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Ecosa Pillow

Ecosa Pillow

2.4 from 14 reviews

Missing Pillows - Undelivered

I have ordered 2 pillows and it has gone missing since Thursday 16-May-2019. Ecosa claimed that Australia Post has delivered the pillows because someone has signed for the parcel. I have contacted Ecosa online chat to escalate this issue because I have been told by Australia Post to contact Ecosa. Ecosa did nothing to find the missing parcel. I had to contact them again today after 6 days. Ecosa has advised me to knock on my neighbours' doors to find the missing parcel. I live in a unit in Meadowbank, NSW. How do they expect their customers to find the missing parcel when they have failed to successfully delivered the fully paid purchase?

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Pre-existing Neck / Back IssuesNo

Scam reviews

Their website posts scam reviews! There is even at least 1 scam review on Product Review. I’m spewin cos I have a buggered neck and really need a decent pillow. This company needs to revise their returns policy as well

Purchased in December 1969.

Not worth it at all

I bought 2 pillows given the high reviews on their site. But perhaps they pick and choose their reviews, as the ones on productreview do not reflect that.

Sleeping on the pillow was really odd - did not feel like a pillow at all. Felt really hard. My husband and I gave it a chance, but wanted to return it.

I did not expect the returns process to be so difficult. They kept finding excuses NOT to refund me, wanting me to send pictures of one of them which was unopened (my husband and I shared the other pillow).

I really do not like it when a company does not stick to their word / their promises. Highly disappointing

Purchased in March 2019 for $200.00.

Value for Money
Pre-existing Neck / Back IssuesNo

Only lasted 3 months

I bought two pillows and they were amazing. My neck pain was gone and I was happy. They cost loads but it was so worth it.

Then after about 3 months they started loosing so much density that they weren't comfortable and my neck pain came back.

I expect when spending $300 on 2 pillows that they would last a little longer than a few months. When I contacted the company they were of no help, suggesting that I add foam pads, however this makes the pillow too high and doesn't fix the problem.

It started 13 days out of the 120 night trial.

I suggest you wait a few months before writing a review.

Purchased in November 2018 for $300.00.

Value for Money

Terrible pillow, no refund within 100 days

The quality is terrible. Pillow is too hard and too tall. It gives me back pain, headache, and dizziness. The quality of pillow cover is poor. I asked for refund many times within 100 days of purchase, they just gave different excuses to let me go away to continue to try. Then when it passed the 100 days, they used this as excuse not to refund. This is bad product and I couldn't get refund as they advertises within 100 days. Do not waste your money!!!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Item went missing in the mail- company not helping

I ordered 2 pillows, sheets and 2 pillow cases from this company and everything was shipped together- everything arrived except for 1 of the pillows which was lost by Australia post- this is not Ecosa's fault. However when i contacted them about this several times. They refused to do anything about it- they can see that it is not delivered after 17 days and that its missing for over a week.

They have not sent another one and are rude and dismissive to deal with. Instead of directing the lost one back to them and sending another one, they continue to say wait and see, even though the post office confirms its missing and wasn't delivered.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Alice, we apologise for the lost item and delay in transit during the holiday season. All of our service member are required to reply customers in 24 hours. If you have not received a reply or a satisfied solution, please email us directly we are happy to help: support@ecosa.com.au

Return process difficult

I hoped the Ecosa pillow would be great but found the pillow very uncomfortable right from night one, causing terrible neck pain, however I gave it a chance, but it wasn’t meant to be.

As there is a guarantee I did return the pillow.
Returning was inconvenient, involving around 6 emails as they appeared reluctant to follow their guarantee, with having to demand the return label, then it wasn’t collected for days after tracking showed P.O arrival, but I did eventually get my refund.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Very comfortable and sleeping better

I spent many months searching for the right pillow as I do have a neck and shoulder injury from a car accident. I cannot even fathom how many pillows I have had and only one was great but it was discontinued. I did a lot of research in finding a new pillow and I have to say that the Ecosa Pillow is the best I have used.

This pillow is perfect for if you are a back sleeper or side sleeper. The pillow has a price bracket of $120 and I did have the offer of trialling it for 100 days and if not happy, money would be refunded. I knew after my first sleep that this pillow was perfect.

