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Clear Complexions
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It is very unprofessional clinic

I spent around 1500 for one of their "facial treatment packages" but unfortunately i did not get 5% of the result I promised with. They charging almost double the market with the "reason" they got better and long lasting result and again it lasts me less than any other places i did the same treatment with. When I complained and asked them to find a solution they didn't show any care. In other word I felt that I've been cheated and my money been stolen..

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Hi Sadia, We sincerely apologise for the experience you encountered at our clinic. Our area manager has been in contact to discuss this and how we can provide better service next time.

Highly recommend

Very happy with the staff at Macquarie Centre. Emilka is fabulous at her job and the other staff that I have met are great as well. Highly recommend. Treat yourself !

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My happy place :)

I'm all about Clear Complexions! Emilka is absolutely fabulous and her work is flawless. I follow her wherever she goes, so much that I even just flew back here from Canada for a touch up after living abroad for a year. I just couldn't have been happier with my results after every single visit. Highly recommend. A billion thumbs up!!!

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Store LocationMacquarie Centre
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Hi Hayley, That's great to hear! We'll pass on your fantastic feedback to Emilka who I'm sure will be thrilled :). Hope to see you back in clinic soon. Kind regards, Clear Complexions

Such good personalised care!

I finally had the guts to go see emilka after following her page for 4 years, after having a baby. She tailored an amazing mummy makeover for me and would 100% recommend her services at clear complexions Macquarie!

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Store LocationMacquarie centre
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Hi Chrystal, Thanks so much for the lovely feedback. We'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Emilka :). Looking forward to seeing you back in clinic soon. Kind regards, Clear Complexions

Worst customer service

I spent a considerable amount of money on 3 sessions of my recommended treatment/package (clear & brilliant,IPL& omnlilux) There was no change to my face that I could see. Each time it was someone different, so each had their own way.. I went in to see the consultant after complaining about the lack of results & they requested for me to come see the owner. My father tragically died when I was suppose to come in, I advised the clinic of this & I have never heard back from them to reschedule etc. I would never recommend this clinic to anyone on the basis of my experience.

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Hi, We sincerely apologise for the experience you've encountered and would really appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about this further. If you're open to this, please direct message us with your best contact details and we will be in touch asap. Once again, we sincerely apologise and hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Clear Complexions

Great experience

Having attended Pacific Fair Laser Clinic today.
Holly the Clinician who attended to me was very attentive explaining the procedure clearly. Making me feel comfortable. Certainly looking forward to my next appointment.
Mary Ann A

Professional and Proficient Team of ladies

I have been a customer of Emilka previously in Wahroonga where she was the cosmetic nurse, i have followed and will continue to follow her for years to come! She is the most professional, caring and in depth Nurse you will meet. My most recent consultation with Emilka went for about an hour and a half before treatment was underway. Emilka is not just a one stop shop, she asks questions, she teaches you about what each individual treatment does and the longevity of any procedure or treatment. We have planned my treatments to get the results that i want and have also come up with a cost which may vary due to promotions etc. i am a single mother of 2 boys and finances is a big deal for me as i work full time, Emilka understands this and accommodates accordingling so i can budget and still get the results i am after.

if you are looking for a reliable, trained and knowledgeable cosmetic Nurse i highly recommend Emilka at Clear Complexions at Macquarie shopping center

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Hi Daniela, That's wonderful to hear! Our number one goal is to work with you on a treatment plan that suits your goals so it's fantastic to hear that Emilka has helped you to do just that. We'll pass on your kind words to Emilka and look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks, Clear Complexions

Emilka is AMAZING

From the minute I met Emilka I felt completely looked after. She is so professional and at the same time I feel like I am being treated by a friend who I have known for years. The entire team at CC Macquarie are wonderful and are really attentive with a focus on detail. I can not recommend CC and Emilka more!

