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Delicious Surprise Indeed!

Working full time and being home during the week by myself, I was after a healthy and easy option for lunches and dinners, something that was also calorie controlled, that's when I came across Dietlicious. I am onto my third week and so far, every single meal I have had has been delicious! I have tried everything from salads to curries and meatballs with pasta, it is all fantastic! I couldn't recommend Dietlicious more highly!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateJuly 2019
Additional Physical Activities None
Timely DeliveryYes

Query in actual calories

The food is not bad, the delivery turned up when they stated it would, but my query is I am on the Fast 800 calorie diet with DL, I have noted that 5 out of 7 meals were over the 800 calories a day more like 940 and above, also the calories on the containers don't match the calories on the website, like I said the food hasn't been awful, but have been a little put off by the calories, why advertise a 800 calorie diet if it is actually not, I know you cant get it to the exact amount but I think you could do better than this. As I am following the Fast800Diet that is mentioned on the website by Dr Michael Mosely I was happy that DL had the 800 diet, don't think I will be trying the second week as your not really sure what your getting in regards to the calories, have followed this to the T, and have actually gained some weight, bit sad about that. One of my containers that I received was out of date, but they assured me that this was a mistake with the label and it would not be out of date. After reading some of your reviews, yes you are right the lady on the other end of the phone seemed a bit put out, must of been having a bad day, but not the best person to have on your frontline desk, if this is usual. Thanks DL but for the money I think you need to take some reviews on-board. Like I said previously meals have not been all that bad. Cheers T.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateMarch 2019
Timely DeliveryYes


Food is very tasty. Once again, can pick up the food. Always fresh, and the menu for my budget isn't too expensive. I couldn't complain. Not perfect, but better than a lot of the other ones I have tried in the past.

Inconsistent in quality, information and service, cannot recommend

The 1st week was good menu & food good and followed plan, 2nd week incredibly frustrating, nothing on menu (from week before with 4 weeks food on it) was what I received & the food was really quite inedible at times, so disappointing for the price, and it was hard to get through to customer service and when I did she was 'Diet viscious' not Dietliscious! Obviously harried and having a bad day as she was the only one on she escalated it to a child's level of conversation and mimicked me and was the single most aggressive person I have ever talked to. Bar none. I just cannot recommend anyone use this service when there are so many better and professional customer service orientated and organised ones out there now. Some meals have been a splodge on a plate with I imagine a $2 food cost, for the price one expects better.

Tasty with good options for vegetarians and vegans

Into week two of Dietlicious meals and have been pleased with the selection so far. Meals are really flavorsome . Vegan and vegetarian options lean towards a spicier selection of Thai, Indian and Mexican influenced dishes . For vegans there is a good selection of protein snacks as well.
Prices seemed to be on par with other food delivery services . My choice of Dietlicious over other products came down to the range of vegan options and the number of positive reviews they received . I have not been disappointed. Would recommend this service for variety if you are vegetarian or vegan wanting to follow a food plan for a period of time.

Incredible food delivery service. Food is delicious!

I started using dietlicious after I gained some weight being chair bound due to an injury. This food has many options. I chose the brekky lunch dinner and snack. All food is so delicious and nutritiounist balances and calorie balanced. I lost 2kg in the first two weeks. Allows for salted caramel crunch snacks and I even fit in an apple or piece of fruit on some days. Highly recommend it! All ranges of calorie plans, weight loss, weight gain, and variations.

May 7th 2018 Update: Amazing food. Can’t live without it.Range of options for meal plans. I chose the 7 day plan so breakfast lunc and dinner with snack. The food is soo good I look forward to it!!! Calorie controlled, Healthy. good for you. And above all delicious! I have lost 5.4 kg over the last month and a half! Without even trying! I had gained weight since a knee injury sidelined me. Now I eat healthy
And the food is delicious. I even add in fruit to round out my day. All in all I can’t recommend it enough. The food is flash frozen. Microwaveable
Or in the oven. Good for pescetarians, meat eaters and vegos. Delish!

Nice tasting meals, bit exey when you add on delivery charges

I find these meals tasty with a good variety of options and nice tasting options for vegetarian and pescatarian meals. For me they are the perfect size and low calorie but my husband thinks the servings are too small for him. My only gripe with these and why I don't order often, is that you have to pay a delivery fee which on top of meals that are already $10 or $12 it becomes quite expensive.

Happy customer - quick delivery and good food

Food was tasty. Had a lot of vegetarian options. I've had issues with food going bad quickly with other companies, but the food in this is so well packed - rice is vacuum-packed separately! Definitely a happy customer

Great meals!

