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Excellent Petersham Curves in Sydney

Petersham Curves is highly recommended to people who live or work in area of Inner West in Sydney. Michelle manager is energetic, positive and enthusiastic and always follows up with consumers` medical practitioners. She tailors the exercises program according to health needs and body abilities. All staff are professional, kind and helpful. The environment is nice and clean. I cannot imagine better place for women well-being!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateApril 2019
Additional Physical Activities Sport
Weight LostYes, I have reached my goal weight

Best decision I ever made!

I had been attending a rehab gym for a physical injury, when I decided to try Curves. Best decision ever. Staff are friendly, motivational and full of advice if you ask for it. Not pushy or demanding, but happy to Make suggestions if you ask. No pressure to perform, just a lovely, happy place to work out, at your own pace, as much or as little as you feel like.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateMarch 2019
Additional Physical Activities Cardio
Weight LostMy weight has stayed the same

Loved Curves until I had to change location

I used to go to curves in Reservoir & started about 10 years ago. I loved it there and got the best results. I was going around 4 days a week and the owner kept me motivated and it was a young clientele. I then moved from the area and decided to become a member at Taylor’s Lakes. I was a member there on & off. Omg what a disaster that club is! Marilyn the owner is painful, in your face & unmotivating.. didn’t care to do measurements, the staff there didn’t motivate me at all. You could hardly hear the music it was so boring! I have asked to cancel & she won’t let me cancel unless I pay $50 cancellation fee plus a few arrears amounts that I supposedly owe.. Mind you I hardly attended. She wants it all on the spot.. I’m so disappointed that it’s come to this.. I loved my time at Reservoir..

Avoid at all costs

I’m appalled at the Goulburn Curves owner who gave me a hostile and rude earful when I rang to cancel my membership. You can not lecture a customer when they cancel, it is not your concern if I can’t afford the $89.66 every month or have to cancel for health issues. I’m not losing weight, I’m not being supported so i don’t want to pay that amount for bad air conditioning and uncaring rude staff. I’m happy to pay the $50 fee but I am not paying another membership installment for the next month if I won’t be going to use the facility. Curves is a pay-in-advance service, don’t fall into the trap of ‘you still have to pay the next month fee’ because you already have. Disregard the 30 written notice, that is utter bull as I have never heard of that or have been informed of that in all my (on and off) years at curves. No effort was made to ensure i had understood the agreement, I was hurried to sign it and not given the proper chance to read through it. When I did my first weigh in they wanted to use my measurements from 2 years ago, because they didnt want to go through to trouble of weighing me and taking my measurements! That is pathetic. The owner also made my life a misery when it came to direct debits, deliberately choosing dates where she knew I wasnt paid until a few days after leaving me with the headache of trying to sort it out with the gym and my bank. Not worth it, avoid at all costs

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateNovember 2018
Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting

Rosebud Curves is the best

Being going to Curves in Rosebud going on 8 year now & the gym is had 3 owners BUT Tracey who has own Curves in Rosebud for the last 3 years (going onto 4) is brilliant. Not only supportive but also helps with any information on how to lose the weight. The other girls who work with Tracey are really friendly, I'm getting more support from Tracey than I ever did from the previous 2 owners.

Worst value for money ever

This gym costs more than a 24 hour Gym and how ridiculous that you have to be there by 5.30 on Tuesdays or you cant do a work out. Went to go last night, walked in the door at 5.55pm and get told they close at 6pm for Christmas hours, they are only open short hours on Saturdays and closed Sundays and public holidays.
If you want value for money this place ain’t it.

Stolen from

I was a member of Curves for over 12months I phoned to cancel membership as I was working away from the area and I didn't think that I would be back . The owner of the Kilsyth Curves wouldn't cancel she insisted that she would put the membership on hold. Without my permission she started taking the membership out of my account even though I hadn't been back to the Gym for months. As far as I am concerned she has stolen $800 from me and refuses to pay it back.


I joined 12 months ago (June2017) and have for a few months not attended and just let my membership expire (June 2018) however membership payments continued to come out of my account without my permission after the 12 months because I did not cancel my membership.... I only signed for 12 months however membership continues until you say stop! Disappointed and feel ripped off you took money not owed based on your policy..... will take this higher.

Getting the most out of Curves is UP TO YOU.

The Curves I attended in Lilydale consisted of a circuit of hydraulic machines that the staff members train you to use upon joining.
You are given a tag which holds all your personal details, your weight, measurements and body fat %.
When you enter the gym you put this tag into a computer that shows your progress! Very visual and helpful. Along with this, the machines adjust to your strength levels and have a coloured bar showing how hard you are pushing. They suggest you keep it in a.strong mid range but you can go gentler or harder depending on how you feel.
If you don't make progress this is not Curves' fault! You clearly are not eating right or putting in effort. I lost a lot of weight while attending Curves and was happily aware of my body fat % going down and my measurements too.
I put weight back on after leaving the gym due to my own life circumstances and would be more than happy to go back.
The only thing is that it doesn't offer a lot of variance, so for those that feel they need to change it up a lot, Curves may not be for you.
I personally enjoyed not having to plan every workout.

