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the menu button does not bring up options to change date etc. does this mean its faulty?????
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How do I set Date and Time?
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how easy is it to mount?
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Where can get instructions?
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Hi, the seller should be able to supply an instruction manual

What is porthole on side of cammera for?
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i hated that dash cam so much i tossed it in the bin it is like all clear wiew rubbish same as the mirrows over priced ugly rubbish made in the cheap country and shipped out here to rip people off

I cannot get the menu option work. Any help?
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Return the product without further delay and get a refund, I did.

My Clearview cam switches off seconds after being turned on despite being fully charged. Any ideas?
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They are a crap brand, like me and many others you have wasted your money, however, if you can put up with the charge cable perminetly connected, it will work, they just will NOT hold a charge!!

Hi I purchased a dashcam and it did not have a battery with it I was going to purchase a battery and usb card, I plugged the camera into a car power source with the supplied cable but I could not get it to work on the car power cable. Is the battery required even though there is a power supply to the dashcam via the cable I can see a little blue light flashing in side of the camera but no functions work what-so-ever. Can someone please advise me if there's works without a battery fitted and connected only with the power Lead ? If yours works then I will bin mine as it will be pointless buying a new Battery. Thanks. Stainless
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Yes, u must have a batteryYou'll need a battery, called a BL-5C 3.7 v 300mAh rechargeable battery.Thanks Roy and Bandit for your replies I will get a battery and see if it works. I didn't want to go to the trouble pf perhaps flogging a dead horse, so to speak, but now I know it requires a battery and not just relying on a power cord I will get one. Cheers and Thanks Stainless

Where can I purchase batteries for the clear view cam?
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Posibally at Australia Post stores, or JB Hi-fi, or Jaycar stores.google

Hi, I purchased two (2) cameras from Cronulla Australia Post store, however, one (1) screen has ceased to work (just a white blank screen) I've approached Cronulla Australia Post store, but haven't been able to find my receipt as required, however, I can show proof of purchase with the date and Cost on my Bank statement within the last twelve months, I'm not after a refund, just a replacement. Can you help me. Kind Regards. Contact details Email: Roy.8rosien@gmail.com Phone: 0466051992
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I've bought a clear view and need to get some footage off the sd card for a police matter but can't seem to be able to watch it or make or work on my Mac, any help would be appreciated.
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I had the same problem till I realized that nothing recorded on the sd card No matter how I tried I couldn't get anything to show from the sd card

Could someone tell me how to review what is on the camera on my computer. I have tried and get a whole heap of "unreadables" Do I have to download something onto my computer ?? I seem to have lost the instructions.
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G'day John, These unreadables you are getting, are they a long list of times, kilobytes and megabytes? They will come up in your File Explorer. Just click on any of these and if you have Windows Media Player, it will show what your camera recorded in that segment. It may be only a few seconds long or up to a few minutes long, depending whether you have stopped and started the car a lot. I didn't have to download anything to get mine working. Do you have an SD card reader slot in your computer? Some laptops have them. I tried it that way but it's a nuisance getting the card out of the camera. I have no idea how these cameras work with other computer systems, mine is Windows 8.1. Perhaps John you may have to get a bit of help from someone to work it out. I'm no expert and it took me a while to get it right. I no longer have the instructions or the camera either, it was rubbish with unwatchable video anyway. It has been relegated to its rightful place where all $20 rip-offs should end up.Thanks Dick

my dash cam has frozen on with a pic of 2 motor bikes on the screen, ive tried takeing the battery out but still wonk work neither will the menu or mode buttons do anything. Any help?
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Mine doesn't have a reset button, but some people say theirs has. Try that Paul if yours has one. Otherwise, try connecting it to your computer and downloading everything on the SD card, thus freeing it up. (Does it even have an SD card installed? No SD was installed when I bought my Clearview, I had to buy one separately). It should rollover to the start again when the SD is full of recordings, but maybe yours 'jammed up' or something. Connecting to the computer should automatically put the dashcam into download mode. If you have already tried that Paul, I'm just not sure what else you could try. Maybe the battery is a dud, mine was when I first bought the camera. Oh, and one other thing, there is a little switch on the side of the SD card that is used to protect what is recorded on it. You'll need to make sure that is in the up position in relation to the printing on the side.Have you tried to plug it into ur cigarette plug . You have to have that plugged in all the time. Then when car is going it comes on automictcalley. I hope this helps

