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MicroCloud Pillows

Latest review: Received this pillow 4 days ago after reading all the reviews on here, i thought yep this is the go after all 288 people cant be wrong giving them a 5 star rating, well after 3 nights trying to sleep


Latest review: I have over 17 pillows collected over the years and the only one that helped me with my arthritis pain in my neck was this Spinaleze pillow , I’ve told all of my friends about it . I think the fact t

TLC Latex Classic

Latest review: I bought on the reputation of the company and these reviews. Don't doubt quality or good faith of TLC, but the pillows are light and blubbery. Not really usable even as props for reading, as they


Latest review: Purchased a classic Dunlopillo pillow from Kogan. The first talalay latex pillow ever used. The height is perfect for most adults when sleeping on it even though it just 13.5cm high. However, you can

Dunlopillo Therapillo

Latest review: I bought this pillow for my husband who's been suffering from back pain every morning he wakes up. He's been using it for a week now and loving it. It is soft and also very supportive. He now doesn't

Logan & Mason Memory Foam

Latest review: Best pillow ever! Soo good, after years of waking up with a sore neck, I now have no neck pain whatsoever, although it did take a few sleeps at first for it to settle down and adjust. Its so good

Dentons Medi Rest

Latest review: Side sleeper and cannot sleep without my Medi Rest. From day one too. Chiropractor recommend as I had a really bad neck problem and bad headaches at the time. Helped immensely at the time and it is

Tempur Ombracio

Latest review: I have been using this pillow now for 2 years. I purchased 2 for one. My neck problems are almost non existent. My only concern is that the pillow cases purchased with the pillows are too tight for

Tempur Millennium

Latest review: Bought on sales, but it is still pricey even after discount. Worth every penny spent considering the better quality of sleep and reduced pressure and pain on my shoulder joints, shoulder blades and

Tempur Original

Latest review: Worst pillow ever. Every time I use it I develop severe neck pain and headaches. I'm convinced it is the pillow since my old one doesn't cause me any


Latest review: I suffer from some neck and spinal problems and thought I'd give this pillow a try . At first I thought it was terrible , then after persisting a few times further I found I was sleeping longer and

Ecosa Pillow

Latest review: I bought two pillows and they were amazing. My neck pain was gone and I was happy. They cost loads but it was so worth it. Then after about 3 months they started loosing so much density that they

Bas Phillips Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Latest review: Been sleeping solidly since first use. I can get hot at night and this pillow is always just the right temperature. I sleep on my tummy and it is

Jaspa Infinity

Latest review: Recently went on holidays and stayed in a unit with the best pillow ever. So I removed the covers to find out what pillow it was and ordered two for home straight away. It’s soft & cuddly and s

Tempur Symphony

Latest review: I have just bought this pillow as my previous one started to go flat. I had that one for 9 years! Tempur is the only pillow I will ever sleep on! It gives perfect support and I don't need to worry

MicroCloud SheerBliss Luxury Travel Pillow

Latest review: The travel pillow is excellent, it bounced back into shape each time I removed it from my suitcase, the additional cover was handy too. I even sat on it regularly when no comfy chairs available. I

TLC The Biggest Pillow

Latest review: Just wow. I've never slept better. My neck and spine are aligned, I've no more headaches and backaches. Super comfortable and supportive no matter how I sleep. Back, side or tummy. Highly recommend

Logan & Mason Microfibre

Latest review: After staying in a hotel and having the nest sleep I decided to search for new pillows. My search took me here for the reviews and the onto Manchester Madness online who sold these pillows. These are

Tempur Classic

Latest review: I have bought and tried several pillows before deciding this is the one. This pillow is fantastic, the middle is slightly lower than to perfectly cradle your head and the sides support your neck, it

Ikea Rolleka

Latest review: First of all, this pillow is best for side sleepers because it is a very firm pillow. Do not expect softness even if it is made of memory foam. It is firm enough to support your neck when you sleep

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