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Really buggy and unreasonable for tenants

I am a LL, and judging from my tenants experience with applying through Cubbi, I would never put my prospective tenants through that pain. The apply button doesn't exist on the desktop web version, and the mobile web version is buggy at best (lots of freezing). On top of that, there are very unreasonable and unusual mandatory questions that as an experienced LL, REAs will never ask of tenants (and indeed as tenant, I would never want to answer). Because they are set as mandatory, you CANNOT submit until these are answered, which means as an LL, I will never receive potential tenants who might just be slightly short of the bill (e.g. they must have BOTH the mobile (why mobile and strictly mobile?) number AND the email address of former employers, they MUST have a cover note (it's a tenant application, not a job application?), etc.). It's just ridiculous and really limits my business options, I suggest Cubbi reviews actual applications out there and not make random assumptions because that doesn't contribute to "better" customer experience, but a worse one.

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Hi Lilmeh, thanks for the review. Very interesting feedback. We're just in the process of finishing up the development of Instant Rent Payments but this area, the Application, is getting a revamp very very soon so great timing! I was unable to find your name anywhere in our system but I have sent you a private message on Product Revew, I'd love to hear more. Our application form has about the same number of questions most application forms that real estate agents use, maybe it just feels like it's more due to the format and it's a bit clunky at the moment. We do ask for a few additional words (cover letter) to help the tenant express more about themselves, we did this because we found most tenants would try to message the owner more information about themselves in addition to the application. We will consider making this optional, thanks! About the mobile and email of the employer - we recommend calling the employer and then email if they don't respond, as I did as an ex property manager. We'll keep reviewing that, appreciate the thoughts! The last thing we want is to limit your tenant acquisition, which is why all our listings are upgraded to a 'Highlight' on realestate.com.au for free. Thank so you so much for sharing your thoughts.

Don't waste your time

Service definitely does not live up to what they promise,
Service is generic and inaccurate
Always behind\late in replying and correspondence
Organise repayments beyond move out dates
Great in supplying the most basic of information linked to government sites.
Might be OK for the most basic of requirements - ie. you need someone to google how to apply for your bond back or send you a link to your tenancy agreement.
I let (I take full responsibility as I let Cubbi look after the tenancy as long as i did) my tenants get to $4000+ in arrears.
Now Cubbi sends me an email stating there is so much in arrears I should take on legal proceedings - no further information.. just that.
Please do yourself a favour and get real people looking after your investment.

Hi Vik, Michael here. On behalf of Cubbi I would like to sincerely apologise for your experience with Cubbi. I have shared your review with the team and we are all very deflated to hear your words but ofcourse we really appreciate your feedback. As we do not manage the property there is a fine line between how we can influence a tenancy without taking over complete control, however something we are learning and tweaking every day based on all great feedback we get. After reviewing your situation in detail, this has sparked some important tweaks for our new release later this month regarding late rent (and other support changes). We have also sent you a private message to help get the money recovered.Thanks Michael, Your apologies wont be getting my tenants back nor will they recover any money owing or prevent any further time wasted. You don't manage the property? Your site states "manage your property on Cubbi for just 2% fees" and follows up with statements that insinuate Cubbi is a better alternative to using traditional property management like "feel like someone cares, to know whats going on, to know their home is in good hands". I am just here stating your service does not live up to what is promised and I also don't take kindly to you watering down my experience. Please understand I do like the idea of your service but when it comes to the crunch, it doesn't live up to the hype.Thanks for the additional comments Vik. Appreciate your vote on the idea of the service. I think we can all agree some improvements need to be made in a few areas. We're up for the challenge! Your service was terrible and not up to our normal standard, sorry it came across as us trying to water it down.

