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We found this to be an inspiring way of thinking. Thank you. We acted on your ideas and have gone ahead to research property development and to start developing a portfolio.

Vested Interests

I received a cold call yesterday from the mobile number 0480 017 426 with a lady saying she won’t take too much of time, but invited me to attend their property seminar which included free refreshments.

I suggested to her it sounds like a scam and I wasn’t interested, but she assured me it wasn’t a scam and to look up their website.

She couldn’t tell me how she got my number. However, a little research indicates they are most likely the developer selling property at over inflated prices while also organising finance where they receive commissions and trailing kick backs on the loans.

Avoid at all costs. It’s a wonder how people like this escape the regulation of ASIC.


Stay away

so many promises but nothing met. all lies ! from attending the seminar i can smell the lies and confirmed when the staff visit happened. i wasted 3-4 hours of my time !

Very professional

I just started with this company. Very good service so far. All the staffs are very helpful and friendly. Looking forward for more!

The presentation and their book are well worth reading.

Pleasingly it wasn't some hard sales pitch nor some get rich quick scheme. For people with a build up of equity or good disposable income it is certainly worth considering.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. This is the perfect way to describe our events and what we do. All the best.

Great service

Very professional in their dealings with the tenant and myself. I am pleased with the service they provide.
I am dissatisfied with the $50 they charge to do an annual statement of revenue and expenses. With everything being computerised there is no additional effort require to produce this document and it should be provided at no cost, being part of the management requirements that they already get paid for each month.

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Hi Peter. Thank you for your feedback. Our team has been on contact with you but I wanted to officially respond as well. The $50 fee applies when you request from your property manager to obtain a yearly statement, however you can also use the monthly statements sent to you throughout the year for tax purposes. These are at no cost to you. Moreover, you can also askj your agent to not pay a fee for this statement. Sometimes they accommodate.

Great presentation & team

We found the team at the seminar to be approachable and very easy to deal with. They delivered a fantastic seminar that we would definitely recommend. Whether you are new to property investing or are wanting to get into the market for the first time, the team at Custodian will certainly help get you on track if you aren't ready to (or able to) take the leap right now!

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Thank you "The Wards" :) Glad you enjoyed the experience.

Great for some people

Good for some people, open their opinions for investment. Good work. Good to see it happening.

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Thank you for your genuine feedback - We appreciate you taking the time.

So simple and straight forward

The whole process from start to
Finish was a great experience especially when yr working with professional people on a personal

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Thanks Pauline. We appreciate you sharing your experience with others.


I found it very interesting a little bit too much talking I known he loves what he is doing regards brent

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Hi Brent. Will let Ross know about the talking, he does love what he does and can get carried away. But that is passion! What can we do :)

property investment basics

very good presentation.The presenter was good at speaking about the facts of property investment no hard sell at the event just simple straight forward facts based on history of property investing.

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Hi Rico, thank you for taking the time to describe perfectly what the event is about.

Proven success as a long-term Custodian Client

My wife and I are in our 30's now and have had great and ongoing success with Custodian Wealth Builders throughout the past 8 years as we've built our property portfolio. In 2011 we procured our 1st property with Custodian (2nd overall) and have remained with them ever since, currently with 6 properties and plans to extend this further in future. Our goal of having complete financial freedom and early retirement are well underway.

We have complete trust and confidence in the service Custodian provide. The land has been in high growth areas, the building quality has been consistently very good, and with the guarantees provided we have not been exposed to unnecessary financial risk. With this peace of mind we have already recommended their services to family and friends seeking to invest. Overall we are highly satisfied customers, as well as ongoing, long-term clients!

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Thanks Ross, for sharing your story which will no doubt inspire others to get started. Thank you for being such great advocates!

Worth while attending

It was straight to the point but in saying that I have been to a couple of these presentations and it was no different. Most of the information was the same but you only need to here one thing that was different to make it worthwhile and that is why i attend these events. I did hear a couple of things and it was also good to see people there that were already successful which makes me feel like I started tooooo late.But in saying that when my situation changes , hopefully shortly i will be able to put my plan into action..

