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Dentons Medi Rest

Dentons Medi Rest

3.8 from 25 reviews

Perfect I cannot live without it

Side sleeper and cannot sleep without my Medi Rest. From day one too.
Chiropractor recommend as I had a really bad neck problem and bad headaches at the time.
Helped immensely at the time and it is ike sleeping on a cloud
And my new one defiantly doesn't smell and is thes ame shape etc as the last 2 I've had. (Previous reviews?)
One my third now. About 12-13 years
Some people need to persist with it. It took my sister took 2 weeks to get used to it and she can't sleep without it either. My daughter uses one too.
Some say expensive but cheaper than buying a new normal 'flattens quick cheap $30 ish pillow' a few times a year.
Only replace because they are old and they can't be washed. Don't even try. Even after all those years they do not lose their shape or flatten.
Value for money and worth every cent.
Tip: To keep super clean and better in the hot summer use a thin (not those awful thick one's) bamboo waterproof cover. Have spares so it doesn't stay out of its zipped up cover for long. (Spotlight sell them). Using them for the last few years too and still yet to replace the covers.
This new one recently purchased for half price at will defiantly last the longest.
Dentons Medi Rest pillow 10/10

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Dissapointed, it’s terrible

I found the pillow to be very hard (not like demo in shop) I’ve used it for two and a half hours and I have massive pain up my neck and a headache. The pillow has a strong chemical smell. I’ve gone back to my old memory foam pillow. Very Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Why change something that was perfect?

Have been using this pillow for 10 years. However have recently bought another new one, and the shape has changed it now has two curved indents on both sides of pillow and all their pillows including medium profile and high profile which I used to like now have an unbearable chemical smell that is hard to tolerate when sleeping on the pillow. Even after washing the pillow the smell remained. Have had to throw them away and wasted my money, Denton’s why did you change your pillow. They were perfect they way they were, now I won’t buy another one.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Demo pillows completely different

Demo pillow firm and nice. Actual pillow uselessly soft like a marshmallow. Don't waste your money with these deceptive people. For the price they could get it right. Grrr grr

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Perfect for me - and been using for 7 years

I just love this pillow. I am a side sleeper, and for me, it is just perfect. I love the firmness, and I love how my neck feels fully supported. I love the grooves too that seem to allow air flow. I never feel hot on this pillow. I sleep very soundly on it. My husband also has the same pillow. First purchased in 2010, we have just replaced both pillows - 7 years later! At that time I'm sure they were not quite as firm as originally, though I more replaced them because they were 7 years old, and I found them on sale, and it seemed I should replace 7 year old pillows. I didn't throw the old ones away either - I'm trying to work out how to take mine travelling. It's quite bulky so not sure how to manage it. I recently slept on a hotel pillow and had an awful time, so I want to explore this option. First version purchased in 2010 at Myer half price at around $50, replacement at Harris Scarfe online December 2017 at the same price. On the basis of our experience over 7 years I simply cannot recommend this pillow highly enough.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Loved that pillow.

This pillow is so comfy i got used to it from the first night, i read some good and bad reviews but i decided to give it a go as it was $50 from spotlight and now even my 5 years old fighting with me to have it as he tried it and he said "mum it's much better than my pillow"

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Perfect pillow

Since becoming pregnant I could not get comfy on my usual side sleeper pillow. In the space of 2 weeks I spent $600 on pillows, a wide range some cheap some $240. 2 tempur memory foam pillow/a body pillow/a target pillow/a wool pillow.
All of them gave me such a sore neck I was having to go for massages and had daily headaches. The bed sales lady in myer recommended the medirest as she loved it and I have never looked back since buying it. I think it took 2 nights or so to get used to it but my $600 worth of pillows sits in the corner and the medirest is the only one I will use. I simply love it. It’s supportive but still soft and comfortable and the neck support is great. I can manage to side/back and semi-tummy sleep on it comfortably. I can’t beieve a $60 pillow is better than a $240 one!!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Wast of money

Pillow is not comfortable ever after months of use, it won't adjust , need to see chiropractic after use to get next right again. This pillow is not for side sleeper as serjest on box.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Why people say it's a good pillow?