Didn't make any difference to my "curves"

I joined up to lose weight and size but after a year I still had my curves and weight and noticed that a lot of the ladies that had been going for 3 years or more, looked the exact shape that I was trying to get rid of. Fun staff and lots of laughs but that doesn't get the flab off...!!!

Loved Curves up until 2 weeks ago.

So, I've attended a Curves centre in my local area here in the Illawarra for up to 3 years (this year) and recently, I'm not so sure that they even have their intentions in the right place.

This gym is excellent if you want to learn about eating well and don't have time for a normal gym. All up, with their diet program and consistently going to the gym (4 days a week) I lost up to 30kg. I say up to because I derailed at no fault to the gym.

This gym will not work for you if you do not eat properly and don't work out on a regular basis.

This year I grew very bored of the same routine. The ladies became slightly snooty to me which I didn't like. It's a gym aimed to make you feel comfortable because exercising around men back when I was losing weight; scared the crap out of me. But now I feel more uncomfortable around the women I was working out with then the current people at my gym.

Now, I wanted a change. I've told my gym coach over and over again in the last couple of months that I was bored and needed a new change. In that time, there was no mention about me having to pay one month's worth of my membership fee.

On the 31/10/2016 - I went and signed up to Jetts; I was so looking forward to a new scene. I went over to Curves to inform them that I didn't want to be with them anymore. The lady went to tell me that because I didn't give them a months notice, I would still have to pay my 65$ membership fee.

Naturally, I was annoyed because I wasn't aware that I had to give permission or notice to go change gyms.
My money was spent that week and I mentioned to the lady that I could pay the gym but not until my next pay. She just stared at me - and I was in that moment really angry.

My Curves membership fee comes out on the 2nd of each month - I had already paid for the months membership fee which meant that I'm not obligated to pay for an extra month if I don't want to...

Needless to say; the gym withdrew money from my account 2 times during the time I was waiting to get paid by my job again. Once, I was paid I checked my account and noticed 2 x 8.90$ dishonour fee and 65$ was withdrawn from my account.
I'm really upset that the monetary value of this place is more important than my well being. I'm not down 85$ this pay and I'm struggling to make ends me at the moment so this is not something I want right now.

This gym in NO shape or form will work or tone your muscles in any way you do the work outs they are simply not intense enough. They don't do warm ups before the work out - they do stretches afterwards.
If you're looking for motivation from going to the gym, you will not get this at Curves as all the little old ladies whinge and complain that they have to do something different.

You get told off at Curves for pushing your boundaries. You can't do a minute on each circuit and finish up in one go on no...you have to do it their way.
They treat you like weak things which I hate...you can't do this or that. Omg...It became too much so I quit.

I would not recommend this gym to anyone after all of this. Honestly, I really had no need to pay for another months membership fee, I had already done it - I used my time wisely and I don't want to be a part of this place anymore.

I'm only giving this place a 2 stars because it actually worked for me but the atmosphere was just very weird and by the end I was really bored.

Fantastic women at Mandurah curves

A huge thank you to Christine and Riss at Mandurah's curves for encouraging me and welcoming me to your gym. I love love love the atmosphere and positive vibe.

Hard sell, all about money

I completed the Curves complete and did lose weight. Needless to say I went back to my old ways and enrolled again a year later, back where I started. Similar to others here, I was told I was signing up for a 3 month plan but was livid to find the contract I signed, which was thrust under my nose while I was on the circuit, was for 12 months. I quit as soon as I found out because I was already sick of the constant in-your-face stuff. I just wanted to do a workout and be left in peace. I got my bank to cancel the direct debit and wasn't pursued. Curves is good for all round exercise but is expensive and limited hours is so annoying.

Concept great. Head office admin disgusting.

Whilst the amenities and staff at my location was great, when the centre closed down and I needed information regarding statements for my health insurance for rebates, suddenly nobody has information about me, no history or records of payments of the past 7 years of my loyal and prompt service and payment. When the place closed down where did all my history/records go. just make sure if you need info from your branch do it now because if they close their doors, you are a nobody and they don't want to help you at all.

Glad we're out.

My daughter and I joined the parramatta location. After a long time, the staff became rude, unsupportive and uncaring. We tried to get out of the contract, but they wouldn't let us until I threatened the ombudsman.

Great program for busy women

I've been going for years, it's a great program which gets you fit in 30 minutes. In fact I've never been fitter in my adult life. Of course you have to work at it, going 3 times a week is best. It only takes 30 minutes and no set times and I just call in on my way home from work. The people are professional and friendly.


