sit for 15 minutes on a date is way too long. 8 dates in total . Food was trash and basic drinks the only good thing was the host. Worst set up iv been too no atmosphere full boring I wanted to leave when I got there. These girls were not matched to me and also they need to check if as fact most were older than 49 Total waste of my time and money. There are plenty of better sites than this and half the price. They indicated 15 dates not 8

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Hi Dissappointed, Dates at our events last 10-13 minutes, but because people are free to roam, there's a bit of time for a reshuffle - so talk time of around 8-12. This works for the vast majority, but we're always giving different offers and event types. "Food was trash" We simply don't believe it. Sorry. Please get in touch with the details of the venue you attended so we can investigate. Our hosts send photos and if there are issues with food, we know about it. Our venues are handpicked and include some of the best bars in Australia. Is the drinks or the host the only "good thing"? The drinks are included in the price at some events. Our host are fantastic. "They indicated 15 dates not 8" No, we advertise around 8 dates, but you can message all participants the next day, so no one limits your opportunities to go an say Hi. Most people stay on after the dating session. All the best.

I've recommended it to my girlfriends...

I'm no longer single, but after recommending it to yet another girl friend recently, I realised I should probably write a review :P

Cityswoon is a speed dating site which doesn't follow the typical speed dating format. Instead of the ladies being seated with the guys rotating after every 5 minutes, their web app matched me to a subset of guys who met my criteria, who I got to talk to for longer. There is ample time for mingling, however, where I got the opportunity to talk to people I hadn't matched with.

- I found the quality of guys better compared to other companies. This is probably due to the higher cost, $89 (as of early last year). I'd meet 6-8 guys versus the 15-20 guys in other companies, but quality > quantity.
- The events were well run. The hosts were professional, the venues were great, there was yummy food and drinks on offer. The food was quite delicious, versus another company who served Dominos at a bar!
- I liked how they didn't match me up with anyone I'd matched with previously.
- It was good to be matched with people who met my general criteria. For example, having kids is important to me. While speaking to another lady who matched with someone I didn't, she mentioned that neither of them wanted kids. It would've been a dealbreaker for me, so it saved me the effort of getting to know this person.

- Since I was only matched with people I hadn't met before, there were times when I wasn't meeting a lot of men during the events. After I had been going semi-regularly (once a month for three, four months?), I found that I had more "friend dates" (where they matched me up with another lady for a chat) and I wasn't meeting as many men.
- The site allows everyone who's been to the event to message each other afterwards. There was a bit of awkwardness when I had to turn down some men I wasn't interested in. (Messaging is on their website, so no contact details are exchanged.)

- The longer time spent on each date can be either a pro or a con. If it's someone interesting, obviously it's a good thing, otherwise not!
- Their web app, whilst the session is going on. I'm not a big fan of having a conversation while having my mobile nearby and having to continuously keep an eye on it. But some of the questions in the app were great conversation starters.

I went out with a couple of guys, one of whom I dated for a few months. Ultimately, I met my now-partner online, but I always recommend this service to my friends. One of them prefers Cityswoon over another speed dating company, saying that the quality of guys was better.

As with any speed dating event, you never know who might turn up... there are times I've not been interested in anyone, while other times I've ended up with quite a few 'matches'. Just go with an open mind and take it as an opportunity to mingle and have a few fun chats with the opposite gender!

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Hi Emme, Thank you for taking the time to give such a comprehensive and accurate review! We believe we offer the best dating events service in the country and work very hard to make every event the best it can be, so that people can meet in a great environment to, hopefully, form relationships or at the very least, have a great night out! Of course, we are always looking for ways to make it even better or confirm that what we are doing is working well. So, your review really helps. Thanks again :)

Great format to meet people in person! Very relaxed and fun.

The event's themselves are well organised and fun natured. I enjoyed all of my matched dates, whether they were successful or not due to the format of how the dates were arranged, for example the way the website gave you the person to find live and then in the date sent you questions so you can score points were fun, it gave us all something to talk about.

I changed my rating to a 5 as I had to speak with customer service around a billing issue. My issue was dealt with fast and efficiently, it was a very smooth process. Based on this level of customer service, it enhanced the whole experience with City Swoon.

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Thank you for the feedback!

Highly recommend for speed dating

After being on the singles scene for a while and trying various different ways to meet people, I would say that Cityswoon is professionally run, has great customer service, friendly hosts and is a relaxed concept - much better than traditional speed dating. I was lucky to meet my partner at the last event I attended! Thank you Cityswoon.