User friendly but incomplete

I had my property advertised with an agent for 5 weeks, and they hadn't found a tenant. I noticed they offered
**1 x ten minute inspection per week***
If you're a tenant & you liked thel look of my property but couldnt make it, too bad. Or is it me the landlord that should be told 'too bad'. I tried my best in these 5 weeks, changed the blinds, added some shelves, decorations, lamps.. dropped the price $25.. got professional photos done... no luck.
It was time to take matters into my own hands. I fired the agent, & found Cubbi.
I was impressed by how easy it was to create my listing, loved the layout of the website, loved how quickly it went to air.
When my previous agent listed it I found the property on the 3rd page... with Cubbi I found my ad on realestate.com on the first page (near the bottom); still, I would like the option with Cubbi of being able to select premium listing - ie pay more to have it listed at the top on both realestate.com & Domain.
In Parramatta, Sydney, theres a huge influx of properties on the market & i have to fight to get the tenants at my inspection (the agent also said there's less tenants applying with the low interest rates/first home buyers out of the rental market).
Well Cubbi's listing worked, after dropping my price (another) $10, I got double the number of people at my inspection, and 3 applications. I held an hour long inpection, and captured 3 more parties (that an agent would have missed) at the end of this hour. I met my applicants & we both got the opportunity to suss each other out.
It was me who called all their references, I looked up their workplaces online & called & asked for their boss that way, to ensure they were genuine references.

The main reason Im not giving 5 stars is because of the 'Application form'- it's so incomplete! It doesn't ask their rental history, work references, previous addresses, emergency contacts, & other things. I couldnt send my applicants there to use it & found a template online to use.

I would be more than happy to pay more & get sent a Landlord Pack - which had a blank Initial Inspection report, (NSW Fair trading) New Tenant Checklist, Fair Trading Bond Lodgement application form, blank Residential Tenancy Agreement (lease), & a template for rental receipts. & other stuff Ive probably missed.
I did like the option of just using Cubbi to advertise ($199), and I'll self manage payments/accounting.

As someone else wrote & I wholeheartedly agree: "No more phone tag with a junior agent who lacks the interest and experience to adequately deal with your problem is pretty appealing to me (I also rent)."

This service would be perfect only if you have no problem with your tenant

Very slow response, like there is no one working there at all, my last query was responded 1.5 day after.

Its about time we got a FANTASTIC service like Cubbi !!

Cubbi is very easy to use, the customer service via the online chat are extremely knowledgable, helpful and prompt. The fees for my rental to be managed are very affordable compared to a conventional real estate agent. Everything is taken care of by Cubbi of which a regular agent would do.
I feel confident with the whole Cubbi experience.
Because its all online, I can log in whenever i need to and get answers, see rental payments progress, and just generally manage my account. The convenience is absolutely fantastic!!!
I have already recommended Cubbi to friends who have rental properties!

Trying to join up for last two days, not going well

Ok, I signed up and completed my first property as a landlord. The application took all my personal details, the current managing agent, uploaded my personal ID and then NOTHING. The system said we will generate a form for you to sign and then we can take over managing your property but this is where it all went bad. I checked my email and there was no form there. I then went to support to ask if they could send the form. No one replied. I logged back in, but there was no property listed so I don't know what happened to all my personal details I sent them. Not a good start. Certainly nothing like the Air BNB system, that they think they can emulate. Here at least the owner of the property has control over their own property listing and NOT Cubbi. I don't know why they need to send the form, when I should be able to. I hope this can be fixed up soon, or will not be using their services.

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Thanks for your review much appreciated and very sorry to hear your experience. I can see why it was so frustrating when you clicked to switch from an agent and entered your details in, because in the end, it never said to allow up to 1 business day. Creation of the termination notice is a manual process for us because most landlords want us to review their Management Agreement before creating the termination notice to their agent to ensure the notice period is correct. I have consequently updated the wording so it's clear for the next person, thank you! On the other hand, if you went straight to create a listing or move an existing tenant into Cubbi, there is no manual process so no waiting for us humans. The idea is you should not need Cubbi support unless you need someone to talk to for advice or second opinion etc, the website does 95% of the heavy lifting. Even if you do use an agent, you don't need to use the Switch from an Agent feature - we just had a lot of landlords ask for it. I think we need to make this clear too! Thank you. Although I can't be 100% sure which person you are it appears you sent the message through just after 5pm and we responded 8:45am the following morning and I can see you have signed termination notice so I'm hoping that's all sorted for you. I will send you a private message now just to make sure. Again, very sorry for your troubles - hoping we can make this up to you!!