Not a good pillow. Bought it based on the review on the internet but regret it.
The memory foam inside feels very cheap (I have Dentons Impressions infinity and Therapillo High profile pillow so I know what good memory foam feels like) but at least it is not an expensive pillow.
It is little higher and firmer than Dentons Imressions Infinity pillow (which I find it too cushy and low for a medium profile).
I still get a sore neck and back. I find the contour isn't comfortable since it is a little too deep.
The 'Physio approved' and 'Medi' is just a marketing term used on an ordinary pillow. Nothing is special at all with this pillow.
And also as for the other reviewer said about this pillow feeling like a brick, it isn't true.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Finally a good nights rest

It has taken me ages to find a pillow that was finally as comfortable as this one. I am relieved to have found it. it remains cool even tho the temperature may get hot and i dont need to adjust it often.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

best pillow for neck pain

I had tried so many pillows including most recent Denton High profile, but no one is like Medi rest, though High profile looks pretty similar but I got more stiffness in my neck after using it so I got back to my Medi rest, even I have took it with me to my holidays, can get on special from Myer aprox $56.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

We've all got one

I've had this pillow for 2 years and it's really helped my neck and back problems, especially as a side sleeper. My wife has recently been taking my dentons pillow, and now I have had to buy one for her as well. The quality of this pillow is better than the other 'memory pillows' available on the market, which I have tried and are too 'malleable' and don't hold their structure. You must pay for quality if you want a quality nights sleep.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

I am so relieved.

This pillow stopped me snoring, I will never go back to feather or polyester pillows! I'm 50 kilo female this pillow is comfortable I was concerned it would be hard to adjust or too firm for me, but after the first night I felt more rested and have been happy so far for a month. I sell pillows and beds, I thought I should try this pillow even though its not my company's brand, because of customer feedback and its popularity. I'm relieved it was money very well spent.

After years of searching, Best Pillow Ever!

This pillow has been great, I have tried everything from expensive Dunlop Therpillow to a USA import latex and this is perfect... Never ever looking back... Will be getting another!

Didn't work for me

The pillow is very firm, which is causing a very strong neck pain and upper back pain. Waste of money.

Date PurchasedJan 2013


A friend reccomended this pillow after I kept wasting my money on the wrong pillow. I got the Denton Medi pillow for $60. The relief is amazing. So supportive of neck & shoulders. Waking up with no pain or headache. I feel happy putting my head on it & happier still when I wake up.

Not so Comfortable

I have been using contour pillows for 15 years and always had memory foam.

I decided to give this a go against my better judgement.

It feels like you are sleeping on a rolled up towel. I've had consistent headaches since using this pillow. Its horrid.

If you suffer from neck pain or headaches this pillow will make it worse.

Don't give up on it straight away. Great pillow and value.

I bought this recently as I had a neck injury from the gym and was intending to get a new pillow anyway. I am a side sleeper and occasional back sleeper. I purchased the pillow after reading these reviews. At first it felt a bit firm and high but with any new pillow you need to persist until you adapt to it. By the third night I was converted, I am sleeping really really well and according to my partner I am not snoring and my breathing sounds a lot healthier. It can be turned around depending on how large your frame is. I am a largish frame - 187cm, 90kgs and I prefer the lower side. The pillow feels a bit softer than when purchased which is good. Would highly recommend this.

Update: I am still loving this pillow with no intention of changing it.Still using the same pillow, feels like it did when it was new. The longevity of foam!

At last, a good night's sleep

I had tried many pillows and been unable to find one to suit but was always waking with a stiff neck or pain. From the moment I bought the Medi Rest things changed. It took a couple of sleeps to get used to (maybe because I was unfamiliar with the firm feeling) but I have finally found "the one". I have gone from waking several times during the night to sleeping all the way through. I love putting my head on this pillow every night. I don't usually write reviews but if there's anyone out there who is tired of looking for a good pillow, give this one a try. I am a relatively small person 5'2" and 51kgs but the dual profiles accomodate most people. I find this pillow very, very comfortable.

Best anti snoring/ anti obstructing pillow

I bought this pillow specifically for my husband who snores and has sleep apnoea. He has used a dental device for the apnoea for many years which works well, but with the addition of this pillow there is virtually no snoring noise at all, as long as he keeps his shoulders in the special groove, and hence his head correctly supported in the middle of the pillow. I occasionally adjust his head while he is sleeping if it has migrated off centre! I have since bought one for myself (I use the lower profile side) and one for my son. The pillows are made of firm foam and hence keep their shape and keep the head well supported with airways free and open - they also take a bit of pressure off the shoulders when side sleeping. I bought at David Jones for the cheapest price. $69 I think. Worth the investment.
Shoulder groove to keep head correctly positioned. Option of higher or lower profile on either side of pillow.

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I get terrible headaches - always at night or on waking - would this pillow be of help? I am desperate.
3 answers
This pillow has fantastic neck support and the brand make various shapes to choose from depending on whether you are big or small and the position you sleep in - back, side etc. I can sleep on a hard bed as long as I have my pillow with me as I believe this makes all the difference. It could help your headaches, I never had this problem I bought these pillows for us as I hate pillows that you have to fluff up or as soon as you put your head on them they lose their shape. Good luckThis will offer you no support. It is very hard and uncomfortable.I would suggest consider having a sleep study to rule out sleep apnoea and get a medical assessment by a good GP or neurologist to rule out any medical issues( if you haven't done this already) in case it's not the pillow that's the problem .


Medi Rest
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