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Dermcare-Vet Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

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Can malaseb be used to wash my dog on a monthly basis , and is it ok for there coat.
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I haven't used this for years because I found it to be a waste of money, smells digusting & really dried out coats on the dogs I tried it on. I've found having a great homeopathic vet is far more cost effective & much better for my dogs health than using any of these types of products especially for skin issues. I now have 4 dogs & the only chemical products I use are heartworm & regular worming tablets.

Is Malaseb ok to use on an open cut?
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Check with your vet but I don't think it would be.

Is maladabe shampoo effective against mange?
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It's more of a supplementary treatment. You need something like ivomec/ivomectin to treat the infestation. Once that is in place you can look at malaseb bathing.

Can I use this shampoo on my 2 months kittens?
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I personally have only used Malaseb for dogs, however the product information on the bottle states it is for dogs and cats. I would be checking with a vet to determine if it is safe for 2 month old kittens. Avoiding the face area is advisable when washing animals and wrapping in a towel to stop licking 9and ingesting) the malaseb prior to rinsing it off the coat as it needs to be left on for 10 minutes to be effective.You should be looking for a good vet if you have 2 month old kittens with skin issues. I wouldn't use this on my dogs ever as I've found in the past it is an expensive waste of money. Google homeopathic vets in your area. Find one with good reviews or ask pet owners you know if they can recommend someone.I’m not sure. See your vet

What is the difference between the two shampoos? Would it make any different just using the med shampoo?
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I only mentioned one shampoo

Hi, I have bathe my 8 months kitten with human shampoo and later I found out that I shouldn't use it for cats..The scent is strong and he has sneezed too..I have never seen him sneezing...He just licks himself for quite long...I am terrified as something wrong will happen! What do I do?
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I'm sorry I am not a vet, perhaps you would be better asking a professional person about your cat. I have never bathed my cats.I’m sorry I’m not a vet either.This product was recommended to me for a kitten with ringworm. I had no problem with it. But leave on for10 mins and wrap in towel whilst u wait so cat cannot lick it then rinse well

Can I use malaseb shampoo on my 4 month old beagle puppy?
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I have unsold Pyohex shampoo and conditioner that is passed its expiry date, Is it still good and can I still sell it? Louise
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I bathed my kitten with malaseb as directed by her vet as he has ringworm, now he's sneezing and not feeling well and as if he trembles from time to another and sometimes I feel he wants to throw out but he does not..any advice ?
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You need to take your kitten back to your vet (or any vet) immediately. You made the solution too strong and you have poisoned your kitten. Malaseb acts as a neurotoxin and the reason your kitten is trembling is because the chemical is affecting your kittens nerves and brain. If you do not take your kttien to the vet (or any vet) immediately there is a very strong chance that your kitten will die! Your kitten needs urgent medical treatment! Ring an after hours vet and tell them what you have done and they will know what treatment to prescribe. If you wait, chances are your kitten will die. I am flabbergasted that ANY vet would recommend that you wash a Kitten in this chemical. The other brand name for Malaseb is AGENT ORANGE!!!! (yes it is the same chemical that the US used in Vietnam) Do not hesitate!!! Take your kitten straight to a VET NOW!Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually that's what I did. I took him to the vet and she said he has a sore throat as he might have inhaled some of the shampoo. He was kept one day in the clinic for treatment and now He is quite well after having his last dose of antibiotic. I do not understand how vets would recommend such a fatal medication to kittens. I will never use it again.I’m glad your kitten is better. Vets do give incorrect advise from time to time. Many kittens have died using this stuff kitten owners are saying. I have a retriever and I find the best advice on the retriever website when I’m in need.. Maybe there a kitten club you can get advice from?

I have a 13 weeks old Westie with what appears to be a yeast infection. Can Malaseb medicated wash be used on her?
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I don't know this one? I suggest you take your dog to a vet. The Green Cross vets are quite cheap. If you google Green Cross Vets, you will find a Green Cross Vet in your location. Good luck.

Do I have to thoroughly rinse Malaseb off?? My dog constantly licks his paws so it's just his feet I need to treat
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Yes must be rinsed off as the ingredients are not safe for ingestion if your pet is a licker. All shampoos should be rinsed off and particularly salicylic acid as it softens (dissolves) top layer of skin to enable anti bac/antifungal components to work. Malaseb is a great product if used as directed & for the right skin conditions.