Less stress, better tenants, better returns

I am renting out two houses. Both needed new tenants at the same time (May 2018). For one I use Cubbi, for the other a normal real estate agent. Here is my real-life comparison.

First, let me spoil the plot already: It’s a difference like daylight and darkness. And Cubbi is the light:

House 1 is in Donvale (Melbourne suburb), which I have been renting out through different agents since the early 2000s.

House 2 is in Bundaberg, where I live. I just bought it and I use Cubbi to rent it out.
I had a little bit more work with the Cubbi house, but less trouble, less stress and got a better rent (and probably better tenants too) and of course I pay lower fees.

Here is why Cubbi was so much better:

Less stress
Real estate agents tell you they take care of all the trouble with tenants. Wrong. As every landlord will tell you, tenant trouble reaches you anyway and you pay for it. And on top of the tenant trouble you will have agent trouble. Most of the time they do their job well, but believe me, often they don’t and whenever that happens you will pay for it.

With Cubbi I have transparency and I have control of all the important steps of renting out a house. If something needs attention, I know it in real time and I can address it at once.
The search for tenants met similar problems with both houses (good applicants withdrawing their application and lots of bad applicants). With my Cubbi house I was on top of all the problems and could solve them quickly. Very little stress. With house 1 the only thing I could do is wait for the next bad news from my agent. Stress.

Better tenants.
It’s only logical that you get better tenants with Cubbi because:

a) You get to know them yourself and you can use your instincts to choose (and of course you check the national tenancy database, IDs and income, which is easy because Cubbi does the legwork). With an agent you can only hope that the recommended tenants are good and that the checks have been done properly. They often weren’t with my Melbourne house (agent-managed). That’s normal, an agent wants to rent out your property as quickly as possible so they have less work. A bad tenant is mainly your problem and much less theirs. For agents it’s actually better to find a bad tenant quickly than a good tenant that takes time to find.

b) Better choice because you attract more applicants: It’s your house and you care for it. That’s why you will always do a better job at presenting it. For an agent you are just one of many places he or she is managing.
I can’t really blame agents for that, they have only limited time for every appointment. But you as the owner you have the time and motivation to really nail the open house.

You can take better photos too. Some agents do a good job with their photos, I can’t complain about my Melbourne house, I admit. But I see so many bad photos in advertisements. Wrong lighting, blurry, dull colours. Some look like they have been taken with a mobile phone! You can take better pictures because you have much more time. Wait for the right lighting and experiment with settings in post processing programs. You don’t need an expensive camera, just a decent one.

It took my agent two months to find a tenant for my Melbourne house, it took me four weeks for my Bundaberg house. And Melbourne has generally a better choice of tenants.
I can only hope that my Melbourne tenants are good. But I am sure that my Bundaberg tenant is good, having met her myself.

Better rent
My Melbourne house (using an agent) was rented out for $20 per week less than expected (it was in fact $20 less than the rent I got last year!). I am sure, had I done it myself with Cubbi, I would have at least gotten the same rent as before. That’s not very hard is it? But the agent couldn’t do it!
My Bundaberg house (using Cubbi) was rented out for $10 per week more than two agents had predicted.

Lower fees
I not only get better rent with Cubbi, I only pay much less in fees (2% instead of 8% of the rent). Initial fees are lower too.

Emergency repair insurance included
There is an emergency repair insurance included in the Cubbi fee. It’s not included in the much higher fees of my Melbourne agent.

Better condition report
It seems that with an agent, the person who does the initial condition report is never the same as the one who does the final inspection (why, I don’t know, but I found they always change). This means things can be easily missed when a tenant moves out. I have had some unpleasant surprises when I came back to Melbourne and see my house after the tenant had moved out.

With Cubbi you take videos (instead of only photos, as agents do), you fill in the report and at the end you check things yourself (all paper work done easily online, including signatures). It’s not pleasant work and with an agent you don’t have to do it. But it’s a vital task, you really need to do it yourself and not leave it to an agent.

Tenants happier
My applicants and final tenant liked the quick responses and that they dealt with the owner directly and not the middle man. And because they know me personally, the relationship is bound to be better (they are likely to treat the house better and not come with all kinds of unreasonable requests).

