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Dove Original Deodorant

Dove Original Deodorant

3.9 from 30 reviews

used this on tough summer days

this deodorant is a must have on summer days, it's dry so it doesn't add to the grease that summer brings. my armpits are soft and importantly, the anti-perspirant factor last for long.

Purchased in November 2018.

Average deodorant

Smells so strong, even 3/4 through the day all I can smell is Dove. My problem with this is that it is so strong. I like that the dry stick means it's dry straight away and you don't need to wait for the wetness of a roll-on to dry. Feels moisturising.
Goes on 'dry'
Smells strong

Love this product!

Have used the product for years and years in conjunction with impulse ( as impulse smells lovely) it has a soapy smell which some poeple may nto like. But I never have smelly pits! wouls recommended this!
love it! buy it! I have 6 in my bathroom right now!
smells a bit soapy!

Nice but not perfect

I recently bought this deodorant as it was on a good special. I love most other Dove products I have tried, as I really love the fragrance, so I thought I would try this deodorant. It goes on nicely, dries fairly quickly and smells divine. Doesn't seem to irritate the skin, even after shaving. I agree that it does not seem to have the strength to keep you dry and fresh all day. I also dislike the bottle, as it is white and you can't see how much product you have left until you are struggling to get the last bit out. A nice product, but I would not pay full price for it, and would probably only use it in winter, as I think it would really struggle to work effectively in an Aussie summer.
Nice fragrance, gentle on skin
Dislike the packaging being non see through, cant see when it is running out. Doesn't work as well as other brands


This is a slightly more expensive deodrant, althought you can find it on special often in the stores. It doesn't smell strong, in fact, it may be a bit too lightly scented for some. If you don't like strong scented heavy deodrants, then this is a really good one to try. It is not over powering and hasn't left any white marks when I use it.
I have tried this deodrant when I wanted a light scented deodrant. I am not sure if I would feel confident wearing it to work all day. It smells really nice and gentle, just how I would think Dove would be. It says it has moisturising cream, but I am not sure if you have to feel it working.
I am not sure if it's strong enough to protect from odour for the whole day. I have only used it when I am just at home or not doing something too strenuous.


It is good because it cares for your skin as well as keeping you nice and fresh. In really hot weather I would prefer a sport type deodorant for extra peace of mind
Smells really nice and dries fairly quickly
Not as good odour protection as other brands such as Mitchum sport


I have to say Dove is a good deodorant but I normally use the unscented onebut bought this as they had run out of the other. I must say I liked the smell but I found it was to much with my perfume, I have used it wiithout perfume andits really good, smells great and keeps me dry all day long. I use this for the days when I am not wearing perfume and it is well priced and it does work, I like the packaging, the smell is great and the price is just right, I have it all.
I dont usually buy this one I usually buy the unscented deodorant from Dove.
I like the smell but it clashes with my perfume.


This product is fantastic, it works well and is long lasting, has a lovely fragrance, it is reasonably priced and can be found easily at coles or woolworths.
Highly effective, smells nice and reasonably priced


on the whole i like this product mainly because it never lets you down when yuo have a active day. i'm very happy with this one and i would happily recommend this to any one who is looking out for a good deo
Love this one-fragrance lasts long-handy in purse-reasonable price
sometimes it leaves marks on dark clothes


This deodorant is a good product and can be found just about everywhere. It really does leave you feeling fresh throughout the day and is nice to wear. It does not have a strong smell about it and it does not leave any residue on clothing. The deodorant is pretty affordable and I like the fact you can get it in so many forms.
A nice mild deodorant that comes in a variety of forms. Gives good protection throughout the day and is readily available at most supermarkets. I like the Dove products as they are mild to use and good for those with sensitive skin.
There is nothing.


this is the only under arm deodorant that i will ever buy, even other products from dove dont even come close.
never smell, takes away all odors
nothing, its great


I really like it, and it does it's job, but I'm still looking for something better... even though this one is pretty damn good.
It works. Seeing as I'm pregnant and in a tropical enviroment, I'm generally sweating quite a bit more then I'd like. This works 9/10 times. It doesn't block up my sweatglands too often either.
You really have to scrub to get this one off, and even you can still feel it on your underarms.


I really enjoy this deodorant and go to silly lengths to get people to bring it back to me anytmie my family travels to Italy. I would love to know how to purchase some either online or in the USA. Thank you!!!
clean scent, no white residue, kept me dry and odor free alllllll day!! my favorite deodorant...
i cannot find this product ANYWHERE in the US. I used it in Italy and have my cousin's bring me back some everytime the go to their house there... ANY IDEA where I can purchase it either online or in the States?


I like this product as it has a gentle feel and a very subtle scent which means it wont clash with other smells. But even though faint the smell is clean and fresh. It it something I like to use during the cooler part of the year.
This is a really easy to use container and it has a very faint scent which I like in a deodorant unless going to the gym
It is a deodorant which is better suited to the cooler months as it is good but I don't find it strong enough to get me through in summer


I am not a huge fan of this product, I bought it in the summer in Italy to replace another. But after a whole day of wearing it I began to smell. The other I have been using by rexona had lasted quite well, I could use it the whole day and be confident that I smelt okay. But this one, by the time I was coming home I had to have my arms down because I was so embarrised that someone might smell me.
Easy to apply and is not messy. Also you can put your clothes on straight away.
It leaves little white deodarent balls as the excess stays on your skin.


I have used "dry solids" for a long time now, and used to bring them back from america cos we didn't have them here! Now we have some, and they aren't all good, but this one is nice, and works really well.
it has a great smell, and works well.


I loved it and I think if you give it a go, you might find yourself using it as an everyday product. Definitely a purchase to consider trying out in the near future. I loved it and you will too!
It doesn't stick to your skin which is just amazing and the scent is barely noticeable which means I can wear my perfume over it. It keeps me dry for the majority of the day and comes at a very good price.
Nothing that bad to say-overall, it is a very good product that can be suited to almost anyone!


This is the original and the best deodorant. I can't find it anymore though, how depressing! It keeps my dry forever and there's a nice light fragrance. It doesn't atick at all, and I have never seen a white stain on my clothes either.
I love the dove original dtick deodorant because the scent is really light, so I can wear perfume over without it clashing. It also keeps me dry for nearly all day, and it won't stick or stain my clothes!
It tends to flake off at the sides a bit (the stick deodorant). I actually can't find this in stores anymore! Nooo!


The cream deodorant has a pleasant, non-intrusive fragrance. It is very effective and lasts all day. No more embarrassing wet patches on my shirts at work. If you find it a little sticky when you first apply it, just dust with a little talc and its fine. I used to use Mum roll-ons (which did not work) were very wet and made your clothing stiff and stained. I do not have this problem with Dove Cream deodorant. It can be used immediately after shaving and does not cause any rash or irritation. I just with I'd found it years ago
I like the Cream Deodorant. It is easy to apply and goes on smoothly. But the main thing is it ACTUALLY works!
Not all stores sell it. My local Safeway did not sell the cream. I found it in my nearest Coles, 35 km away.

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Questions & Answers

Never used a stick deodorant so how many swipes is sufficient?
1 answer
One way to find out! Every body is different. Try 3 or 4 and see what works for you.

Which supermarket can I purchase this in Australia??
1 answer
I bought one last week in my local Woolworths supermarket, so I presume they are readily available in most supermarkets.

how to apply Dove Original Deodorant Cream?
1 answer
it is a regular roll-on deodorant. For me the advantage is that it stands with the tip downwards so I don't have to tilt it and wait for the ball to get covered in the cream before I use it. So I like the design of the packaging, that's all.


Original Deodorant
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