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MicroCloud Pillows

Latest review: I have been searching for the perfect pillow for sometime now - like at 5 star hotels. While I was disappointed in the first pillow I received, I was absolutely impressed with the fabulous service


TLC Latex Classic

Latest review: I bought on the reputation of the company and these reviews. Don't doubt quality or good faith of TLC, but the pillows are light and blubbery. Not really usable even as props for reading, as they


Latest review: After buying at least 20 pillows and having none of them work for me (I have a badly damaged neck) I have FINALLY found a pillow I absolutely love. I have tried latex pillows in the past and found

Logan & Mason Memory Foam

Latest review: I purchased 1 of these apx 18mths ago. My son brought a pillow from America whilst on holiday, [not same as this]and it was good,I sent away to get same, however good they were, I decided to give

Dunlopillo Therapillo

Latest review: I bought the pillow yesterday $160 because of the low profile and recommended for tummy sleepers. I tried the example in the shop for a few minuits and it was ok. However after about 30 minuits in

Dentons Medi Rest

Latest review: Side sleeper and cannot sleep without my Medi Rest. From day one too. Chiropractor recommend as I had a really bad neck problem and bad headaches at the time. Helped immensely at the time and it is

Tempur Ombracio

Latest review: I have always been a stomach/side sleeper, and have historically used the flattest, oldest pillow I could get my hands on. Lately, to sleep on my stomach I haven’t been using a pillow at all. Decided

Tempur Millennium

Latest review: Bought on sales, but it is still pricey even after discount. Worth every penny spent considering the better quality of sleep and reduced pressure and pain on my shoulder joints, shoulder blades and

Tempur Original

Latest review: Had the original tempur for years - was fantastic! Recently bought the “ergonomic” one for side & back sleepers.. worst money ever spent! Both now have sore necks and lack of sle


Latest review: I bought it to try for my neck because I had stiff neck. This is the only pillow I am using since. My pain is gone. I got one for my partner and bought 2 for my parents. Loved

Ecosa Pillow

Latest review: Very comfortable and supportive. The pillow has helped my neck pain. Deeper sleep, I'm less restless, more relaxed and I can't wait to use it each night so worth the

Jaspa Infinity

Latest review: Recently went on holidays and stayed in a unit with the best pillow ever. So I removed the covers to find out what pillow it was and ordered two for home straight away. It’s soft & cuddly and s

Sleeping Duck Pillow

Latest review: I bought the sleeping duck mattress in medium (also left a review for that) & was sleeping decently but I've always had an issue with pillows, I'm quite petite in size and most are too tall, too firm

Ikea Rolleka

Latest review: First of all, this pillow is best for side sleepers because it is a very firm pillow. Do not expect softness even if it is made of memory foam. It is firm enough to support your neck when you sleep

Tempur Symphony

Latest review: I've had the Tempur Symphony pillow for a couple of years now. It is extremely supportive, no more tossing and turning during the night to re-adjust your normal pillow. I'm a side sleeper and this

Logan & Mason Microfibre

Latest review: After staying in a hotel and having the nest sleep I decided to search for new pillows. My search took me here for the reviews and the onto Manchester Madness online who sold these pillows. These are

Briar Rose Sampson

Latest review: I tried big pillow names in the last two years (at extraordinary price) until I got the Briar Rose Sampson. My neck has never been so happy. The Sampson BR has enough memory density and friendly

Tempur Classic

Latest review: I have bought and tried several pillows before deciding this is the one. This pillow is fantastic, the middle is slightly lower than to perfectly cradle your head and the sides support your neck, it

Easy Rest Everyday Range

Latest review: Thanks for making a wonderful product that helped me sleep like a baby.... Where else can l find this pillow.... A friend of mine said target also sells this product..... If you don't already own an

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