How good are Cubbi’s website and processes?
The process of advertising, managing requests, inspections, costs, applications, doing the contract, managing the bond and doing the condition report works very well. The website is mature, you are guided through all steps.

You are in charge, you can take action immediately.
Doing the contract, a tasks that every normal human hates, was fairly painless. Signatures and all paperwork was done electronically.
I can even record expenses using the website, including saving scanned receipts for every purchase.

How good are Cubbi’s people?
Very good - fast responses, quick problem solving, motivated. Sometimes I got questions answered after working hours.

Problems with Cubbi
When prospective tenants apply to rent Cubbi asks them already for their banking details. And the tenant asks “why do I have to give my banking details already? My application is not even approved yet. There are no payments due.”
Worse still, some won’t ask, they will simply walk away from the application process. And even worse: it’s the smart people with money on their accounts that are most careful and most likely to object to the practise. But those are precisely the people you want as tenants.

Cubbi tells me that they have identified the problem and that this will change (when, I don’t know).
As a work-around I have told my applicants that they can put in fake bank details and correct them once the application is approved.

Algorithm does not check bond amount. In Queensland the maximum allowed bond amount is 4 weeks’ rent. I did not know this and I entered one month’s rent as bond. The website accepted this for the advertisement and for the contract.

Also here Cubbi informs me that in one of their next updates the website will check if the bond amount you enter is within regulations.

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Thank you for taking the time to write this very the comprehensive review Marc. I think owners will find this very informative, thank you. We definitely agree with those two problems (Bond Algorithm and Bank Account Details in the application). Both of these will be fixed very soon. Thank you from the whole team at Cubbi.

Great platform for tenants and owners alike

I've tried the usual route of renting out my townhouse through bricks and mortar agencies. I've also periodically looked online for alternatives. Now I've found Cubbi, I'll never look back.

The bricks and mortar option for me is much more expensive, particularly when you consider the week rent you say goodbye to each year for turning over a rental agreement, on top of the 8% fee for collecting the rent and passing it on to you. In my experience, inspections haven’t been performed with any attention to detail, if at all, unless I’ve actively managed the agent. Most of the work is done for you via the platform so the overhead is little more than it is through an agent.

Renting a place is one of those things, for me at least, that is best done properly by one's self, as no one is going to look after your place better than you! cubbi gives you the benefits of establishing a positive relationship with your tenant on a human level, which will likely encourage them to treat your place well.

For tenants, you have the opportunity to sus out your landlord, and establish a direct relationship with them, which will only encourage them to be prompt about sorting out issues when they arise. No more phone tag with a junior agent who lacks the interest and experience to adequately deal with your problem is pretty appealing to me (I also rent).

As for the staff at Cubbi, I've found them to be highly engaged and really focussed on customer satisfaction. When things run smoothly I find the Cubbi processes easy to navigate. When I experience difficulties, Cubbi have always been prompt and flexible about smoothing out the wrinkles. Good service is easy to provide when things are going well - what makes all the difference is how one manages a situation with challenges. Cubbi has out done itself on multiple occasions, in my case.

I recommend Cubbi to landlords who want a better return, want to establish a better relationship with their tenant, and want the advantages of a platform for managing that.

I also recommend Cubbi to prospective tenants who want to get an insight into what the property owner is like before spending good money on moving in.

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Thanks for the great review Andrew. I could not have said it better myself. It's great to hear Cubbi is establishing great Owner-Tenant relationships and thus a better outcome for all. Michael

Weekly rent

As a landlord getting weekly rent via Cubbi is fantastic. Their support is invaluable and they do a great job. My rental unit was only on the market for less than a week before it rented. Thank you Cubbi!

Not accessable

Try to get hold of the agent but couldn't as he didn't answer his phone for two days.
Tried to call the Cubbi for two days and they simply didn't answer and the machine hanged up on me.
Just doen't give me the mind comfort that a customer needs to trust the service.

Hey Sal. Very sorry to hear about your troubles. I think you are referring to the owner of the property (not the agent). Cubbi does not have 'agents' because we don't operate like a typical real estate agency. Owners and Tenants rent property directly using our online platform. I have just tried to find your voice messages however I'm unable to. I've just sent you a private message to see if I can help you get in contact with the owner.yes, I mean the owner. That doesn't change the problem. your system doesn't record the voice message, it only hangs up.

