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Do not use!!!! Should be a no star option

We had an enamel claw foot bath backloaded.
Worst company ever
they kept bath as hostage to gain more money.
They were clearly told via email it was a first floor pick up of an enamel claw foot bath.
It appears that they then go into their on line dashboard and change details, luckily I have original emails.
The driver claimed he had an apprentice remover who refused to lift bath. An apprentice removallist??? really ???? When I called driver he sounded off his head !! didn't know anything about bath !

They were 10 days overtime with delivery.
Wish I had seen these reviews earlier
They charged us a extra $300 on top of $395 equalled $695 for one back loaded bath
We are currently pursuing this with Fair Trading .

SCAM! paid up front and stuff not even picked up yet!

Paid in full before pick up.
2bedroom flat. Moved from a storage facility in Vic to NSW. Items were picked up more than 3weeks ago and still have not arrived. Have had trouble getting in contact both over the phone and by email. Being left in the dark with a newborn waiting for things to arrive is horrible.
continuously told stuff was on it's way and even given updates as to where it was only to find out it is still sitting in storage! What a SCAM! Over $1500! Taking this further that's for sure.

Removalist does a great job !

My shift from Brisbane to Port Macquarie NSW was a job very well done. I'm happy to recommend Discount Backloading. They flexed their schedule to give me the ideal days and times. They phoned ahead to confirm pick up timing and also phoned to say they're on the way and again when 10 minutes away. Crew were friendly, efficient and handled everything with care; nothing lost or damaged. Happy days.

Terrible experience overalls

Extremely rude behaviour. Things gone missing on delivery. They sent their truck as per their convenience, not based on the time they agreed on before the transfer of money and then called on phone and threatened to pay them for waiting time. Then fight with the neighborhood for blocking the access way. It was horrible.

Warning - Worst move ever

I moved from Adelaide to Brisbane. I had a small load from a 2brm flat. I paid extra for set pick up and delivery dates, and because I moved to a 3 level townhouse with only stair access. the quoting process was great but after that, total lack of service, rude employees, no response to calls or texts, unskilled and unprofessional workers, lots of damage to goods, even goods missing. The guys dropped my fridge and kicked my fridge door shut with their boot. They were late on pick up by 24 hours and then demanded they deliver 4 days earlier than my quote. They were then 6 hours later than they had told me, mobiles were switched off, and then they told me it would be another $250 to deliver because of the stairs. Moving is stressful enough without this nightmare! I requested a partial refund to which I have had no response. You have been warned!!

Moved from FNQ to Adelaide

Moved from FNQ to Adelaide only took 6 days everything turned up nothing missing or broken only negative is got delivered 10 pm with half hour notice over all good

My grandmother has been left stranded at age 91!

I booked this company to move my 91 year old grandmother from a tiny country town called Tottenham NSW to Brisbane to live with me as she was being forced out of her home by my mother. This company emailed me the day before stating that the truck would arrive as promised on Wednesday 19th September and someone would call to advise the time. They had originally given three days but in the end helped me by agreeing to specifically 19th. My grandmother caught the community car to Dubbo to pay the full bill in advance and I left Brisbane on 20th driving all night til I reached Tottenham.
I repeatedly called this company and they did not answer and the calls went to voicemail all day.
We had people arranged to help the movers load their truck even!
I kept calling and no one got back to me.
They then finally told me “if the truck hasn’t come by now it probably isn’t coming and it probably won’t come tomorrow either”.

My grandmother is in tears, I’ve literally begged on the phone for someone to please tell me when the truck is coming and I have had absolutely no help.
My grandmother is so unwell now and her life’s belongings may end up at the tip because we have to leave if the truck does not arrive tomorrow. This could kill her through a heart attack as she is so upset and humiliated that people have come to help and this company has let us down.
I’ve left my babies and business in Brisbane to drive down here to help and we’ve paid the bill in full.
It’s heartbreaking that a company like this could harm an elderly woman in this way.
Rest assured I am going to make sure they pay!

No show

Booked an interstate house move with this crowd. Paid upfront.
No call or e-mail to confirm time of move as promised the day before.
They were a no show on the day and unconcerned. excuse: "beyond their control"

I will give zero if available.. worst people ever

Very bad service and bad customer centre people ever. never ever use this service just for few dollar difference. You will end up in double cost at the end due their bad service and keeping us weeks waiting after taking our money.
We send them email asking to refund finally as we cancel their service but still no response even after a week. Call centre people say they are not responsible with money as they at only assigning drivers only. Totally disappointed.

