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Vornado 660

Vornado 660

4.4 from 75 reviews

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Great fan.

I love how the design of the fan. It really circulates the air in the room really well.
It is quiet when it is at the lowest settings for sleeping.
It is a little pricey and I was doubting whether it is worth it. But, yeah I am loving it so far.

Purchased in February 2019 at eBay.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level


Don't believe the promises about its quietness. Even on the lowest setting the noise is too annoying to sleep with. Why are product manufacturers still allowed to lie about their product features. Money down the drain. Yes, it's well made. Yes the way it circulates air is clever. But the noise is horrible.

Purchased in January 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $120.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Well, I'm a fan...!

This is the best appliance in my house. I *love* this fan – sorry, 'Whole Room Circulator'; it's a different concept to an ordinary fan, and, for me, works brilliantly.

But I actually haven't come here to talk about the appliance. Instead I want to tell you about the service/support.

In the manual and on the box, prominently displayed, is "We expect this product to be PERFECT. If it's not WE will make it right".

I've discovered these are not empty words. Like Insurance companies, judge them when something goes wrong.

On my 660, after having it just three months, the circuit board (for the controls) failed. With electronics my experience is they fail in the first few months or not at all. I contacted the Australian support office (milners, in WA), and promptly received clear instructions about what to do. I had to return it via AustPost, but it was "Reply Paid" (i.e. they paid for it). Within a week they'd sent me a new one.

So, now reinstated in its rightful place, my Vornado 660 is merrily whirling away in the background, almost as happy as I am in the foreground.

Purchased in September 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Bit on the noisey side...

Bought this fan yesterday after reading all the reviews. Was looking at having the fan in the bedroom or near to make sleeping easier, unfortunately this fan is too loud even on the low setting. So hard to listen to it in the shops, when purchasing with all the background noise. Its a great fan to circulate the air around quickly.....maybe I should of bought the smaller version for bedroom but I bought the bigger one to use throughout the house when required. Its up to you as they buyer in the end...

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Money well spent

We have a 2 bedroom home, and this moves the air from the air conditioned lounge room through to the bedroom and bathroom area. Keeps us cool to help sleep at night, and reduces power bills by moving air through the house.
Took us ages to make a decision - glad we bought this.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Good,strong and quiet if set at the lowest wind level

Its first impression to me is very sturdy. The lowest wind level is cool enough when the temperature is over 35. It helps air circulation, so you can set the air conditioner at the moderate temperature, and open it at the same time. If you choose the stronger wind level, it will be very noisy during the night. I consider to have another one.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

I'm a fan

I bought one of these recently to try and reduce air conditioning running costs. It's fabulous and works like a charm. I did see in a review elsewhere someone was beefing that it shoots the air out in a narrow current but that's exactly what it's meant to do.....they didn't read the instructions. This really is a top product and recommended.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Okay but needs improvement given the cost

This fan works but using vortices to circulate air around a room to cool it down. This is different from most fans that blow directly onto you. We use ours by using air-conditioning to cool the room then running the fan with the air-conditioning off to stay cool. The first Vornado 660 we bought had a dead button so we took it back to JB Hi-Fi for a replacement. The fan works fine but is noisy at higher speeds as the vortex creates a turbulent shear layer. The fan is designed to sit on the floor and point towards the ceiling on an angle for the best results. This has created problems for us as the fan does not have a child lock - this should be a no brainer given where the fan needs to be located to work as designed. As such, our toddler is constantly pressing the buttons to turn the fan on and off. At least the grilles are close together so he cannot insert his fingers into the fan.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Love this air circulator

I can't sleep with fans on me at night i would wake up with a cold. I bought it last year when i was staying at someone else's house until my house was ready. I love this fan i sleep with it aimed at the ceiling and get a gentle breeze bouncing down and i can leave it on all night and not get a cold. I also started using cpap machine last year and i found if i sleep with the vornado on i don't rip off my mask in the middle of the night getting hot. It literally is saving my sanity and health by keeping me cool at night with the cpap. Takes up no room and in the bedroom i only need it on the lowest or 2nd lowest setting. Yes it can be loud on higher settings but i find it soothing. I'm now considering getting another for my new house as i don't have air conditioning. Definately recommend.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

I’m converted, this is one helluva fan. I mean, whole room air circulator.