The pillow arrives brilliantly and the pillow comes with 2 pads which can be inserted into the pillow (very easily) and it gives you the right height for your neck alignment. This is important as you don't want the pillow to be high if only a lower pad would suffice for your body type. I only needed the one pad.

What is even more amazing is I can take this pillow with me because it can be compressed. You simply roll it up and insert into the travel bag that Ecosa provide for you. I must admit I thought, really? We went away for a a few days and I took my pillow up with me and it rolled up perfectly and then sprung back to it's original shape.

You can easily wsh the pillow cover and there is nothing hard putting the cover back on. I also use the Ecosa silk pillowcase on mine and that makes the pillow even more dreamier.

I will say that since I have used my pillow since October, I have found that my neck/shoulder feels so much better and it shows because I usually have to have physio every week on it. It's not going to cure my neck but if I can get a better sleep out of this pillow - which I have - I can highly recommend its performance.

My husband who always rolls his eyes at all the pillows I buy, actually tried my pillow out during one of his afternoon sleeps. He was impressed and we bought him one also.

I find I am actually looking forward to going to bed at night now as I know I will have a good sleep and to not have pain in the morning and lasting all day is just the best feeling.

Definitely both my husband and I are happy with this pillow and my dealings with Ecosa for any advice was exceptional.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

They sell you the car without replacement tyres.

For the price you pay for these pillows you think they can sell you replacement covers as most hygienic owners wash their pillow case and after a few cleans the cover needs to be replaced. Well they don't sell extra covers so spend your money on another brand pillow.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Sold as memory foam but is anything but

Sleep terribly since I bought this, I bought as a memory foam pillow but have compared to other memory foam pillows, and unless there is something about the description of memory foam I don’t understand, this isn’t made of that... doesn’t hold its shape, or mould to my head, just springs back just like a normal foam cushion... wasn’t completely happy from day dot, but wanted to give it a decent try and missed out on the 100 day return... bought one for my wife and she has used it once and then never again... my advice, don’t waste your money and spend it on something that is actually what it says it is...

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Worst pillow ever

We bought this pillow for me and my partner ever since then we have had sore neck and shoulders every time we got up in the morning.
Then we contacted the company and they told us the 100 day trial period was over and they can do nothing about it for a refund.
Trust me don't waste your money if you want problems on your neck and shoulders for the rest of your life DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH PILLOW.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

The Comfiest Pillow

I bought the whole family an Ecosa pillow a week ago and everyone of us is absolutely loving it. It is hands down the comfiest pillow I’ve ever had. I have slept so deep since getting it, it just perfectly mounds into your head and neck. I will be buying more for our beach house.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Finally a pillow for me

So my 3rd pilllow in a year, all above the $100 price tag and now I finally found one that works for me. I don't seem to need any of the adjustment layers, the pillow as it is is fine. I feel the extra layers are involved in the costs so maybe a price tag of $100 and then you can purchase the individual layers if needed. Anyway great pillow, perfect softness and neck seems better now.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

The Best Ever Supporting Head Pillow

I've tried so many pillows to support my head and injured neck for over a decade, so I can't believe what a difference this pillow has made for me. Solid sleep and no morning head aches and neck pains. Now all of my family members want one.

October 5th 2018 Update: Ecosa Pillow- Faulty Design & Very Bad Service

The pillow had a design fault as it rode up my headboard and left me with a severely sore neck.
I returned it to their post office as is Ecosa's protocol but it remained there for weeks as Ecosa hadn't bothered collecting it and unless they collect it, their refund process wouldn't commence which took an additional week. They blaimed me for the delay for emailing their office contact who wasn't in charge of returns even though that office is the one who explained the return process to me.
Appalling service.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Unfortunately I had written the review after the first night that I used tge pillow. The fact is different. The pillow had a design fault as it rode up my headboard and left me with a severely sore neck. I returned it to their post office as is Ecosa's protocol but it remained there for weeks as Ecosa hadn't bothered collecting it and unless they collect it, their refund process wouldn't commence which took an additional week. They blaimed me for the delay for emailing their office contact who wasn't in charge of returns even though that office is the one who explained the return process to me. Appalling service.

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Ecosa Pillow
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