Discountbackloading.com.au are the WORST!! Avoid!!!

Booked a move three weeks in advance. On the day of the removals they simply failed to turn up. Impossible to get on the phone. Slow to respond to emails. When I finally got through, the staff were combative with me, telling me that I had to understand it was the logistics industry and things happen. Didn’t want to help and told me just to call the truck driver. Almost as if it’s my fault that they just didn’t turn up and left me in a complete bind.

I had to cancel cleaners and carpet cleaners (at a cost) and pay additional rent. Luckily I found another removalist who were complete superstars, and at least discountbackloading refunded my money.

But you should avoid this company at all cost!!!

Worst Experience of my Life

I would give this company a 0 star rating if I could. I confirmed a date for my move weeks in advance and then the day before my move I get a call from the removalist truck driver to tell me he is coming to pick up my things today - a whole day before it was meant to be picked up.
I hadn’t had much chance to pack as I had been working full time and had put the day before my move to pack everything, so when I got the call I was absolutely panicked and called Discount Backloading to no avail, the truck driver told me there was nothing he could do as he had told Discount Backloading that he had a grace period of two days for a move so he informed them the move would be either on the 28th OR the 29th of March but I was just told the 29th and that the driver would call me the afternoon before to organise a time for pick up on the 29th. I emailed and called the company and there was absolutely nothing they said they could do. Absolutely disgraceful to put someone through that. I am a 22 year old young female living by herself with no family and no back up to help me pack or move and I was put in one of the most stressful situation of my life as I had a flight booked for the Friday to leave the country, and they told me no trucks were leaving on the day I had actually confirmed with the company. Just absolutely disgusting that they could put that stress on someone with no compensation or apology. I am mortified and I actually injured my back and ribs from lifting and putting down heavy furniture by myself and being profusely bent over boxes crazily packing as the driver called me the day before my removal to tell me he was coming to pick up my stuff in an hour. I was still packing and unscrewing my furniture as the removalist was taking my boxes I had managed to pack down to his truck.
I emailed the company and no reply. I will never ever recommend this company to anybody. And we’ll see what state my furniture is in when it arrives at its destination.

Extremely Stressful

Am an elderly lady, moved from 1 broom unit Adelaide to Brisbane booked more than a month in advance payed before pickup date. They were supposed to call day before pickup no call, called them and the office is not opened over weekend called Monday (pickup day) they said the truck had broken down and they didn't have the right phone number (number in all email and confirmation was the right) then was told they would call back shortly to let me know when they would come but no one called me back i called number of times on Monday. Tuesday morning still no one had called me to tell me anything i rang back again i was assured they would be there that afternoon to pick up no one came or called, i had my flights booked for Wed lunch time and they knew this. Called Wed morning was told they were dealing with it and would call me soon it was defiantly going to be picked up before my flight they would call soon with a time 12:30 they had still not called me or picked up my things, in this whole time no one ever returned my calls or called me to let me know anything.
I canceled and had to pay twice the price with a different company who were great by the way.
Getting them to refund my money was also as stressful as the rest sent the email to cancel then had to call to make sure they received it they had but they could not tell me anything more they would call me back and again no calls came. I was advised by consumer affairs to email the owner after the money had not been refunded and they could not tell me when it would be, finaly i got somewhere and received an email from him and he refunded my money.
At 73 i am so disgusted that people can treat their customer's in this way, the stress caused me to have chest pains and cost me more money i didn't have to spend as a pensioner. It doesn't take much to return calls you say you will make to keep people informed about what is going on.


Terrible customer service. Don't move with this company.
I had some boxes and things shipped up from Melbourne and when it arrived a suitcase was missing. I was given the phone number of the removalist who said he would call me back but never did. I left several messages but did not hear anything. The man was clearly dodging my calls. I called the office nearly every day for a week, and every time i was told I would be called back later that day, but no one ever called. It has been two weeks since my belongings were (not) delivered, and still, no one will get back to me about what can be done to find out what happened, or tell me what can be done. One receptionist even hung up on me when I complained that although I keep getting told they will call me back, no one does. I'm appalled at this customer service and will never use this company, nor recommend them to anyone. Unbelievable.