Have been wanting something to circulate air around our main living area at home to replace our existing pedestal fans which don’t seem to do much. Heard about Vornado and was intrigued about how well a deep pitched fan blade would perform (it’s tried and tested technology, like most fans, but it has definitely been tweaked).
Tried to replicate what I saw in the Vornado promo videos using our existing pedestal fans (one Aldi Stirling stainless steel 45cm pedestal and another old MYER home brand 40cm pedestal) and found that they worked... kind of. The air being circulated still left hot and cold spots in our main living area (which is a large space, L-shaped, approximately 10m x 5.5m in the main area and 4.5m x 4m in the dogleg part). So when I spotted one of these at Costco this weekend (at about 35% off RRP), I figured I’d give this a try. Especially after comparing airflow of the demo 660 vs the Dyson Pure Cool and Cool towers they had set up. At the price point vs a Dyson, it’s a no brainer.
Major difference once it was set up back at home. I already know where the sweet spot is in our main living area to set up indirect breezes and pointed the Vornado 660 right at it. Closed all of the windows and left a balloon lying in an area which was not exposed to a direct breeze from the 660. Two mins later, I could feel indirect breezes all through the living area and that balloon was rolling around in a rough circular pattern on the ground. All this not even on the turbo setting, but on high. Performance is excellent. Build quality is also as solid as the Aldi Stirling stainless steel pedestal fan it now replaces (the plastic/ABS frame is very rigid and it will be diffficult for my two year old to put his fingers through the spiral grill). We have the 660 perched on a bar stool in our living room and no vibrations at all, it is exceptionally stable from low to turbo fan speeds.
At RRP, this would have been a harder sell, but at the price that Costco we’re selling it, it was a much easier reason for purchase. I would love to see a large version with a DC motor available, but I’m now a convert. When another one of the pedestal fans die, I’ll be getting another Vornado 660 (or its DC motor equivalent) for our home.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


This a very nice, almost silent fan.
the only noise is the fan blades, i cannot hear the fan, just the wind.
I got mine from The Good Guys, they matched the lowest price on the net.
My wife loves it, as on the lower setting, it is near silent white noise.
Controls are nice, construction is good quality.
Looks very modern.
I have a few properties, and usually have to buy a fan twice a year, but this one has a 5 year warranty.
I use this also to move the air conditioned air around the house, i can put one aircon on, and move it around, an hour before bed, and the air is dried out,
wind is like a beam, almost straight line, but that is ok, you can move it way back, and still get nice breeze.
Expensive. But i would buy again.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Best fan ever

We live in a double-storey townhouse in QLD and bought a Vornado for upstairs to circulate the air as we do not need to use the aircon all the time. We were so happy and impressed with it that we bought another one for downstairs and that was a year ago and we are still very happy with these fans and will not buy any other kind from now on. It might be more expensive than most fans but you’ll know why once you own one of these.
We found the best way to use it is turn the A/C on for 15-30 minutes to cool the room or house down (depending on how hot the day is) and then let the Vornado take over from there. We actually do this at night before going to sleep with only the upstairs fan on and we are always pleasantly surprised in the morning that the downstairs part of the house also gets cooled down. That’s how great an air circulator this fan is. This will of course depend on the layout and size of your place, I guess we are very lucky this way and I also make sure I position the fan perfectly which took a bit of trial and error at the start.
Some people are not happy with the noise it makes but we actually found that it puts us to sleep as it blocks the noise from the outside so it’s just like putting some white noise for meditation or sleeping. During the day, we usually have the fan going while the TV is on and we never had any problem with it. We mostly use the Level 1 or 2 settings and the sound is barely noticeable and the fan works so well that we never had to use the higher/stronger settings anyway. Even our German Shepherd loves it that he always sleeps in front of it :) this fan is very highly recommended!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Love it

Seriously cannot recommend these fans highly enough. And this new model is brilliant - super quiet. Had to buy as my trusty Vornado 660 died after 8 years of heavy use. I have a small one for my office space too. This is my 6th or 7th since first using them in Bermuda a 40 years ago

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Im in nth qld,so its humid as hell.have had this for a week and use it with a/c.its great.a little noisy but not overly so.kids have no complaints.going great,but have only had for a week,looking to buy another one,waiting for prices to drop,lol.it has a long warranty which is a plus.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Best fan ever

This is my 2nd Vornado fan and both have been the best fans ever. My first Vornado switch broke, the control switch was a rotating button and it fractured. Vornado has 5 year warranty periods on their fans, yes super long, because their fans really do last. My fan was about 4.5 years old, so I took back to the store I bought it from, and I was offered a replacement to the closest available model but I opted for a slight upgrade to this press button control model.

