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Coleman Instant Up

Coleman Instant Up

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Performed well

Used 4p instant uo for the first times. Had 5 days if constant rain and thunderstorms most nights. Stayed dry as a bug. Loved the ease if setup and dismantle.

Purchased in November 2018 at BCF for $149.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

7 nights and fly ripped in lots of places, Warrenty worthless

Hello Happy Campers,

Last tent Oztent lasted 5 years, the Colman Gold lasted 7 nights. The wind blew in Port Fairy in a crowded camp ground and from that direction lots a little rips appeared in the fly near where it was pegged .No other tent around me got ripped, just my new Colman Gold Easy Up 4.

Snowy's, the on line retailer has a very good warrenty claim system and got back to me very quickly, "computor says NO".

Now I have the enter the world of assumption. I assume that if these ripps were a one off the Colman company would have replaced the fly without argument as it can't be worth much. However if this is a common warrenty claim then knocking back my claim makes lots of business sence.

I will see how I go with Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and a claim through Fair Trading NSW. Bet I get a new fly, it is faulty and not fit for purpose.

So buy at own risk and be warned not suitable for normal winds that other tents survived unharmed, well to be accurate mine is a dud.

Purchased in February 2019 for $299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

It collapses in any wind

The tent is very easy to put up and down, its roomy, there’s enough ventilation but I would NEVER use it again because it simply collapses in wind. You can check the weather all you like but its not safe to take a tent camping which will not withstand an unexpected windy night. I had to drag 3 small children into a friends tent at 1am in the morning as the tent collapsed multiple times- I checked the entire campsite the next day and EVERY OTHER tent that survived the mild wind, I think the tent should be recalled. I’m submitting this review as I really don’t wish this predicament on any other campers. All other types of Coleman tents in the campsite were fine.

Purchased in February 2018 at Anaconda Online store for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance


Have used it about 8 times but anytime there is a breeze, the elbow (or elbows) of the poles collapse.
Came back to my tent flat as a pancake on the ground last trip.
Too dangerous to risk using again.

Purchased in January 2018 at Snowys Outdoors Online store for $250.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

No Good in the wind

We bought a 10 man Coleman instant up a couple of years ago for a two teenage daughters to share. We've Used it 3 times, (2 weeks each) total of 36 odd days. 1st year. All good. 2nd year day 1 windy night and a thick plastic spoke on the top snapped. Coleman sent me 4 as replacements?. This year 1 windy night and roof over centre hub ripped, front roof fly ripped and seem above left zippered door of actual ten ripped. tent irreparable. They're not worth the extra $$ you pay for ease of putting them up. Not wind friendly at all.


Bought the 4 person instant up gold tent,the poles the make this tent stand are useless,come apart at the elbow in the wind,the telescopic part stops staying up,the spring ball that keeps the poles from sliding down into each other loses its place(you will know what i mean if u have one of these tents) very average quality,useless warranty

Does not like a strong wind

Very easy to put up and down. Great if you have to do this on your own. The third time we used it though a cold front came through the South West of WA and gave about a dozen hours of 40 to 70 km/h winds. It apparently is wind rated to 80 km/h but I am not sure what that means. One of the elbows manage to break the holding screw which then put extra force on one of the other legs and bent one. The Coleman guarantee does not cover wind damage. Patched it up for about $30 but I am not entirely confident in it. WA does have a lot of wind and this is not the tent for this state.


1 year old tent, used 3 times, bought in September 2017, we love camping thought we'd do ourselves a favour and get this easy to put up tent. It's great to put up and pack away for sure, and it was a reasonable price bit here's the bad news.... IT LEAKS IN THE RAIN we noticed a wet floor, on inspection noticed water leaking in all 4 floor seams, very disappointed will never recommend this product, not nice when bedding down and the bedding is wet. Certainly will NOT recommend this product.

Finally Tenting Nirvana

Its taken me a while,at last I have found a tent that doesn't give me the irits,Easy to set up,even in wind its not to bad,i like to hang the fly over frame before erection :-).has withstood strong winds and while it flaps around a bit inside when windy pegging all the tie down points alleviates this.
Have darkroom model with extra vestibule and well worth the extra 50.00 bucks,heaps of space,comfortably sleep two adults on stretchers for 4 people get the 6 man tent.The claim of reduced sunlight and reduced temperatures in tent is true.

A couple of negatives,one of which is up to user,be careful not to pinch your fingers on the frame slide when packing up.The other is the size of the included pegs of which there are 30 odd,they are like tooth picks and you will need to upgrade at least twenty of them for confident wind proofing of basic tent and fly assembly.I am not going to knock a star off for this because it is off set by a carry bag which is bigger than some and allows for a bit of grace in packing up the tent.

Good, but use the guys if windy

Great tent, super easy to put up and take down, warm, condensation not a problem, love the window options. We used it in Albany WA.