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Hi Sophie, Thanks so much for the lovely feedback. We'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Emilka and look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks, Clear Complexions

Disappointing (lack of) service

I had my initial analysis a couple of months ago and turned up at Woden clinic 30/11/18 for my arranged appointment. No treatment however - I was informed by the nurse that, due to my medication, she would not recommend the treatment and that I should make another appointment if/when my medication ceased. I have no issue with the advice. What I do have an issue with is that I disclosed my medication at my initial appointment - another treatment I requested at this appointment was not recommended due to my medication, however the treatment I booked in for yesterday was recommended by the nurse. Clear Complexions had two months to check my file and provide the advice they provided 30/11 (even that morning would have been a bit helpful), however they chose to tell me when I arrived for my appointment. Of course I received their text advice a couple of days before reminding me of my appointment - they don't want any 'no shows' of course. I had taken time off work, arranged transport etc but nothing from Clear Complexions apart from saying we're really sorry about that. There are too many other places offering skin treatments to spend time on somewhere with this sort of customer service.

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Hi Helen, We sincerely apologise for the experience you encountered at our clinic. We have asked the area manager to contact you to discuss this and how we can provide better service next time. Thanks, Clear Complexions

Fantastic service

I'd like to recommend Emilka at the North Ryde Clear Complexions. Emilka is brilliant at what she does and is very patient at explaining the procedure to make sure you are completely happy! I am very happy with my results!

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Thanks for sharing your experience Leanne. We're so happy you loved your results and will pass on your lovely words to Emilka.

Emilka you are amazing !

I recently had tear through filler done with the AMAZING Emilka! I cant begin to tell you all how happy iam with my experience at clear complexions and with my result of my treatment. I have been wanting this treatment done for a while and im so glad i finally did. I live in rooty hill so i travelled to Maquarie Park not just a clinic nearby. Once i arrived i noticed everyone at clear complexions including Emilka were so professional and kind and made you feel very welcomed. I didnt even need numbing for the procedure and i was comfortable. I noticed straight away my eyes looked great! they looked more fuller instantly. Now after a week or so, not once have i noticed dark circles or baggy eyes. I wake up each morning and notice in the mirror how great my eyes look. I will definitely be going back and seeing the Amazing senior cosmetic nurse Emilka. I follow her on Instagram to see her amazing work and so can you. Heres her link milk_inc https://instagram.com/milk_inc?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=sz8nb90y9egx

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Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your lovely feedback! We're so happy you're thrilled with your results and with the experience you had. We'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Emilka. Looking forward to welcoming you back soon!

Promise everything deliver not much

Went in with acne scarring. Had multiple fraxels at over $1000 a pop. Appearance looked good for a while but didnt remove scarring like they indicated it would. Waste of money and time. Have since been told by a medical professional in the industry that nothing will fix my scarring. No laser is deep enough to fix the scarring. Felt CC just want your money. [name removed] is just interested in money and expanding the business.

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Hi, We’re sorry that you are unhappy with the results of your treatment. We would like the opportunity to talk with you further about this to establish where you’re at in your treatment plan, as results can vary depending on the number of treatments you’ve received and your specific skincare requirements. Please private message us with your best contact details if you're happy for us to get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your desired result. Thanks, Clear Complexions

My experience

Be more specific about fees. I paid 195 dollars for a treatment which was suddenly increased from 150 by nurse. Even though l was told that that would be the total cost, when l went back to give feedback and made comments that l was not happy, they said l would need to pay another $95 or so as it was an ongoing process. A bit overwhelming when giving advice. I don't feel confident to go back.

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We sincerely apologise for your experience. Our role is to support you in achieving beautiful, healthy skin by providing you with expert advice and recommendations on what treatments and products will work best for you. The price for our recommended treatment plan or products should be clearly communicated to you, and we’re sorry that this was not the experience you encountered. We'll be following this up internally. Please direct message us with your contact details if you’re happy for us to reach out and improve your experience with us. We hope to hear from you soon.

