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Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic

Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic

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Fabulous program - great results. Lovely supportive team.

Awesome program that works wonders! The food was sufficient and I was never hungry. Program is straight forward and easy to follow and works if you stick with it. My challenges were many social functions and I travel a lot for work and don't always have the option of preparing my own food. Even with all my challenges I was able to achieve great results, albeit a little slower than I anticipated. Extremely happy with my results, feeling healthier, lighter and more energetic that I have in a long time.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateFebruary 2019
Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting
Weight LostYes, I have reached my goal weight

Great program!

I felt satisfied after every meal. Not really needing more afterwards
The program was specific and it gave me the confidence to follow it exactly because there were no "grey" areas.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateFebruary 2019
Weight LostYes, but have not reached my goal weight yet

Just a fantastic program!

I have never ate more healthier than I have now! Was not hungry, I learnt to be more organised when planning my meals. The weight came off and I feel lighter and just healthier. Thanks Linda and Dr Cohen! Thanks for the new me :)

Value for Money
Customer Service
Additional Physical Activities None
Weight LostYes, I have reached my goal weight

A highly questionable program

I signed up with Cohen's 15 years ago and I can see from the negative reviews of others that Cohens have not changed their extremely questionable practices. Cohens put you on a low protein starvation diet which causes weightloss through muscle wasting. I followed their program to the letter, complained repeatedly about not having enough to eat - to which Cohen's insisted they were right and refused to adjust my program. I got to their stated goal weight after losing 40 kg and I looked skeletal, loose-skinned, unhealthy and disgusting. When my GP said I was catabolic (aka muscle wasting) I did the math and calculated that the protein allowed on the program was well below the RDI. When I confronted Cohen's with that fact they didn't answer my email. You will be paying for a highly unsound program after which the weight will return in spades. I am extremely surprised to read so many positive reviews. I was on the program for 7 months. Save your money and your health: here is free information on how to lose weight and improve health permanently: (1) heal your gut. A lot of obesity is due to gut inflammation and nutrient malabsorption which leads to cascading health problems and constant cravings (2) Change the fats in your diet to good fats: coconut oil, olive oil, pure dairy butter, and grass-fed free range meat, organic meat if you can afford it. The point here is to avoid inflaming your gut and system again. Having changed to good fats, you do not need to worry about fat or so called fatty foods ever again. Do the research on this for yourself. Cholesterol is not the issue it has been made out to be and has nothing whatsoever to do with dietary fat (3) Add probiotics to your diet, preferably home-made, eg kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. These will help you to extract all the nutrients in your food and will make more nutrients for you (4) Eliminate or drastically reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates and starchy vegetables like white potato. This stuff is damaging stomach-filler with no nutritional power. Also be careful of conventionally grown grains which are gut-inflamers due to the herbicides used in their cultivation and harvest.

i am kicking myself for not joining sooner.

The first week was the hardest, and to be honest, it was only two days in the first week, I felt an emptiness in my stomach. Different feeling to being hungry. The program itself was easy to follow, especially with the help of the recipe booklet. I managed to lose a kilo a week.

"I Can't believe it"

The program was so easy to follow and there were few occasions where I felt really hungry.
I reached my goal weight in 12 weeks and is one of the best things to happen to me.
I feel fantastic.
Would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Highly recommended

This program has detailed easy to follow program of healthy and nutritious foods that are satisfying. Most importantly you loose weight and stay healthy. I highly recommend this lifestyle to anyone who wants to use food to loose they excess body fat.


The programme was excellent, I rarely felt hunger at all, I enjoyed the food, the programme was easy to follow.

Wish I knew about Cohen's 20years ago!

I honestly feel like I eat more now than I ate before, just different things. I love my meals. I have actually felt quite nurtured by the program. The focus is not just weight loss, but satisfaction as well, and that has made it all possible for me to continue. (Of course there's no greater satisfaction than dropping dress sizes on a regular basis!!)
It is never more than 2.5 hours before you can have a meal or a snack, so that's totally doable, and of course you adjust to it and it becomes habit and gets easier. When I was approaching goal weight, I was really hungry, but reassured when I was told this was a sign I was ready for phase 2.
It sounds counterintuitive, but I just don't focus on food so much anymore. I have come to realize it's no big deal if I have something different in my glass/ on my plate; its the person you're engaging with at the time that matters.
It's such a release and relief! My family of 6 are now all eating much healthier meals after what I have learnt. If I or anyone else in the house starts putting on any weight inthe future, I know I have the tools to overcome that. I really wish I had found the Cohen's secrets 20 years ago.
My whole life has changed. I have adopted a more simple, outdoor, minimalist, wholesome lifestyle, not consuming as much in a material sense, realizing how much more I had consumed than I needed. My house has been totally decluttered, and I have decided to return to study. I am eternally grateful to Dr Cohen and my awesome amazing friend and consultant Sunee. I have been given hope and a future.
From the bottom of my (now much healthier) heart, thank you so much!!!!

