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Invasion of Privacy

Very disappointing that the Toowoomba agency goes through data, trying to find the owners of rental properties and then sending them unwanted marketing material. And to be personally addressing it to us, not just "The Homeowner". Very unprofessional and another agency that we wouldn't be bothered to use.

Thanks Rowena and Coronis Team

She has great local knowledge and is easy to deal with. She’s the one to go with, if you’re looking to buy or sell. Highly recommend. Looking forward to deal with you again. Marko and Heidi


Unit sale marie and Peter hill

We used nick to do the conveyancing on our unit. He was extremely good in all aspects couldnt falt him. Especially when the bank were pretty slack at the time of the contract becoming unconditional. Well done nick. Thank you


Girl on phone just hung up after a direct and bold question

I'm a tenant. I called and asked to speak to my property manager and the girl on the phone asked me questions on what the call was in regards to. Questions became a bit detailed and I asked if I could just speak to my manager directly or not, as I didn't want to have to repeat the details again to the manager (I need to get back to work asap). She hung up, without saying anything, phone just went dead silent right after I asked with a strong voice. Clearly she couldn't handle a direct question. I called back and was answered by another lady; I told her I wished to speak to my manager, and she immediately said my manager was out at that time and then therefore went onto ask for details (which then made sense). The girl that hung up, well, I don't know what happened to her, but that just seemed unprofessional and incompetent. I didn't call to sweet talk her, if that's what she was after. I simply wanted to speak to my manager, and should have been told upfront that she wasn't available after asking again.
The second lady seemed much more professional in her speech and handling of the query.


Not given a fair go for being a single mum!!

Worst real estate! Not given a fair go! They judge an educated single mum going through DV! Absolutely Heartless!! And Shameless!

I'm an educated women, I'm an ICU NURSE, I've owned my own house for 18yrs. Being a single mum of 3 and trying get out of a DV situation is not what I chose, but I was disregarded and it was used against me. No explanation was given, receptionist was cold, email was cold and rude. And my refers stated no one even made contact.

Why bother having applicants when they obviously don't give you a fair go.

Absolutely disgusting, esp when I expressed how much finding a home was essential. No phone call. They could have given us a fair chance! All I wanted to keep my kids safe.

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Hi Lisa, Thank you for your review, we're very disappointed to hear you feel this way as we can assure you that you were absolutely not discriminated against because of your situation. Every day, we receive multiple applications on multiple properties and it is not always possible to know the circumstances surrounding every applicant as they come in. We can confirm we received your application nearly 24 hours after the property inspection on 9 May however we received another application immediately after the inspection on 8 May, which was approved by the owner prior to us receiving your application. We do hold all applications until the approved applicant pays their deposit in the case they do not proceed and we can offer the property to other applicants. Once the deposit is paid in full, a notification email is sent automatically from our system to anyone who has missed out. The team processing your application would not have know your specific circumstances and they would never ever hold those circumstances against anyone if they did. Our team are very considerate and compassionate and are active in helping women in difficult circumstances as we are currently working very closely with Friends with Dignity to help women and families in need. We hope that explains the process but if you wish to discuss further, please contact our Property Management Area Leader Tracey Kelly on 3105 5777. Thank you and all the best with your search for a property.

Worst real estate to date

Took forever to get my clothesline 'fixed'
Had my mailbox stolen before Christmas, took a month for a replacement even after offering to buy and install a new one myself free of charge to be told no....a month later....
Left my house completely unlocked and accessible for anyone to walk into whilst I was at work to show prospective Tennant's through. Also left all my lights on, even though it was during the day.
Harassed me with emails daily for weeks, at 6am, for a renewal or exit notice even though it was handed in to them in person weeks prior. Even after I called twice to ask them to stop, they kept coming.
Organises 'house viewings' then doesn't show up or notify me that it has been cancelled.
Can't tell me when my rent is paid up until even though I've asked 4 people now.
Never in the 'office' and will always be waiting on them to call you back.... It's been over a week and I'm still waiting on a call back.
Poor management, no communication, and useless at their jobs.
100% would NOT recommend unless you like being stuffed around constantly.


Terrible property Managers

Have just moved into our rental property and have had nothing but issues with paying our rent. Despite emails, text messages and even a visit, we have been blatantly ignored by our so called property manager. We have only been in the property for approx 4 weeks and its been a disgraceful experience. Really! Why is it so difficult to pay rent and how dare they charge tenants to pay the rent via Bpay. I have to admit that after all my years of renting, I have never struck a circus like Coronis or a Realestate that does not have a simplified electronic payment system in place.....

Useless managing agent

A property managed by coronis Springfield in qld, backs onto mine, the rear boundary fence divides our properties.
There is a fast growing weed that grows along the fence and creeps over, I have been clearing it for years, due to the shear amount of rubbish, it’s does not fit in my bin, hence a trip to the refuse centre each time costing me time and money.

