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Dixon Advisory

Investment advise is conflicted

This company started out as a reasonably objective investor of its clients funds. Unfortunately over the years it has has become a fee gouging organisation which continually recommends low performing products which it has a financial interest in.

Customer Service

Not so sure anymore!!

I have been with Dixons for 3 years. Administration and staff are flawless. Their operating model however is not in the best interest of its clients. URF (US Masters Residential Property), Cordish and NEW are just a few examples . I trusted the investment advice and invested my life super savings of just under $500k. 3 years later it is only $30k better off with some significant losses incurred from my relatively small super fund. The remainder of my balance now is from my own contributions and salary sacrificing. Seriously considering going back to a managed fund. The fees are relatively reasonable for the SMSF service but returns are poor.


Good customer service

I have been with Dixon Advisory for approximately five years. The customer service and administration of my SMSF has been excellent. My adviser is always available to answer any questions.

Customer Service

Excellent Service

We have been with Dixon Advisory since 2012. Throughout that time they have provided an excellent service which is personal and tailored to our needs. They keep us well informed of the wider financial and economic scene which at times can be bewildering to us ordinary folk. We appreciate the strategic approach taken in managing our financial future and the attention taken in meeting our current requirements & needs.

They have always given us 2 staff members as our personal contacts. While this team has changed over time it has always maintained the same level of personal service. We have no hesitation in emailing or ringing them for guidance. This provides a great deal of comfort and security as we now move into our retirement years. Our personal thanks to Lester & Alice who have been there for us the past 3 years.

Many thanks to Dixon and their team.

Sandie & Paul Dickson

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Asked To Leave

I started a self managed superfund with this organisation but when they realised I was not generating enough revenue they asked us to leave. Their is nothing further to say however I only recently discovered this fact due to a recent interaction with this organisation.

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Reliable and objective

We have been with Dixon Advisory for over 20 years and have always trusted our advisors to provide reliable and objective advice. We are very satisfied with the high quality service we have received and remain confident that we will continue to enjoy our retirement as our savings are secure and well-managed.

Customer Service

Great and solid advice for our SMSF following a review of our 10 year old Fund by Dixon

The two trustees of this SMSF are retiring this and next financial years and we needed a thorough review of the 10 year old SMSF because of our due retirements, our fund dependence on Australian listed shares with franking credits were another big concern for us with the looming Labor proposals and we were looking for opportunities available to us to benefit and correct our situation. We used E-Superfund for the last 10 years for our SMSF administration, we don't have any complaints with them but they clearly advice clients to get financial advice from suitable financial and competent advisers.

Dixon did a thorough review of our situation and came up with solid recommendations with regards to:

1. The mix of our SMSF investments (ours - mainly Australian shares with a lot of franking credits), and recommendations on potential remedies for diversification.

2. Address the funds and personal taxable positions for the now and the future and how to remedy any issues.

3. Address the SMSF set-up and structure from a legal and inheritance perspective so that surviving partner(s) don't have the stress when you don't need that.

The concern we had that our fund only had 400K of assets and that the implementation and ongoing cost would cost us a fair bit. The cost of all of the above actions as upfront quoted to us were in the end very reasonable and cost beneficial, in fact the recommendations offset the majority of the cost to implement, with benefits flowing into further years.

A pleasure to deal with the staff involved, who are competent and capable and responsive

Dixon Advisory Review

We have been clients of Dixon Advisory for 12 months, and we have been very satisfied with the decision to move from our previous advisor on our SMSF. In particular we have found the regular communications beneficial, and the high standard of Customer Service provided by Laura and Nicky to requests we have made to Dixon. Their response times to our requests have always been exceptional, and greatly appreciated.

Customer Service

Dixon Advisory

We have been clients of Dixon Advisory since 2012 when we established our SMSF. Since then we have been very satisfied with our choice of Dixon and the high standard of service provided by their staff. We appreciate the independence of the advice offered, and the high level of competence provided by all of the staff with whom we have dealt. The assistance provided has been excellent and rewarding by staff capable, knowledgeable, experienced and proficient. Although the service is not cheap, in our opinion it represents value for the broad spectrum of services provided in a personable and approachable manner. We live in a major regional centre of NSW and although all Dixon’s seminars are available on-line it would be very much appreciated if an occasional event could be offered elsewhere other than a capital city.

Customer Service


The Hayne Royal Commission outed the high flyers like AMP and the big banks. left hidden in the weeds is Evans Dixon and others.

I was with Dixon Advisory after taking over my deceased parents SMSF managed by Dixons (only 3 years thankfully). Whilst I thought at the time they did a good job- Post GFC everyone did well as markets rebounded. This hid their conflicted vertically integrated model. (See Hayne's opinions on AMPs vertical integration)

I transferred part of my deceased parents URF holdings to my personal name and soon after sold out, thankfully before it plummeted below the price I inherited it at.

My intention for the fund was to hold real estate in my SMSF. It became clear that since I would be buying little if any of Dixons own investment products they made it clear they did not want me as a client. I left Dixons 4 years ago.

The extraordinarily high costs of managing my quite simple fund at Dixons was in my view-unjustifiable. Reading articles in the AFR and other online references made me realize just how much I was paying to Dixons- especially through my ownership of the URF units. Paying out distributions through debt and by selling down assets in the fund has a finite life yet they still presumably direct new clients into this fund.

I suspect that many of their clients are in my late parents position- A healthy balance of $2m+ of funds but no longer the wherewithal to understand or inclination to continue running an SMSF. Perhaps the spouse that used to look after their superannuation had passed away. What is left is an uninformed widow/er that relies completely on the reputation of respected industry elders like Max Walsh and Daryl Dixon.