We camp a fair bit, so it probably did about 40-50 days in the 14 months we had it. It collapsed once when the wind got up and I hadn't guyed it (wasn't windy when I put it up, doh). However by the time it collapsed it was super windy so I tried to fix it up without unpegging and managed to bust one of the (rather flimsy) screws that hold the joints together. We fixed it and it lasted a few more months, but then collapsed again, this time from fully guyed, in a strong wind. This time the crown piece broke and poles poked up through the flysheet and tore it. Its a write off. I like the tent but not keen to spend $250 year on tents so we are going to try a Black Wolf. But highly recommended for occasional camping.

Happy campers

Purcased recently 6 man tent stays dry comfortable inside with shade just outside your door relax reading a book having quite drinks or bbq with the family easy to ensemble with minutes then your all ready to go and explore

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Great product compatible and easy to transport when your going camping

The easiest tent I have ever used

We are fair weather campers only. This tent is really easy to set up and to take down, I do myself (one female adult). We opted for the gold series, I wish I had got a dark series but the budget didn't stretch. It comes with everything you need (pegs, ropes, even some entrance mats) and has 3 generous awnings. We bought an additional ground cover to go under the tent. It is very well ventilated. The real strength of this tent is ease getting it up and down. It takes longer than 3 minutes to do everything. But one person can do it with ease and the carry bag it comes in is generous. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is I would love if it came with or you could purchace fly screens for the awnings.

Simple & Excellent Quality

We bought it specifically for our cross Australia Trip due to the quickness of the set up as we were moving a lot and it was great. We ditched our 8 person tent in favour of this Coleman and we can't fault it. It's survived rain, 90km wind and many many camping trips. Highly recommend.

Good, though not *as* good as they say

There's nothing wrong with the tent, but there is no way in hell it can be set up in 3 minutes. Three minutes will get the inner frame established if you're very goid, but pegs, fly and cords will take another ten at least, and that's after you spend significant time trying to decipher the instructions, which direct you to hooks and "electrical cords" which simply don't exist. In the end, you'll need to disregard trying to follow the instructions faithfully, and simply peg it down as best you can.

Once you *do* get it up, it's a good enough tent, plenty of space, plenty of windows. When you take it down, however, be really careful with the central pole, because it's damn easy to get your finger caught in it as you fold it up, causing excruciating pain! And that's happened to two other people I know, not just me

Amazing tent

After extensive research and shopping around I decided to purchase a Coleman Instant UP 6 Person Gold series tent. What a fantastic tent, lived up to and beyond my expectations. Took around 10 mins to erect and peg down including fitting the fly. Has a front and rear entry with plenty of ventilation options to allow for good air flow. Quality material and a heavy duty floor makes this tent well worth paying the little extra for the Gold series.
Plenty of room for 2-4 people but would struggle to fit 6 comfortably, we use it for 2 adults and have stacks of space to store our gear inside the tent. Also nice to be able to stand up while inside the tent, would totally recommend the Instant Up tents by Coleman if you're considering purchasing a tent. Purchased mine from Snowys Mile End, S.A.) they did a great deal on price and their customer service was brilliant.

Great in theory but once poles stick, it has to be binned!

Bought the Instant 4 in 2013 and have put it up once maybe twice per year since. Just tried putting it up for the first time this year and two of the roof poles that are supposed to slide out of each other have stuck. I've had a few blokes stronger than me try and extend them but to no avail. There is no obvious sign of damage on either, but without them working then the whole tent is useless.

The few times I did use it prove that the concept was good, and indeed it appeared to be a well made item.

Anyone want to buy my model for spares?

Incredible tent

This tent is incredible! It's lightweight, inexpensive and easy to set up! I have camped using this tent for two years now. During this time I have found myself in two storms. The tent did not leak and withstood the windy conditions. Not a single drop of water got through and the rain was bucketing down during both storms.
During warmer weather if the widows are open it's not too bad and during colder weather, zero degrees and below, it does gets a little cold but that's to be expected so snug up.
The tent is just as easy to take down. I love this tent and would definitely buy it again!

Great setup time

Wow, I am impressed with the setup time, so quick and easy, I love it, but, it is not very stable when standing solo unroped compared to other tents I have owned, it twists at the top elbows... now that's a break waiting to happen. I highly recommend two ropes on each corner at right angles to aid in stability. I have big concerns about the twisting when unroped.
I had this tent pitched and the fly on, but not roped down. We had heaps of rain over a couple of days and it appears to have only leaked a little bit, about half a cup of water inside, which is excellent.