Investment for my skin

I was persistent in trying the excel laser, genesis laser and hydra facial to reduce the redness, get rid of the black heads and cleanse my skin. I was satisfied with my experience from the safety of the machines and equipment because these was my first laser and facial treatments. The hydra facial refreshed my skin. I was introduced to Rationale products for my skin. As I slowly purchased the products I can see my skin improving. I trusted the nurses taking care of me during the treatments. Thank you to the nurses that made me feel comfortable and at ease during the time that I was at the clinic.

Over priced

I paid for a $50 consult thinking I would get some advise on what kind of facial treatment would work well with my skin (I naturally have good skin so treatment plans weren’t on the agenda). After the analysis I was told quite abruptly I have terrible skin damage under the skin and made to feel quite insecure about things which I shouldn’t. I was then prescribed almost $1200 worth of products and $1500 of treatments to pay that same day... I said multiple times being a student that it was unrealistic for me to buy that today and was met with a “ok then just buy the products and no treatments”. Long story short I left with over $500 of products I didn’t want but felt pressured and manipulated into buying. As a nurse and beautician you would think making people insecure wouldn’t be high on the list. Very unhappy with the experience

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Hi Kay, We’re unhappy to read that you didn’t enjoy your experience with us. At Clear Complexions, our number one goal is to empower our clients by giving them the support and advice they need to enjoy beautiful, healthy skin. We sincerely apologise that you didn’t receive this level of service. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you further to rectify your experience and advise some treatment options that are more in line with your budget. We will direct message you with the best contact details to get in touch. Once again, we sincerely apologise, and we hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Clear Complexions

Don't waste your money

I paid $50 for an initial analysis. I went there to find out what I could do about dry, scaly skin and pigmentation problems on my upper lip but they had no idea about treatments. After testing, I was told I had sun damage. Given that I grew up in Australia in the 1960s when sunscreen was unheard of, this was blatantly obvious. Clear Complexions then tried to sell me hundreds of dollars of skin care products. During the consultation the "nurse" failed to alert me to a fairly obvious skin cancer on my nose which I have since had removed through surgery. Don't believe their claims to be medical professionals! They had no idea but were simply interested in selling skin care products.

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Firstly, we’re sorry to hear of your skin cancer diagnosis and wish you a swift recovery. In regards to your comments about the medical experience of our team, we can assure you that all of our clinics are managed by qualified nurses and medically trained consultants. This is an absolute must for Clear Complexions. To be clear however, our consultants are specifically trained and qualified to advise and perform the range of treatments Clear Complexions provides. They are not qualified to diagnose or treat skin cancers, which is why we strongly recommend all our clients have regular skin checks every two years with a qualified skin cancer specialist. We apologise sincerely if this was not properly communicated to you during your consultation.. Our clients and the management of their skincare needs are of the utmost importance to us, and we’re unhappy that we weren’t able to support you in this instance. We would like the opportunity to rectify your experience and have also direct messaged you to speak with us further. Kind regards

A professional & experienced team delivering the highest quality treatments and products

I have been a client of Clear Complexions for many years and would not trust my skin care to anyone else.

Emma is a trusted and experienced nurse who has helped address and improve my skin concerns and also establish a simple and effective skin care regime for me to manage at home between visits to the clinic. I could not be happier with the support and advice I have received over the years, and would not hesitate to recommend to others.

Wonders for skin

I am writing this review after 4 months of taking the treatment and using their products.I feel and see a fantastic and beautiful difference in my skin.I drive from parramatta to mosman because its worth my time and money.I always feel special the way they treat and welcome me .Thank you Sally and Emma.I know my skin is in good hands.Thanks for building the trust.

Will always return

My second visit to Clear Complextions at Mosman with two different treatments. I will definitely be back on a regular basis even though Clear Complexions is not the closest clinic to my home in the Eastern Suburbs.
Very professional, thoughtful staff who have suggested a number of future treatments that interest me.
I have been so pleased with the results!

Big Thankyou

As a client who has visited all three Sydney Clear Complexions clinics predominantly seeing Emma I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the services I have received. I have felt my needs have been met with a very professional and holistic approach and every step of the way has been fully explained to me with no concern of mine being too trivial. I am delighted with the treatments I have received and the products recommended for me.

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