I have finally had enough and contacted coronis Springfield approx 2-3 months ago.
I have never been able to speak to or been called back by the managing agent themselves.

Weeks pass, I follow up, receptionist says they’ll call, they never do. I continually have to call. Then they say, their waiting on quotes to remove it.

Weeks pass, I follow up again, they say they’ve chosen a contractor, it’s getting done, once again weeks pass and still nothing.

The weed is destroying the fence, it’s killing my plants, it’s covering the neighboring properties walls and it’s travelled along the fence into the opposing neighbour too, although I’m the only one that cares as I own my home, everyone else rents and don’t give a damn.

Unauthorised entry

My lease was initially with another agency, changed mid-lease to Coronis. Was given an email notification the day it changed, then got spammed with Coronis advertising. The Property Manager retired without the courtesy of any notification. Communication is so poor, I receive information sometimes on email, sometimes by post, sometimes both ways. I came home today to find that someone had been in my house without permission. There were no entry notices provided and no response from the property manager.

My kind of people!

I found Andrew Coronis terrific to deal with. He was direct and to the point but genuine, people like this I truly value! They sincerely care about people. Really thankful to have met them.

If I could rate them as 0 stars, I would!

I have regretted few decisions as much as I have regretted signing with Tamika Kent, from Coronis Arana Hills. So many mistakes, from poor photos sent for my approval, errors in the floorplan - including them marking the driveway as an outdoor patio and not including windows, to terribly written text for the marketing online and in print. And then to have my new gourmet kitchen with butler's pantry described as "makeshift"?! Why would I want an agent who described a lovely expensive kitchen as temporary and of poor quality?!

The last straw was that Tamika did not turn up to the first open home, even though she was the only agent who signed my contract. Her junior agent, Sam, deliberately mislead me in texts that morning by using words like "us" and "we". He appeared and started setting up; after 5 minutes, I asked "where is Tamika?"... and was told she wasn't coming. Since then, when I complained to Head Office, she has not contacted me at all. Sam did the open homes, even though I have repeatedly asked for a replacement senior agent, and the COO managed negotiations. She has been pressuring me to accept a low-ball offer... $20K less than we had asked for. I have now provided them with a 30-day notice of termination, and have had open homes cancelled due to other commitments, or replacements so that the COO can go away for her wedding anniversary.

Coronis and it's staff could not be any worse to deal with... I was actually abused via text by their sales manager, Adam. And the owner, Andrew Coronis, has even been stalking me online (I can see you've been checking my LinkedIn page!). Never NEVER again, and I have been advising people to go anywhere else!!!

Terrible. As a tenant do not trust their management.

The worst property management I've ever dealt with. Constantly charging incorrectly for bills, losing contact details, not updating tenancy details correctly/promptly, not providing information they are legally obliged to provide

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Hi Lee, thank you for your review but we're very sorry to hear about your experience as this is well below our standard of customer service. Can you please advise which office you are currently renting through so we can look into this further? Thank you

Coranus - unethical, illegal, bullying, ignorant, lazy

Before you do anything, as a tenant, make sure you are in regular contact with the RTA and Qstars and know your rights and obligations. One big thing to understand - do not give up your bond - it is your right to keep it unless a tribunal or the RTA deem it necessary. They will try to take it and bully you into giving it up to make them go away (which they won't do) or falsely tell you 'you have to' - you don't. It pays to know what you are allowed to do, and not. Stick within those guidelines and you have a fighting chance. Remember that you can take them to small claims court, both to terminate leases and to claim a backdated rental reduction. Get everything you request and their responses in writing. Follow up regularly to demonstrate their pattern of behaviour.

Favourite MOs (from here, and my experience) include:
*sending tradies around to 'quote' but not doing work
*ignoring maintenance requests
*emails which seem nice, following nasty phone calls that they can't be pinged for
*swapping PM regularly
*pretending they know legislation, when in fact they just say what they want
*taking too long to lodge bonds, receipt rent (even though you pay so far in advance to ensure you are never behind
*renting filthy houses and then doctoring entry condition reports to say 'it's in great condition'
*putting young women, with no idea of life, or what the law says on as PM, and then pushing them to get nasty
*ignoring all phone calls, and having 'meetings' when you call the office
*false advertising on properties
*maintenance done by unregistered tradies with poor reputations
*making promises when you sign a contract then not fulfilling them ("we didn't say that, it's hearsay")

Over months of renting and requesting maintenance (some emergency, some causing structural issues) and them blaming the landlord (which is in part, true, he's a greedy cheapskate too), nothing was getting done. Head office were involved - they too, don't care. So any 'replies' from Coranus that say "that office has since improved" is rubbish. They are rotten from the top down. Some repairs were (allegedly) billed to the LL, but no one turned up - which means that Coranus likely took the money for themselves. After months of trying to come to a working solution, I requested dispute resolution with the RTA. Nothing substantial done. Entry notices not supplied.