My westie starts scratching right after shower with malaseb ( direct apply on to skin with 10 minutes of masarge as mentioned in the description) . Here are possible solutions that i came up with 1. Apply Tree or olive oil with malaseb 2. mix malaseb with water as mentioned in one of the review " 1 to 10 parts of water" any suggestions?
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It is for bacterial & fungal conditions not allergic dermatitis/eczema caused by other irritants so a Vet may be able to identify a cause. If skin is very tender use 1 to 10 Malaseb to water premixed in a bucket to bathe your dog. Full strength Malaseb applied direct to inflamed sore skin will cause further skin irritation even if you do massage in with water. If mixed with oil containing products the active ingredient efficacy will be reduced so you will be wasting your money & not helping your dog. You could however apply a coat conditioner e.g Pyohex after bathing in Malaseb.

I was keen to know if malaseb wash has a strong smell?.
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No worse than any other medicated animal shampoo, However after the dog dries off he should have no smell to a light pleasant smell. Be sure to ware gloves when applying.No unpleasant chemical or perfumed smell that I can notice. Even if it did I'd still use it because it's done wonders for my dogs skin.I asked because I bought it off a lady after her dog died and I was surprised it was mild smelling when as a child I can remember SOMETHING having a strong smell. I was interested what was in that bottle. I can never leave it on a cat very long unfortunately and for whatever reason my results are limited. Those answers have calmed my concerns greatly though.

Will Malaseb shampoo affect topical flea products?
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Yes it can so it would be better to apply the dermcare first then the flea product making sure you thoroughly dry the animal before using flea treatment and every 3 to 2 weeks depending on the flea infestation of the animal.

Has anyone used coconut oil with this product to help sooth? My dogs layers of scaly skin has fallen off and she looks really pink and raw
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It sounds like she has had a severe allergic reaction to whatever you have used. She needs to go to the vet immediately, it would be like a burn. The only thing i wash my dogs in now is bath oil, yes the one you get from the chemist. Fill the trough up and pour some of it into the water, you don't need to rinse it off, but be sure not to get it inot their eyes. She must be suffering something terrible, i beg you please get her to a vet.It sounds like she has had a severe allergic reaction to whatever you have used. She needs to go to the vet immediately, it would be like a burn. The only thing i wash my dogs in now is bath oil, yes the one you get from the chemist. Fill the trough up and pour some of it into the water, you don't need to rinse it off, but be sure not to get it inot their eyes. She must be suffering something terrible, i beg you please get her to a vet.She has/had a fungal infection on her skin, the skin was already very flaky and scaly and almost grey, that is the skin that came away with the treatment shampoo. I originally though she had alopecia x I still some what believe this due to the area affected being completely contained to the area on her rump she was shaved for surgery and she is a Pomeranian. The next morning the skin was much much less red and sore looking and she was not appearing to be in any pain on the night it looked raw or agitated by it at all and back to normal pink/white colour although I did rub in some coconut oil into the area from the wash the night before the next morning I has almost cleared up the condition and the severity of the scaly flaky grey skin is dramatically reduced... but she id due for another wash with it tonight.

I have used Malaseb 2 times in 1 week and he now has little spots of missing hair and extremely red skin on his back. I used this because he obviously has allergy or dermatitis of some sort. He scratches and has hot spots. Is there anything that is gentler?
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I think you need to take your pet to the vet, especially if he has "hot" spots, as heat indicates infection.Yes! Malaseb caused extreme issues for our girl. Try PAW by blackmores Mediderm shampoo for when the skin is flared up and follow with nutriderm conditioner. When the skin is ok use the nutriderm shampoo with the nutriderm conditioner. This is the only shampoo on the market that does not upset our labs skin. As for hot spots, shave the immediate area around them and use betadine. Betadine will not leave scaring and therefore will not effect the tegrowth of the hair.You can clip around the infected area which is good to keep it clean and so which the air can get to the infected area.Wash with warm water and salt or get some product from your vet to really clean the area also wearing gloves to when cleaning just helps so your not spreading or contaminating the area which you can buy from your local Veterinary Clinic. Also using real manuka honey can help form a barrier hope that helps if not virst you're local Veterinary Clinic

Have any of your dogs came out in a rash after using this product?
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yes every time! try PAW mediderm or nutriderm.No, mine haven't, but I suppose you could try an allergy test - on a small section. This did wonders for my little girl - she was so itchy she was biting holes in herself - now she is all better. I only had to use it twice. The first time was 80-90% better, by the second time couldn't even notice her skin problem and now her bite wounds have healed. I have sensitive skin and psoriasis and didn't even use gloves and it didn't affect me either.