From my perspective the one aspect of Dixon that was outstanding was the administration of the fund. This may well be worth the high costs if only the financial advisors were exclusively choosing investment products that Dixons did not have a financial interest in. My advise is be careful engaging a conflicted advisor.

Customer Service
Insurance Options

High management fees and conflicted advice. Stay Away!

I was a client of Dixon Advisory for 10 years and have consistently lost my capital on the recommendations from Dixon advisors and their broker RBS Morgans of Hervey Bay (Macquarie Fortress Notes, URF and Solar Energy). My advisor (name deleted) said he had invested in URF because of the yield and I should do the same. However, the high fees that Dixon take from this product erode its value. The dividends are being paid from capital raisings as new shares are issued. I am glad I have now left Dixon as I would have lost 50% of my investment capital for a mere 5% yield. Dixon now almost exclusively steers clients to its own products. They also limited the banks I could use to those they receive commissions from. Although their admin side is good, steer clear of Dixon's in-house products with high fees and conflicted advice. It's a pity they weren't considered by the Hayne Commission as Dixon (like the banks) has developed and promoted the vertical integration model to the detriment of clients.

Customer Service

Custom-Designed to Weather the Storms

Our SMSF was first set up in 1996. After 2007, with little background, I have relied heavily on Dixon Advisory to help me navigate and better understand the many complexities involved in managing my retirement finances. From the heady years of 25%, the gloom of the GFC to the current doldrums, the changing teams have worked tirelessly to meet my needs by keeping up with national and global trends. The organisation has seen considerable growth and employs personable, energetic, versatile and dedicated young advisers in whom I put significant trust. They have educated me, through personal advice and many seminars, to appreciate the forces which propel the ups and downs of "the bottom line". My current investment and fund advisers, Andrew, Komal and their colleagues, are professional, patient, thorough, and adaptable to the many often burdensome changes effected by market trends or government policy. My portfolio is steady and for the moment sufficiently diversified to withstand too many shocks. As i continue to age I know I will be in safe hands and my family will transition easily into the Dixon world.

Good service

With Dixon for eight years. Their regular advice and market insights have been very valuable to my decisions. As always, there have been winners and losers, but overall my portfolio has performed very well. I am a well satisfied customer.

Customer Service

Terrific service

I have been with Dixon Advisory for more than 10 years and am generally very satisfied with their recommendations which are based on a personal profile they have prepared, and regularly review, based on many considerations including my appetite for risk. I particularly value the personalised service I have been getting on a regular basis from Rahulan, George and Joy, who are always responsive, knowledgeable, and unstinting in their advice.

Dixon Advisory the place to find well informed advisors.

I have been with Dixon Advisory for 9 years. During that time my portfolio has shown pleasing results both in growth of value and the care taken to insure that my assets are well distributed over a range of investment products. The advisors and accountants that I speak to on a regular basis are always well informed and courteous. I have happily recommended this company to friends and family over the years.
A satisfied customer

Poor advice, high fees, direct investments to own products

Our SMSF was (expensively) with Dixons for a short time 5 years ago. I've just looked over their advice we received at the time. They basically advised us to sell most of our performing assets and move into their own such as URF which have sustained large losses since. We didn't implement most of their advice but if we had we would have been down over $300,000! Obviously this was in the days before new regulations mandating the client's best interests as the priority!
A big advertising budget does not mean a quality service!

Poor performance high fees

High transaction costs for buy and sell of shares. Not proactive. Too much in fees always directing people to their products with low performance. Share price dropping. No real benefit over a public fund.

Dudded by Dixon related party investments

Just read the review by another Dixon SMSF client and have also lost money in URF, NEW and also ED1 float. I have been with them for 12 Months and lost more than $30K so far, will leave at end of financial year at this rate. Admin service is working well.

Money well spent.

Totally professional in all super advice and documentation provided by Nicholas and Nick. We have been with Dixon for over 4 years and are looking forward to more of the same over the next decade. Jack & Jean.

New to SMSF

I transferred my super across to Dixon about 2 years ago, and the transition has been very smooth. from the initial meetings with Alex and Randall to the ongoing management on the fund by Randall and Matthew, it has been comprehensive in the advice and information update. We now have my mothers financial management being handled by Dixons and the advice afforded by Laura and the other support team members has been invaluable in allowing us to set up her finance with all the complications of centrelink.
Would highly recommend the service

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Any comments? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/30/nyc-housing-prices-slide-further-may-last-for-months-warburg-realty.html
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hi. i am long term worker in Melbourne for a large global car company. In retirement they offer a non indexed defined benefit 100k pension or alternatively 1mill payout. i am age 61.have another 700k in smsf. what is seen benefits of each DB pension or payout? thanks in advance. Des
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Hi Des, Thanks for your question. This is an area we may be able to help you with but it would be best to discuss over the phone or in person so we can get a better understanding of your situation and provide you with the most relevant information. If you contact our Client Services Team on 1300 852 017 they will be able to put you in touch with one of our advisors in Melbourne. Best regards, Dixon Advisory Team

listening to daryl Dixon on Tony Delroys show the other night, he implied that if I was between $500 and $1.2 million I would be better off to blow that money on an expensive house and live off the full pension. 250K would yield me about $120 / week in income which would hardly cover my rates and electricity. What would I live on. Currently I am receiving a yearly pension of $50k from VicSuper. Could you please explain how I would be better of upsizing on my house? Tony Fahy tonyfahy43@gmail.com
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Hi Tony, Thanks for your question. We have passed this on and Daryl will contact you directly with a response. Best regards, Dixon Advisory Team

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