Finally got fed up, so in communication with the RTA (they cannot offer advice, but can tell you what you are obliged to do under law and what you can choose to do to protect yourself - though obviously with the law and market conditions weighted towards bad landlords, nothing is guaranteed) I issued with grounds notice to leave, after issuing breaches for repairs. I knew they would never properly fix it, and the dispute resolution decided me.

Trying to take my bond, but I got in first (make sure you do), despite their trying to keep my wife busy with their fake paperwork, whilst they lodged a full claim on our bond and then said "you had no grounds to terminate".

Did an exit inspection (whilst showing people through the property for inspections to rent) and blamed us. But had already claimed on the bond 2 days earlier for cleaning (and other items), thus showing that they really had no intention of being fair.

I'm glad I actually audit real estates, I have some idea of the law, and where I don't, I know where to look. I have been a tenant for 15 years, great references, no pets - that doesn't matter, because the system doesn't reward good tenants, only allows bad ones to give us a bad name. Frankly, there is no reward for being a good, clean, trustworthy tenant who pays on time - except self respect. The system is only designed to screw you if you make a mistake (real or imagined)

Coranus have a poor reputation among the industry. My friends, family, their friends and family have all been informed, and no one will rent or buy a house from these muppets any more.

If you're a landlord with Coranus, leave quickly. They are not inspecting your home, not maintaining it, have no idea of the law to protect you or your property, nor do they care and are purely in the game for the numbers (after all, taking an 8.25% cut of your rent for doing nothing is money for jam, innit?).

What landlords need to understand is (this is the auditor in me speaking) that many real estates want to build up a massive number of properties on their books. Management fees are good, and (like an accounting practice or solicitor's practice), the rental book itself has some value. If they can build and sell a rental book with $100k of fees per month, then they get a nice reward for building numbers, not service. Get a reputable agent or rent it yourself and pocket the difference (or offer slightly lower rent and compete against agents).

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Hi Ben, we've tried contacting you privately through Product Review as we would like to look into your comments further but don't have a 'Ben Mac' in our tenant database, either previously or currently. If you could respond to our messages or contact our management team at feedback@coronis.com.au, we would like to follow up with you. Thank you

False advertising

Had an inspection today for a rental property the agent failed to turn up and the house is advertised with a new kitchen and in immaculate condition the house was run down and fall apart in places would not recommend.

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Hi Nizza, thank you for taking the time to review us. We're disappointed to hear about your experience and sincerely apologize for the miscommunication. We have escalated your comments to management so they can address them with the team.Thank you, Coronis.

Worst rental agents on the Gold Coast

We both work full time with little time on our hands & thought we will go with Coronis and what a MISTAKE that was as we have been disappointed with Coronis from the beginning of renting our property in Coomera. We have found them unprofessional, abrupt, dismissive, full of broken promises, lacking in communication as since we have been with them in last 6 months, we have had 2 different renal managers looking after our property without being told that the other 2 managers had left. We decided to take over the rental ourselves as found that we do a better job that Coronis had done. We were constantly sending them emails as work that was requested by us had not been done. We had to contact the tenants to find out if the work was completed and informed that the work was not done. We had to chase up money constantly owed to us by Coronis even though our great tenants paid their bills on time. We would never recommend Coronis to our friends and family as they were the worst rental company I have found and were a total waste of money. Thank god we have left them as with us the owners, things are now running smoothly.

Landlords go elsewhere or loose out

This review is for Coronis Coomera

My advice for landlords, go elsewhere, very inefficient, no communication, no inspections, impossible to contact, property managers change regularly, sometimes weekly.

I spent 3 months chasing a callback from Coronis, calling the office number and leaving messages, calling the 2 mobile number and leaving messages and sending emails to no avail. Their system allows Trades to approve their own quotes, even undo cancellations of jobs and the Trades know it, I was quoted for 8 new ceiling fans as they were irreparable just 2 weeks after they were replaced, my air-conditioner was scrapped as it was cheaper to replace but my electrician found a $49 part needed replacing plus labor. The list goes on for repairs but onto inspections, the contract said 3 a year, we got none in 2 years and they avoided all calls and emails about this. Property managers change all the time, sometimes they are gone within a week which means repairs and all property management goes down the drain.

Often instructions are ignored, leases are not signed but the "tenants" are still allowed to move in, you are even lie to, in writing that leases have been signed but when you ask for a copy they don't have one on file. It is always the last property managers fault and when you provide written confirmation of the leases being signed they tell you it was not sent from us. The result is "tenants" in our house with no lease in place and difficult to get them out.

