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Cookie Diet

Cookie Diet

3.9 from 42 reviews

Love this diet

12 weeks into the diet
Hubbys lost 20 kg
Daughter 13 kg
Me 8 kg
Gotta be happy with that
It’s a really easy diet to stick to
Very affordable
First diet I haven’t found to hard

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateJanuary 2019
Additional Physical Activities None

Thank you cookies!!

Ok so 1st week is done and I’m so happy with the results I’ve lost 4kgs yay
Looking forward to week 2

Start weight 76.3kg
Waist 105cm
Hips 116cm
Chest 105cm

Weight 72.3kg
Waist 101cm
Hips 113cm
Chest 100cm
Thank you cookies

Start DateMarch 2019
Additional Physical Activities None

Fantastic results and easy to follow

Well today is the 4 week mark. So happy with this diet. I'm down 7.1kg and lost 34cm around my belly (happened in the first 2 weeks cause I was badly bloated)
This is a very easy diet. I don't have any loss of energy, I'm never hungry ever! Sometimes I don't even get to eat cookie 9. We go out for dinner with friends twice a week and eat smart and you still loose weight.
If you are thinking of doing it you must. Everyone is a winner baby!!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateFebruary 2019
Additional Physical Activities None

Scam scam scam scam

I cannot believe they have not been shut down by the ACCC for dishonesty. Read the ingredients list! There is no special protein mix or aminos as claimed. First ingredient is sugar. There is no difference from a packet of milk arrowroots or whatever. It is junk food, pure and simple, and it will stuff your insulin and hormones.
All the positive reviews are FAKE!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateFebruary 2019

3 months lost over 17kg

I've been on the cookie diet for 3 months now and lost just over 17kg. First month I lost about 8kg after that it did slow down a little but that's due to my body getting used to it. I have to say I wasn't expecting such a weight loss but I find myself feeling hungry a lot during the day but just kept pushing myself to keep on doing it. However the last 2 weeks I have noticed I've been feeling more hungry and weak not much energy and find myself feeling like I want to pass out after working I'm the garden for 30min I'm assuming it's the lack of food in the body as the cookie diet is to starve yourself. I am planning to loss a little more weight but might have to give it a week or 2 break to get my body feeling back to normal again otherwise a great product and does work if you actually stick to it and eat healthy dinners.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateDecember 2018
Additional Physical Activities None

The best diet aid ever

I love the cookie diet program so very easy to follow ,so much better than shakes I have tried .I have lost 8kgs so far from Dec last year til now .The cookies taste great ,are easy to tote around .I carry my daily amount in my handbag so I always have a snack available on hand no need to sneak off and buy something naughty. If you follow their timing guides of when to eat them you never get hungry. The cinnamon oatmeal are my favourite ones

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateDecember 2018
Additional Physical Activities None

I have lost weight

I started the Cookie diet in December 2018 and thoroughly enjoy my 9 Cookies a day. I have learned how to eat great meals either at lunch or evening to supplement without going over 1200 calories a day. Without changing my lifestyle I continue to lose approximately 1kg every week. I feel great, have more energy and less pain in my joints from carrying excess weight. I highly recommend the Cookie to anyone who hates change and wants to lose weight while maintaining their lifestyle

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateDecember 2018
Additional Physical Activities None

Weight loss

I’ve been on the cookie diet now for 4 weeks
So far I’ve lost 10.2 kilos loving this diet and will continue on my journey and being healthy is my aim

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateJanuary 2019
Additional Physical Activities None

Whom would have thought a cookie diet would work.

Awesome cant wait to order again. I’m into my 8th week after stopping for a while and have lots 22.7kg in total. Words can’t explain how excited I am to continue you on this amazing journey. Never doubt it until you try it.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateNovember 2018
Additional Physical Activities None

Works fine if you are committed to losing weight and can follow simple instructions!

I have been on them off and on due to hectic lifestyle. It's simple when I follow the plan they work a treat. The diet is not rocket science - if you burning off more energy (calories) than you are taking in you MUST lose weight!
I can understand the people who state that the cookies may give them upset stomachs as everyone is different in their tolerance to different foods. But when consumers say that when they follow the plan that you don't lose weight is simply rubbish - Simple - Stop snacking in between and/or follow the instructions!

waste of money hunger craves stops not for long..

Honestly has these cookie for a number of days now, started off two cookies for lunch a bit of nausea, then 2 cookies the next day for lunch, third day over eaten and felt hungrier more cookies, no im not trying the actual diet I didn't like it to begin with im testing if these cookies take hunger away they did on the first day for 4 hours then not really, I have just eaten two for supper but I been craving carbs as I tried to limit them idea is stupid, im hungrier the cookbook diet is just like atkins all high protein... not a sustainable diet to eat 9 cookies a day, I think I would feel hungry, good on Dr Seigal'sidea for making money, I don't like it.. it does not give you nutritional value as in real food, your better off eating every two hours real food.i wanted to see if its its good, good for biscuit that's all.