I have a new SanDisk Ultra 80MB 64GB. How do I format for my ClearViewCam? I formatted the card in the laptop, but it won't work in the camera. Regards Chris
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Hi, the Clearview Camera only works for memory cards 32GB and under

When I turn on my ignition a message appears on the screen card full, then I have to press the mode button to clear it but I don't know if it is recording or not there is a clear picture. Did it have a card in it when I per chest it or do I need bigger card if I do where can I per case one and at what price. It did work ok for a while but now it is worrying me because this message keeps appearing, if I need to review a accident I may have nothing. Does the card run continuously then when it is full does it restart.? MODEL No= CVCTG121615v114 LOT# No PO-3869-20160913 Thank You Paul Henwood. = [email removed]
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You nerd to purchase a ad card to put in it so it can store memory then it will record when you must the o button then you will see a red light flashing on ur top screen and down bottom you'll see the minutes it reco rest for so long then start again . I hope this is helpful Kind Regards LouThe SD card should continuously start over recording at the beginning again when it is full. This will happen no matter what size card you have. I'd recommend a 16GB card. So even though the screen says full, it will be still recording the latest events back to a certain point. The more the capacity of the card, the longer back the recordings will go. You don't have to reset it each time you turn on. You really must read the instructions to understand these cameras, and if you can't follow them, go back to where you bought it and ask them. SD cards can be purchased at most Australia Post outlets or any computer shop. They usually cost about $1.00 per GB.

How do I delete the footage on clear view dash cam?
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I'm still trying to get it right still myself lol. Try the up down buttons after going into the mode section when it's on delete try the up n down buttons. Or remove as card n if you have a computing insert ad card n do it thru ur computer. Sorry I'm not mmm such help still learning myself. Kind RegardsThe easiest way is to delete it on your computer Bel. I don't know about other Windows systems, but on Windows 8.1, just click on 'select all' and then 'delete'. If you want to delete with the camera, then you will have to look up your instructions. Or fiddle about with it for a while, you'll eventually find how to do it! I don't have the instructions anymore, they were so convoluted I found them next to useless.

my clear view camera says no sd card and on the video mode it wont let me go to the menu screen anymore. Any help?
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The only reason I can think it is saying no card is that the little switch on the side of the card is not turned on. This may have something to do with your second problem. Otherwise, I'm not sure about that one.okay I got it! The sd card slot could not read my card because it is not connecting to the contact points. I tested to push the sd card in a bit more and it started recording and doing so solved my second problem about the menu button. It now displays the menu button. Good thing I know a friend who can repair devices and then I can test the part and give it my review. Thanks also Dick.

how do i get my date and time to stay it keeps going back to 2015 why?
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Because eileen, it is just another one of the many problems with these Clearview Cams. Mine kept doing the same thing every time I turned the ignition off. The battery inside the camera should keep the date programmed, but it doesn't. All you can do is use it to have a look where you've been driving, that is if you can put up with the terrible picture quality. Just don't depend on this camera as evidence if someone crashes into you, because the date will be wrong. Only last week I saw these cameras still for sale. Incredible!

I have just put mine up and it keeps saying goodbye and turning off. Any ideas? It is plugged in.
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G'day Reg, Most cigarette light sockets only have power to them when the ignition key is in the accessories or on position so the camera will say goodbye if the power is shut off to the unit. If the ignition is left on, and there is no movement in front of it, it will blacken the screen after a few minutes and go into standby but it doesn't say goodbye. I'm inclined to think Reg that there may be a bad connection somewhere from either the lighter socket centre contact (they do get pretty dirty, mine does as I am a smoker) or perhaps internally in the socket itself. The battery in the unit may be a problem as well, I'm not sure, if it is a dud like mine was, then you may have to try a new one. But check those connections first! Cheers Reg.You have to keep it plugged into lighter socket while using it. It auto maticale turns off when ur engine turn offThe unit is plugged in with the engine on and the socket isn't faulty. Thank you so far for your answers.

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