Not a removalist - a broker - unreliable

I booked my move a month in advance with Discount Backloading. The name 'Discount Backloading' should have put me off. The day before the move I was told by a company contracted by Discount Backloading that their over-sized trucks had been delayed by bad weather and that they would come a day later, on the Saturday - when I was already supposed to be out of my building. Then they tell me this: they would never be able to drop my stuff off in the street where my stuff needed to go because the street is too narrow. All this the day before the move was to have happened. I am now hunting around for another removalist, a day before I need to get stuff out of my rented house, facing at paying about 4 times what I should be paying. And here's hoping I'll get my money back from them. Thanks DiscountBackloading, not.

Easiest way to move!!

Used these guys a few weeks ago to move myself from Brisbane to Melbourne.
When I was quoting I kept changing my list, and every time the staff in the office were more than happy to give me a new price.

Eventually I ended up figuring out what I actually wanted to send, well it was more what the wife wanted to keep to be honest! So happy these guys were so friendly and willing to help me make all the changes to the list.

The guys gave me a call the day prior to arrange a time for our selected date, they arrived exactly when they said they would be turning up.

Took about 4 hours to load our 4 bedroom home, which I didn't think was too bad considering how well they were loading everything into the truck, they handled everything so well, couldn't have asked for more careful guys on the day.

We decided to drive ourselves down to Melbourne as we thought it'd be easier with the pets and kids etc.
They'd told us that we'd be getting our stuff delivered on the Friday, and we'd planned to be there at then, but somehow along the drive down we lost track of where we needed to be, they called us on Thursday afternoon saying that they'd be there at 10am (they'd previously advised us mid morning delivery, so couldn't knock them on that.) When we realised we were only in Sydney still, spent too much time visiting family on our way down!

Me and my son took the three dogs in our car and drove through the night to make sure that we got down there in time, arrived at about 6am so grabbed the blow up out the car and had a nap before they arrived.

Was totally our fault, we'd arranged for delivery to be four days after collection, just lost track of time!
The boys had a good laugh at us for having to rush down so quickly to make sure they could get in, all worked out perfectly though.

I know who I'll be recommending to my friends in the future.

Stress Savers

These guys did a move for me a year or so ago, took me from Melbourne over to Adelaide.

Unfortunately I now need to move again and thought id find them for my next move since I was so happy with the original experience.

When searching for them this page popped up and I was amazed at the negative things that people had been saying, I had such a wonderful experience with these guys last year, and absolutely would not hesitate to re-use them.

They helped me with so many parts of the removal, they answered what seemed like millions of questions me and my wife had, all the while coming across totally happy to be helping us. In my experience their customer service was totally on point.

Our first move was only small, just me and my wife moving into a one bed apartment because we knew we'd be moving back interstate again soon, didn't want to take everything, not need it and then have to move it all again, so we'll more than likely use these guys again to move the items we left in Brisbane down to our new place once we're settled in since we're going to be here at least a few years.

They couldn't have been friendlier on the phone, the guys who did the loading and unloading were wonderful also, seemed really appreciative of the fact that we had some food and drinks for them waiting at each end and arrived exactly when they said they would, and were efficient when loading and unloading.

The way they load the trucks is amazing, they wrapped up every single item to make sure it wouldn't scratch another item or move during the journey.

If my second and third moves don't go as well as the first then I'll be sure to come back and let everybody know.

Wonderful Company to move with - Couldn't be Happier

I used these guys to get me and my family from Sydney to Brisbane, maybe 2-3 months ago, been so busy rearranging my life hadn't had a chance to sign up to Product reviews to let people know how my move went.

I honestly didn't do a great deal of research into them prior to booking, I just dealt with their staff on the phone and they answered all my questions very well and I thought I had a pretty good idea of how things were going to go.

I only decided to even look them up on here after someone had mentioned to me that you should always look up your removalist before you move with them. After reading what some people have said I have to say I was a little concerned.