I enjoyed going to Curves Tweed Heads, but I left due to family circumstances. Told them, emailed them, because they kept taking nearly $100 per month for 12 months. Had no reply from them. Eventually contacted the centre and they stopped payments, but would not give me a refund from the time I left the centre. I had been contacting Curves head office for all this, but didn't know I had to contact the actual centre. No such thing as good will from these people. I was on Curves Complete, the food management, which I signed a contract for 12 months. I assumed payments would have stopped even after this period, I didn't even think about them keeping up with payments, a long time later(12 MONTHS), I found out they were still charging. Even if they refunded me for the time after my contract finished, I would have been satisfied, but alas, no such thing as fair play. Just money grabbing. When I hadn't been their for quite a while, you would think that they would have contacted me to ask what I was going to do.

Avoid Curves Enfield/Strathfield

Moved without providing notice then continued to take money from credit card. Did not update website, did not return calls, did not leave sign on the door, head office unable/unwilling to do anything. Promised refund never arrived.
Dirty, limited facilities, no close parking.
Hours of operation limited, not open Sundays.
Manager unpleasant (e.g will not open door until exact opening time even if pouring with rain) and is male which is suboptimal in a women's only gym.

Misleading contracts, you can never leave.... pay, pay, pay and pay some more.

Pros: Friendly clients working out. Clean equipment.
Cons: Heavily pressured to sign contract without reading the fine print. Contract misleading - the fine print says you get offered a 3month contract, but you aren't - even if you want a short term plan. You get sucked into a 12month contract, with penalty costs and fees for terminating early. If you want to leave, they suck you in with plenty of promise just to keep you hanging on (and keep billing you to get every last cent they possibly can). I didn't lose weight - but on joining a "real" gym (not curves), I worked harder, and lost weight. Plenty of up sell to buy extra stuff - eating plans (awfully complex), protein shakes - just more money. Plenty of sell on being a female only club - guess what - things have moved on - the "real gyms" don't actually have gawkers - just normal people getting on with exercise. Curves just plays with your head to scare you that a real gym is going to be too much. Doesn't open on a Sunday, limited hours - just aimed for suburban stay at home mums. No showers.

Would recommend only if you are on the older side of mature and haven't moved your body for the last decade and like boring, repetitive music. You can check out, but you can never leave because they have your credit card details....

Cancelled Contract & Still Charged

Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel my contract with curves fill out and sign the appropriate paper work and then I confirmed with the manager at curves that all was in order and I was assured that curves would stop debiting my credit card. My office assistant verified that I had completed my end of the contract, however when the assistant noticed on my credit card invoice an amount being debited he did not recognize we both looked into it and retrieved all the invoices from the period of cancellation only to discover they were still happily taking my money to the value of $600, when I could not contact the curves responsible I phoned another local curves to shed some light on what was going on, only to find that the person started to fault find with me and left me feeling that I was responsible and might not be reimbursed. So again I contacted the curves responsible and the woman in charge new exactly what I was talking about and was the person who had assured me that she would stop debiting my card, this was a stressful experience. I feel that if you want to pay as you go you are penalized by paying more and missing and out on any benefits. Being a working grandmother and being flexible is important to me and not having the added stress of paying money out if I cannot attend or having to remember to give notice if I go on holidays or become ill.

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Questions & Answers

I joined Curves in 2009, paying $59.00 per month. Will my monthly fee rise or will it always remain $59?
2 answers
There is every chance that your monthly fee will rise. I too joined Curves in 2009 and my monthly fee increased over the years. Currently, it is just under $80-00 per month.Cancel this Join perhaps weight watchers and walk 45 mins daily , stretch, squat and practice push ups. Don't waste your hard earned money on this type of business.

after you have joined with a automatic withdraw from your checking can they change the time on you and still take your money?
1 answer
As it's a monthly withdrawal from your account, that just happens. As far as time is concerned, I'm not sure what you mean because there is no set times for classes. Each club has their own opening and closing times.

If you join curves can they increase your membership costs as time goes by? I was told it will always stay on your cost you joined up on. Can anyone advise me on this as my membership price has increased.
3 answers
I am not completely sure. My membership did not change when I was member but also, my membership fees were discounted as I joined during a promotion, and once the promotion time expired I was paying the usual fees per month. Most gyms readjust pricing when the lease of the premises they are settled increase, so I would guess it is the same with Curves. The only way to be sure about this is to ask Curves directly 1300 287 837 or, even better, send them an email asking this here http://curves.com.au/contact-us. You will have a written proof in case you visit one of their gyms and a staff misinforms you. Also, read the terms and conditions!Under normal circumstances your membership fees will always remain the same as when you started provided you never left and then rejoined. (Eg: If you joined and the rate was $59 a month but after 2 years you needed to cancel, but then after 6, 7, 8 months etc., you decided to rejoin, the monthly fees may have risen to $79 a month which is what you would not have to pay. Sometimes we have promotions as we do at the moment. Monthly fees have been halved for 3 months and then come February 2016 your fees would be the normal $79 a month. This would be explained to you at the time of sign up.Their so called legal document stating that "The Member may continue to maintain this membership, at the above monthly rate for the life of the member or the facility" is not worth the paper its written on. Even though our franchise remained under the same ownership they claimed that the umbrella company of Curves international had changed hands numerous times and therefore the agreement was void- what a load of crock!!

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