Things I like about this fan are: it really stirs up the air in the room, it really gets the air moving, creating a lovely breeze. This electronic press button model has 4 speed settings, whereas most brands have 3. I like the easy rotating head, I point it to the ceiling in winter to push the hot air from the ceiling down to the ground. In summer I leave it in front of the door and I can feel the strong breeze at the other side of the room.

This fan really does circulating the air and leave other fans for dead.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

cheap control switch

Good air force and output, but poor quality material meant plastic on the interior of small control switch snapped so impossible to adjust the dial and speed. Had to throw it out after 12 months. More junk destined for landfill. Unlike my Dimplex box fan which has lasted more than 20 years!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love love love this fan

Got this fan for our babys room this summer as our only air con is far in the living room. Really feel the fan even when not blowing straight at you. Great for circulating the cool aircon air down the corridor to the baby room. Can't live without it, so much more powerful than any other fan

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Love it!!!

We bought this for our new baby. This summer had a few exceptionally hot days (climate change!!) and we didnt want our baby to heat up in our house. We had gone through numerous options and decided on this particular brand and model because it is an "AIR CIRCULATOR" and not just a fan. Indeed, it worked as an air circulator! The room temperature felt tangibly cooler when you on the fan (and the fan was facing the wall!).

We are very satisfied with this product. We think of this as an investment and will be happy to get another one. Despite its strength, it is relatively quiet (my baby sleeps so well in the room with it). Oh, just dont use the highest strength "IV" function - as that can get very noisy. Overall, we are very happy with this.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Fantastic Product

I purchased this fan from Costco North Lakes last month and have used it every day and night. The fan works perfectly as designed, so much more efficient than the pedestal fans and portable enough for me to take to the office and home again each day.
Initial outlay may be a wee bit high, but worth every penny.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great air flow

My husband who can't stand the heat keeps the Vornado on the whole night and it helps to make the room less stuffy. It works better than a normal fan as you don't need to have it pointed directly at you to feel the air.
More expensive than other fans but works to keep small rooms cool quite well.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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Questions & Answers

Do they also work as a fan if i was to put it on a table shooting directly at me would i get a good flow of air hit me? Im going fifo and i sleep with a fan on me everynight so want something i can travel with
1 answer
Yes but it's not meant to be used like that....you need to direct it to the top corner of the room

Is it noisy? Does it then just need to sit on the floor or has to sit on a desk or something? Does it come with remote control?
5 answers
On high it is a bit. It goes on the floor and works differently from usual fans. Have a look at the website.No remote, but very easy buttons (electronic). Sits on floor, nicely built. Right now, i have 3 fans running, and this one is easily the quietest,. There is almost no motor noise, the only noise is wind. I have a small desk fan, about 6 inches, and it is much more noisy. I think it is to do with blade shape. If you are buying any other fan, get the "Flat" type motor, and the biggest wattage. 40cm fans only last 2 years, the bigger ones last 4-5 years (longer with a spray of Silicon or WD40. I have budget accommodation, and you learn fast what dies. As fans go, i like it more every day. It projects a beam of air, rather than a huge mass. But the beam is very directional, and i love to use it to move air around the house, and because of the high speed, it drags a lot of air. I am actually contemplating buying another one. Do a price search, i got mine from Good Guys, and they matched the internet price plus postage ($198). I like to use one retailer, as they have a record of my purchases, and i have bargaining power.Thank you!

Looking at purchasing either the Vornado 660 or 663 model. Our main purpose is to cool our bedroom at night. Would anyone know which model is quieter on the lowest setting?
2 answers
The fan motor makes the same amount of sound levels at the same RPM, bigger the blade the more the amount of air moves more the noise. I would recommend you to drop into one of the store and have a listen to the noise levels your self. Remember smaller the blade quieter the fan but lesser the amount of air moved. So the answer to this question will strictly depends of the size of your bed room.See my review above. The Vornado site has RPM values of the fans. The 660 has the lowest setting at 600RPM, the 533 was 1100RPM from memory and I found the housing vibrated (visual with no associated sound). Is there a 633 model? I hate annoying noises while sleeping but have easily been able to sleep with the wind noise from the 633. There is no motor noise, something I hope will stay that way over time.


Price (RRP)229
Maximum Standing Height381
Speed Settings4
Blade Diameter258

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