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Hi LovelyL, Thank you for taking the time to leave this review and for letting us know about your relationship. What great news!! All the very best. Brett, Louise and the Cityswoon team

Misleading business conduct

I joined the City swoon membership for one year, but only been to their event once, I found out it was very misleading and disappointed. The event was poor organised, attendees were randomly matched and meet up, you "had" whoever turned up that night - As other's said, chance is similar as you met someone on a bus stop, it doesn't worth the money. Kindly remind others, please do your homework and check other negative reviews before you go ahead, Not worth the money. Last, be-careful joining their membership!!! After I moved to oversea, they still charged me membership without any notice, when I raised my concern immediately, they didn't sort out the problem professionally, just ignored, ignored, ignored! Very unprofessional and Poor business conduct!

Hi V, Membership is optional and easily canceled at any time as clearly stated on the website, emails and renewal emails and any other communications. But, you do need to cancel it or let us know you want it cancelled and this is also made very clear. That's pretty common practice. You did not do this. We pride ourselves on being the only professional dating events provider in Australia. So we are a little surprised to hear of this complaint as we responded to you in a timely and professional manner. We believe we have addressed your concerns promptly and fairly. We know who you are because of your recent emails and one star reviews everywhere and we don't get them that often, despite your private profile here. RegardsHi Chris, I don't think there is anything wrong to share this experience and let others know how bad the event you organised. This review platform let other customers get insights before their shopping, it is very fair. How this relate to you know who I am? I don't understand your logic. Actually, It is good you know who I am and hope it help you improve your service in the future. Yes, it is a very negative experience to deal with you guys. Again, you never sent out any renewal email and notice. After one year, out of blue you charged the fee. There is not any clear statement about cancellation on your main page or show anywhere obviously, are you talking the true? You even didn't sent out a bill after you charged the membership $168 ! When I noticed the charge, I contact you immediately - sent out 3 emails, then you denied and refused to click the figure to refund. When I told you this is unfair and misleading conduct , asked what is your company's option/solution for further dispute - sent out another 3 emails, so far no reply, you just ignored and brush away, is this the immediately response and professional manner you mentioned above? Look at your replies to other negative reviews, you always criticised and said it is the customers' fault , surprise how unprofessional and disrespectful you are and you still call yourself a proud business. I wonder how many unhappy customers you have before, as we normally walked away from unhappy shopping experience and we don't have time waste on negativity. If we input energy to write down the negative experience again, it really means something. Hope this help and happy to continue to share!Hi, We always listen and act, where appropriate, to reviews and feedback. We have been over the membership process and we constantly review it. All communications were sent to you as described. We believe it is very clear and transparent. I can't see where you stopped your membership or notified us to stop it, nor have you supplied any details of this to date to us. If you have evidence of this, please forward it and we will address it. Like any membership, such as a gym, you need to cancel it if you no longer want it. Sorry your experience was negative. We run over 25 event's monthly across Australia with many happy couples resulting from these events, but I understand that sometimes not everyone can be pleased, even though this is our aim. Regards, Brett Owner of Cityswoon

Good customer service

My 1st experience wasn't great however Chris did the right thing and gave me a discount off the next event. Thanks for your understanding and good customer service Chris...

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Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Our priority is looking after you and ensuring that all our customers have a great experience with Cityswoon. Very occasionally, things don't go to plan. That's events! I'm sure your next event will be fantastic. Kind regards, Brett

Wallflowers opinion

I attended one of the Brisbane social events. I was nervous and attending by myself. This ended up probably one of the best nights out I've had in a while. The six meets were well coordinated (even though I wasn't), Made friends with a few people and had a genuinely fun time once I got over my nerves

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Hi Justin, thank you for the review! With 6 meets, that would have been our big Brisbane Spring Party. It was a huge success with excellent feedback. Thanks again for making your feedback public and helping to spread the word! We love hearing this!

An Amazing Experience!