I used this on my cat as recommended, my cat escaped during washing her with the shampoo, when I finally caught her (she went into the roof, walls of our home we are renovating) about 5mins later I quickly washed her off and droid her thoroughly- she now makes a funny noise when breathing is not eating and drools from her mouth... Not drinking. I can't get her to a vet until tomorrow, does anybody know what I can do? I have given her water with a syringe and she hates it but throws up froth afterwards.
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Sounds pretty awful. Maybe the cat is just really stressed and sometimes they froth at the mouth when combined with the water you are giving her. If you cannot get to a vet today maybe a dark quiet room might calm her. I wouldn't worry about giving her water. I should state I'm not a vet nor do I have any professional experience. Good luck!Hi Mack, although I see that Malaseb for a Cat was recommended by 'reviewer' Sarzie Mac, I did not recommend Malaseb for Cats as our Kitten was put on Tablets for his ringworm. I only used Malaseb under Vet's instructions on our Dog and then found when my Husband and myself got Ringworm, that it was better than any of the usual Chemist remedies for dealing with ringworm on our bodies. Because treating Cats and Dogs can be very different and dangerous, it is imperative that Labels/Instructions be read carefully and followed before use. I have commented elsewhere on 'Review' that you should always work in conjunction with your Veterinary Providers if you have any problems with your Pets, because self-treating can be disastrous to your Pet's well-being. GaelJust to clarify both my review and any answers I have provided...this treatment was recommended and sold to me by our very professional vet for use on my cat with a skin allergy. It worked very well for my cat used in conjunction with both the usage instructions and the vet's advise. However, as I always am quick to point out to people, when it comes to their pets the first thing you should do is to consult a vet, the same way you would consult a doctor if it was happening to you.

i have a dog with skinky feet and it smells like bad foot odour a friends dog has the same smell all over him with bauld patches and lots of bumpy raised lumps both dogs stink the room out will this shampoo help?
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Hi Tania - yes, I'm certain it could help although I'm sure your Vet would be able to sort it out - "At a cost of course"!!!! I have a Maltese X Shih Tzu who suffers with Grass Allergies which causes problems with his feet and if I don't dry between his toes properly, after the beach or bathing him, he gets red in between his pads and constantly licks although he never stinks. What I've been doing when he gets red between his toes etc. is about 3 times a week I add some Malaseb (I guess the amount) to enough warm water to cover his feet and let him stand in it for several minutes, rubbing all areas of his feet and between his pads etc. then make sure when you've finished to dry the area thoroughly afterwards. Of course always make sure to wash your Dog's bedding regularly otherwise the smells will remain. I'm not sure about the bald or bumpy bits they may be another matter but there's another thing which can help with problem areas and for my Dog I always use a Product called Dermcare Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner and the Conditioner can be applied to red/sore areas between the pads, making sure to rub it in and do not wash it off. This was advice given to me by my own Vet. As I am not a Professional, if there's anything really worrying on your Pets you should see your Veterinary Surgeon because bumps, skin allergies etc. could be due to something else. I do know that a Dog's fur/skin can get smelly if they are washed too often as they end up with a skin condition which does make them smell so, again if you're really concerned see your Vet won't you as I can only tell you what I do for my Dog and a lot of things are and can be caused by other things. With my Dog's Grass Allergies, following our Vet's advice in conjunction with the local Chemist to make certain the same ingredients are in the Products, we now put him on a particular Brand of Anti-Histamines as soon as I see there are Allergy type symptoms eg: red angry areas between his toes, on his feet and his underbelly, anywhere where grasses may have made contact. As a last resort I was considering getting Dog Shoes so that he can walk on the Grass without the constant worry. I hope some of this helps and I know Vets are expensive but if you do have any real concerns your Vet will be able to help you. I hope this helps. GaelThe standard that I use is: if it's something you'd see a doctor about if it was on your body, see a vet if it's on your pet. As good as this shampoo is, I'd still seek professional advise when it comes to raised lumps and bald patches.Do mot use Malaseb.. we had a similar issue caused by the artifical fragrance in the aloveen. PAW Mediderm is mich nicer and needs half the contact time and no gloves needed. The relief is instant!!

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