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I neglected to mention ours is not the full fly, it's the partial fly. Took the tent out for a night in May 2017. It was 10 degrees Celsius overnight. Setup time is fantastic. Held well with all ropes supplied. I think it rained overnight as I heard it sprinkle and in the morning the roads were very wet, so if it rained I never heard a thing. The tent really held up well no water inside but I got a couple of drips from moisture on my face. Tent fly was really wet. Due to the slope on the fly at the door, it is a bit difficult getting the fly door open from the bottom without getting your clothes wet, this would be a pain in the rain I think, but this area is a great place to store your shoes. I can't say for certain but shoes might need to be covered with plastic just in case they get wet inside off the fly. Placing a tarp over the tent would add extra protection too. I don't have a D-door on my tent, it has a zipper on the bottom and one down the side so the overflat gets caught sometimes.

Value for Money, easy to put together and was still standing after a cyclone!

I waited to write a review on this tent until we had used it many times, over more than a year. And here is what we have to say...

Like all tents when you first buy them, put it up once or twice in the backyard to get the hang of it before erecting it for the first time when you arrive to your campground. We did two trial runs in the backyard before our first use, and it takes us about 10 minutes for it to go up, that includes fitting the additional rainguard over the top of the tent and pounding in all tent pegs and guide ropes (time taken includes two people erecting the tent and placing rain guard on top of tent and one person doing all tent pegs and guide ropes)

Put it simply, we love, love, love this tent. Value for money, light to carry and compact when in bag, saving space. One person can easily put it up and take it back down, the tent goes up in 3 minutes with the rain guard and tent pegs taking maybe an extra 5-10 minutes tops . We have now used our tent on several trips, most recently we got caught in at cyclone whilst beach camping on Bribie Island (QLD) and the tent performed better than we could have hoped for. We were in a very exposed location in the sand dunes, the wind whipping of the ocean was gail force, and the wind tore our gazebo out of the ground and 10 feet into the trees. One tip we have found with strong wind or exposed locations is to buy additional, quality pegs suitable for the soil/terrain to secure the rain gaurd down on all points, it might seem like overkill, but this will help with wind lift under the rainguard itself. As for the rain guard that came with our tent, it has never let us down, every during torrential rain, not a drop inside the tent.

As for things that could be better, the quality of the tent pegs and absence of suitable pegs for the rain guard itself. We primarily camp in sandy, beach side locations in SE QLD, so we invested in additional good quality sand pegs for both the tent, all guide ropes and the rain guard. The tent bag is still kicking, but we can see in the future that it will need replacing. As for the tent floor, it could be better quality, but hasn't torn or leaked but could be better under foot. \

We got out tent and rain for less than $300 during a sale from Tent City in Browns Plains QLD, so for what we paid, we couldn't be happier.

Instant tent ....just a marketing hype

I had been camping for years, and have a couple of coleman tents. I found the old one to very very strong and reliable hence I thought its a good idea to invest in the new model, an Instant up tent.

I have seen the youtube videos on how to set it up beforehand and it was the main reason for buying this tent. One my first camping trip there it was raining and slow winds of 10kph. The tent was good as it kept us warm and dry for most part. But the side where there you have the walls have ventilation, the water have dripped in and inside the tent through the fly on the zipper connection. Although the water was minimal (200ml), we thought we can let it pass, as this is the first time we setup a tent for 30 minutes that was the best part.

On our second trip to Mallacoota, We setup the tent as usual and pegged everything as we were expecting strong winds of 40kph sustained. The setup tooks us 15 minutes this time.....claim of 3 mins setup is just marketing lie...

We were shocked that the tent is actually that strong and it didn't move with the strong wind. With the past tents we owned, You can feel the wind blowing and the tent would actually sway or dance with the wind but his one is quite sturdy but this is a disaster waiting to happen. The not so flexible fibreglass frame would cause it to eventually snapped. This tent is weathertec rated 100kph, I'm not sure how they do their tests. I'm sending it back to coleman and back to my old but reliable coleman tent.

Update: Jan 2017
Got the findings from Coleman, the frames are not part of the warranty. The worst past, its hard to fix them. My tent is sitting with seller for more than 2 months now. No parts.... this thing is basically disposable when it breaks.

Update: Feb 2017 - Been contacting seller for repair details. No word, My guess - still no parts. They are trying to avoid my calls and emails.

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Questions & Answers

We bought the 4 person version with Dark-Room - in NZ. Easy to set up - no doubt about that. But the ventilation isn’t great and noticed a lot of condensation buildup on the inside of the fly - which makes the inner damp. Guessing that opening the inside windows would improve ventilation - but there’s nowhere to roll them up. Anyone else had this issue?
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Would love some help - I notice that Anaconda sell a Coleman instant up darkroom exclusive to anaconda model. How does this compete with the traditional gold dark room model?
1 answer
Doesn't have the front vestibule by memory,the gold series at snowys or tent world has the large front vestibule https://www.tentworld.com.au/buy-sale/coleman-instant-up-gold-vestibule-darkroom-tent-4PV

last year my waterproof instant tent leaked all over and I had to spend the night in a hotel and go home. I would like to try another waterproof instant tent but could I have a separate rainfly for security?
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