I actually called them and spoke to one of their staff members who helped put my worries to rest. We had a very long conversation about all the things that you can do to help make the drivers job easier, because if they're job is as easy as can be, then they'll do more for you. We had everything packed into boxes, anything that could be pulled down had been, everything was loaded either in the garage, or at the front of the house to make it easier for them to load it. Once they got to us we asked them what they would need to put on the truck first and my son and I started bringing it to them.

I could tell that they were very appreciative of how much we were helping them, and I honestly feel that in doing so they made sure to take that extra bit of care with our belongings. My wife made them a couple cups of coffee and was constantly offering them water. She even made them a couple sandwiches for lunch.

I know that everybody nowadays seems to have horror stories when it comes to removalists, especially with there now being so many companies doing it thanks to the internet, but I think when you treat them with a bit of dignity then they'll do the same for your belongings.

We'd already wrapped most of our furniture with old blankets, but they also used their thick removal blankets to add extra protection. I was speaking to the driver and asked him how things can even get scratched with blankets as thick as they were using and he said that no matter how tightly they pack, or how well they secure the stuff inside the truck, sometimes it will just move. When I was looking at the truck I realised something that to me made it so clear. They're not stacking items that are all the same size, they're stacking your furniture, gaps are going to appear, and its when there's a gap that things might move, which causes rubbing/scratching etc. If your furniture could be stacked perfectly together, like for exampe if everything sat in boxes and all the boxes were perfectly packed and all the same size, then nothing would be scratched because they would sit totally still in the truck.

But when your dishwasher is 60cm tall, and your dryer is 65 cm tall, and your chest of drawers is 70cm tall (etc etc) it means that no matter how good the guys loading are at their job, spaces are going to appear, and spaces between items means the ability to move.

Obviously you should take out insurance and take plenty of pictures prior to the move. But I think that if you wrap your goods up yourself, pack your boxes well, and pull things down where possible, you will have a happy and stressfree (as much as possible) move if you use Discount Backloading to perform the move for you.

Worst service ever

Moved from Perth to Bathurst. Our quote included 4 weeks free storage and redelivery. The redelivery went over by 3 days because they could not deliver on my requested date and therefore they charged me an additional $570, which I had not choice but to pay if I wanted to see my goods again. After dealing with the phone sales person who although not rude, did not really even try to help at all. I then tried to explain my side to the Manager in the hope he could see my position. The Manager the decided the best option was to hang up on me. This is the worst service I have ever encountered, but I guess the old adage is true - you get what you pay for. I can but hope that karma is more than just a word.
The guys who did the pick-up in Perth (not associated with DBL) were really good.
Extremerly bad service

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I have spoken with staff who advise me that you only called today to ask for delivery on the 10th March which is after the 4 weeks. When you were informed that redelivery charges would occur, you then asked for delivery on Friday this week, which due to the very short notice, less than 48 hours, we could not accommodate. I cannot comment on the fact that someone from our subcontractors office hung up on you, but I do apologize for that.

Melbourne - Gold Coast

I recently moved to the Gold Coast and found that Discount Backloading was the easiest company to deal with. The pickup was done on the day I wanted and the guys delivered my stuff within the transit time I was told when I booked. The staff and the drivers were quite pleasant which is something that is hard to find in this day and age. My sister is moving up to the Gold Coast soon (she misses me... ) so I will make sure she contacts them.
Pleasant helpful staff


Well, if you are just looking for transporting your goods without looking into its fate, then please go ahead with discount back loading. Our first mistake was to hire them and secondly,took no insurance. We obviously had a tight budget and these people assured our stuff will be handled with care. The guys who delivered me the stuff home were actually throwing away the boxes which had big A4 sized papers stuck reading"- fragile. You can imagine what did they do while transporting out of my sight. They broke my boxes in spite of clearly written instructions "handle with care" etc etc. One guy was always complaining of my bed bunks being heavy ????? (as if i made it) and he couldn't carry it. Honey when you know it is the removalist's duty to put the stuff in its place (yes, I also paid extra for that because my house was two storeyed ) you should hire people who are physically fit and do not keep whinging about back pain and why was my stuff heavy. The guy kept throwing my boxes and also put scratches on my ceilings in spite of my repeated requests. My microwave, tall boy and bed side tables all have scratches beyond imagination.
Please do not use them. If doing so, take pictures if your stuff before transporting and get things insured.

Bad, no customer politeness, mishandles your stuff

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