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Thanks Ben - Don't hesitate to get in touch with the team if you need any help with setting your goals.


Yes was very informative and great service and advise from all involved. Great outcome from this meeting an possible expansion of out portfolio.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience Matt,

Really Positive Evening [...].

A great positive and motivating speech by Ross McFarlane (dynamic leader giving a tablet gift with supper), Cheers Again Andres

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Thanks Andres. Ross is a great presenter/entertainer/strategist. We appreciate you taking the time to share. :)

Worth Thought

I went to the seminar with an open mind , I thought it would be a hard push sales seminar but it was nothing of the sort , very informative without the sales pitch , congrats to Custodian.

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Thanks Chris. We are so glad you enjoyed it. Always happy to assist. Appreciate your time.

It was good

The seminar was good there was lots of idea and points that we can think about.To reduce the years of our mortgage.

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Thank you Garry. Glad you got something out of the seminar.

Custodian are the ORIGINAL and most sincere of real estate investment

John wrote the book 7 steps 20 years ago! before it was trendy to write a book, before every second 'property expert' was doing it. My partner and I bought our first property in 2014 and we were extremely nervous as young 20-somethings. John CALLED US. He personally called us and we spoke to him for 30 minutes. We couldnt believe it. In 2016 we bought again, a great process. We've used the equity to buy our own home as we begin to look at starting a family.

We highly recommend Custodian and have referred many of our friends to also join which has been really great.

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WOW Thank you Dean. You are a testament to what we do and why we do it. We appreciate you taking the time to leave your honest feedback.

Long time client

I've been a Custodian client since 1999. I purchased my first investment property through them at age 23. That property doubled in value in the early 2000's south-east QLD property boom. A few years later, that growth enabled my husband and I to purchase a home in Sydney - without saving for a deposit! Now we are in our early 40's with a young family (kids aged 11 and 1) living in north-west Sydney with three Custodian investment properties. We now have two properties in south-east QLD and one in Melbourne; poised for the next boom! We are average wage earners and I only work part time now. We love that Custodian makes investing in multiple properties seem an easy thing to do as they provide a great support team to assist you through the complex processes involved in purchasing, financing, taxation, SMSF and reviewing your portfolio each year. I wouldn't trust a lot of developers out there marketing investment properties, but Custodian are a genuine company helping every day Australians build wealth for retirement. There's no get rich quick scheme, it's all about managing your cash flow to hold multiple properties for the long term so that in retirement we won't be living on a tiny government or superannuation pension. In nearly 20 years investing with Custodian, I've never had any issues with them and have friends who have also been long time investors. Highly recommend Custodian to assist you with your property investment journey!

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Cassandra, thank you. Your testimonial is what makes us proud and inspired to do what we do. Thank you for taking the time to write about your story, it will no doubt inspire others.

Opportunity Knocks - Let Me In

My husband and I found the evening so refreshing and enjoyable. We appreciated that we were not forced/pressured into buying. The speaker was engaging and fun. We are very interested in the possibilities that Custodian presents. At this point in our life - we know that we would not be able to contribute to this great idea due to lack of finances. However, I am working on changing this through some personal goal settings, and all goes well. I believe that we will be in contact with Custodian in 6-8 months. I personally have always been interested in real estate/investing - but have never taken the step to find out more about it. The way Custodian presented it last night - yes - we would definitely consider jumping on the "bandwagon" in the very near future.

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WOW, Susie, thank you so much and how wonderful to hear that you got the message spot on!!! That made our day. Look forward to welcoming you in the near future if you require assistance. Thanks again.

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HI Tintin, our core function is helping Australian families use their equity to build wealth over time through property investment (in a nutshell). Our partner for Property Management is Little real estate. https://www.littlerealestate.com.au Many thanks.

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