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Colgate Pro Clinical C250

Colgate Pro Clinical C250

3.9 from 24 reviews

It’s a decent product

I had an old electric toothbrush which was working fine but finding the replacement head was getting difficult. I got this one on sale at Woolworths for $30 and I do not regret that purchase.
No more buying spare battery, just put it back on the docking stations and it will be fully charged for the next time. The battery life is good, I used it a full week without a charge and I still had power, I might say I was getting low as the vibrations were not as « sharp » as when it’s fully charge.
I have one comment on the docking station, I would like to see a double or at least the possibility to join 2 together so no one is fighting to charge it since not everyone has more than one power point in their bathroom.
Having that in mind that’s why I got the one that uses AA battery for my wife (will do a review on that one too).

How does it work?
Well I do feel a better cleaning is achieved since I started using it, I like the fact that it has it’s own timer and you have 4 intervals of 30sec to brush your teeth. That is very well thought so you know how much time you have.
I found it easy to operate and swap heads, so changing the heads every 3 months isn’t an issue and yes it’s more expensive than a regular toothbrush but if that saves me on dentist I cannot argue the benefits.
I found the motions it uses to clean my teeth very close to perfect, it’s not just rotating but it’s almost a 3D motion which is great because I find it more effective than my previous one.
Would I buy it again? Yes definitely,
Is it fit for purpose? Yes
Is it economical? ... well that’s why 4 stars, I use my killer watts and found that the docking station uses 0.5Kw in any circumstances (charging or not) so calculating the cost of electricity ($12 a year to run) plus the price of the heads ($34 per year) it comes to a total cost close to $100 if you pay everything full price. That’s a lot of toothbrush!
My advice is buy it on sale (50% off is a good deal) and get the refill for a year too, that way you’ll be able to save your cash and to push it even further only plug the docking station once a week and recharge the toothbrush for 8h, that way you can even save on power!

Final words, you can’t put a price on health, so if something works better than the ordinary toothbrush and leaves you with a better feel in you mouth why wouldn’t you have it ?

Purchased in September 2018 at Woolworths for $30.00.

Low price

Compared with other big brands, the battery life of electric toothbrush is regrettable, but its product quality is excellent and its basic functions are solid. With a brush head heavy. Compared with similar toothbrushes, it is not too light or too heavy, feels moderate, comes with battery, convenient charging, inductive charging.

Life changing

This has changed my life. No, that is not an exaggeration. I was never the best on oral hygiene. Yeah, I brushed every day, but nothing more than basic.Life changing

Just like the TV ads this tooth brush has actually improved my teeth

Ever so happy with the Colgate pro electric tooth brush. I feel a much cleaner mouth after each clean and is so simple to use and works very fast! The price is a lot more than any other brand but much worth the cost


Great to find a compact unit in black. The colour is important to me as it looks cleaner (white tends to stain from toothpaste and make up) and it matches our modern bathroom. It’s sleek and smooth with no ridges or rubbery parts (my old one had these and it was awful to keep clean). What I like most is the ease of charging. The charger is really small and easy to store. The toothbrush keeps charge for many weeks, even when the charge light flashes it still continues to work. (I don’t actually recall it running out of charge yet). Overall fantastic value for money. Better than some of the dearer ones on the market.

Its the best!

I love this toothbrush!! It does all the hard work for me! Its the best on the market. I highly recommend you buy it! You won't be disappointed!!!! Its the best toothbrush!!!!

Impressive little sonic brush

The TripleClean brush heads are really small which is great as you can really get to your very back teeth with ease and I prefer this head to the whitening head it came with as I ordered a pack of heads at same time.

Charge time was quick for initial charge, nice little compact charger too. Overall, for the price this is a great bit of kit and I'll definitely be recommending the brush as I'll only use sonic action as it's by far superior to oscillating!!

brilliant smile

seriously, this is the best tooth brush I've used in a long time. it leaves my entire mouth feeling clean and teeth smooth. its so gentle on my gums and cleans between the teeth with ease. so simple to wash the head and store on its charger. highly recommend for the price.

One of the better electric toothbrushes

Love the sleek design and cover, I liked the fact it doesn't spin like most electric toothbrushes. I found with the spinning brushes my teeth got very sensitive, this toothbrush is much more gentle on my teeth and gums and still gets them clean

Extra clean

Super impressed with this toothbrush mouth feels very clean after. The charge on it lasts for quite a while I would say a month or so. I just leave it on overnight. I absolutely love that it has a cover other it makes it easy to pack when going away and protects your toothbrush from airborne poo particles! Gotta love a reduced e.coli count!

Greet toothbrush

Great toothbrush always does the job, efficient, speedy. Easily charged on the charger dock. Sleek design, from memory not too loud either. Great affordable option, use with Colgate toothpaste for best results ;)

Don’t know how it works

Minimum instructions on website and the box, don’t know if I brush up and down like a manual toothbrush or just drag it along like an oral b.

Handle vibrates more than the brush head itself


Fantastic product it has lasted a long time longer I hen I expected and also exceeded my expectations. It’s recharged quickly and long gaps between recharge life best toothbrush ever

Nice brush

This seems to clean well, the battery lasts for ages, and it sits well on the charging stand which is better than the Oral B brush I had previously. The brush heads are readily available at Chemist Warehouse. It comes in black and white matching any bathroom. Very quiet in operation, easy to store and clean.

Great first electric toothbrush

I had won this from a Colgate competition and was excited to try it as I had always used a manual ones before. It's light, slim and feels great in the mouth. It doesn't use alot of power and my mouth feels cleaner than when using ordinary toothbrush.

Great toothbrush

My teeth feel cleaner since using this toothbrush! I like that it is light & looks modern. It lasts around 2 weeks after each charge which is fantastic as i don't have to use a lot of power to keep it going.

Good electric toothbrush

I recently purchased this after using an oral-b electric toothbrush for many years. I prefer the Colgate as it comes in black (meaning it doesn’t get dirty as easily) and the brush speed seems to be more effective. Overall would recommend.

Great toothbrush

I gave up my Oral B electric toothbrush for this.
Just as well as my dentist said that at certain area I over-brushed and required filling.
The head of this is small and easy to reach those hard to reach space.
Furthermore, it is light and easy to use.
Now all my family is using this.

Just okay - but died after two years

The brush is light and comes with a travel case which is good however there is little movement compared to an Oral B but perhaps that the way "sonic" type toothbrushes operate. However my main irritation was that it died after two years - in fact only 3 days after the 2 year warranty expired! The battery seems to be okay but the fault appears to be with the on / off button which is not staying on.

I think I'll go back to using the Oral B although the inbuilt batteries in the Oral B's don't last for ever of course.

Handy little brush

I feel this product has increased my oral health, it’s very compact and easy to use which i like. I also like that it is a little more slimline than other electric brushes. Very easy to store as I leave it on the charger when not using. Have taken it away on holiday and the battery has lasted a fair while. Only criticism is the price of replacement brush heads.

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Pro Clinical C250
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