In the month of our notice (which they could not understand why we were giving) we had 4 property managers with each lasting from a few days to a week and a half but we are finally free of them and now a new company is doing their best to sort this mess out. We will not be using their services ever again and would like to warn other investors of their poor service, especially if you are out of state.

They will never stop bothering you

NIne years after I made one enquiry about one property they had for sale they are still pursuing me with emails. I have now been specially selected by them to be part of an "awareness focus group". I have not had any contact with them since I changed my phone number . Prior to changing my number, they were still phoning me years later about my "recent enquiries". If you ever approach them about buying a property, use a specially set up gmail account and a cheap pre-paid phone number both of which you can dispose of immediately after.

Terrible Service

Was not attended to promptly. Did not help with my real estate matter. Sales Person was very rude.
Phone calls not returned.

Stick with smaller Real Estate Agents. Biggest isn't always best.

Well where do I begin? While I was renting through Coronis last year I was concerned that there had been a privacy breach. I actually had to go into the office at one point and I spoke to the receptionist at the time about the inspection issue. I advised I got the letter but not the email for the inspection and I asked her if there was a mistake. She said the inspection was probably for someone else but our details were on the letter but it would have been emailed to someone else. She said it happens sometimes. I was appalled.

I brought this up with the property manager I was bullied by the property manager that I was wrong and I misheard. Fast forward 9 months, I asked them for my rental ledger as my partner and I work from home and we needed it for tax purposes. I had to follow this up for 2 weeks. When I received the ledger I really couldn't figure it out for a minute. It looked like far less was paid. Then I looked closer and I realised that it was not my ledger. It was for the people who live in the house now. Coronis had breached their privacy! I could see everything that they had paid since they had moved in. The ledger had their names on it.

When I received my correct ledger it said that we had overpaid rent. We were never notified of this and they had also taken all of our bond. I moved interstate to look after my grandparents when I moved out of the property. I have a fair bit of savings and I was really busy looking after them so I never really noticed that the bond was not returned. When I have rented here and there, I have always had my bond returned in full which is why I did not expect the whole lot to be taken.

The bond was taken due to apparent kitchen damage. The kitchen had damage when we moved in. I reported this in my condition entry report which my property manager confirmed she received. When a different property manager called me (regarding the privacy breach and my concerns, they called within 15 minutes of me emailing) she asked if the property manager sent me back a copy with her signature on it as they could not find the entry condition report that I dropped off at reception. I advised no but she had emailed me and said that she had received it. The property manager who called me said that I needed a signed copy by the property manager...... This is not my job. The property manager should have sent back my entry condition report with my notes on it.

With regards to the damage, I asked for receipts for tax purposes and she said that she could not provide these, taking our bond was compensation to the owner.

Inspections were booked on public holidays then cancelled. Inspections were booked and then no one turned up when we thought that they had. Then an inspection was booked 5 weeks later and Coronis said that they never carried out the inspection 5 weeks earlier and had no record of it (this is where someone else got the letter with my details on it)

I notified the people who lived there (as I had their details now) and they said Coronis had been useless too and they were moving after their 12 month lease.

I was looking for a better deal for my rental properties on the Gold Coast before I left and I ended up staying with my current real estate. They are a small company but provide outstanding service. Something I have learnt from this is not to trust large real estate companies. Smaller companies hold smaller portfolios so you are more likely to be looked after because they will want to keep you as a client.

The ONLY people who seem happy with Coronis are people with multiple multiple properties. I would not buy, rent or sell through Coronis. Stay far away.

Worst Property Management / Sales Agents

Our experience with Coronis Springwood has been an absolute debacle. Would not recommend them for selling or management no help they don't care about you as an owner just after the commission.
We called the sales consultant regarding viewing a property and she never called back at all...when we asked her about it she said she never had a missed call and she doesn't work on Sundays ..Fair enough but at least return the call ! They get big commissions for doing nothing and it comes from the top senior management as they too did not want to even hear about it.. So word of mouth is better. Consider your options before signing up with them they always work for the BUYER not the SELLER even though they deduct their over paid commission from your sale.
Let's face it Real Estate agents don't sell houses it all depends on if the buyer likes it so don't be fooled by the sweet talk. Look Elsewhere worse than used car salesman...

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What houses in Boko court rothwell do u have for sale.?
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Hi! Do you do property management in Melton South?
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I am near the end of my lease I would like to know when do I have to submit a intention to leave form? Thank you Julianne Redshaw
2 answers
Hi Julianne, thanks for your question. If you would like to vacate your current rental property, you just need to provide your property manager with 14 days notice in writing. However, if you're able to provide more notice it is always greatly appreciated. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.Hi, if i were you i will give two weeks only, i try to do the right thing and gave notice weeks prior and ended up having the real state bringing potential tenants twice a week till we left.

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