I have been to quite a few of the City Swoon events and I find them amazing! The team on the night are always professional, friendly and will happily have a chat after the event to get some instant feedback, which I think is a great way to gain a feel for how everything is going.
It's such an awesome way to meet new people, whether it be a new BFF that you might meet on a "wingman" round or your actual dates - which are just people that you wouldn't meet in a normal night out. I can't wait til these guys introduce me to the man of my dreams #nopressure. The ability to sit face to face and date up to 6 or 7 guys in one night and chat to them for 10 minutes is great! Rarely is the conversation a struggle and you never really know where it will go!
The venues are clearly selected carefully - not only to support our local small bars but to give us another great new venue to explore via their attentive staff, cocktail menu or outstanding wine list.
Maybe you will be my next date?
Thanks City Swoon - you are legends!

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Hi VegemiteLover, Thanks for taking the time to review us. It's great to hear that you have had such an awesome time at our events!

Great way of meeting sinlges

Having attended a few of these events, I can safely say that the company is professional and the venues chosen are quite good. The company provides events for various age groups ensuring that when you attend an event, you are bound to meet girls within your age range. The use of the mobile phone to provide your dates for the evening shows that this sort of speed dating can be fun rather than the conveyor belt style speed dating that most companies provide. As a bonus, differing from the one glass of champagne served by other companies, there is freely flowing alcohol throughout the event as well as decent food snacks served mid-event.

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Hi Author, Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed the events!

A good way to meet a general mix of people over drinks

I write this from the perspective of a female in her early 30s. The review is for 3 events between Feb 2017 and June 2017.

This is a good way to get out and have a few drinks and a good time.

I found half the men attending were not looking for long term relationships. At least one man at an event would happily openly say he was looking for a quick hook up after.

I found around 20% were the cliched short fat men you meet at speed dating.

Quite a few lied about their age (up to 5 years less), this is usually men in their late 30s or early 40s. Cityswoon should introduce some kind of ID check.

Perhaps 40% in the 28+ age groups were in a professional job, but in the 25+ events this drops to 25%.

I would recommend this for a woman in her 30s who just wants to get out of the house and feel like she is doing something about her dating life. It's a lot of fun!

I would not recommend this if you have been dating heavily already and hoping to use this as an extra way to meet a potential long term partner. The chances are slim if you are a professional looking for an equal.

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Hi Sydney Girl, Thank you for taking to time to review us and so glad you had such fun! It’s very surprising that you found “half the men attending were not looking for long term relationships”? A quick check on our database indicates only a tiny fraction (1.7%) are looking for Casual Relationships. We certainly position ourselves well away from that too. We find the vast majority of Cityswoon daters genuinely want to meet someone for a relationship. We have hundreds of reports of relationships, lots of engagements and marriages and even a few babies – not bad going for a young, fast growing Australian company! And, importantly, this is why we do it! We are not a global mega-company, so we are focused on getting people matched up in a fun, friendly and sophisticated way. We don’t keep data on ‘short fat bald men’, but average height is at the national average, so it’s a pretty normal spread of people. 20% seems very high. Also, very surprising is your statement that only 40% are professionals. According to our database, no less than 85% of members are professionals or who hold a degree across the whole age span you mention. Our events are premium events and this reflects in the attendees. So, with respect, those numbers are simply wrong. We do conduct ID checks and strictly monitor ages of who books into events. However, we have taken note of your comment on the age of some male participants. This agree this is very important and we constantly review this. If you ever find someone has lied about their age, please let us know and we will action it. I sincerely hope you come back and give it another try. Best regards, Brett

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Questions & Answers

Do you get matched with the same people if you both attend the same event again?
1 answer
Hi Dannyboy, Thanks for your question! Unlike any other speed dating events in the world, we track who you have previously matched before so you don't get matched up again. So, if you are at the same event as someone you have met before, you will not date them again. Hope to see you at an event soon! Regards, Brett

hi,I have a pre-paid android phone that can pick up wi-fi. Is it free wi-fi or do I need a smart phone with heaps of data for the night?
1 answer
That would depend on whether the venue has wi-fi available or not. I would suggest having data available on your phone. From my experience, the website / app (not sure which one) doesn't use "heaps of data".

Do you need to download the app to attend any of the CitySwoon events? Not all of us are up to date with the latest smartphone, iphone, ipad etc?
2 answers
I think you can use it through logging in to the website. But only a smart phone can access a website.Hi Jord, Thank you for your question! Bambilicious is right. You just log into Cityswoon.com on your smartphone or web enabled device. Our website transforms to an app-like site to display your next date. And your date can find you, because they see your photo. Also, all our events are currently hosted by a Cityswoon representative, so if you get stuck on the technology, there's always a very friendly, experienced person there to help. Hope to see you at an event soon! Cityswoon