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Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

3.9 from 64 reviews

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  • 13 reviews

love how it smells but the soap melts easily so it won't last me long


this is a good soap, i love how it smells and everytime I go out of the bathroom, I feel more confident. it makes my skin feel smooth and soft, even if I have to skip putting on a lotion, I don't worry about having dry patches. The only downside is the soaps melts up easily, a bar lasts me for only a week, I use it twice a day.

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No



  • 2 reviews

I love the smell!


I was sceptical at first since my skin is really sensitive, but Dove cream bar helps me my skin very much. It is so good, I love the smell and my skin feels so smooth after applying it.

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
Nora M.

Nora M.Sydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Only The Best


This cream bar has been used and loved by our family for years. We have tried using other brands but were always left with dry skin, irritation and skin problems. This cream bar is gentle on the skin and washes so easily in addition to smelling so nice afterwards. It is also great through all seasons including winter when the skin is a little drier than usual and you don't have to switch to an alternate cream bar. This product is an all-year round and reliable one and highly recommendable.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles for $1.90.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


  • 2 reviews

Dove beauty bar...heaven sent


I have been using Dove for ages, I just love the creaminess & softness of this & makes your skin so soft & creamy & the coconut one leaves your skin smelling really delicious.



Worst experience Please read it fully


I am a Dove beauty cream bar lover, Using dove beauty cream bar White more than 10 years, everyday. Now on my scene black spot came and itching there, it is kind of scene disease. As per general inspection. Soon I will make scene test. I really worried and my question to Dove company how it is like that, You are cheating our trust. I do not know to whom I should report and heartiest request to all, If some one is using regularly Dove beauty cream bar please please be careful.

I love dove


Dove cucumber & green tea scented body wash today and it's a good product. Its light on my skin and it smells good.
The only thing i didn't like was the shape of the bottle. Most bottles i can turn up side down to get the most out of the product. I wish dove would look into this.

The helpful queen

The helpful queenUnicorn City

  • 15 reviews

So good!


This bar of soap is amazing! It is inexpensive, lasts up to a month, smells soo good, and lathers up really nicely. As well as this, it doesn't affect my dry skin. Surprisingly it doesn't at all irritate my eczema.



  • 51 reviews

My favourite soap!


Unlike most soaps I've tried, Dove's Beauty Bar is gentle on my skin and applies smoothly. It smells quite nice and the scent lasts for a little while after a shower. It's the only soap I use these days, it's not harsh on my skin and leaves me feeling fresh and clean.


ShopperSydney, NSW

  • 9 reviews

Love it!


Amazing scent and very gentle on face and body. Love this soap! It leaves skin feeling nice and smooth compared to other cleansers which dry out my skin after washing my face.



  • 273 reviews

About average


I used to use the dove bars on many occasions and found it to lather up well and be better than normal soaps after that I decided it was too much of a hassle to clean out the soap container not to mention the doctor advice was not to use the most of the bars they sell in the supermarkets though I switched to pump activated washes as I have dermatitis / I would totally recommend it to people with normal skin as it's superior to the normal bars of soaps that contain extra ingredients

Best decision I ever made switching to DOVE


I have been using Dove soap since the day it hit the shelves & I am 36 this year. People have always told me that I look younger than I am & I don't really look after my skin with anything else so it must be Dove. Thanks Dove I recommend you to everyone & everyone I know now uses it.
My skin feels beautiful & clean every time I use it.



  • 11 reviews
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This is the only soap that I ever use. I used to use all different bodywashes, soaps etc but I found with dove, it never made me itchy or dry my skin out. It can be a little bit expensive but if you are like me and can't be bothered moisturising after a shower, then this is great as I find I rarely need any.
Feels so smooth, luxurious and creamy on the skin and smells wonderful. Does not leave your skin feeling oily like some soaps and bodywashes can
Can be a little pricey if buying at normal retail price

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memengNot Australia nor New Zealand

  • 74 reviews



I have conflicting opinion about it as it causes terrible dryness on my skin, whereas my husband finds it really good for his. Because the soap turns mushy and melts under water, it runs out very quickly, at the rate of about one bar per week. They're very expensive at supermarkets and pharmacies, I stock up when they're on sale at discount stores.
The only soap that doesn't cause a reaction on my husband's sensitive, eczema prone skin.
I find it drying for my skin, "melts" quickly in the water, causing big mess in the bathroom. The scent is too strong for me.

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It melts??? lol. what are you doing scrubbing your skin too hard?? try only wiping it over your skin to cause a light form a light layer then scrub with your hand not the soap! otherwise your wasting the soap..it's not a cloth!!!



  • 12 reviews



Overall, this soap is worth what you pay as it smells beautiful and makes your skin feel lovely and soft.
Makes your skin feel smooth and soft and has a pretty unique and attractive scent to it. It takes a while to use which is good as you don't pay money for a soap that is going to be wasted in a day. Dove always has a smooth texture and goes well on skin. If you have sensitive skin, this soap doesn't aggravate it which is a positive reassurance for people who peel or flake from certain soap products.
Nothing really, except the price might be a bit too expensive for some.



  • 31 reviews



I love this soap and i am so glad that i found it as i used alot of soaps and none comapir to this. I would even pick this over a liquid body wash. It dose seem to get used a bit faster though lol.
love this product, it stops my skin from drying out, It smells super nice without being too strong.


blackcat3NSW, 2350

  • 114 reviews



This is perfect for your whole body. The fragrance is very soft and feminine. It moisturisers your skin and can be used on your delicate facial skin. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
It does not dry your skin out. Its smooth and creamy and smells so good
I love this product and cant suggest any cons



  • 57 reviews



I usually love all Dove products but i was really disappointed with this soap. I dont usually have sensitive skin but each time i have purchaed this it has made me feel irritated and itchy. It doesnt seem to be as creamy and delicate as what the product brand stands for.
I have bought this soap twice as i thought it may not have been the soap that made me feel so irriated and itchy but it happened again the second time i purchased it aswell.
Overall, despite the lovely scent, i wouldnt purchase this soap again.
It smells nice.
Made me really itchy and it is quite pricy.


MotherMoonWA, 6210

  • 455 reviews



I was very unsure about trying this one out, mainly because it is a soap, but I must admit it surprised me big time, it left my skin feeling soft and not a dry spot left on my body at all. Now it is called a cream bar, but to me it is still a soap, I have to admit it passed my test with flying colours. I wouldnt say I would use it all the time but I wouldnt hesitate to say how nice it left my skin.
It made my skin feel soft and it wasnt dry in any places after I had used the product.
I was a bit unsure about using it as it is a soap, even though they call it a cream bar, it surprised me though.



  • 85 reviews



I like this soap but it is too expensive for my family as we go throu way too much. I have found that it saves money just using it on your face and another product on your body. If the price is of no concern to you it is quite a good product.
Good for dry skin as the soap contains moisteriser. Available in your local supermarket in packs of four.
I find this soap too expensive as it disolves so quickly that we go throu too much resulting in a very expensive soap. I think there are better products by Dove to choose from.



  • 374 reviews



not the same as what it used to be years ago however its still a great soap for all skins to use in the shower or in the bath.
great light fragrance and leaves skin very soft and smooth. Found in 4 packs which last a while.
years ago it was so much creamier and softer on the skin. Dont leave it sitting in water as it will disappear and basically dissolve.

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leigh dixon

leigh dixonasked

can i you use dove beauty cream bar soap on my face?

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Howdy - that should be alright though make sure.you close your eyes and wash the.lather off before you open your eyes again

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