Not reliable

Not reliable in terms of payments, often late direct debits, sometimes early. Website is quite poor, very few capabilities in ongoing administration of renting once initial and infrequent arrangements are made such as initial lease commencement.

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Hi Cat thanks for your review, sorry to hear you've experienced a few limitations with the service earlier this year! We've had a couple of major feature releases in the last couple of months and we hope they've helped iron out some of the issues and offered the tools for management on your dashboard that you need. I'll send you a private message to get the specifics and see if there's anything outstanding :)

Extremely slow website

Few times trying to browse their website and I found extremely slow. Not sure what is going on with their system.

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Sorry to hear that Matt. I'm just going to private message you now to find our more details. Thanks for the heads up!

Fantastic alternative to conventional real estate agents

After many dealings with lacklustre real estate agents, thought I would try Cubbi. I am very pleased I did to find new tenants for our high end inner city free standing house. The online process to upload photos and floor plan was very easy. Online support was excellent and even helped with a silly error I made on the weekend. The house was only on the market for 4 days and we got 5 quality applications and a resultant long term corporate lease.

November 7th 2018 Update: Second time around with Cubbi - equally as good

This was my second property let successfully through Cubbi.

I contrast this with a recent agent experience, when we were encouraged to accept the first application (agenda of the agent is to get it let and get the commission), whereas we screened a number of prospective applicants to ensure we ended up with someone looking for a long term home, and long lease.

The house is interstate, and even with the need to fly there to do open inspections, it was still well worth using Cubbi. The tenants loved the online application and I found it easy too. There were lots of enquiries and we secured first class, long term tenants. Being there for inspections allowed me to screen applicants before they applied. Eg an older man inspecting on behalf of a group of 5 students; another wanted to put the house on permanent AirBnb.

Only negative is the video Condition Report. I prefer having multitude photos. Uploading video files take a lot of time, shaky picture.

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Thanks for the great review Matt!

Excellent service

After finding a new place in the city, we rented out our old family house. Since it was our first time to do this, we though getting the services of a professional was the best way to go. We never regretted this decision since Cubbi made the entire experience as smooth as possible.

If you want to rent, then use Cubbi.

This is probably my fourth time using Cubbi to rent and each time it has worked a treat. Excellent service.

Excellent service, simple to use

Cubbi was easy to access and we have our second set of tenants through the agency. It made getting our message out there very simple and had maximum coverage. My only issue was a technical one with photo storage in the Library. Accessing photos was difficult on two occasions and hopefully will be remedied soon. Response time was quick with issues and we will use Cubbi again.

It's so easy

The Cubbi team are always really helpful. Great interaction for those of us that need it

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Thanks Slyv

2nd rental through Cubbi and couldn't be happier

Re listing was a breeze just republish the add from last time no additional expense. The system managed the onboarding of my tenant perfectly, including the new online lease management and execution process. It literally took me only 20 mins to finalise. Then it was over to the tenant. The lease payment system works very well, with rent automatically being deducted from the tenants bank account. When the lease for my last tenant ended, you just enter the vacate date and the rental deductions are calculated accordingly. The system manages the interaction with prospective tenants automatically, if someone requests your phone number it automatically texts you to let you know. It also does the same when someone lodges and email enquiry for the first time. So you instantly know when there is interest in your property.

Tax time is a breeze simply set the dates and generate your full financial report in a a detailed cashflow statement. The system automatically logs your rental revenue you jaunt have to log any expenses as thy occur and your are set.
The online help chat tool is very effective. I have been working with the same person online and over the phone wehen required for over a year now and her service has been great. Thy also have lots of great material at your fingertips around the whole process of renting your property. In summary it is more efficient than

In summary I highly recommend It, it is way cheaper than an agent and allows you to better vet your tenants. An agent is generally not that interested in the quality of a tenant (no matter what they say) just getting someone in quickly to keep the commission rolling in. i managed to effectively vet out the questionable tenants through the process.

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I think your review will really help landlords get a better understanding about Cubbi. Thanks Andrew.

