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Coleman 12in Rechargeable Fan

Coleman 12in Rechargeable Fan

1.8 from 6 reviews

Bad Battery, Wiring or motor?

Bought this fan approx 18 months ago from Rays Outdoors, it worked fine at home on AC & DC took it camping and used it for a total of probably 8 hours on and off over 2 days with charging in between and it worked well. after being stored indoors for around 12 months we took it out to charge (18hrs) but the fan died within minutes and wouldn't work on AC (only charging) but died after 10 minutes on battery, the "on off" swith seamed a bit dodgie however bought replacement battery but fan did the same, I now think it has something to do with the wiring or the motor, I have bought another one just in case I got a bad one (doesn't look that way now) let's see how this one goes on the weekend camping.

Purchased in September 2017 at Ray's Outdoors for $79.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level

8 inch has poor battery life

We have the 8 inch and the battery life is much the same as the 12 inch. After 24 hour charge the battery could only keep the fan going for 1.5 hours on low. Tried twice with same results. This is probably why it doesn't advertise the battery life on the box where other makes advertise 4 hours on low.

Purchased in February 2019 for $50.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Very disappointing

We purchased this fan from BCF and it has never worked properly. Never worked when plugged in and only works briefly on battery. You can hear it struggle before it completely cuts out. This may have ruined our camping trip but we purchased two desk fans from woolies for less than half what we paid for this fan.

Not Recommended

Agree with [name removed]. Continually cuts out and won’t operate directly from 12 or 240 v

When on battery also cuts out.

Purchased in late October from Snowy’s.

No criticism of them!

Doesnt work fully

This is my second coleman rechargable fan 1st one i had for about 12 months had it plugged into a power point and also charging I'm thinking then it dies on me now my second one is doing the same thing anx iv only had it one week. I bought my second one at bcf in cairns as traveller i am now in emerald sitting in 38 degree heat with a coleman fan that is cutting in and out going shopping first up tomorrow to buy a different brand of fan i will be needing it.

So glad I bought this

I bought this fan from Snowy's in SA in preparation for threatened power cuts in Sydney this summer. It is a really good size and works extremely well. It works, as stated, for six hours on slow and four on high. As an added bonus, it can also be used as an ordinary fan plugged into the mains. I was so impressed that I bought another one. Very good purchase and very flexible, not to mention useful. Snowy's SA are a terrific company to deal with - efficient and professional.

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