Don’t waste your money

Stuck to this stupid diet for the whole month & didn’t lose 1 kilo or 1 inch,was hungry all the time,had no energy which meant for that month my work suffered,it’s the worst diet I’ve ever been on & it should be banned,it’s a scam!
It’s a complete waste of money.

Dr siegal cookie diet

I've got to say I've been on many diets the last 20 years ..this is the only one I have been successful with..
I was extremely unwell I have been on this diet for three weeks ..the week I started the difference was huge to my general health.. I was bordering death I would say the doctors gave up on me I had mysterious illnesses I couldn't breathe I couldn't walk without sticks or my wheelchair.. life was very hard within three days I started to breathe within 5 days I did not have to use my chair or my sticks I have lost 7 kilos in 3 weeks and my life has now changed at least 80% if not more I would recommend this diet to anybody.. my general practitioner could not believe the health difference that these biscuits made to my life she said do not go off them for at least three months because you may go back and I said don't worry I won't go off them and I love them.. my doctor wants to keep an eye on me because she said that she wants to be able to recommend them to clients she was that impressed and she does not get impressed with much believe you me.

Gained a kg and needed tons of fibre

Not for me. The cookies are just ok, not as good as raved about (dry and squeeky in texture), and to be totally open, they made me constipated. Ended up gaining a kg by the end of a week for some reason!!!! Not worth the money at all.

Best diet I have ever done!

Just wanted to share my success and excitement with you all that this diet actually works! In 3 weeks I have lost 9.4kgs!!

Perfect start

I am writing a bit prematurely I think, but I have been on the cookie diet for 7 days, and in that 7 days I have lost 3.6kgs. Friday nights are my down fall and I tend to indulge in bourbon and lots of carbs, but I will have cookies for dinner and I know I will be ok tomorrow, so what if it puts me back a day or 2 and a few kilos. I find it a great program because aside from fridays it's more convenient than anything. The cookies taste great so it isnt a problem eating alot of them

The cookies really do help.

11 weeks in, 3 of which weren't on track due to international travel and hubby has lost just over 10kilos. He is looking and feeling alot better. His BP is coming down too. The cookie diet has helped him to learn new disciplines. Although he ate clean before, he just didnt eat at the right time or portion sizes. His work hours can be very difficult so this has helped push him to see eating smaller more often is better for him in general and for his job.
I only started them as a lower calorie snacking option post some major surgery when I was comfort eating and genuinely hungrier than usual. Now I enjoy having a couple a day and not gaining or upsetting my sugars or tummy issues like other cookies would. Some need coffee or wine or chocolate. None of which I can have so these are my treat lol. I did eat them full time recently to help lose 3kilos I gained overseas and it did come off much quicker than previous travel weight gain.

Great results.

2 months on the cookie diet and I have lost 10 kg! I have been on crutches for 8 years, now and suffer from chronic pain, so had put on a fair amount of weight. Was having so much trouble trying to lose it. Bless you, Dr Siegal, and your cookies!!!

What diet??

These cookies are the best. They taste nice, they make you feel full and i wouldnt even know i was on a diet! Its flexible as well you can use as snacks or in between meals. Early days for me byt ive lost 4kgs in 4 weeks! Quickest ive ever lost weight!

Fantastic and my weight is falling off!

I am writing this prematurely I guess but I’ve been so excited I needed to! I started it 2 weeks ago and have lost nearly lost 5kg already! I’m not a large person just needed to get back into my size 10 clothes quickly for a wedding in a couple of weeks and I will easily do it! I crept up to a size 12 over winter and after 2 weeks am already squeezing in my 10’s again but will be comfortable in another 2 weeks. I honestly have been religiously following it - not cheating in any way what so ever and calculating my evening meals through the my fitness pal app down to the macros! But I don’t feel hungry at all and the cookies are delicious which makes it all so much easier. I’ve even been to 2 events and just had my cookies! So anyway I would recommend this to anyone

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Questions & Answers

Hi...I’m wheelchair bound cos of a stroke and I’m wondering if the Cookie Diet would possibly work for me?
No answers

Are these cookies suitable for a diabetic
2 answers
I am not sure Nancy M they have sugar in them I think you would need to speak to your diabetic GP about whether or not you could eat them.I am type 2 diabetic I wasn’t sure if this would work for me but I have been doing this for 7 days & have lost just over 2kgs. I test myself more regularly than normal so I can keep check of my sugars. I have two in the morning & one to two in the afternoon. I always have a good meal for dinner (not lunch). I haven’t been hungry enough to eat more, my sugars are within normal range. I also take a multivitamin as directed by this Cookie Diet. Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for others who have diabetes. Please check with your doctor. If your not sure buy one packet but I highly recommend it.

I just got my supplies of cookies but I want to know the procedure do I have to eat one pat in day.? There is no instructions to how ! Awaiting yours and thank you.
1 answer
No. It is all explained on their website


Cookie Diet
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