Warning : Don't Expect To See Your Rental Income

Absolutely hopeless. Managed to stuff up every aspect of signing the tenant, then the tenant moved in and they didn't even take money from the tenants and then told the tenant everything was fine they didn't owe any money. One disaster after another, the call centre is in the Philippines, difficult to get them to reply. I have made several attempts to talk to [name removed] (supposedly the owner) never ever been contacted back by him. Perhaps he is in the Philippines too.

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Sorry to hear Chris. There was an incorrect lease start date in Cubbi and therefore rent was not deducted because according to Cubbi the tenants were paid upto date :( We should have picked that up from your first message. I'm very sorry about that. I have fixed this on my end and sorted the payments with the tenant. I have also discussed this with the team. Thanks very much for your feedback. Cheers, Michael. PS Abie and Tatiana are in the Philippines (who are awesome) but the rest of us are here in Melbourne.

First Time Lessor - Ad Creation-Editing-Tenant Found-Easily Achieved

As a first time lessor,I was a little concerned about the process having always used agents.I found Cubbi easy to use and if I had any issues or needed further information it was instant even on the weekend.Ad writing is easy given Cubbi's tips as you go.I found a good tenant within four weeks without dropping my original advertised rent which in the current tight Brisbane rental market is excellent.
Thanks Cubbi

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Thanks for the great review! We have recently updated our help content when listing a property for rent so we are very glad you hear you found it useful! You can also thank Abie for the weekend support. She is a gem.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have a two bedroom villa unit at Essendon North which is currently managed by an agent. I wish to migrate to Cubbi. The last tenant moved in on 26-02-2019 and the contract/agreement was signed on 04-02-2019. I am unsure about how to proceed. Please guide me through. Lalit
1 answer
Hi Lalit, you just need to sign up and then click to add your first property and then select 'Switch from an agent'. You'll enter your agent details in and create a termination notice,sign it online and then it is sent to your agent requesting the information needed (including leases). If you're unsure on the notice period required you can upload your agency agreement and we'll tell you how many days notice you need to give. Typically it's 30. You can elect to have Cubbi send a trackable postage paid envelope to pick up the files on switch over day (or you pick them up), that's also the day your tenants sign up to start paying their rent through Cubbi. It's a guided process. PS I'm really sorry for the delayed response, the notification skipped the normal inbox. I hope it's not too late. Mike

Hello Just wondering if you have updated your payment systems so that when tenants pay rent, it does not take the current 5-6 days to hit landlords account?
1 answer
Morning! In short, no we have not updated our payment system, however, we have been working hard with our Payment Provider to speed things up. The root problem is all Direct Debit payments in Australia take 3 business days to clear (become guaranteed funds) before the payment can be forwarded to you. The banks together have been working on a New Payments Platform (NPP) for the last few years which allow instant payments (but designed for personal use between two people) so it's not clear yet if this will allow instant Direct Debits in the near future (where a 3rd party like Cubbi can initiate the payment). The NPP is now live (with limited ability), Banks and Payment providers (like ours) are working hard to integrate with this platform - currently in testing phase. We love Direct Debit for the reason it lowers rent arrears and allows the owner to more reliably rely on the rent being paid but the obvious problem is, it takes 5 business days to reach your account. We are hoping by September the platform will allow us to bring the time down to 3 days. Obviously all that is relying on Banks and Payment Providers which is why we like doing most things in-house. We are working on other solutions in-house that will still allow you to still get the rent reliably, keep within Residential Tenancy Act (law in each state) and ofcourse get the rent to you instantly (or within a day). Thanks for your question. Always happy to help! Mike

Hi Cubbi. If I were to list my rental property through your company - on what websites is it advertised?
1 answer
Hey Kayla, Your property will go on the following sites: realestate.com.au (Free upgrade to HIGHLIGHT listing) Domain cubbi.com.au homely.com.au rent.com.au rentfind.com.au homesales.com.au onthehouse.com.au thehomepage.com.au homehound.com.au More info on our helpdocs: http://help.cubbi.com.au/advertising-and-finding-tenants/how-to-advertise-on-cubbi/websites-we-advertise-on

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