I have started the 10 day cleanse and it's been amazing! The food is really delicious, which I wasn't expecting for cleanse food. They are well portioned too. Also I wanted to swap a couple of meals as I didn't like fish and they did it with no problem. Great communication and delivery was right on time. Good work dietlicious I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

If you need to appreciate airline food, eat Dietlicious

I can tell why Dietlicious customers lose weight - most of the meals aren't worth eating. From the wastefully packaged, tiny serves of vegetables to the main meals bizarrely packed into round plastic tubs (wasting freezer space) whose lids explode off in the microwave, everything was disappointing.
Some particular low-lights:
The Shepherd's Pie - they claim to be using real potato for their "creamy mash", but the grainy, separated garbage smacked of the fake stuff used by hospitals in the 80s.
Texan Beef Wrap - a whole lotta wrap, and then a few grains of beef between starchy beans. The wraps were so tough that it took a steak knife to cut through them, but 'fortunately' there was so little filling that it didn't fall off my plate in the crush.
I bought a packet of protein balls for $4. There was one ball in there. One. For four dollars. And it was the gross kind of protein ball: all grit and no taste.
I am making my way through the many different meal delivery services out there before I dedicate my loyalty to the best I find, so thank you, Dietlicious, for making it so terribly easy to cut you out of the running. I highly recommend FreshMeals2U (despite the sustainability/recycling issues), 5.4 (who are working on some thawing issues), and The Organic Kitchen Caterers if you're in Melbourne.
I seriously question the authenticity of the five-star reviews others have left - not a single meal from the $200 boxful I bought came close to being impressive. Don't bother unless you really hate yourself.

Perfect for singles

I love Dietlicious. The meals are tasty and well flavoured and I'm so pleased to be able to purchase meals that I choose myself so I can eliminate the meat and stick to fish/chicken....and that you do meals for a single person. Wonderful and less expensive than buying the food myself without the waste.. It always arrives when due and I like being able to recycle the styrene container. Its a win win.

Tasty and so convienient

I have had the best experience with Dietlicious.

I have read the past bad experiences and have not had any of the problems, all the food has been fresh and really organized, I am currently on day 3 of my 10 day cleanse and have stuck with it, which is quite a feat considering my usual attempts at a cleanse. I was a Chef for years and years and I have found the quality and the diversity of dishes really great as I get bored quite easily.

I am about to order the 1200 calorie pan for 7 days to continue with my goals.

Thank you to the team at Dietlicious, a wonderful service and really friendly and helpful too.

I hope this helps others as there are so many plans out there.

Perfect for vegetarians!

I've just completed the 5 day vege cleanse and ordered the 5 day lunch & dinner veg plan. I absolutely love the flavours of the vegetarian meals/snacks. Unlike some of the other reviews, I had no issues ordering online, and the box was delivered on time. I can't wait until my next meal and lost almost 2kg in 5 days!

Website crash

Spent time reading and selecting meals and it crashed when putting in payment. Carts gets emptied. Can't be bothered to redo now. Shame food looks good but so far has been a waste of time last two times I tried

Website always crashes

The food tastes good and I'd love to order more but the website crashes literally every time I use it. It normally takes me 40 mins to order, crash re order, try to pay, crash. This issue has been happening for three years. Sort it out! Your so irritating

Website issues

Would love to be able to leave an actual review however I can't even successfully use the website as the server keeps crashing. Sometimes I'm able to get in and just as I go to alter my cart or something it crashes again and I cannot get back in. Very frustrating as i am trying to compare prices and nutrition value to other meal plans at the moment but it seems I might have to just give up on this one. Also to be clear I am not some technological invalid, I have full wi-fi or 4G connection and have no problem loading anything else. Please fix as I would really like to view all options.


Terrible. Unreliable, delivery driver went to wrong address, rude staff

Don't bother ordering through this business. The staff are unhelpful and rude. Driver cannot even deliver to the correct address or on time. Terrible business, I would never order with them.

The food never arrived, then they cancelled the service to the area - terrible

The big promise on the phone, happy to take your money and then the food never arrived. They have now stopped the service altogether. Very disappointing that they didn't attempt to fix the issues or warn that there could be an issues. They also reported that it wasn't their issue, it was the delivery people's issue. Sorry but if it's your business to get the food there its's a problem with your business.

Love it

Been on Dietlicious for three weeks now and lost 3kg, Started with 5 day cleanse. Love it, I agree, easiest diet i have been on. I cook for my family every night and just eat my food with them . I am rarely hungry and am actually really full after dinner .Feel much healthier too.

Best Diet I've ever been on!

I love dietlicious!
I've previously tried meal prepping myself which worked but I would always get soooo sick of what I was eating and ending up binging and putting my weight back on! I love the variety and flavours of most of the meals and the convenience and time saving of it. I get them delivered to my work place and they stay frozen all day until I put them away at night. I prefer them frozen so that i don't have to worry about the food wasting if unexpected plans come up. I lost 2 kg in my 5 day cleanse week and have dropped another 2 kg this fortnight (I'm 3 weeks into it). I find it so easy and tasty I'm not tempted by outside food choices. I also find that I feel less hungry between meals than what I was eating before so the portions are just fine and I never feel overfull either! Promo codes are usually sent out on Friday afternoons so I wait for these and then place my order. :)

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Questions & Answers

Anyone ordered special diets such as Frunctose Intolerant, Gluten Intolerant, and Lactose Intolerant as I have been diagnosed. A difficult diet which does not allow Garlic, Onion and lots of fruits such as Apples and Stone Fruits. I lost weight and became sick before I was diagnosed but I need tasy food I can eat to maintain my weight..
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I'm coeliac so on a gluten free diet, I'm loving the meals from Dietlicious! Each meal you can click on and see ingredients, which would be helpful for you :)


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Areas ServicedNSW, QLD and VIC
Meal TypeFresh Produce and Packaged Meals
Meal Plans Available Yes

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