Excellent easy to follow and stay on track

The Cohens program is Very easy to follow. I had no problem keeping on track even when I travelled. Easy to follow receipes which were delicious and varied. Would recommend.

I got great results

I heard about Cohen's on Light FM and signed up at the information session raring to go. I learned how to eat healthier and stuck to the program so I got great results. I feel more energetic and happy during the day. My friends have noticed how well I look, and I would recommend anyone to try this program.

Wouldn’t recommend

Left feeling tired and weak.
Goal weight as identified by Dr Cohen ridiculous as higher than where started program.
Would not recommend.

The best decision I have made!!!

Initially, sticking to the program was challenging. I found it helpful to be organised and plan my meals in advance. In actual fact, that was and prob is the key to success. In addition, I requested regular follow up phone calls from my consultant. My consultant, was amazing! Alison, supported and encouraged me all the way even when I didn't stick to the program 100% especially when I under huge amounts of stress. So, Thank you Alison for helping me achieve my weightloss goal

Feeling great physically and mentally

Can't believe 6 months has gone by! Love doing Cohen's. Initially hard to do, because I loved chocolate, lollies and alcohol, but after 4 weeks I could see the results and I felt so good. My consultant kept me informed and encouraged me along the way. Honestly, though it is up to the individual to make sure they stick to the plan. Heading into the re feeding stage, I am so proud of myself, and I have gone from having no water throughout the day, to now drinking up to 3 litres a day. Recommend Cohen's to everyone, it does work!

Dr Cohen's changed my life

When I first started I felt hungry but just ensured I drank enough water, a few months on I don't feel hungry anymore. I have reached my goal weight as I stuck to the program 100%. Once I was in my routine the weight just dropped off.

Diet is good, Canberra office is terrible

I found the diet itself worked, was easy to lose weight on and I was not hungry. The customer service in Canberra office however was useless. After an initial meeting the correspondence was all via email unless a meeting was requested. Anytime I suggested a time it was never suitable for the staff so I had to make it another time that suited them. The cost for the diet was extremely high so I expected better customer service and not automated emails for support and guidance.

The only food lifestlye management tool you need!

I was surprised at the quick results with this program. Whilst at times I would be frustrated as I wanted to eat a greater range of food, I was never hungry on the program and it was simple to follow. Towards the end it was hard as the goal was so close and you have to remind yourself why you are on the journey and what the end will bring - new lease on life!

This program is fantastic and the support is top class. I feel like the me I wanted to be thank you

In the beginning you do get hungry but then after that your body gets use to the amount of food. It was very easy to follow

Thankyou Cohens Weight Loss Clinic

9 months and 45kgs lighter, (112kgs down to 67kgs) huge health benefits and a new lease on life makes it all worth while. Meal plan was great, easy to follow with great support from the team at Booragoon. Getting through first few days was a bit harder but being organised in meal preparation makes life easier. Stuck to the meal plan 100% and 9 months has flown by being encouraged monthly by steady weight loss (this comes from someone who was always searching for a quick fix solution). I have formed new habits after being a serial dieter for last 30 years. Cost of benefits far outweighs cost of meal plan (when I calculated that in 9 months I would have spent $900 on cappuccinos alone, and then some). Looking forward to refeeding and maintaining which is just as important, Thankyou Cohens!!!

This is the only thing I have done that I have achieved real weight loss

The food doesn't fill you up but that is all about losing weight. I was able to follow the program quite well. I only had issues towards the end when I knew I was close to being at goal weight.

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Questions & Answers

Having a little read about Cohen's diet and how it targets hormones for obesity, I have adult acne (probably from my hormones) has anyone noticed their skin go better/worse on this diet?
1 answer
mine cleared up and my eyes were brighter. Skin was beautiful! If you stick to the program 100% and drink the water - should be helpful.

Hi there what are some examples of meals on cohens? Thanks
1 answer
You receive a recipe book that gives you ideas with your prescribed foods. You'll get creative once you know what you like. It's very easy (one fry pan)

In what year did Cohen's commence? It has been many many years since I commenced the diet but kept the diet plan. It worked for me and have been amused because my notes on the pages were: Yoghurt, hated it but have persevered to this day. I believe it was about 15 years ago however other benefits did occur from this diet in relation to my well being. Beverley Newberry
1 answer
I know it took Dr Cohens years of research to develop the diet. I don't know exactly how long its been around for. I hated the yoghurt too. The high protein one from aldi I found the best with hermisita powder. I had it every day.


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